How to easily build your 'calm boat' (Video tutorial)

I don't usually post anything DIY-related. I love it and in fact I'm going to show you some of the things I did before M. was born (A table with pallets for the garden, transformation of an old wheelbarrow, wall vase with wine bottles, mural for M's room .)

You see that it was one of my passions. But this last month I have not been able to do anything at all. Between work, the blog and the little ... What am I going to tell you!

The fact is that today I saw a video of a DIY that I loved and that is super easy. You don't need too much time and it seems like it relaxes the little ones a lot.  It's called the 'BOAT OF CALM'


What is the 'BOAT OF CALM'?

At the beginning of the year, I noticed that in M's nursery they had 3 of different colors. They told me that It is a Montessori-inspired technique that not only calms them but also stimulates their creativity and autonomy.

They They used it when the little ones were very nervous or angry after a tantrum, annoyance or a fight between them. When nothing works for them then they take out the 'CALM BOAT' and the children relax little by little.

How does it work?

It is actually very simple. It's a bottle with water, liquid glue, and soooooooo much glitter. If you want you can also add a dye of some color. By putting all these ingredients in the pot they mix, and when you shake it generates its relaxing benefits. You can also suggest the little one to take a deep breath while watching all the glitters turn and slowly fall. This way he concentrates much better and relaxes little by little, helping him to organize and centralize his nervous system, reducing agitation.

If your little one is already talking, you can ask him, while he is looking at the bottle, what worries him, why is he sad or angry. It is a good way to create a space where the little one expresses his emotions.

This afternoon I'm going to get down to work and I'm going to try it out with M. It's approaching the 'dreaded two years' and you have to be prepared 😉 I'll tell you if it helps us. I have read that each child responds in different ways and that it works best with two to five year olds.

What do you need to build the 'BOAT OF CALM'?

You only need:

  •  1 clear plastic bottle with cap (It can be made of glass like the one in the video, but be careful because it is easier to break. I would not play it). This bottle has to be the appropriate size for the child. If they are very small, do not put a very large bottle, or the other way around.
  • 2 tablespoons of liquid glue
  • 4 teaspoons glitter the color you want
  • 1 drop of food coloring the color that you like the most.
  • Hot water


  • When you fill it, leave an empty space at the top so that the child can move the content well.
  • You can glue the cap on to make sure it doesn't pop open at any time.

Video tutorial that will help you (It is in English but it is very easy to follow)




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  1. Very interesting, I wish I had known before, my princess is already 7 years old, but she is still excellent, happy, beautiful and lively colors that fills the little ones with curiosity and spare.

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