What's going on with children's costumes? 

This is an emergency post. A post that was not planned but that I could not avoid.

As you all know Friday is carnival. Surely these days many of you go from store to store, looking at blogs, with the needle in hand and having a lot of ideas for the costume of your children.

For us it is a special year, the first that M disguises himself. We have no idea what you fancy or want to wear. I have been doing an 'analysis' of websites, forums, DIY's, blogs, but we did not find anything that you like, it is easy and comfortable. To get a little deeper into the subject this afternoon, Mr. Father and I, we decided to go shopping in search of and capture a costume or more ideas.

So far everything normal.

In our town at 4pm most of the shops are closed so we decided to go to one of those 'chains' where you can find everything to organize children's or theme parties. After doing the typical grace with wigs, glasses and hats, we followed the directions that led us to the back of the store, where we found costumes for adults and children (including babies).

At the beginning of the section we find men's costumes. We made jokes about how bad the photos were, the acting quality and the theme of each costume.IMG_5034

So far all innocent and, at times, fun. But things got complicated when we went to the women's costume area.

The first thing we wanted to check is if we had not accidentally sneaked in, through some kind of back door, in an adult store (it doesn't need to give more clues, right?) But when we saw the balloons from Frozen, Olaf and Mickey Mouse behind us, we realized that no, we were still in the chosen store.

To give you an idea I have taken photos of the costumes we have seen. Notice that it has very strong content.

IMG_5048 IMG_5040
Since when do giraffes wear miniskirts, heels and pose with a 'broken waist'? Since when do ladybugs wear vertigo necklines? Will it be comfortable to rob a bank in a strapless dress and midi stockings? Wow! It must be for this winter so spring that we have. Perhaps the costume makers have wanted to make them a little cooler so that we don't get too hot.

You can ask yourself these questions and many more, but the one that is most often repeated to me is: What do you intend to teach to the boys and girls who enter these places?

You will think 'well don't be so exaggerated, it was only a store. Don't go back in and voila! ' Well, no. We have been horrified in search of an even more childish store to see if we could get a more 'childish' atmosphere, something that would help us believe in the carnival again. We found it. We go in and see toys from 'Liliputiens' (if you don't know them they are beautiful), 'playmobil', wooden toys, 'Pepa Piga', 'Caillou', etc. We approach the costume area and, among the children, we find this:

For real? Is it necessary? This worries me. M is almost 2 years old and does not find out many things, but someday she will be 5 and she will ask me (in the best case). By then I would like there to be no shelves with products like this. I don't want to have to explain to her that the police don't wear tube dresses, that the nuns don't wear miniskirts, that giraffes don't wear schoolgirl outfits and that ladybugs don't paint their lips with passion red. I'm concerned that he learns the Dad goes to the police and mom to the sexy police. Dad goes to the priest and mom to a sexy nun. ' I'm concerned that an 11-year-old girl thinks'you show your leg what matters. ' I am concerned that children see this and believe that a woman is nothing but a hint of hint of meat that always goes in a miniskirt. I am concerned that there are many people fighting for sexism, gender violence and harassment to disappear and these things are not nipped in the bud. And you will see that I am not exaggerating in what I say when you see the next photo.


This photo horrifies me and makes me think that hopefully no girl worries about being beautiful for carnivals. Hopefully your biggest concern is having fun and playing at being the character you decide to be.

Edited February 2, 2017

And today, a year later I find this photo of someone like me who has gone to another of these stores and continue with the same policy. Until when?


Carnival is not a beauty pageant for children. Do not you think?

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  1. Incredible, how far will we go ... It is already strong that women's costumes are made of that hair, but that of girls too ... Horrified I stay !!

  2. I've already seen pictures of costumes like this in some catalogs and I find it really worrying. Especially since it has become so normal that it goes unnoticed by almost everyone, not because everyone agrees but because it doesn't even surprise us anymore. We must continue to raise awareness about things like this if we want everything to improve. I have no doubt that the problem of sexism is at the base, in what apparently does not matter. A hug! Very good post

  3. Whose responsibility and lack of awareness is it? I am not sure that it is from the manufacturers. In the end, if they make a product and it doesn't sell ... They'll stop making it, right? So do we attribute the responsibility to the distributors? It will not be that who we freely decide whether or not we are the parents ... I have the feeling that the focus of criticism is not towards who really has the responsibility. We are supposed to be adults and our purchase decision, in a capitalist system, is our way of showing our conformity and disagreement, as well as exercising our responsibility.

