Cycling with babies is possible!

Who said that having a baby and riding a bike is incompatible? Not at all!

Babies can go in a chair adapted for them from 9 months. Maybe you could take it a little earlier (8 months) but I prefer to wait until they really have good stability.

But this is not the only condition that I would recommend if you are going to go for a walk with the little one for the first time. I recommend that:

  • Try to ride the bike with a weight similar to that of your little one, in this way you will control your balance and your fears will be removed ... if you had them.
  • Do not drive on busy roads. It is dangerous to go on the road with babies and more if it is the first time. The best thing is that you walk through quiet places.
  • Install a small rearview mirror, which has enough angle to see (even a little) the little one.
  • Make a stop to see how he is doing. When they are very small they usually sleep. Look closely, because if you fall asleep your head is likely to fall forward.

In addition to the recommendations for your first outing, it is important that you follow some steps so that the baby always travels safely:

  • You should always wear a protective helmet, especially the baby. Sometimes it costs a little to put it on, but for that better than your example. If you use it, too, he obviously wants to imitate you. (For the record, this photo was pure "posture" :), that we wear a helmet)
  • Not all baby seats are adaptable to all bikes, for this it is best to go to a center where they can advise you well. You can go to childcare or sports stores and ask for the models they have. There are three different models: those that are placed behind, those that are fixed on the central bar or those that are on the handlebar.
  • The chairs must have: Harness to tie the baby, footrest and lateral protection on the legs.

We received a Thule Ride Along bike saddle a week ago. Before we used to carry M. with a simple Decathlon chair and I have to say that we have noticed the change a lot and she… much more!

A week ago M. helped her dad get her on the bike. It is very easy to install and also has a lock so that nobody can remove it without the key.

I really want to do a super exhaustive analysis, you know my weakness to describe everything with buts, signs, pros and cons. The first thing I can tell you are the most striking details:

1. The harness has a great fit and holds it very well. Thanks to its padding you avoid any kind of rubbing against the skin. It fits very easily and putting it on and putting it on is a piece of cake!

2. It is reclining !!!!!! And I am happy to say this because M. always takes a little nap and in the other chair we had to stop, let her sleep and restart. Now we can go easy, if she sleeps, we recline her and go slowly.

3. The footrest is adjustable with one hand. It is very easy ... something that sometimes does not happen with others.

At the moment we have been able to see these data on the trips to the nursery. Let's see if we can organize a little longer outing soon and I will tell you more details. And I also make a small comparison with the one we had before, so you will surely see that the Thule RideAlong chair has a lot of advantages.

Let's pedal family!

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