Pilar Rubio What have babies done to you?

Today at 7 in the morning I was putting one foot on the ground and whatsapp sounds to me.

I (with neurons still a bit asleep) - What soulless person is writing to me at this hour? '

TELEPHONE - Did you see the section of Pilar Rubio in the anthill yesterday? It has shone!

ME (voiceover from my head) - Lucky I don't watch TV. 

I search, quickly, the video on the internet and almost cry.

What's up Pilar? Why do you love the moms of the world so little? What have babies done to you?

A few weeks ago I already read all the posts that circulated on the internet about the invention of the backpack 'hang-children' on the doors. I was amazed, but I didn't want to dedicate a post to it because other classmates from the 2.0 world had already done it with a lot of style.

But yesterday has made me jump to the keys quickly. As soon as we start (and I will put the video below for you to analyze with me), to the observation of Pablo 'How cool you are! You just had a baby and you're already perfect! ' He responds (with a rather dejected face): 'Well… here something remains, something remains, something remains. There is a secret, the subject of breastfeeding. You breastfeed and it consumes you inside. And that's it, it's that easy! »

Pilar darling, where do you have anything? Please I want you to see it.barriga laboratorio de mamá

Do you realize that maybe a normal mother, of flesh and blood, of those who are watching the section, can feel a bit bad? I do not know if you agree with me that once you have given birth the pressure level of yourself is quite high and added to the fatigue, it gets along very badly. If you are also sitting on your sofa, with the ensaimada bow, the panda dark circles and the ugliest pajamas you had in the closet (because it is the only one that is clean of vomit) and you see this good woman corseted in her super dress of snake saying it still has a belly ... then you've been given a reason to cry. No, Pilar, that is not the way. 

As she tells us, with breastfeeding that 'problem' disappears BECAUSE IT CONSUMES YOU FROM THE INSIDE. First, trusting that breastfeeding will solve the whole issue of abdominal sagging after pregnancy and that it will take away all the extra pounds, is not being well informed. It is true that breastfeeding helps everything to fall into place and that you consume quite a few calories a day. But it does not solve the abdominal situation. It's that easy! As if you had liposuction done.

There are mothers who have had that luck (and I know some) but others have not been so lucky, and that we have been on our shoulders for 20 months. As much as I tell him to 'consume me inside' Hey, there is no way! By the way, what an inappropriate expression for a baby. He reminded me of Alien and gave me a pretty bad vibe.

And it has not been 2 minutes before we notice another stab. This time in the upper part. The dark circles! My dear, what happens to your dark circles? Do you really think those are dark circles? If I show you mine (even if they are covered by makeup) you take me to the zoo for a raccoon.

Here the dark circles of Pilar Rubio


Pilar, I'm going to recommend a blog that will surely make you aware of the rest of the moms who do suffer the disadvantages of not being as great as you. Super single mommy He defines it very well for us with his illustrations.

ojeras mapache

But as if that weren't enough, it also shows us a multitude of 'junk' that can be great to avoid having to pay attention to the baby when he has to go to sleep. Well, first drop a comment to the moms you have summoned like this: Your baby behaves well and then you sleep. Not yours, that's why you don't sleep and you have dark circles.

Oh, thanks Pilar, for making it clear to us that children who don't sleep are 'bad, bad guys'. Aix! Aix! These little guys who are so bad.

Returning to the articles he presented to us:

  • A very cool hammock that you don't even need to touch to make it swing and delight all the "bad, bad" little sleepy kids.
  • Some vibrating pots that are placed in the crib and with a remote control you can activate them without even having to get up.

What do you think? They are wonderful to continue practicing detachment, right? You no longer even need to cradle your baby at night, so vibrations are cool! These babies of today want a lot of arms! (Irony mode ON)

Well, the one that has me horrified is the device that puts music to the vagina. Yes, what you heard. They have invented a loudspeaker that is inserted through the vagina, you connect it to your iPod, iPhone or whatever device you want and the fetus can enjoy an exclusive concert for him. What do you think? Would you buy it? I would love to know your opinion.

