What should you know when choosing a stroller for your baby? - Our pediatric physical therapist speaks (Part II)

If last week I published the first part of the analysis with the indications of our engineer about what is important when choosing a stroller (read here), today I leave you with Inma, our pediatric physical therapist.

But not only do I bring you his recommendations, also an incredibly cool draw !!! But before entering the rules of the contest, I recommend that you pay attention to the text that Inma wrote to us so that everyone is clear about the points that you should take into account before choosing the best stroller for you.

Next week it is up to me, as a mom, to explain our experience 😉 But at the moment I leave you a photo of our stroller in the middle of the Christmas trip (although it may not seem like it because of the short sleeves).

How to choose the baby stroller according to a pediatric physical therapist?


- Most recommended position for the baby according to its stages of development. 

If we take the baby's age as a reference, we could make a mistake. Some babies begin to tolerate stable sitting at 6 months of age and others will wait until 9 months to do so. The ideal position is linked to the skills already acquired. For example: if the baby does not have head control yet, we should not place it in a baby carrier without back support from the head.

Thus, I suggest taking the baby's own motor development as a reference. It should be said that each baby has his motor learning rhythm and we should not be obsessed with being the first to consolidate motor skills.

The skills that we should observe in our baby are:

1.- Head control (from 0 to 4 months):  

- It can be considered that the baby has cephalic control when he meets the following items:

  • When we turn the baby upside down, he rests his forearms on the ground and is capable extend the cervicals to raise your head.
  • When we have him face up stretched and we take him by the hands towards us (pull to sit maneuver) the baby flexes the cervical muscles and helps us sit him up. It is the typical test that pediatricians perform on babies between 0-3 months. At the beginning of this video we can see how a baby performs the pull to sit. 

Head control is usually consolidated over 4 months of life of the baby.

It is true that one of the best positions for the baby from 0 to 4 months is lthe arms of dads ola baby carrier, which will be almost like being in the arms of mom or dad (It is important that the backpack incorporates rear support for the baby's head). In this way we go:

  • arspit the flexed shape of the newborn's spine and pelvis
  • pspray better joint consistency on your hips
  • orWe offer security to the baby in the arduous task of supporting the head and tWe have the baby close with which we are going to stimulate all his senses (sight, hearing, smell, ...)
  • without forgetting the vestibular apparatus and sense of balance: the verticality that we will give you with our arms or in the backpack, will collaborate to go towards standing.
  • It is also very important that we can feel tension and discomfort from the baby's muscular contraction, which until now is an important form of communication for him.

But we will not always be able to hold it in our arms, so in those moments we must be clear about certain things that will make the baby more comfortable and safe:plagiocefalia laboratoriodemama

  • In those first months they have a very soft skull base so we will have to change the position several times so that it does not generate a postural plagiocephaly.
  • That the position is completely stretched and with enough space to move. Sometimes we see strollers that have three pieces: carrycot, 'egg' and chair. The best option for the first months of life is the carrycot since the 'egg', baby carrier or 'maxicosi' makes it in a position not recommended for him and he should not stay in that device for more than 90 or 120 minutes because it could provoke him hypoxia, lack of oxygen (In the next entry we will talk about it)

2.- Control in sitting (from 6 to 10 months): 

Once the baby has control of sitting, things change, but we will have to take it into account when buying the stroller to be able to cover both stages correctly.

sentado laboratorio de mamá

Baby may be considered to have control while sitting when it is able to perform the following actions:

  • Able to maintain sitting without resting hands on the ground. You can free both hands at once to manipulate a toy.
  • From sitting, start lateral movements of the weight of your body. For example: If an object is placed on your right, you are able to stretch your right arm to reach it and then return to the starting position.
  • In sitting we see that the baby is able to pick up a toy that is behind him, making a turn of the spine and without resting his hands on the ground.

The control of sitting is usually consolidated over the 9-10 months of the baby's life.

The baby who has already acquired sitting will be able to sit in a stroller, in a baby carrier (without the need for back support for the head), lying on your back, face down or whatever is most comfortable for him. In addition, at the moment it is in the middle of the transfers, that is to say, it will begin to make position changes that need practice so that the Central Nervous System (SNC) can organize and integrate it. To give you an idea in an adult it would be comparable to motor learning that involves driving a car (depress the clutch while I move the lever to 1st and without looking). 

