The SCANDAL of chairs with cushion or front shield

That children should ride in a car safety seat (also called a child restraint system) suitable for their weight and size, we all know that right?

At the time it became mandatory to carry children in a safety seat, there was a significant reduction in the number of children killed in traffic accidents. Although, despite this, it is still the main cause of death in children under 12 years of age. This causes many organizations to continue investigating and recommending that children travel in their safety seat. But are all approved chairs safe? I am going to tell you about my experience and how I came to discover something that never ceases to horrify me.

M is now almost two years old and, like all parents, we have also had to do our study on car seats. As you know, I love scratching and delving into the topics in case I can bring you something new; and in this case I found! I found something very worrying. Something dangerous that is not being disclosed or hidden and can cause serious injury to children.

Like many of you who are reading this post I resorted to the 'rankings' of the RACE, RACC and OCU. Like all parents, I was looking for the safest chair for my daughter. I went through all the childcare stores that I could and the recommendation was always the same: 'Look at the rankings of the RACE, RACC and OCU and you will see that the winning chairs are the chairs with the front shield.They are the safest!'. Finally we trust and we decide to buy it.

Peeeeero, since I'm never entirely happy if they don't give me clear data, I decided to try one last store. I entered asking about the chair that I wanted to buy and my SURPRISE It was when the person who was treating me said: I will never sell that chair to you! (Forgive me for thanking you infinitely: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!)

Then he explained all the reasons and taught me an infinity of data and studies on the subject. Not only was he documenting me with files, but he also did pedagogical exercises where I could have the (approximate) feeling that my daughter would have in the event of having an accident. He spent 2 hours explaining all this to me! Since I was in complete shock, I told him that we would spend the afternoon with Mr. Daaad and to explain it to him as well. Two more hours of talk! I assure you that it is the first time that we find a place where they explain things well to us and also document them in a technical way.

As a result of this I began to look for all the possible information to be able to explain what is the problem of the chairs with shield. And here it goes, with all the possible studies and archives since 2012 so you can see that it is not just another story, this is documented.

1.-What are the retention chairs with shield?

There are several types of restraint systems in car seats (I will not go into too much detail so as not to extend a lot). I am interested that you know these two systems because they are the ones that I will talk about in this entry.

tipos de retención

  • The five-point harness: Belt system that goes through shoulders and hips and unites in the center. The chair is anchored to the car (by belt or isofix) and the child is anchored to the chair by this harness.
  • Shield system: The child is held by the blue cushion (in the photo), which is held by the seat belt of the same car.

Shield retention chairs have been around since 1960 and disappeared in the late 1990s.

impact shieldIt seems that now they are back in fashion and you have surely seen them in most childcare stores.

The idea of these shields is not bad. The intention is that, analyzing the frontal impacts in a retention system with a 5-point harness, they realized that the child (from 1 to 4 years old) experiences a load on the neck that is greater than it can bear. This causes serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

When eliminating the five-point harness by a shield system, it seemed that this load decreased (although it is not entirely clear as we see in This studio). But some problems were left in the pipeline. So the safest way, for the moment, is to travel in reverse gear. But this is the subject of another post. Let's continue with what we are dealing with now, the chairs with a shield.

2.- What problems can chairs with frontal shield cause?

Problems that have not been taken into account or have not been correctly assessed are:


It seems that in applied studies These retention systems cause pressure in the abdomen that is higher than that tolerated by children.

In the first studies it was said that the pressure exerted on the abdomen and chest was 1.8 bars (let's say that the dummies did not have an abdominal sensor). But In the last analyzes it has been discovered that the pressure they experience can be higher! I'm just telling you that the maximum allowed in studies and proposals is (approx) 1.3 bars. What these chairs are giving is> 1.5 bars. What does 1.5 bar mean? Why does it exceed the figure? How does this higher number affect the abdomen of our children? The lack of clarity I dislike very much.

Booster seats with shield are compared, approved for children weighing 9.1 to Sillas de retención con escudo18.1 kg (…) The authors found that children sitting in a shield retention system (16 patients) had a higher risk (…) In addition, the shield retention system group had a higher risk of entering care intensive (...) This group also had a higher risk of head, chest, and abdominal injury / pelvics (…) For these reasons , The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages the use of shielding in retention systems. 


In this studio presented by the UNECE we can see how in these chairs sillas con escudo 4Security dummies are shot multiple times.

What is this study about?

