Cristiano Ronaldo Could you be putting your son in danger?

A few days ago this video of Cristiano Ronaldo singing with his son was published in the Marca. Here you can see the link

Four also praised the gesture saying:

'The other video, much more tender, is with your son in the car. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr sings one of the most fashionable songs and shows the tenderness that the white striker feels for his cristianoson. This one got 792k likes and 13.8k comments, another outrage. Cristiano has succeeded, once again, on Instagram '

Well, I was horrified! Has anyone noticed that this boy is traveling the wrong way in his father's car? On top of that he is classified as 'tender' and his father 'as a father' leaves me a little sad.

This video has been seen by a lot of people and that is what makes me have ALL THE FEAR IN THE WORLD. I just hope that all the people who have seen it have the correct information of how a child should be when traveling by car. I think that celebrities or public figures are a reference for many people in our society. Many times I have heard people say: 'They gave me the same stroller as Queen Leticia', 'I gave birth with the gynecologist who attended Shakira's delivery' or 'I also carry like Elsa Pataky'…I hope you never hear 'I carry my son in the car like Cristiano Ronaldo'.

I know that it is not the first time that a famous person jumps into the networks with an image of his son traveling incorrectly in the car. So I want to make it clear that this is nothing against Cristiano Ronaldo but against the fact that these characters must be very aware of everything they do because they can greatly influence other families. For this reason I want to ask Cristiano Ronaldo and other public figures (footballers, politicians, actors, bullfighters, singers, etc.) to take care of the messages they send. Especially those involving the safety of children.

It may be that the answer to this image is that they were not running or that the chair is not visible because it is incorporated into the car. Hopefully! But if not, I would like to write down some important points so that the information reaches Cristiano and all the parents who have not been able to have good advice.

What type of child restraint system should Cristiano Ronaldo's child wear?

to get started a child should never travel with the upper part of the belt resting on the neck, nor the lower part pressing on the abdomen. It seems that the little one is 5 years old. Children at this age already have muscles developed enough to hold themselves all the way, so the main function of the 2-3 chair or lift is to lift the child. Raising him to a position similar to that of an adult, we will achieve that:

Correct position

– The belt does not go below the neck.  . It is good that you have put the seat belt on him but if, in addition, he took the group 2-3 chair it would avoid very serious injuries.

– The chair works as an adapter for young children since the belt is designed for adults with greater body and physical strength.

– The belt should only rest on the parts of the body (such as clavicle and pelvis) that can withstand great pressure and thus minimize injuries. The pressure on soft parts (in the abdomen or, as in the case of the photo, the neck) can cause really serious injuries.

– If you also had a backrest, you would also get side protection. If the child is not very tall, as is the case with Ronaldo's son, his height will prevent the side curtain airbag from protecting him. With which, in the event of a side blow, the child's head will hit hard objects without any protection.

– The chairs of the group 2-3 with backrest also have these protection elements:

  • Head with ear muffs: Helps the head not to protrude from the impact protection.
  • Additional side protection: There are models that have supports that are placed on the sides of the chair and increase the distance between the child and the car door. So if the earmuff does not keep the head inside the head the distance, being greater, reduces the probability of the child hitting the door.

- I will also add that all children, in any type of restraint system should go sitting in the chair without coats. Take the children with the coat on in the car it is ninos_y_abrigosdangerous since the seat belts do not completely fit the body. If at that time it happened an accident or sudden braking, due to the belt travel itself plus the distance left by the coat, the child could be thrown. To avoid this it is better to put the heating of the car, use bags or put the coat on top of it as a blanket. Here we leave you a photo of 'a contramarcha' that will help you find solutions. Here I leave you more information about it.

If you have doubts about whether your child should go in a group 2-3 chair correctly, here are the points that will help you.

  • The age and weight of the child is over 4 years and over 18 kg.
  • That the store you go to allow you to try the chair. In this way you can verify that the upper part of the belt is not on your neck, but on your shoulder. That the lower part of the belt is on the legs (quads) and not on the abdomen.
  • If the group 2-3 chair you have tried does not allow the child to be properly restrained or comfortable, it is better to change the model or assess whether the life of the previous chair can still be extended.
  • It will be the last chair you will use (from 4 to 12 years old) so it is important that it is resistant.


Please, I ask you, if someone knows you or knows someone around you, to send you this information. I am sure you will appreciate it, him and his son. Because being famous does not free you from dangers.

Thank you!

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