So the recommendation at this time is to have a stroller in which it is easy to get the child in and out because when you arrive at destinations (parks, beaches, play areas) it will ask you to go out to be able to practice all these movements that are so necessary for its development. 

3.- Standing control (from 11 to 18 months):

Baby is considered to have sufficient standing control when he is able to stand upright, without leaning on furniture or on the hand or leg of an adult. Before reaching the standing control, you will have gone through the phases of standing upright supported with both hands and will start the lateral movement with the support of the hands.

caminar laboratorio de mamaAt this point, the best way to consolidate motor skills is to have the freedom to try different positions. Stimulation by the family environment will be very beneficial to advance their movement patterns, so at this time the recommendation is a stroller that:

  • Allow baby to get on and off easily
  • Be light so that you can push it with complete peace of mind while helping your baby with his first steps.
  • Make it easy to handle so that you can push it with only one hand (in the other you may carry the little one holding his hand)
  • Later, the stroller allows the child to get on and off by himself.

- Harnesses

As for the harnesses, it is important that they do not press any joint and allow free rib and abdominal movement for breathing. 

It is recommended that they wear some type of protection so as not to cause chafing or may be uncomfortable.

- Materials on which the baby rests

A baby, especially the newborn, spends many hours sleeping in the crib, the stroller, etc. So it is important to note that: 

  • The materials must respect the shape of the baby's body, adapting to its curves and protrusions. Keep in mind that sustained pressure on the same area of the body can cause inflammation, swelling and redness at the point of maximum pressure. In the worst case, we can even produce pressure sores or ulcers.
  • Ideally, the material should be firm and evenly distribute the baby's weight. A fine foam that when pressed allows us to feel the material behind it, would not be convenient. Since points of maximum pressure such as the back of the head (occipital), the scapulae and dorsal area, the buttocks or heels are going to suffer.
  • Be breathable
  • Be in control of the temperature.


- Postural hygiene when pushing a stroller

When you have a baby, you spend many hours pushing the stroller, so there are a series of instructions to keep in mind so as not to overload yourself or even injure yourself. Here we leave you some points that can serve as a guide:

  • We must walk with good posture
  • With head and chest upright
  • Front view
  • Chest out
  • Relaxed shoulders
  • Elbows in
  • Contraction of the abdominal muscles
  • Regulate the handle so that it allows us to have our elbows semi-flexed, between 90º and 0º of flexion.
  • Prevent the center of gravity from going forward.

What happens if we do not respect the indications?

Our body center of gravity is located between the abdomen and the chest. According to the physiology of each person, some of us have it more advanced or less. What we have to take into account when pushing the stroller is to prevent our center of gravity from going forward, which is the trend that exists when having the hands resting on the handles.

If we drop the center of gravity forwardTowards the stroller, our lumbar paravertebral muscles will have to contract permanently to prevent us from losing our balance and falling forward. SIf this muscular demand is maintained excessively over time, it will cause discomfort such as low back pain.

The push force of the cart must come out from the movement of our body globally. Avoid pushing with the force of our arms. Remember that the movement when walking originates in our legs, from the strength of the hamstrings, twins, quadriceps, glutes, etc.

Is the type of grip important?

If the grip is double allows grip with the hand in neutral position, that is the forearm is neither pronation nor supination. In this way, there is no stretching of the forearm muscles and we will not force the insertions of the tendons in the elbow area (avoiding epicondylitis).fisio

Conversely, if we have a horizontal bar our forearm will be permanently in pronation, to facilitate the hand grasping the bar.

If there is no previous pathology of the elbow or wrist, for me it would not be a decisive question in the choice of a stroller, since the force when pushing must be exercised with the whole body and never with the arms.

Now that you have clearer the things you should try, look at and assess before buying a stroller? To celebrate, let's go with him draw!

sorteo laboratorio de mamá

What do we raffle in mom's lab?


(In the same color as the photo)

What do I have to do to participate?

It is very simple:

1.- Be followers on Facebook of the Mom's lab (This raffle is only for blog followers, so it is essential to follow us on Facebook)

2.- Invite two friends to participate in the raffle How? you just have to tag them in a comment under the draw image on Facebook putting @ in front of the name

3.- Leave a comment in this post from the blog telling me What things do you value before buying a stroller? 