    1. It is quite a long debate what you raise. The phrase comes to mind: What came first: the chicken or the egg? It may be that consumption is what regulates manufacturing but it may also be the problem that they do not let us see other possibilities. I think that people who do not agree have to give them a voice and perhaps part of that audience has the opportunity to choose something else.

      1. I think, JoseMFR, that to think that it is the fault of a possible audience and the money you generate on YouTube that someone comments on a murder or any other outrage, it is immature and if I really thought you were saying it seriously, dangerous. Making suits is not committing crimes.

        Regarding Mama's Laboratory, the "egg or chicken" debate in the case of "supply and demand", is usually cheaper to adapt to latent or underlying needs than to try to create them, making it easier for companies to adapt their products or services on demand that try to "create" demand. In a very generic way, the sequence with respect to the market laws, first the demand and then, is the supply that suits it.

        I do not know whether or not there are alternatives to costumes that have been shown easily accessible (this year we have recycled costumes) and I am still horrified to see a young girl dressed as something that does not belong to the character in question. In this, I agree with David2, it seems that not all parents assume this responsibility and that it is not wrong for "Daddy State" to watch over us and take care of us.

        But it is true that, as one breathes from the approach of the article, there is a serious underlying social problem and the designs of the packaging of the costumes is only a representation of the problem. To my 5-year-old daughter we say more times "how beautiful you are" than "how good you have worked hard" and this, repeated endlessly for years, ends up conditioning our scale of values and training. I think my environment and myself, inadvertently, do more damage in the long run than the costume designer.

    2. The answer is easy, we are going to put a murder on youtube ... I assure you that tomorrow it has millions of visits and youtube will start paying me money (youtube pays money to content creators from not many thousands of visits). So well, the fault that I murder someone will be that people want to see it!

    3. Ultimate responsibility lies with parents. But don't forget that we are talking about minors. If most parents are sluggish and therefore unable to see how detrimental these costumes are to their girls' education, then public administrations should set certain limits on costume manufacturers. A costume is a toy, and just as there are toys not suitable for certain ages, the same goes for costumes.

  4. I am a dance instructor for children and I understand you perfectly, every year at this time I have a terrible time, because the children's costumes make it more and more exaggerated so what I do is send them to order or the mothers themselves create it , the shortest that I put for girls are the typical tutus, or a skirt above the knee, no cleavage and of course always shorts, whether they are girls or large, because for the large it is worse, the sizes have to be woman and of course I will not put a girl with a woman's skirt a neckline or a miniskirt, so I support you in this matter, the costumes are fun not a parade or championship

  5. Hello, to say that things should not be disturbed, the daring costumes are clearly for adults, you just have to see the photo, and the police one is my daughter, it is from the Chinese and it is not as short as anything. You see in the photo, it reaches more than half a leg and it is much more demure than it seems in that photo, it is a police costume without more.Dear friends, let's fight for what really matters, respect for breastfeeding, reconciliation etc and don't waste time on things that don't matter.

    1. Well, I don't agree, since when does a police wear a skirt? That is what we are getting our children used to. Adult women have sexy costumes (if you are looking for a normal one it is difficult to find it) and girls also get used to it as young as boys to see it. This example is one among another of the so-called micromachisms that we live on a daily basis today. It is just as important as family reconciliation or education. It is a simple example but we let so many things happen ... I remember that abuse and machismo has risen a lot among adolescents for adding "nonsense" like this. It is a whiting that bites its tail.

      1. You would be surprised to know that in many places the female police uniform has a skirt.

        In Russia for example you have a problem with that since apparently there is no rule that says how to wear the uniform, I would leave the link but it won't let me stick it

  6. Just yesterday the same thing happened to me. I needed to make a Greek costume for my 3 year old daughter. Try typing in Google; Greek costume and be amazed!
    It is not something I do not know but, yesterday, once again the first impact was terrifying.

  7. I find it incredible and embarrassing. And I do not think that it should be downplayed, Maria Manuela, the photo itself is implausible, gravity is the fact that this photo is what they want to sell you. Luckily the suits are not custom made.

