DRAW Surprise!

Yes Yes Yes. I love surprises and do you? Surely yes!

Well, today I have prepared a raffle for those that surprise a lot es And the only thing that I am going to give you are some clues of what the lot contains (IN THE END WE HAVE GOT TWO LOTS! Yujuuu). We will start with:

  • JELLYCAT: Do you know their products? Well, they have beautiful super soft and tasty stuffed animals for the little ones to enjoy hugging them, sleeping with them or taking them everywhere. From Jellycat you will find a Teddy super cool and a book for your little one to start practicing English. I leave your Web so you can see all their products They are great!
  • OLI & CAROL: We have the ducklings and they are M's delight at bath time! It is also very funny because instead of "PATA" it calls "PACA". And when the bath time comes you hear her screaming all over the house "PAAAAACAAAAA" "PAAAAAACAAAAA" You can imagine! You will also find a soft and very soft teether perfect for when you start to notice the first teeth. And finally, a soft ball with animal relief that is very easy to pick up and chew! These toys are ideal for any time, including the bathroom. They are made of HEVEA latex and have natural dyes, making them completely safe. You are going to love them! Here you have the Web if you want to keep an eye on it.
  • BABYMOOV: I recently did a draw for a babymoov muslin, but I like them so much that in this lot you will also find one. If you want to know what it is for and what uses you can give it, here is a explanatory post.


  • MIMI'LOU: And finally, a little detail about Mimi'lou's monkey sea, for you more than for your baby. Here I leave your Web for you to enjoy 😉


And this why? Well, because you deserve it, you are great and I feel like taking care of you a little bit. 😉

What do I have to do to participate?

It is very simple:

1.- Be followers on Facebook of the Mom's lab (This raffle is only for followers of the blog, so it is essential to follow us on Facebook) This way you will find out about all our news, news, comments and raffles.

2.- Invite a friend to participate in the raffle How? you just have to tag them in a comment under the draw image on Facebook putting @ in front of the name.

3.- Leave a comment in this post from the blog telling me "A special moment with your little one." 

4.-if you want you can Share this post.  This way you help us to continue growing and to be able to give you a lot of information. Little M and I will thank you very much, the blog is maintained with your comments and love 🙂

What is the term and procedure of the Draw?

The draw starts right now 19 January 2016 Y ends on January 31, 2016 at 11:59 p.m..

The draw will be made thanks to random.org and I will publish the names of the winners (they are two super cool lots) in this same edited post. It is important that you are fans of Mom's laboratory to be up to date with everything.

You can only participate once per person. Duplicate comments will be automatically deleted.

Contest valid only for the peninsula. 


mr wonderful
About Mr. Wonderful gift


EDIT 02/02/2016

I want to thank all of you who participated in the raffle. I would love to send a basket of products to everyone at home but it is impossible. For this reason, at the Mom's Laboratory we are going to work hard to overcome many more things as thanks to the support you give us every week on social networks, blog and everything else. In this case we have had two winners, which is one more step! I hope you are the lucky ones! 🙂




'a special moment with my little one is during the bath, which she loves and me too'





'Thanks for the draw. I am still pregnant but one of the most special moments was when I felt him for the first time, also when we saw him in the 4d echo. For us it is being a dream because I had already gone through three previous abortions and we had not achieved a full-term pregnancy, now I am on my way to 28 weeks and I am not sure yet '


CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS! In order to send you the gift, I need you to write me an email at laboratoriodemama@gmail.com. Thank you!







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  1. What a cool draw! Well, as you know, Manuel has not been born yet, so my best moments with him so far are those that I can see through the ultrasounds. Well, when I give it a little touch and he says heh. A hug!

  2. My best moment was the day he was born (1/31/2015) and every day my girl makes me happier than 1 year old.
    Thanks for the giveaway. I share

  3. Well special moments the truth is all but the most beautiful are the sunrises with her seeing her face when she wakes up that is undoubtedly one of the best to see if I am lucky !!

  4. For us the mornings that we wake up are very special and dad stays with us playing in bed because it is weekend and he doesn't work !!

  5. I love everything you post! Until now I followed some advice in the day to day of my classroom. But from June I will do it with my sapling! The one we are waiting for with a lot of desire. Keep it up! You're an artist!

  6. For now the best moments are his movements inside my belly! hehehe In a few weeks we will have it with us and for sure there will be many good times !!

  7. I participate and share. I invite @Maria Jesus Manzanos. For me one of the best moments with the little one was when listening to her first words, very excited! I love the draw, congratulations!

  8. I love the draw !!!!!!!! A special moment with my little one is when he touches my gut and the face that becomes when he sees how his little brother kicks that will be born in April. I do not know how the topic will be jealous because he has just turned two years old, but today I am excited to see how he includes him in our plans: I tell him that we are going to buy mom, dad and him, and he lacks time to say : and the baby!!!! I fall in love hehe and something else, he also calls Pacoooossss with a bare cry in the park, I will have to introduce him to your little one hahahaha

  9. The most beautiful moment is to wake them up in the morning to go to the nursery, that smile and good morning mom is what brightens my day without a doubt!

  10. Thanks for the giveaway. I am still pregnant but one of the most special moments was when I felt him for the first time, also when we saw him in the 4d echo. For us it is being a dream because I had already gone through three previous abortions and we had not achieved a full-term pregnancy, now I am on my way to 28 weeks and I am not sure yet.

