Cycling with children in cold weather It's possible!

"Yes Yes Yes. Bicycles are also for winter »

That phrase I have repeated to myself as a mantra throughout the week because of this "cool" that is starting to do.

It seems that when the cold starts and on the grayest days we all recruit ourselves into our homes. We drive everywhere and, at most, in the afternoon you meet a friend to have a warm chocolate with a sponge cake and let the children play a little.

Nooooo! In the winter life does not end! »

We have 6 cold months ahead and this cannot stop us from pacing. It is possible that we are even more lazy now, but, as I already mentioned in this entrance, so that this does not happen you have to organize it in another way. Do not see it as a training, use it as a means of transport, as a moment of fun with the little one, as a way to escape stress.

If I tell you the truth every morning when I get up I think: "Today we go to school by car"  But then we go past the parking lot and M. stands at the door and says "bibi" or "nlen" (which in his Elvish-Sanskrit language means: bike and run) and it's impossible to say no with what he likes!

It seems like a lie but I think my daughter has become my most relentless and demanding personal trainer!

Going to school together by bike or running makes you full of energy and vitality for the whole day. That is why I recommend that you do not stop enjoying them even if it is a little cold. You just have to take some precautions so that the little one is exhausted:

  • It is essential that the legs, arms, chest, back, throat and ears are well covered (be careful with the wind in the ears). Even if you take your body behind just for a little air. If you don't shelter him well, he will complain and want to get off.
  • Even if you have to wrap your head, the helmet is still important. You can put the helmet and a very large hood on top. Or use a balaclava under the case. It is likely that at first he does not want to because he is used to summer, but with a little patience and seeing that you also wear it, he will end up liking it. It took us a week, but today we wanted to put the whole kit.

  • Be careful to put blankets to cover your legs. When you put into motion, everything that is not properly secured goes to the ground or in the worst case between the wheels causing an accident.
  • Don't go out in the rain or too cold

And for you it is important:

  • Shelter more the more peripheral areas, that is, those that receive less blood. The areas of the legs, arms, throat and ears should be protected more without over-covering the rest of the body so that the chest and back do not sweat. It is important not to sweat too much to avoid cold + sweat = extreme freezing (1 week with flu)
  • Try doing some stretches before leaving home to keep your body flexible and ready. Start pedaling very smoothly so that the muscles warm up so you don't get hurt.

So even though we are entering the cold autumn, let's continue with the active lifestyle!

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