What is happening with ERGOBABY backpacks? Beware of fakes!

As you are already realizing one of my motivations since M. was born is to investigate some of the products that we have been using. One of them was the Ergobaby backpack. I know it is not a topic that I usually talk about, but since I see that there are many porter mothers around here, I wanted to report. 

As I already mentioned in the scarf post, from the time the little girl was born we got down to work with porting. Once we passed the scarf stage we started looking for baby backpacks. We watch Manduca, Ergobaby and Boba online. We did not know which to choose and we decided to go to the store because trying we would just find the solution. So it was!

Finally we stayed with Ergobaby because, by size, Mr. Daaad was doing better. But the fly stayed behind my ear since when I looked on the internet I saw differences between the backpacks of this same brand and I did not finish clarifying What's going on? Are there imitations? So I took action (which is what I like the most) and bought a fake backpack.

I know! Very bad! But it was the best way to discover how they were different. Even when I wrote this post (several months ago) I sent it to some childcare stores to alert them to this fact and I really wanted to share it with you too.

There are many people who are buying fake backpacks at the price of original backpacks and that is a SCAM. And it's not just the price, it's that They have not passed any safety test or any type of regulated control and it can be a problem in terms of risks that the baby may suffer and defects in ergonomics. You can not imagine the fake backpacks that circulate on the buy-sell pages.

Below I leave you point by point things to consider when buying an ERGOBABY baby carrier:

- In the case of the fake backpack (left) we check that it is narrower and shorter in body. Although it is not easy to check if you do not have one next to the other. It is true that in my case it was very easy because I had both, but if you keep reading you will surely find other points that will help you discover a fake backpack without needing an original next to it.


- The belt of the original backpack (right) is shaped like a smile. In the fake backpack it is completely straight.

- The thread that forms the embroidered stars is more yellowish. In the case of the original it is silver.

The padded belt, attached to the hip to protect the carrier from lumbar strain, it is narrower and less padded in the case of the false one (above). This can cause it to not fit well and the weight falls on the shoulders instead of spreading evenly.


- The label, located inside the belt, is different. In the case of the backpack original we can read the instructions in several languages and see the manufacturer's label. In the case of fake backpack (below) only the instructions in two languages. (Labels may vary by model (new model) but usually always carry multiple languages and Ergobaby label)


- The plastic closures, in the case of fake backpack are brighter and not filed, with which you can find edges that prick through the plastic surplus. As it is not a quality plastic, it is difficult to insert one piece into the other, which forces force them to close them completely. This makes them unreliable, They have not passed the security check and could open.


- The straps of the backpack original (bottom) they are wider and the fabric is stronger and thicker. In the case of the backpack false, being softer and thinner it tends to slip through the buckle, being able to let go when carrying the baby.


 In lsides of the body from the original backpack (below)protruding inner lining, in the case of this model, the stars that characterize it. In the case of the fake backpack (above) we simply find the seams.


- The seams of counterfeiting (above) are more clear and the final stitches are not finished leaving some loose threads.


The suspenders from the original (above) are thicker and more flexible, which makes it more comfortable for the carrier because it does not stick into the shoulders. In the case of the copy they are thinner and the filling is not entirely uniform.


- The brackets of the hood in the case of the copy (above) are smaller and closer together.


- The lining color inside, in the case of counterfeiting (above), it is more yellowish and the seams are darker.


- In the case of the original (right) the logo appears in the hood, in addition to the pocket (this may vary according to the models)


- The Inner seams of the copy are easier. In the original we find more complete and complex seams.


- The tissue from the fake backpack (above) it's rough, thicker, it could seem like a Texan. If you stretch the fabric the fabric opens. Also, as we can see in the photo, the seams are not well finished and they are untied.


- Counterfeits are usually sold without a box, only with a plastic bag. In the event that they sold it with a box, here is the style of boxes that ERGOBABY usually makes, and the security seal.

IMG_0601  IMG_0603  IMG_0605

It may be that some things change according to the Ergobaby models, but most are basic features that do not change (such as buckles, belts, etc.) Obviously the counterfeits are also trying to copy better and better.

And finally, here we leave you a picture of the difference between the two backpacks once put

IMG_0633                    IMG_0634


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  1. How strong it seems to me ... If we did not have enough to continue commercializing the non-ergonomic ... Now we must also be careful that they do not give you a cat for hare !!

    1. If you buy them in official stores there is no problem. The problem is those that "supposedly" claim to be second-hand or "out of the box." You have to pay a lot of attention to these. I hope that with these guidelines I can guide you. A hug

  2. Thank you! I just discovered that mine is an imitation. Now I understand why when I saw photos on the internet, mine seemed very small in comparison. Fortunately it did not cost me much and it is true that we have given a lot of jogging. In any case, now I wanted to change it because it is too small. Any recommendation?
    Hopefully more studies would be done like this!

  3. Hello, luckily I found this post before buying a very cheap Ergobaby online. And is that I think it is counterfeit.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  4. I am about to buy one for € 60 on the internet and he tells me that it is direct from the factory and that is why it is so cheap. Will it be a fake?
    Thanks in any case for the exhaustive study.

  5. Hello, I am looking to buy some through wallapop, they come with box, labels and instruction manual, counterfeits too? Thank you

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