Do you have questions about breastfeeding? Meet Alba Padró, María Berruezo and their Lactapp project. 

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend an event in which Alba Padró and María Berruezo told us a lot of things about breastfeeding and presented us with their new Project, Lactapp.

 Since M. Alba was born she has been a great help when I have had doubts. I always wrote on Alba's wall breastfeeding when things got complicated for me. I still didn't have the luck to meet her in person and this Saturday I was able to talk to her. The first thing I can say is that she is a wonderful person with wonderful energy. Both she and Maria.

The event was divided into two parts. In the first part they listened to all our questions and gave us the most appropriate support, advice or solution.

You are pregnant? Did you just have a baby? Are you in weaning process? Do you have a thousand questions about breastfeeding? So surely you've ever wondered things like:

What is a mastitis?

Do I have to give the baby water if it breastfeeds?

Will my baby feed my milk well?

How much milk should the baby drink?

How long should you breastfeed? Do I have to wean him?

Is it necessary to prepare the breast during pregnancy?

Breastfeeding, sometimes, generates doubts, fears and insecurities. Many women feel that their breastfeeding is in danger because of these sensations and myths, so it is very important to ask for advice and support from health professionals. This time we were lucky to have Alba and María's responses live.

In the second part they talked about their new project, Lactapp. For those who do not know what it is or what it is for, I leave you what they told us:

LactApp is a mobile application for breastfeeding, capable of giving personalized answers regarding a multitude of issues related to breastfeeding, from pregnancy to weaning. It is the most complete application on the market, since it includes more than 30 topics related to breastfeeding, but its great differential value is that it offers adapted responses based on the successive indications of the user. In this way, each mother will receive different answers, adjusted to her answers in the initial questionnaire and to the options that she selects. '

'LactApp contemplates a huge variety of possible and different breastfeeding situations: twins, premature babies, tandem, relactation (breastfeeding), return to work, illnesses and medical situations ... so any mom can benefit from it ... They can also use it healthcare professionals'

In addition, this application has the support of reference professionals such as:
Inma Marcos, midwife and IBCLC (Néixer home)
Lucia Alcaraz, midwife (Neixer home)

Paula Rodríguez, pediatrician (Hospital de Nens de Barcelona)

Anna Ortiz (journalist specialized in maternity)

Beatriz Rodríguez (lactation consultant and president of Fedegalma)

Laura Rodellar, gynecologist (Hospital de Catalunya)

Julio Basulto, dietitian-nutritionist

But better than all this creators tell you with their own voice. Here I leave you the video of the interview and the conference, where you will know them a little more. I also invite you to take a look at his Web or Facebook.

Interview Alba Padró and María Berruezo

Conference What is Lactapp?



It is a luxury to have them close, and more in an app in your pocket! Word. 

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