Here you have the video so that you can also analyze it and see the gadget in question. make click here to view it 

I would personally advise the anthill to change its section in some way. I don't think they're approaching moms this way. We don't feel too identified, do we? What do you think of its section?

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  1. Coincidences of life, yesterday I turned on the TV just when Pilar Rubio appeared with her great body and, it was to appear, and look at my belly immediately, my pajamas disjointed and my robe that I cannot fasten. And I thought ... will I really be like this in a few months? hahaha Good thing Manu didn't see it, he may think that's normal! The truth is that the girl has a great body, no trace of dark circles and I would not say that she is mommy ... Neither because of what she teaches us, that it seems that it is better to keep the child away. Anyway ... things from television. Better not turn it on. A hug!

  2. Good comments apart from the gadgets that she showed in the program, and it is not to defend her, but 3 weeks after my little one was born, I was already wearing my clothes from before pregnancy and with the issue of dark circles, I did not have many , since it can be said that I was lucky and my child was a sleepyhead, he only got up 2 times per tit at night, and when I started working and expressing my milk, he combined the shots with daddy, not that he tried to make us feel bad, is that luckily the girl has a great guy and has touched that and we must also bear in mind that having money we can all end up the same as her, some naturally waiting a little and others waiting a little more, and also exercising, we are not going to be so gullible in thinking that everything has to return to its site without help.

  3. You know what bothers me the most, that they are super mothers, I want to see that one in her day to day to see how exhausting it is.
    As I have always said with a good dick, it is well fucked.

  4. The truth is that I don't usually watch TV and even less the section of Pilar Rubio in El hormiguero, but yesterday my grandmother put it and I saw it… I wanted to tear my eyes out, just like that. What a way to keep babies away, to dehumanize ourselves and become machines, few of us are alarmed by these things, the vast majority freak out and buy it. I don't even want to get into the topic, baby good and baby bad (they are all good)
    But you cannot expect much from a woman who returns to work two months after giving birth.
    Every day I feel more sorry for everything… I hope that little by little those mothers who think more about babies than about anything else will manage to change the world and the perception we have of things.
    I said!

  5. It's incredibly unbearable, especially because it's super mommy, grrrrr.
    Girls with time who will have this to take care of themselves, a professional makeup artist and a good girdle! We are all great.
    Now, I prefer to raise my daughter!

  6. I thought the same "he only teaches things to pass from the kids ???", I found it painful….
    And her comments the truth is that she passed them to me through the Arc de Triomphe, after 12 months of breastfeeding I am not as scared as she is, and that is why my son can suckle about 30 times a day and spends the night hooked to the breast ... .but of course, I don't have a personal trainer or make-up artist behind me…. that is clear to me….

  7. The truth is that I do not understand so much apparatus for the child to fall asleep, as the arms of mommy or daddy or there is nothing. I have two girls, the little one, 20 months old, and of course breastfeeding helped, but the pot-bellied girl is still there that the only way to put her on as soon as she travels is with a girdle and it doesn't always work. Another thing, I do not believe that he has a chest, he does not have the shadow of dark circles, there is nothing like having a nanny

  8. Please, if you want to talk about baby issues, bring specialized people. There are midwives, doctors ... Come on! Anyone! Except her !!! Q is not a reflection of normal mothers !!

  9. I am not a mother, but I am a sister, and due to life circumstances I had to raise my little brother when he was a baby. I don't remember anything more beautiful than putting it in the crib and rocking it to sleep, with that little angel face ... Have they really made an invention to stop feeling that? Anyway.
    On the other hand, I want to say that I can't stand Pilar Rubio since she first appeared in "El Hormiguero", since she has said more nonsense than anything else. Being a mother is not spending all day working "for the future of your child" and seeing him only when he is asleep, so anyone sleeps and is splendid!
    Finally I wanted to congratulate you on your blog, from time to time I like to see it (although I repeat, I am not a mother, but I am dying) and inform me about products and news about babies and others.

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