Controversial photos in the world of childcare

A few days ago some photos came to me through various channels. Friends, newspapers, youtube, facebook, instagram and twitter. The photographs in question are these:

You already know them, yes? What do you think? It seems that they have created a lot of controversy for the body of the model and her wardrobe. Among the opinions unleashed by these images you can read things like:

«Why do you have to run like this if you are only training? »,« Do you need to dress like this to go running? »,« Whoops forgot to dress ... ”, «Is she really the mother…? »,"It would be better to get into meat, which is how we usually get recently calved ..."«I already do a lot of races during the year… I take my daughter to school… I don't need a gym or running or anything», «If he's like me, with 4, he won't even have time to pee quietly» or "Is this your example of a mother and an athlete woman?"

But also some opinions that defended the campaign:

"It is an inspiration to all women who have been recent mothers" and other mothers were even recommended to "Stop being hypocritical and recognize the willpower of a woman who has worked hard to stay in shape»Or« I like that they used a real mother and not a model that doesn't have children »

Many people wonder if behind these photos there is a desire to create controversy or was it just a coincidence. Be that as it may, we are all talking about this ... Notice that even the avant-garde has dedicated a gap between its news! So, goal achieved!

But, for me, they are not the only “controversial” photos. Some time ago, when M. was one year old, I started looking for a stroller online and something similar happened to me. Perhaps it is not as the order of the day as is the case with these images but for me it was a bit "scandalous". I entered the website of some brands looking for their models of strollers and I found several photographs like the ones you can see between the lines of this post. While looking at them, several doubts began to "assault" me (and yes, it was a full-blown ASSAULT):

  • Why am I not able to push my daughter's car in stilettos?

  • Where's my Pamela? Is it included with the stroller?

  • Where did i leave my size 36?

  • Is it possible to put on skinny pants while your daughter wants to jump out of bed or is eating the bars of the crib?
  • And most importantly, who washes and irons their linens? They look flawless after the millions of food stains!

  • Why am I not so angry? He should be?

  • What am I not doing well? Why does order at home suddenly seem so necessary to me?

  • Something doesn't fit me, have I definitely lost my glamor?

All these photos passed before my eyes while I was reflected on the small screen of the laptop. Yes! There I was with my bow tie, dark circles and pajamas (still)! From the humor and not taking anything seriously I did not understand very well why I had plunged into the seas of fashion and the "How good it feels!" I was looking for a safe and comfortable chair for my little one! Wow, could it be that the focus of what is announced has been lost a bit? Where is the baby? Taking the photo?

As in other products (perfumes, clothing, glasses, etc.), the world of childcare has also joined the design car, of "what looks good", of the trends of the year and perhaps we are moving away a bit of: what is necessary, what is safe, and what is comfortable.

There is a brand of childcare items that I find very successful in choosing their images. In all his photos we can see parents who seem real, (I do not know if they will be) with a carefree and fun attitude. Perhaps this type of advertising is closer to my idea of motherhood. But like everything in this life: it goes to likes and dislikes.

And you? Do you feel identified with the type of advertising that brands make?

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