4.-Subscription to the blog. It is not mandatory, but a while ago we had a draw and we had a hard time getting in touch with the person who had won. To prevent this from happening, I recommend that you subscribe to the blog and an email will arrive directly to your email (you will find the subscription button in the header on the right).

It is not necessary to share the publication, but thanks to you we continue to grow and help other parents to know all the information and analysis of childcare products. And you see that every day we have more raffles 😉

What is the term and procedure of the Draw?

The draw starts right now 9 February 2016 Y ends March 4, 2016 at 11:59 p.m..

The draw will be made thanks to a numerical list and random.org. I will publish the name of the winner in this same edited post. It is important that you are fans of Mom's laboratory to be up to date with everything.

You can only participate once per person. Duplicate comments will be automatically deleted.

Fake profiles will not be counted. 

We will contact the winner by email. 

Contest valid only for the peninsula. 

The model to be delivered is the same as the photo, color included. It cannot be exchanged for another model.




I want to thank all of you who participated in the raffle. As I always say (and I will continue to say) I would love to be able to send a stroller to everyone home but it is impossible. For this reason, at the Mom's Laboratory we are going to work hard to overcome many more things as thanks to the support you give us every week on social networks, blog and everything else. Many millions of thanks, for me these raffles are very important. I love being able to send you a little bit of hope! Maybe next time you are the winner 😉 In this case we have a name:

bloggif_56dd588104e24WE ALREADY HAVE A WINNING FAMILY !!!

Comment number 60:


CONGRATULATIONS FAMILY! In order to send you the gift, I need you to write me an email to laboratoriodemama@gmail.com within 7 days (today included). After 7 days without news, the stroller will be drawn again with the same list of participants. Thank you very much!


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  1. Make it easy to open and close, comfortable for the baby. and very important that it does not take up much.
    It would be great and it's beautiful
    I share
    Cruz Nieto on Facebook

  2. because I choose the comfort of carrying it and that of the child, comfortable to fold it and now the last color

  3. Good, because above all that fold in a book, that is comfortable for the baby and that is beautiful! Good luck to everyone! I want it

  4. It weighs little and is manageable, easy to close and open, it takes up little space and is comfortable and adapted for the baby, his age and his needs.

  5. Well, when I chose mine, I had to see that it was very light, since we do not have an elevator, and that I could use it from birth until I left the chair.

  6. The most, that it is comfortable and that it can be folded to put it in the car, would be the two things that he valued the most.

  7. What I look at is the comfort for the baby, which is very practical and easy to fold, and takes up little space.

  8. The first thing that is comfortable for the baby, then because it is light, easy to fold in resistant material ... and lastly design.

  9. I value it, because for it to be useful I see it essential, that it is light and easy to fold and transport. And, of course, it is essential that it is adapted to the child's age, that it is comfortable and suitable for him.

  10. What I value above all, is that it is comfortable for my baby and also that it can be folded easily.

  11. Hello! The first thing we looked at was the safety and comfort of the child and then the one that will best adapt to our needs, for example I am 1'50 and we need height adjustable handles, in addition to folding easily and taking up little space, the car is patent… . Thank you very much for the beautiful draw!

  12. That it does not weigh much, is easy to pick up and above all that the child is as comfortable as possible.

  13. pufffff I am very heavy hahaha I value everything !!! folded, folded space, weight, comfort for the little one and for us, qualities, accessories, price ... but without a doubt, that it is designed for the little one, that it is favorable for its development, and that it lasts a long time !! I'm going to have my second little one and you have to value everything!

  14. I want it all in a stroller !! Q be comfortable for my princess, q adapt to her development, q be practical to open-close, light and q take up little space. Oh, and take us to the moon already, hehe !!!!!
    Thanks x the information

  15. The first thing is the weight, how many kilos does it hold and how much does the stroller weigh, the folding, the backrest positions, the harness… I chose the baby car very badly but when I had to change to a light chair I am super happy with my choice onyx

  16. Fundamentally, it is comfortable and safe for the development of the child. I also value resistance, maneuverability, lightness, easy folding, textile quality, long extendable hood that can be put to the child looking back or forward.

