Can I go jogging with a regular baby stroller?

One of the things that I have been asked the most since I started the blog is if you can run with a common baby stroller. Today he asked me "A mother like you" and I quickly wanted to answer you with this post because I think it is something that interests many of you. 🙂

By proxy, yes you can, but from my point of view it is not highly recommended. Why? It's easy to believe that strollers and jogging strollers work the same way and therefore can be interchangeable. Well, no. The structures and characteristics are very different. These are the most relevant points that tell us why:

  • Strollers have a very specific purpose: Walking with a baby. For this it has four small, swivel, maneuverable wheels that make it easy to move at a slow speed. These wheels are not safe when we reach faster speeds since they can easily topple us (even if you think you're not going very fast, look at this video and you will see that the little girl makes little boats and moves a lot while we run. With a running stroller she doesn't even notice it, but with an ordinary stroller I don't think you could go more than two meters without asking you to rescue her). Look at the 4 × 4 cars. The wheels are bigger, wider and more robust. On the other hand, those of a seat Ibiza are small and It is evident that if you put an Ibiza in the mountain with bumps and impossible reliefs, there will come a time that you will overturn. With a 4 × 4 you don't even know. Unfortunately, we don't always have perfect tracks ready to run. From my experience I have come across more difficult terrain than soft tracks.
  • The tires are bigger. These are typically 16 ″ (or +) wheels at the back and 12 ″ (or +) at the front. Thanks to these wheels the cushioning is much better and less impact is transmitted to the baby (your back will thank you). Being larger wheels also reduce drag when you're on the move, so pushing requires less effort.
  • The wheels have an air chamber. The common strollers usually have plastic wheels and this means that they do not reduce the movement and that they are not highly recommended on uneven terrain. It is important to monitor the inflation pressure of the tires and follow the guidelines that each brand shows in its instruction book.
  • Effective damping systems. The running stroller has a damping system that absorbs the bumps that you find on the road.
  • Usually in running chairs you cannot attach a carrycot because it is not recommended to run with a baby smaller than 9 months, for the mother's recovery and because the baby is too delicate to be exposed to a race. With a common stroller you can make mistakes like the one in the photo (Do you see the carrycot?). You have to give yourself the necessary time to recover before doing sports (I am very heavy with this but it is very very very very important)
  • Running strollers have a fixed front wheel. This helps to avoid sharp turns so that injuries do not occur. There are some strollers that allow you to unlock the wheel and thus be able to use it both for a walk and for running. Others also allow you to fine-tune the front lock position to run completely in a straight line.
  • The wheels are separated by a long distance. The front wheel moves away in front of the baby's center of gravity to better absorb impacts because the wheel raises and lowers freely.
  • They have brakes designed to stop smoothly or quickly, as we need. (From experience in the race in which we participated, I realized that it was necessary to use the brake gently so as not to run over the other participants).
  • They have a firm and secure strap that is anchored to the handlebar and is placed around the wrist to maintain control at all times. On steep slopes or crosses this strap is essential in case the stroller comes loose. Some common strollers also carry them but they are not that wide and strong (think that they have to slow down, not just weight). It is very important to use it!
  • The harness is usually five-point, similar to that of child safety seats. Some straps go on the shoulders, others on the hips and are fastened between the legs so that the baby is completely safe and minimize injuries in the event of an accident.
  • Large capacity lower basket to store bottles of water and all that the baby needs (diapers, water, food, etc.) Talking about this basket seems unnecessary but it is not because it plays an important role in the distribution of weights. It is not practical or safe to carry a bag hanging from the handlebar to go for a run.
  • Strollers are designed so that you body conforms to its structure and makes movement easy. Think that when running you stretch your legs more and they should never collide with the stroller. The arms should go at a certain height so as not to load the back. I don't know if a stroller offers these features.

It is clear that buying a running stroller is an important investment, so I always answer the same thing: “What is your goal with running? Is it really something you are going to practice with your family or is it just a temporary whim? " I am so insistent because if it is something that you are not very clear about, it is better that you try for a few days with the common stroller (on slopes without slopes or ascents or descents). If it is something that does not go with you and you spend the money on it, over time you will feel frustrated because that "device" will always remind you that your wish was not fulfilled (something like when you buy a stationary bike, a treadmill or the abdominal machine advertised on television… does this sound more familiar to you?) If it really is something that goes with you or your family, you will know right away because it shows! 🙂

In short, like everything, you have to try it! ... do not remain in doubt.

Run, people, run!

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