This study wants to compare if the results that the RACE translates for us are correlative withsillas con escudo what happens on a daily basis.

In the study published by UNECE We can see how they are comparing the ADAC protocol with the EuroNCAP protocol. They use the same speeds and the same sensors as in each of those tests. At first you can already see something that draws attention. A very big difference is that in the ADAC the test car is anchored to the rail and in the EuroNCAP test the car is real (it is not anchored). Thus, it must be questioned whether the results of the ADAC correspond to the reality of a frontal impact when the cars they are using to carry out the tests do not have the same characteristics as those we carry on a day-to-day basis. No one drives a car anchored to the ground.

Why in the studies that are carried out in EuroNCAP do the Dummies go off and in those carried out in the ADAC not?

So simple because the tests carried out in the ADAC are done with a test lane where 'the car' is anchored, as we have already said. The tests carried out by EuroNCAP are done with real cars, like the ones that all parents carry in our day to day.

What does this influence?sillas con escudo 2

When you have a head-on collision with the car in real life, it first hits and then rises from the back. At the time this happens, the child can be fired, as in the cases we see in the study.  In ADAC studies the car does not get up because it is anchored to the test lane. 

Therefore, this study shows that:

 «… That this technology could have substantial safety problems in the most representative accident situation (frontal impact) (…)» «… according to the Euro NCAP protocol, it has confirmed this finding with:

Q1 mannequins or 1.5 years old: seat child

- Q1.5: Lack of retention

- Q1: the complete expulsion in a test

- Q1: partial ejection in 2 tests (…), included in the impact of the head with a roof or with a seat (…)

On 3-year-old mannequins:

- (…) impact of the head on the roof in the »rebound phase«

- Greater abdominal pressure than the child can accept.

Some child restraint systems with a shield have demonstrated the risk of injury in overturning and frontal impact (…) »


These retention systems are not adjustable, so depending on the height the cushion will be higher (in the chest) or lower (in the abdomen).

What can cause this? Well in case of a frontal impact, not having the cushion in the right place, the child's body does not travel forward (as it would be ideal), but generates an unnatural movement of the neck forward while the rest of the body is retained by the shield. This can result in vertebra rupture with possible internal decapitation.

  • HEAD INJURIES FROM IMPACT AGAINST THE SAME SHIELD or with any part of the car if it is fired.


In different studies we verify that all end with the same conclusion:

In summary, based on the analyzed data, the consequences of the current reactivation of child protection shield systems cannot be determined with certainty. A clear benefit cannot be established from the observations and potential risks have been identified. It is also unclear whether testing procedures are sufficient for evaluating these protection systems in the real world. Thus, caution should be exercised with these systems Y carry out studies(for example, simulation with human models, analysis of accident data (…) to understand and detect as soon as possible the problems it can cause in the real world . » (if you want to read more about this study, very interesting, here I leave the link)

Heiko Johannsen, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Philippe Beillas, Université de Lyon, F-69622, Lyon, France; IFSTTAR, LBMC,
UMR_T9406, F-69675, Bron; Université Lyon 1, Villeurbanne, France
Philippe Lesire, LAB PSA Peugeot-Citroën / Renault, France

Therefore I am between doubtfear, anger and outrage because I have the feeling that there is confusion in the tests that come to us. It is not a fad, we are talking about security!

Forgive me this long post, but I think that after reading it you will all be with me when I ask why? I believe this information is important and valuable enough to share.






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    1. I am sorry to tell you, that this stir is without foundation. This study is outdated, among other things because current forntal cushion retention systems adapt to the height of the baby to avoid abdominal damage. In addition, although it is true that initially there was a risk of escape from the top in accidents with multiple bell turns in front of the five-point harness, since 2014 the results are similar in this regard.
      On the other hand, I wanted to review without giving more data for obvious reasons, that I work as an engineer at RACE, and there is no interest whatsoever in the impact studies carried out. I can speak of the RACE, other organizations do not know it, but it would be a serious crime if the studies are biased or conditioned.
      Finally note that the main weight in the studies is safety, and precisely the brands that obtain better results in these aspects in all kinds of impacts (front, rear and side) incorporate a safety cushion instead of a harness. Although these results are not directly related to the cushion but to other aspects of the child restraint system. The safety pad, among other issues, prevents mortality and pathologies from irreversible cervical and dorsal injuries.
      Finally, indicate that without a doubt the safest way to install yours is against the march for as long as possible.
      I hope I have shed some light on this matter.