  17. That is versatile and adapts to the needs of each stage of the baby while remaining comfortable for those who carry it

  18. I what I am looking for in a stroller is that it is comfortable for the baby and comfortable to handle, easy to fold, resistance… and nice hehe

  19. I value the quality, that it is easy to fold, that it occupies little once folded so that it fits in the trunk.

  20. Very important the comfort for my baby and the comfort when carrying it as well as that it does not weigh too much

  21. Looking for a light stroller, the first thing we asked was that it be light, easy to open and close and take up little space. Comfortable for parents and babies. BABYHOME motor is one of our options.

  22. It is easy to handle and takes up little space in the boot. And make it comfortable for my girl

  23. I value security above all, and also that it is light and easily manageable (Núria Pons Boleda in FB)

  24. Strong and comfortable ... although we have seen so many that in the end you no longer know which to choose. And when you think you know more doubts arise. Come to think of it ... the SUPER EMOTION DE BABYHOME has a pintzaaa !!!! ;-D

  25. I want it to be comfortable, manageable and to take up little space, and I think this is perfect !!

  26. comfort for the little one, its safety, and then the space it takes up when folded and its ease

  27. It is comfortable and safe for my baby, it is light and manageable, and it can be used for as long as possible (facebook.com/nirett.corleone).

  28. Make it safe for my girl who is the most important thing and secondly that it has an ergonomic design

  29. For me, the weight and space is very important since my house is small and my car too and also the ease of folding ... as an extra also that it is resistant to be able to run with my baby

  30. Since to value the first thing that is comfortable for the child logically ... and well after 2 children and several cars, if I had a baby now I would want a light car, easy to close, that the chair looks both ways, with a large basket and q hold many kilos. Now that the little one is 20 months old, what I need is the Emotion hahaha

  31. I appreciate very much in buying a stroller. Because of its manageable simplicity, that it weighs little, the comfort of the baby, and that it takes up less space when storing it. And have a basket to store the purchase.

  32. Well, the price, that is easy to fold, light and that is safe and comfortable for my baby. The design is somewhat more superficial, which I can do without if everything else is fulfilled.
    Thank you.

  33. I see if it has a good fold. High chair. Comfortable. Let him recline. Easy to carry. Good luck to all.

  34. What I value most is that it is of good quality, that the baby is super comfortable, that it is easy to use and above all, light to fold and that it does not take up much time when putting it in the trunk of the car…. So I think this meets all these requirements and many more!

  35. Well, I look at several manageable things, that it folds well, that it does not weigh excessively, the design and above all that it is comfortable for my baby.

  36. For me it is important that it be light, since I live in a third without elevator and I have to go out several times a day, in addition to being easy to fold and resistant.

  37. I really appreciate that it is first of all comfortable for the baby and immediately that it is comfortable to fold, light and manageable thanks for the draw

  38. What I value most is the comfort of the baby and that his back does not suffer. Important tb that it does not occupy much in the trunk of the car for when you go on a trip and that its folding is comfortable. And above all that it serves for the entire growth stage of the baby

  39. I am looking for comfort when carrying the car that is light comfortable that folds well and that above all the child is comfortable and comfortable

  40. It needs to be comfortable and safe. That does not cause any damage to the head, since at that time they are in full formation.

  41. I want it to be easy to drive and that the backrest can be stretched to take naps. And have a good sun visor

  42. I value above all that the little one is safe and comfortable. Apart from the fact that there are little chairs that weigh a dead person

  43. Right now I am looking at strollers; And the first thing I am looking at is the comfort for the baby and also comfort of hand when carrying the car.

    1. For me it is important that it is light and easy to fold ... we spend the day putting it in the car. Thank you

  44. I value all the comfort of the baby and that the safety is light and how comfortable it is. I participate and share. It would be great since I am pregnant and in no time I will need it for my baby. Thank you very much for this magnificent raffle.

  45. Well, until now I had not needed to think about it, but with the pregnancy we have started to see carts and we like that they are light and manageable. Oh, and with a good fold, since the grandparents live in different towns. 😉

  46. There is less left for our dwarf to be born and since we travel a lot by car it is important that the folded chair occupies little, is simple and is easy to handle.

