Comparison of strollers for jogging (Jogging Stroller)

A few weeks ago I told you that I was starting training with a new jogging stroller, the Thule Glide. I promised you that as soon as I had it in my hands I would study the characteristics of this and the Bugaboo Runner in order to make a comparative. The idea It is not only based on the properties of the stroller, but also adding the empirical part (experience through use). The technical sheet can be found in its instruction books, so I think that giving this post a touch of research can serve as a reference before you go to look at the official stores. Anyway in the PDF attached You will see a table with all the characteristics, which will help you visualize some of the things that I will talk about.

The first thing I would like to tell you is that we are not comparing two exactly the same products. The difference between them is that the Thule Glide was conceived from birth to be a stroller used solely and exclusively for running. The design started from scratch to get a stroller with all the necessary details for running: cushioning, aerodynamics, baby's comfort and large wheels.

Bugaboo Runner, on the other hand, was born to extend its Bugaboo ride philosophy (city, housing estates, roads, etc ...) to sport. As they well say, to be "The Athlete Extension". They have managed to create a fantastic chassis for running that can fit any of the seats of their models of strollers, in addition, in both directions of travel! (Pay attention to the Bee chair recommendation section in the PDF). This makes it a very comfortable stroller for little ones, which includes many details of everyday life and without losing the design and manageability of the brand.

As you can see, they are two quite different concepts and, although they are both perfect for running, before deciding on one or the other, we must study not only the characteristics, but also the framework in which we find ourselves: family.

My objective in this comparison was to know which one I would choose according to my needs and what I have been able to verify in both. As there is a lot of material and I do not want a post of 20 sheets I attach a link to PDF with all the well-defined points (If you want to break down the information and understand the why click here).

Next I expose my final conclusions and which of the two would I choose:

I have finally chosen by score. Obviously not all points counted the same. I cannot appreciate that the basket is more practical in the same way that I would appreciate the fact that the chair changes direction. But in the final score the difference has been one point. We just don't tie. Both are safe, comfortable, lightweight strollers with a very beautiful design.. But finally I have decided on the Thule Glide why:

  • I find it cheaper thinking that it is a cart that I will only use to go running. But beware, this point I want you to relativize because it depends on many things, including whether you already have a Bugaboo stroller. As I mentioned in the PDF, one of the Runner's strengths is that any chair of its same brand can be attached to it. If you already have a previous stroller, the chassis will cost you only € 380 (+ € 20 for adapters). Therefore, if you already belong to the Bugaboo community the best option between the two is to stay with the Runner.

But if, as in my case, parts of 0 (you do not have a Bugaboo chair), the Thule Glide (€ 410 -450 €) will be cheaper than buying the entire Runner (Chassis 380 € + € 330 chair, adapters and others accessories = € 710)

  • Supports more weight And I don't know if in the future M. will want to accompany me to run or not. I feel like having the option. Maybe she starts running and if she gets tired we have the rescue option to put her in the stroller and finish the race.
  • The damping seems very resistant to me and makes it very manageable. The Bugaboo's cushioning is very good, but in conjunction with the weight issue, I think the Thule's is more convenient for us.
  • It is more manageable and in the moments when M. did not want to go inside the stroller, he provides me with a chair that he can carry with one hand (This happens, I assure you. You can read it in the post “The reality of running with a baby”)
  • It is a little narrower and easily passes through doors. Although it is much longer and that made it difficult for me to get into elevators. I do not use an elevator, but those that do have it is a very important point to value. The ease of getting on and off the house is essential to practice these types of activities, not cost, but it is likely that you end up leaving because of laziness.
  • The basket is accessible and perfectly protects the luggage. I admit that with the Bugaboo we got dirty with dust. Around my house there are many dirt roads and that conditions me, but if you are only going to run through the city, perhaps this point is not important to you.
  • When saving it I takes less place (at home and in the trunk) because it is a single piece.
  • It is much easier to fold. With one hand I can assemble and fold it easily and quickly.

I know that I lose important features how:

  • a great handlebar very comfortable
  • a chair with a perfect footrest
  • a very comfortable handlebar brake
  • the possibility of changing the chair direction

I hope these points can help you get to know a little more about these two great chairs to go running. I recommend that before making a decision you stop by your childcare store and you can see all the features carefully. The best way to buy this type of items it is to be informed, tested and valued.

I leave you the "MAKING OF"  of the tests that we did so that you see that this is not a simple posture J


Has the information helped you? If it has served to guide you a little, share! Surely there are more people like you wanting to clear up doubts about running strollers.

Run, family, run!

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  1. Hello! good comparative! The most comfortable thing to go through life when the little one is already sitting is the Maclaren. So you can have the Thule Glide to run and with what you save you have plenty to buy the Maclaren. A hug!

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