What should you know when choosing a stroller for your baby? - Speak our engineer (Part I)

A few days ago we met with Santi and Inma to start analyzing products. One of the first things that we have set out to analyze are the strollers for the baby.

Before analyzing various brands of strollers we wanted to assess what are the important points to measure, what tools are we going to need and how can we make a basic outline of what a parent needs to know before buying a stroller.

Some very interesting texts came out of that meeting that I recommend you read if you are in the process of buying a stroller. Think of it as a great investment and you should be informed and prepared before deciding which one to keep.

Today we will talk from an engineering point of view.


'In these times it is essential to know the budget that we want to spend. In the world of childcare, more money does not always mean more safety or comfort for the baby. Companies know the emotional state of parents and use the concept that higher quality is usually associated with a higher price. We have strollers that range from 200-300 euros to more than 1000. Obviously the benefits are not the same, but instead all of them must comply with the same regulations when they are marketed.bugaboo-1

Secondly must distinguish between first stroller and second chair. The first stroller if we take care of it and choose it well can last us as long as your child needs it. The newborn has no muscle tone and needs a practically horizontal support to be transported. These strollers are usually versatile and by attaching the appropriate baby carriers, they follow all the ages and changes of the baby, even ending in a standard stroller.

Most brands incorporate approved baby carriers for the car in addition to its carrycot and seat. So that A good option is a stroller that is quite foldable and incorporates two or three types of baby carriers. Despite the initial outlay that can easily be around € 600-800, all travel needs that may arise both on foot and longer distances by car are covered.

Strollers (called second chair) they are used from 6 months and their function is reduced only to a chair, being more economic, light and folding as a general rule. But exposing any of the above explained functions. Its price ranges around € 200.

It is very important to evaluate the weight of the stroller or chair, since it will always depend on our strength for the movement. So as you push the weight of the stroller, the basket with the purchase and the baby for a walk can become an unwanted gym session.

The folding of the stroller will be an action that we will do many times during the 3 years that the period of stroller / chair of the child lasts.. It must be easy and it must be compact to be able to put it in the trunk or store it at home and it does not take up space. If you have the function of holding vertically better, because it still takes up less space in places like kindergartens where everyone can end up piled up.

Tires is important, if you have a choice, that they are rubber instead of Laboratorio de mamá Stokkefoam. The rubber ones have a better grip, durability and comfort than the foam ones, which are cheaper and tend to wear out very quickly.

Regarding durability, which is difficult to evaluate, it is convenient to ask where they have been manufactured. Since the vast majority manufacture in Asian countries. The qualities of the materials from these countries are increasing but It is recommended to take a look at the type of plastic, the game of the stroller and the feeling of firmness and rigidity that it can transmit to us. It is very important to ensure that we have a good after-sales service to support us in case of problems. Some brands even replace the whole stroller for us during the first 2 years, since it is cheaper than having an after-sales service.

The parking brake must be practical, the handbrakes being highly recommended. The standing ones are still extended, but they are uncomfortable to operate, due to their position and the footwear that we can wear (sandals in summer, or delicate shoes at any time of the year).

4-wheel strollers are recommended instead of 3 because they are much more stable when overturning. Remember that ALL must be approved by EN 1888, and must be visible in the stroller.

As detail you can see if the stroller or stroller are reversible, since we will like to see the baby as a child, and when he grows up he / she will want to look forward.

Baby comfort should not be forgotten, where the regulation and number of the backrest, footrest positions, more or less effective suspensions and regulation of the harness as well as the materials that are in direct contact with the child intervene. These must be washable, breathable and the shape of the chair does not allow the child to move or drop his head.

We must check that introducing and removing the child is as easy as possible, since during this action many times you will not be still or calm: Removable front protectors.laboratorio de mama Joolz

Should also look at the space in which the child can access with the hands (while sitting), the clearer and free of hazards (cables, moving wheels, levers, screw heads ...) the better.

Finally the accessories: Let's check that it includes a sun hood, rain cover, adjustable umbrella, wide basket, and generous carry handle or strap. Some models include it and some don't. '

I think there are very interesting concepts. Maybe some of you already had them in mind, but I'm sure Santi has highlighted others that you may not have considered.

But as I said, it is not the only point of view we have. On Monday, stay tuned because I will leave you all the information that Inma, our pediatric physiotherapist, gave us, which I am sure will not leave you indifferent.

Can you think of any doubts about what Santi has told us? Do you want to ask him a question? It is a great opportunity to delve a little deeper into the approach of your purchase.


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