A group of 8-year-olds talk about how they see the fashion world Creepy! - Yolanda Domínguez

It has always scared me a lot to think about how the television world affects our children. You may have already noticed that children's programs have been reduced to 1% (to put a figure). Now you turn on the television at 5:00 pm and where before you could see "Sesame Street" or "The Crystal Ball", now you can see (I make it up a bit because I don't usually watch television) "Save me", "Change me" or "Women, men and vice versa" (you see that the titles are not very elaborate either).

But what about advertising? (We will talk about the impact of the news because it is a fairly long and tricky topic)

A few days ago I was told a story that made me think about how dangerous it can be for our children to believe that TV is "God."

A father and his daughter walk down the street and have this conversation:

DAUGHTER: (Snack time) Dad, my belly hurts ...

FATHER: Then you won't be able to eat the chocolate sandwich that mom made

DAUGHTER: Well, dad, it's the same. Give it to me, this chocolate will make me great.


DAUGHTER: Yes, Dad, this chocolate will make me grow and make me great.

FATHER: Where do you get that from?

DAUGHTER: You have not heard that on television they say: "Nocilla makes you great" Dad, yes, they say it on TV!

As in the case of this girl, more than one child believes that any information that is said on TV is 100% true. Television knows everything. Television is "God"

In this post I want to focus on the world of fashion. This morning browsing the internet I found a project created by Yolanda Dominguez, which I find (outrageously wonderful). My photo while watching the video you created was: mouth open, hand covering mouth and eyes wide.

The visual artist asked some 8-year-old children to explain their feelings when seeing some images belonging to the world of fashion (big brands and designers). What did they answer? I want you to see it!

If you are women, you may be very surprised. Although beyond the issue of gender degradation (which is terrible, terrible! TERRIBLE!), The basics also scare me. It scares me that in a photo, which is supposed to be the most «high class» and what, supposedly, the human being has to aspire, for them is nothing more than degradation, hunger, drugs, sexual violence, death, etc ... (Lo "Aspiring" is what "someone" would have us believe. I know many of you don't try (Thank God!) What are we thinking? Is luxury equal to having to kill or fight for?

I think the best thing is for you to see it with your own eyes ... and we will talk about television programming at another time (with time, patience and more information)

Thank you Yolanda for showing us a reality that must be taken care of!

Long live clean looks! 🙂

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlShHeU2qU4?rel=0]

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