  8. I am the mother of 3 children aged 11 9 and 7 years. The older ones are girls. Society, group, pressure ... He goes to miniskirts and shows off palm. And the bad thing is that his world is like this ... It is not easy to stand out when you are little. And I am not asking you to be different.
    Come shorts, movies, in which diversity is shown, we know different cultures so that they can distance themselves from our "culture" of consumption and machismo and worship of the image. My oldest daughter almost dresses like I do. So are the stores.
    In short ... it is a calm and daily work of reflection with them and of giving them tools to be themselves. And also educate the boys of course! And be honest by understanding the pressure they receive, accompanying them instead of wanting to live in a world apart
    Cheer up !!!

  9. There have been sexist costumes for a long time, because they cannot have another name, in the market. The problem is not that, the problem is that we parents accept that type of costume. For example, I do not know how to sew, but since I use reason I made my own costumes, and those who could not usually asked my mother for help. Today my children follow my path, she at 21 and he with almost 13 dress up with things that we have at home or things that we do on the go, they never dressed as "adults" because it seems, thank God, a aberration. So, you already know how to dress up with your children in a normal way that for nonsense the street is already.

  10. Whose fault is it? Well, contrary to what the one who has written says that the fault belongs to the parents, I will say NO, the fault is not the parents, because there are parents who are more aware than others and "society" commands and fattens, especially in those who are less aware. The blame lies with those who "make fashion fashionable", those who make big brother shows fashionable, those who make fashionable it is cool to be poorly educated and always go "with the truth ahead", the They hate us, those who are interested in making the mass of the common people as ignorant and compliant as possible, even if they sell it to us in a jar that says "free and equal education for all" but their children study in elite schools in the United States. Those who are even above our politicians, those.

  11. Hello 🙂
    This post comes to my hair, I just saw that in the school of my son the photos have just been uploaded, this afternoon they have made the street, disguised. There are the photos by cycles and to my horror, I have seen an entire class who have dressed up as sick and nurses and I have seen 5 girls, I mean girls, not teenagers, in a short nurse miniskirt, stockings that are worn with a garter belt and painted.

    I have stayed plaid, it seems incredible to me that at my age I was scandalized because I am not older or a puritan, but at each age what corresponds and those dresses were not for girls 10-12 and less in a school and I am surprised that these girls have been allowed to appear in the photos without their coat since this year, as a novelty, there is a dress code and behavior in school that is more severe than in previous years, due to expulsion, boys and girls wear uniforms until then. , the boys and girls of that go on the street, years ago at the beginning of the year it was «normal» to see puppies from the ages of 12 to 14 with mini skirts, "pretty woman" high-heeled boots, tutiplen makeup, very low pants and tops teaching a lot, I say that one when you take your child to school, you take them to learn, not to make a model pass or buy clothes that they would not wear even in a nightclub, but well, the use of Vapers electronic cigarettes once again I was stunned to years ago waiting for my son who was 6 at the time and while he was waiting boys and girls of 14-15 came out "smoking" in short it seems to me a horror, I will sound "old" but come on, make them grow before time, for fashion or for false modernity seems aberrant to me.

    Something like carnival that is, carnival of a lifetime, is a reason to further emphasize sexuality in a child and the fault is not the store, nor the distributors, nor the manufacturers, (since if in the city or people there are no "normal" costumes, there are cheap, cool and adequate costumes) the fault lies with the parents, who often remain amazed at the way of "educating" both girls and boys in which the values are in the physical and how much you have.

    Waiting for my son, I have come to listen to so many nonsense from the typical mothers' groups that are "very modern" but so empty and superficial that they educate their children in this way and each one that educates their children as they know or can, from then on. we are not surprised that society is so sexist.

    In short it is a broad topic that goes a long way and I have already written a billet 🙂

  12. In humor mode, and how do the guys have to take it? They make potato costumes for them. But best of all and it is not to give them to me as beautiful, since if they cut off my head it would be beautiful, I have a body 10 or within what it considers a body 10, and you buy that …… .. you wear it and often sack of potatoes that you have been sold

  13. You also have to know where to buy the costumes, I as the owner of a costume store will tell you that I do not have a girl costume in which anything is insinuated, in women there is everything but for the following reason:
    They come to the store asking for that type of costume!
    And if I want to continue with the doors open and feeding my daughter, I have to adapt to what the clients demand, but we always have both versions, short snow white / long snow white, etc, etc ...
    Are we complaining here about something that we later demand in stores ???
    If we went less to the Chinese and entered the shops in truth the same would not happen to you ...
    And one last thing, the giraffe is dressed, yes, but also in the children's drawings, the "females", whether women or animals, put on skirts and paint their lips ...
    We complain about that?
    Well, our daughters see it daily ...
    And me in the store, girls and very small, they have told me by showing them a trouser costume of any animal that is a child's !!

