Controversial photo of Fran Rivera fighting with his daughter in his arms

Fran rivera

I am going to declare to this section 'The corner of your opinions'. Today's space is dedicated to Fran Rivera and his unfortunate photo of yesterday. 

If today you enter twitter, facebook or Instagram and you will find this photo accompanied by millions of opinions: supportive and against.

This Sunday Fran Rivera posted on Instagram this photo where he has his daughter Carmen, five months old, in his arms while fighting a heifer. The text that accompanies the photo reads like this:

 'Carmen's debut, is the 5th generation that fights in our family. My grandfather fought like that with my father. My father fought like this with me, and I have done it with my daughters Cayetana and now with Carmen #orgullodesangre '

'History repeats itself. Long live the best inheritance, feeling, purity, honor '

It does not seem that the girl is fighting, with what to call this debut, I do not know if it makes much sense. She is simply making an appearance for the photo. 

Opinions for and against have quickly been given, highlighting their irresponsibility for exposing the girl to unnecessary risk and even asking for the action of social services. It seems that Spain is becoming more anti-bullfighting, which is why recent surveys show where 84% of young people said they were ashamed of living in a country that practices bullfighting. So you can imagine the comments that have rained down on him. I give you some examples:

'Exposing your little daughter to that danger, even a heifer, I don't understand it at all', 'I'm your wife and I'm killing you', 'Poor Carmen' etc.

But as I said before, there have also been comments like 'Nice image to remember', 'What a great image you give us. Congratulations and continue fulfilling the legend. ' 

The bullfighter, a bit annoyed, has decided to respond to the criticism with these phrases:

'How is Spain ... To think that I have put my daughter in danger is outrageous. Safer than in my arms she will never be (…) It is something of us, of my family, of love of bullfighting. You cannot imagine the illusion that has made me fight with my daughters (…) And after I almost lost my life last August this is even more beautiful. I wish he received the same respect that I give to everyone. Respect is the basis of all society (…) My daughter has never been safer, I am a bullfighter by the grace of God, I live for this and I dedicate 365 a year to her, not for a second did she run the slightest danger. There are many more dangerous things that I will not go into that are full of children. Respect our traditions please.

And in the last few minutes we learned that the ombudsman for the minor has spoken out by publishing a tweet in which he demonstrates his rejection and explains that the case is going to be studied. There may even be a little bit of attention. 


In addition there is also something in the photo that I think is important. The poor animal is bleeding, suffering and tired. From my point of view, it does not seem to me that a baby should witness such an image. I believe that there are other activities where you can feel motivated and enjoy without having to see an animal suffer.

What do you think about it? 

Edited 01-26 

Have you seen the supportive response from other bullfighters? Go into this link


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  1. My opinion is not very objective. I am anti-taurine and in addition to the fact that I do not like it, it seems to me that putting your daughter in danger (the bull, no matter how stunned he may be, does not stop being an animal) for no reason is to be an unconscious. Hey, I've already gotten wet. And you do you think? hehe A hug!

    1. I'm with you. I also do not like the world of bullfighting, so this action does not seem too lucky. I don't know if it is too positive for a little girl to see an animal suffer, wear out and bleed like the one in the photo. I don't know, I think there are other more attractive and safe activities for children.

      1. Well, look, I had not thought about that aspect, that the little one saw the suffering of the animal, but you are absolutely right. With all the things there is to teach you ...

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