How to run again after a well deserved vacation?

Well that was my question a week ago. How do M. and I get back on track after this well-deserved hiatus?

This year the holidays have been short but intense. We have done a lot of things and the disconnection has been so great that even the blog has suffered. I suppose you have missed me (by fi! By fi! Even a little!). I do, a lot! So finally we are here, with the batteries charged, many things to talk about in future posts and a radical change that I have been warning you for a while and that I still cannot make public (oh, what nerves!)

But the first thing we have to do, since this is a blog of running as a family en Back to the load!

The best thing would have been not to leave it on all vacations, but that has been very difficult. I don't know if it happens to you, but since there is a little girl in our lives, it seems that vacations have less free time than working times.

Now that we have the mornings for ourselves we have started again and it has been hard. I'm not going to fool you. They have noticed too many ice creams, the abandonment of the diet and that the body when it slows down so long needs to start slowly.

The first day I got back into the stroller and started running, I felt a little frustrated. I had the feeling that I had forgotten everything we were doing these months, as if my body had forgotten the improvement obtained in all that time. Luckily, after a week I can tell you that this is not the case. The previous form is returning! (little by little, but it returns) Our body is smarter than we think. During this start I have realized some basic points that are helping me a lot:

1.- START WITH A SHORT WORKOUT: If the first day you intend to run 8 km, you may end up with your heart in your mouth, injured, and with a huge sadness for feeling lazy. Note that in my case I someday gave up on going out with M. thinking that maybe I was tired of running with the pram. No no no. The problem is that he had lost strength. Do not take into account the latest brands, little by little we will get them again.

2.- REST IS THE BEST FRIEND OF THE HUMAN BEING: You do not want to regain perfect physical fitness in one fell swoop in a week (and incidentally lose those pounds that have landed on your crew). Your body needs to go slowly without forcing. Train a day and rest two and as the weeks go by, gradually includes another day.

3.- ALWAYS BRING WATER !: Drinking water is very important whenever you go out for a run, but the first days you can not run out of water at any time. Sometimes dizziness or the feeling of tiredness comes from lack of hydration.

4.- COMPLEMENTARY EXERCISES MUST NOT BE POSTPONED: Do you remember that exercise table so "cool" that I was recommended when I started the blog? Well they are perfect to work the strength and elasticity in the muscle. This is what you need now more than ever, so don't forget them. I know that it is difficult when you return to train with the little one having to start doing stretches or exercises but make him participate! If he is very small, looking at you he will have a great time. If you are older, you may want to participate. Allow it! They love. M. whenever he sees me with the mini-weights he makes the same face and makes the same sound as me. (I promise that the next day I will take a photo of it, it is hilarious!). It makes me laugh.

As you can see, these four points have something in common: LITTLE BY LITTLE

And now I say goodbye that we are going to make our way to the nursery for the eighth time. On Monday we started and, as you already saw on facebook, on the day of the first meeting we got lost on the bike! And to show this photo (language was included):

Shall we start again?

Run, family, run!

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