  47. Hi!! Well, the truth is that I value the quality of the cart itself. In addition to this, the practicality (easy folding, handling, if it is light ...) and I also like it to be beautiful to look at;)

  48. Good afternoon! I value price, comfort for the baby, space it occupies, weight, design and handling comfort, and that it is versatile for different terrains.

  49. When I bought the child seat for my girl, I noticed above all in the comfort of her (priority that my little one was as comfortable and safe as possible) and then that it was especially light and compact when storing it in the trunk of the car

  50. For me it is the comfort of my child and that it is manageable and that he can go up and down when he wants

  51. What I value most is that it is comfortable for both my girl and me, of course it is safe and I also practice when sticking it to transport it after using it. And this one has all that and much more! One last! I hope I'm lucky .. Thank you very much for the draw!

  52. I appreciate its maneuverability and the simple folding and that it does not take up much space. The availability of the accessories is also important.

  53. I value the comfort of the child, and that it is light and easy to fold. I also see that the materials are of quality

  54. I want a car that is well manageable to carry my grandson, that is comfortable, and that folds well so that there are no problems with the trunk of the car

  55. I value the safety of the child above all and also that it is practical, that it weighs little and moves easily

  56. The first thing I value is the comfort and safety of the baby and then it is practical when using it.

  57. What I value most is the comfort of the baby in terms of padding, reclining, UVA protection hood, etc. and by the way that is beautiful, light and manageable 🙂

  58. The first that I look for in a car to comfort for my children. Going comfortable on the walk as they can rest in their nap on the walk. In addition to being practical in folding. I love this model. I wish and it touched me in the draw.?

  59. I appreciate that it is light, that the seat is reclining and above all that it has easy folding

  60. We value everything, but above all the comfort and safety for our baby! Then if it is comfortable to wear even better!

  61. He participated!! What I value most is the comfort, the safety, the design of the chair and, of course, the value for money !! Thank you!!

  62. Hello good afternoon, what we value most of all is the opinion of people who we know have used the brand, as a result, above all, the lightness, comfort of the baby, comfort of the person carrying the cart or chair, especially if it is a chair the safety harnesses, that the kids to the minimum are pulled from the saddle jejej,

    on facebook Ester Fernández Muro


  63. Several things are what you look at. safety, comfort (this is very important), the recline ... and also that it is light and easy to carry

  64. I appreciate that it is not overweight. Make folding simple and as compact as possible. Baby's comfort when sitting / lying down.
    Thanks for the draw 🙂

  65. Right now I am looking for a stroller, I appreciate that it is light and easy to fold ... I am tired of having to remove the wheels from mine to put it in the trunk!

  66. Let the little one be comfortable !!! That it is easy to handle and above all that it is light !!!

  67. We are considering buying a babyhome. We do not know whether to choose one in which the chair can be put into reverse gear so that it continues to see us as it has until now. Weight and size once folded are very important to us.

  68. Well after looking at many and comparing the most important thing for me is that it is a wide, padded chair, that reclines in various positions that are easy to handle and that can hold weight to carry the child and buy it !! And make it safe. Thank you very much for the information for the next we will take it into account, I love this blog !!

  69. For me it is important that food comes and the first thing is safe, but he also appreciated that it is a light chair, easy to maneuver and fold since I move a lot in the car and have to fold and unfold and get on and off…. Uuuuffff

    1. I appreciate that it is comfortable for my girl and for us but above all what she valued most is security

  70. Above all, I appreciate the comfort of the baby. In my case I was lucky that they gave me a Bugaboo and it more than meets my demands.
    By the way, I loved the article! ?

  71. What I value most is the comfort of my son. And then my comfort, that it is light, that it occupies little in the trunk. And for asking for more that is beautiful.

  72. Hello, excuse me, although here I appear as aerie1980, my name on Facebook is Patricia Tris Ki, so that it is recorded that I have done all the steps.

    Thank you!

  73. What I value most is that it is light, that it has good resistant wheels and that my baby is comfortable!

  74. What I value before buying a stroller is that it does not weigh much, that it reclines enough, that it folds easily and that it can be carried with one hand. 🙂

  75. What I value most about a stroller is that it is comfortable for the baby, but it is also essential that it is light in weight and easy to fold.