  11. with my girl there have been many but the first one that comes to me when he was born and I took it as he held my finger ... he held so tight that he did not let go ... it was like: look mommy I'm here, I'm with you ... my princess ... good luck

  12. The most special moment was when he was born. It seemed incredible to me. I did not believe it. How could I have had that precious baby

  13. beautiful everything! What a cute 🙂 my special moment was a few months ago when I was not even two years old and I caress my face with my little hand. He looked at me and smiling at me, he told me beautiful mother. I almost pee jujuju 🙂

  14. A very original draw! My little one @ is not born until July, my special moment is to see how day after day I see the tummy grow and his daddy greets him hehe ...
    Very good blog by the way! I discovered you with the car draw, a greeting and good luck to all!

  15. All moments are very special but the most special was when he first grabbed my hand, every time I remember it I still get excited !!! ?

  16. My special moments with my little girl are all and now that she wants to walk it is amazing to see her happy face

  17. "A special moment with my little one, was when he lost his first tooth, he had a little mouse that looked like Orlando's and well he has a good memory of that experience because he talks about it, I am lasahakira cas on Facebook, I follow you tweet maricarmen762 e instagram plus g +

  18. When the three of us lay down together to watch a movie ... It is one of my favorite and special moments with my little ones! Thanks for the giveaway

  19. One of the most beautiful moments has been when you first hear them say mama (even if crying =) hehe, but you melt

  20. I love surprises!!!! 😉 What a cool draw !!!
    I have many special moments, one of them (one of the ones I like the most) is when I come home from work at night and put the key in the lock and listen to a few small steps that come running to receive me, I open the door and find myself at my little one with open arms, screaming mom! mom !!, I take her in my arms and give me a super hug !!!

  21. The best, my daughter who is 4 months old and another girl who is 1 year and 9 months old but she is not mine, it is as if she was mine for her mother, she left her in abandonment and I love her as my daughter, so they are both niss girls

  22. Well, my most special moments with my little girl have been those of Breastfeeding that I had to leave a year and a half and I would have loved to continue. .. those moments of you and me, of complicity ... are magical moments

  23. The special moment that I like the most about my little one is when he wakes up and looks for me with that dreamy face and wants a hug from his mommy.

  24. Our special moment with our child is in the mornings because we spend a lot of time playing in bed.
    thank you very much x the draw and especially x the gift that I take

  25. Special moments?. Everybody. My little one was a very much desired and highly sought-after girl. It took a long time to arrive but I will never be grateful enough to life for giving it to me. Every minute at his side is special. But seeing her face six months ago for the first time may be one of the most special along with the first time I heard her little heart and knew that nothing was ever going to be the same. I already had something to fight for all my life. Something to love more than anything. …

  26. the most special moment with my hombrecete is to pick him up from the nursery and he did not want to see me because I burst out laughing

  27. I can't choose a single special moment next to my little one because they all are. The pregnancy, when I saw her face for the first time, the little baths, sleeping with the one curled up next to us, her first steps, first words, her laughter, her hugs, her kisses…. Everybody!!!!! When he falls asleep at night and I watch him while he sleeps, when he comes from kindergarten and tells me his stories with his ragged tongue and his imagination, when he asks me not to go to work, his face of illusion and flips when he saw The Three Kings this year, when he says he loves me ……. And so it could go on for hours !!!! Totally in love with my little one !!! I ❤ Iker

  28. the most special moments with my girls are in the bath time because we play a lot and we love it

  29. My most special moment is the time to go to bed. He hugs me tightly and starts to touch my hair with his little hands and bring his face closer to mine. I love it !!!!!!

  30. All the moments with my peke are special but when he says mommy, I kiss you and heal you aix, as if he is only 2 years old, and the breastfeeding moment I don't want it to ever end

  31. I participate and share. My grandson Matthew would be very happy! Your products are incredible!
    My most special moment with matteo is undoubtedly when it comes to bathing them in the morning, he loves splashing in the water with his toys ... the problem that later he does not want to leave me hehehe but I had a great time with him 🙂 DID now his first year and he is taking his first steps, he spends practically all day with me (his grandmother) since the mother works outside all day (things in life ... you have to work to get rid of them) - I am commenting on this because in other contests that had been given to me interested in being the grandmother of the child and not the MOTHER they have not allowed me to compete.
    Greetings. and thanks

  32. All moments with my girl are special ...
    I love everything!!
    Thank you for this raffle for Mom's lab ... everything very original!

  33. My baby is not yet born but I have planned my moments with him. And if I have the draw, surely all those little things will be part of our special moments!

  34. My special moment with my baby was just after being born… after a long delivery… where at the end I ended up in Caesarea, when they finally took him out, cleaned him and let me make skin-to-skin contact, my baby looked at me, calmed down, and With her sweet gaze she made me forget everything that I had been suffering moments ago, it was an incredible and precious moment that I will never forget!

  35. a special moment? Phew !!!! there are so many every day that I could not stay with just one. My little one makes each day special with his smile 🙂

  36. My most special moment is difficult to say but perhaps it would be when he smiles at me and the drool falls out!

  37. My best special moment with my little girl is when she gets up every morning, she is super fun and smiling! I'm drooling!

  38. The most special moment with my girl is the moment of the bath, which she loves and has a lot of fun, although we left the bath that looks like a battlefield! 🙁

  39. I have many special moments with my children but perhaps I would say that when we are in the park we have a lot of fun playing together

  40. Every day is a special moment with my little one when I see my wife's tummy. I know it's still a little while before he comes out, but I like to hang out with him

  41. I participate and share
    A special moment with my children is when I take them to school in the mornings, we are always humming hahaha

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