Comparison of Quest strollers from Maclaren. New model vs old.

As I already told you a few days ago, we have been testing two Maclaren Quest strollers. The scoop is that one of them was the new model that the brand has launched.

The first thing I would like to underline in this article is When and why use a light stroller? First-time dads sure have asked themselves this more than once, I did it 🙂

When the baby is born we need a means of transport that can be: a stroller, a scarf, a baby carrier, the arms of mom and dad, etc.

If you have opted for the common stroller, with carrycot and seat, around the year and a half you will feel that it is too big or heavy. Unless the model you have chosen is compact and light from the start. Let's put ourselves in the situation of having chosen a common stroller, which is usually the typical scenario. Why do many parents decide to switch to the lightweight stroller? 

  • The weight is approximately 6 to 8 kg.
  • It is more comfortable for the moment when the baby begins to walk. Being light it is more manageable and you can take the little one by the hand and at the same time push the stroller.
  • It is more compact and takes up less space in the boot or at home.
  • If you make many trips by car, folding is usually easier.
  • It is practical for the baby to start up and down the chair on the floor by himself.

Since the child learns to walk stably, he needs to walk. Experts affirm that the child should walk half a kilometer a day for proper muscle development, good motor coordination and prevention of obesity.. So allow the child to discover the world through his own feet, to do so help yourself with a light chair that does not bother you while you accompany him.

Having said that, in this article we are going to talk about a chair well known to all families: the Maclaren stroller.

Some of you already know that, after many years in silence, the brand has released a new Quest model. I imagine that many of you will be wanting to know what differences exist between the new model and the old one, what improvements have been included or if many things have changed. And more those who think to compare a chair soon. Well, I have good news: last Friday I was with the engineer and tachán! I bring you all that information, photos included!



Comparative Maclaren Quest old VS new model (new model always on the left)

As I always like to highlight the positive, we will start with the improvements:

  • They have incorporated a extendable hood. In summer we save the cumbersome parasol and in winter we can better protect the baby from humidity and wind.
  • Solar awning. Helps stop sunlight coming straight from the front. If you do not want to take the hood down it is fantastic
  • Hremovable straps. Maclaren, for me, had a defect in the harness. You couldn't separate the waistband straps too easily. From the year and a half children do not want to be tied so you can carry them by the waist for safety but leave their back and arms free. In the old model the way to separate it was quite complex. Now they have designed some new buckles that can be removed with a single click.


  • Softer fabric and fluffier upholstery. At first glance it seems that the seat is a bit more padded and the fabric is more pleasant and soft.
  • Removable wheels. This change is very interesting if you want to store it in very small places, transport or in case you have any problem and you have to change the wheel. In the old model we would need at least a screwdriver to remove them.
  • The wheels seem to make a little less noise. Strollers are usually a bit noisier than strollers at the start due to a price issue involving more basic turning systems. It seems that in the case of the new Quest by making a wheelset with less play and a softer rubber compound, the sound is also less.
  • They have built-in front cushioning and improved rear. In the previous model, the rear damping was a pivoting suspension on a single axis of rotation and the damping element was a piece of rubber that deformed with pressure. This piece had a limit, after which it collapsed, so if you press on it it only moves one millimeter (approx). This minimally reduced vibrations but did not dampen too much. In the new model it works by a spring that works under compression and therefore the damping occurs through a linear movement. If you press on the rear wheels you can see how it goes down a few centimeters. Obviously this is a very interesting improvement. The one who will appreciate it the most is the baby.
  • The central piece that helps folding has become a single plastic piece. This helps give you more control over it by being a little thicker and more forceful. The old model is two pieces joined together, thinner.
  • The screws have been replaced with rivets. We can count this as an aesthetic improvement, since it does not provide significant technical improvements.


  • System to recline the backrest. In the previous model, this system was guided by a mechanism that occupied part of the side of the basket. With the new system they have achieved an improvement: make the basket more accessible from the sides. But for me it could not be comfortable since the lock of the backrest adjustment system is now driven through a cable and that causes it to have a more "chewy" feel, less precise and that it does not come down completely straight as before. In both cases the weight of the child influences.
  • Lubrication of the turning points of the part where the brakes are applied. We got the feeling that the brakes have a type of lubricating grease that reduces friction when operating them.
  • Changes aesthetic. There are some aesthetic changes such as the brand flag or some tubes that are now more square when they were rounded in the old model.

As in any change, sometimes things that were interesting are also lost. In this case, for me, they have lost:

  • Reflective fabric. The older model had reflective trim throughout the footrest and on the sides of the hood. The new model does not carry it. It may seem silly, but in my case, for example, it is not. We live in an area where there is little light in the streets and at night it is very important that the cars locate you well.

Changes I think I have left pending further analysis. We have observed some changes that we still cannot affirm if they are positive or not, we are missing some tools (which we will not take long to have). Also I want to inform you and in future posts I will give you the answer. This change is:

  • The wheels are a little softer. In principle it seems that it is an advantage because we could say that it helps to improve the cushioning by absorbing small impacts, for example on terrain with small pebbles. But I already tell you that this is only an appreciation, until it is totally clear ... I leave it up in the air.

These are the points that we have discovered by disassembling the stroller and testing it. We did a ramp test that consisted of launching the stroller to check how many meters it traveled and whether it deviated or not. It seems that the new one works better. It travels more meters and does not deviate. It was an approximation since we have to perfect this test. Check that the ramp is completely flat and does not have any type of alteration that could affect it. I will already post a photo on facebook, instagram and twitter so that you can hallucinate with the experiment ate attentive!

As for the part of practical use on a daily basisI have to say that I haven't noticed too many changes. Both have seemed just as practical, light and comfortable. Although it is true that the new model seems a little more manageable and offered somewhat less resistance when it came to pushing.

The engineer told me something that Maclaren users are sure to like very much. When creating a stroller, standard tests are carried out to evaluate the durability of the product (it is understood that it should last at least 3 years in good condition and without serious defects). It is an accelerated process that simulates these 3 years of life on a conveyor belt with obstacles.

He had the opportunity to participate in trials with different brands, where the duration of the Quest seat was almost twice the time required by the standard (compared to chairs in the same category)

It is a very positive fact to keep in mind.

In the next post we will talk about the points to keep in mind if you are going to buy a Maclaren light chair or any other brand:  What bag should you buy? What happens if I fold the chassis wrong? How is your trunk? Etc…

I wait for you!

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    1. Good afternoon,
      No the seat does not come with the reducers and the original model does not have a strap protector. It is as you see it in the photos.
      It is true that I would also like you to wear the strap protector. A greeting!

  1. Hello!
    Do you know if it is already being marketed in Spain? It is impossible for me to locate the new model online,
    Thank you! a greeting

  2. That would be great! Thank you!! I have looked for bebitus, the cut, .. and for the colors, comparing with those of the official website of Maclaren (, it gives me the feeling that they are not the new model. Difficult to confirm also, taking into account, that on the official page they do not give reference numbers.

  3. I have a maclaren quest2012 car that they gave me is super new and very well maintained but a rear wheel sounds a lot, you know where I can get a replacement, it's a shame because I have used it little and nothing and it would be fine now that I have a small one…. Thank you

  4. Hello! yesterday I bought a maclaren quest and wanted to buy the carrycot. On the maclaren page they clarify that the carrycot is for the quest models manufactured from 2012. How can I know the date of manufacture of my stroller?

    1. Hello John,
      You should look for the date on the side of the chassis at the bottom. It's on one of the cross bars. A greeting!

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