  76. The points to assess are child comfort, maneuverability, folding, product quality and price (if it can be better economical). I guess we all want the 3 Bs.

  77. The most important thing is the comfort of the baby, but also that it is easy to fold and occupies little in the trunk of the car.

  78. What I value most in the stroller is that it is comfortable and safe for the baby. Mine is a very comfortable stroller to carry

  79. Well, since we travel a lot, I want it to be light, simple to pkegar, and above all comfortable and quality for my little ones 🙂

  80. I appreciate the comfort and the total recline for the baby, and for my part, the compact and fast folding and the one-handed hammer… that's why I love the straight handlebar.
    Good article!!

  81. I sign up for the draw! What I value when buying a stroller is: that it folds easily and as much as possible, that it does not weigh much when pushing it, that it is comfortable for the baby and the fabric is not very warm (by the time the summer) that the wheels are hard and resistant and that the brake is visible and easy to apply.

  82. What I value most when buying a cart is that it handles well, that it is light, that it folds easily and at the same time is aesthetically beautiful, why don't I ask for anything?

  83. I appreciate the restraint very positively, my little one looks like it will be very moved and has to allow me to fasten it well, in a comfortable and easy way.
    Due to my back problems it is also important that I can adjust the handlebars to my height.

  84. Comfortable, comfortable, manageable, light, that folds, that does not take up much space. And if it's pretty, better?

  85. The most important thing for me is security, that's why I have learned a lot with your blog. Thank you very much for all the information you provide us

  86. For me the most important thing is safety and that my son is comfortable.
    Thank you very much for the information and the raffle! I hope you are lucky. THANKS

  87. Well, I didn't look at anything because they gave me a second-hand one. But I think that the weight of the chair, that it reclines, the size of the hood, are very important things and that it lasts from birth until I leave the chair, which then I have to find a light chair.

  88. Congratulations, the article, great, I value it the most, the comfort of the baby, that it is safe, that when folding it is easy, comfortable when pushing it, although after reading this I have seen that there is to look at more things. Thank you

  89. Well I am still investigating to see which is better, the main thing is that the baby is comfortable and safe, and if at the same time it is not heavy to carry, great!

  90. I value very much that it weighs little, that it is comfortable for my little one and that its folding is compact

  91. To value many things, more since I have read this post! But perhaps the ergonomic shape that adapts to the baby's body and the postural health of the adult who wears it, is very important

  92. I participate, I appreciate that it is easy to handle, that it is easy to fold, comfortable and light.

  93. What he valued most is that it is comfortable for my baby and then that it is light and easy to fold

  94. When choosing a seat, I value above all that it adapts to the needs of the child, safety, comfort and makes things a little easier for us.

  95. Good night often draw, what I value most apart from the resistance and the price is reclining backrest, safety harness, and above all that the saddle fabric is easy to wash


  96. I like that it is comfortable for the baby and for those who drive it, weight, folding and safety are also important. Thanks for the giveaway.

  97. What I value the most when choosing a stroller is that it can be easily driven from the first day to the last and that my child is exhausted with the comfort of his seat, I also value that to get it in and out of the car by folding it. And unfolding is as light and comfortable as possible .... I think this chair is perfect

  98. Hello, first of all thank you very much for the raffle and to the question I highly value safety for my baby, it is comfortable to fold, light and adapts well to the needs of the baby, thank you very much for the raffle

  99. Well, until I read your very complete report (I found it super interesting) in a stroller, I wanted it to be comfortable for the baby, to have declining positions and to fold well. I think I now have a lot to reflect on.

  100. What I value the most is that my daughter is comfortable in the first place, and that it takes up little when you fold it so that she can be transported easily. Thank you very much for all the information transmitted.

  101. Hello! What I value most is that it is easy to fold, light and comfortable for the baby.
    And although it is not a priority, I also like that they are unisex colors to be able to use them with other children, or lend them to friends. 🙂

  102. Hello! Thanks for the feedback.
    I have a doubt. There are trolleys whose chair only reclines the backrest, remaining completely straight, and others in which the entire L-shaped bench reclines. They say that the latter are more anatomical, but I do not know why, since children sleep in cribs that they are completely straight.
    Thank you.

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