  14. Strongly agree with you.
    Although I have to clarify that it does not only affect young girls. After all, adult costumes don't interest them as much. Nor does a little girl reflect deeply on its meaning.
    What should seriously worry us, aside from the obvious childish concern, is that these costumes are for adult women. In other words, without going any further, we are the most directly affected by this.
    It is no longer that we have to fight to eliminate these sexisms for the generation that happens to us ... but for our own generation! The one who is experiencing this!
    I speak from experience. I am a teacher and I have had to dress up with my group of students. The theme was: countries of the world. It occurred to me to choose the zip line costume and ... My surprise came when I saw that they were all in miniskirts with garter belts. I thought it could be because of the theme, so I started looking for a different one ... It was IMPOSSIBLE!
    In the end I had to search on my own in neighborhood clothing stores and make my own costume.
    It is a real shame that, at this point in the 21st century, we have to tolerate this humiliation for women.
    It is a fight that we have to undertake now so that, as you say on your blog, it does not affect future generations.

  15. Totally in agreement with you and with what you have published. I discovered him at the Halloween party, looking for a "little witch" dress for my two-year-old daughter at the time. I stumbled across the Internet with the monster high costumes, at that time very fashionable among girls and I was amazed. So much so that I got to write this post: "Halloween is that party where you can choose between dressing your daughter as a prostitute or a madam". It may seem exaggerated but it is so.

  16. Well, this is the fruit, I understand, of what is requested. Teenage girls and many moms ask for sexy costumes. Since I was young I go to costume parties in which women are dressed in -loqueseasexy, be it carnival or halloween.
    When I was young, what I found was a sexy witch, a sexy zoombie, a sexy murdered nurse, and so with anything you can imagine, and now it happens to me with many moms (they go as a sexy bee, a sexy pallaso, etc.)
    I have opted for DIY for both my children and me, although not because of the theme of sexy alone, but because the quality of the costumes leaves a lot to be desired.

  17. Hello mom's lab
    First thing I want to comment: I think it's great that you want to express your complaints to the world since we are in a free country, but I don't think you did it in the most appropriate way since it is not legal to hang photos of stores. Secondly, to tell you that unfortunately we are in a world where the image seems to be very important, but to tell you that we have built it ourselves, because you cannot imagine the people who buy those costumes you call adults. Get used to seeing this and much more and I want to emphasize that I do not agree with this society but as I said at the beginning each person is free to say and put what they want and for your children do not worry educate them like you believe and they will do starting from your base and education.

  18. Hi.
    Look for the costumes of the Spanish cities where Carnival is traditionally celebrated.
    Now, the same exercise for cities in Europe (Venice ...).
    Now, the Brazilians.
    Finally, choose how you want to dress up your children at Carnival, Halloween or birthday parties.
    It does not depend on what is in the stores, nor on television nor on anything other than you.
    a greeting

  19. I do not know if any of you live in the Canary Islands but here I know very well what you are talking about and I live it but raised to a thousand. Between the good weather and the "trend" of going sexy to carnivals, here you see the young since they are 11 years old with tutu and necklines. It doesn't matter what they go ... playboy bunnies, cookie monster, cheerleaders ... the case is to show meat. I know that teaching is not inviting to have sex but, let's be honest, it's like a claim for disordered youthful hormones ... He intends to get ... I have two daughters and I am horrified to see what I see in the carnivals. They are great and fun but they are also an opportunity to drink and run wild. I teach teenagers and I know what I'm talking about. It is a pity that we have burned into the skin of those girls who must be sexy and teach to like and attract. A real shame.

  20. It is true that it is increasingly difficult to find original costumes for children. The other day I bought some costumes for the end of the year for my children and the truth is that they are delighted. The store is http://www.midisfraz.com/4-disfraces-infantiles They are also not very expensive and they are very good value for money. Greetings and congratulations on the post 😉

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