      1. Hello, this commotion has absolutely ALL the foundation of the world, the legitimacy that independent scientific research grants, where it is strange that you, as an engineer, have not entered the technical part, but in an inconsistent response. You do not provide any scientific document that justifies what you say. Indeed, you have provided "light", and that is that the RACE does not fulfill its function, that of providing useful information to help parents decide. To be precise in what you tell me:
        -The most striking and important thing is that if we all agree that the safest seat is the one that allows the child to go in the opposite direction of the march for the longest time ... This logic works for me today and 10 and 100 years ago. Why the famous tests in all this time do not give as winners this type of chairs? This is called consistency and common sense and it falls under its own weight. The weight of variables failing in the essential, is automatically questioned

        - The UNECE study is not obsolete, it is 3 years old. The latest research speaks of limiting abdominal pressure to 1.3 bar to standardize under the new R129 standard. The famous cushions far exceed this value, which means that they will not even be able to be approved under the new regulations in the second phase. That's fairly recent, the sensors were developed in 2015 from first investigations in 2012.

        - If you look at the UNECE link (, you will see that we do not need bell turns, a simple frontal impact is enough to incorporate a vertical vector that catapults the child. It is a simple methodological problem, not in bad faith. This does not exempt the responsibility of the RACE as a disseminator in continuing to publish a test that implies erroneous parental decisions, as it contains erroneous results due to correlation problems with reality.
        The harness 5 points in favor of the march, is not the solution, of course, but it is clear that the cushion, is far from covering even the new approval minimums.
        The cushion DOES NOT PREVENT cervical injuries, although it is true that it reduces the brutality in which the child breaks his neck. In both cases, the risk to the parents is no longer the same between a child with internal decapitation (more abdominal damage, bruise on the head from the blow against the "cushion" ...) or with brutal internal decapitation. It does not change so much, the drama we have served and the RACE, has three ways:
        1 - Demonstrate (I repeat, demonstrate that it is not refute) that what is provided is not true with true and truthful documentation.
        2- Support the real and proven information that has been provided apart from many other investigations that also exist in this direction
        3- Stay still without confusing the parents. If you don't add, at least don't subtract.

    2. Hello, why in the post it is not commented that there are other models such as CIBEX SYRONA, in which the abdominal one goes directly to the chair WITHOUT USING the car belt? I think that with this system things change…. In the event of an impact, the cushion may not have the same behavior as when using the car belt. They should also make this clarification. ..

    3. Hello, why in the post it is not mentioned that there are other models such as CIBEX SYRONA, in which the abdominal joint goes directly to the chair WITHOUT USING the car belt? I think that with this system things change…. In the event of an impact, the cushion may not have the same behavior as when using the car belt. They should also make this clarification. ..
      In addition, the CIBEX SYRONA also allows traveling in reverse gear using the straps ...

        1. Very well but the doubt (which I do not see clarified anywhere) is that the CYBEX SYRONA in particular, DOES NOT use the car belt to hold the abdominal cushion, but rather that the cushion has a direct anchorage system to the chair, for what I am convinced that things change ... I hope someone can clarify it.

          Thank you!

  1. Hello, great post, thank you very much for reporting in such detail. Just one question, where is that wonderful professional? I need a specialist to help me convince my husband !!

    Thank you!

    1. Hahaha! Where are you from? If you want I can pass you different addresses of people I trust a lot and who will give you the best advice. But tell me city so I can direct you to the one closest to you 😉

          1. Congratulations on the study!
            I have a sirona 0/1 cybex and I need one for my husband.
            Do you know a trustworthy store in Malaga?

      1. Hello, my email address is dudupo @ I would also need you to tell me a place in Barcelona or nearby.
        Thank you

    2. Tell your husband to read the conditions of the plus test and convince himself.

      Very good article. I did fall for the racc classification deception and bought a cybex. Nothing cheap, by the way. We have rectified and the girl is here.

    3. 1 The cybex Sirona is a chair that is used as a counter-gear with a harness and by the simple fact of going against the counter-gear it becomes a completely safe chair. 2 the thing does not change if it is faced, teine exactly the same consequences whether or not hold with the belt. For the simple fact that a child under 4 years old should not go straight. and 3. The shield cannot be adjusted up or down to make it suitable for the height of the child, you can only adjust it to the width (if you have a child with a tummy or thinner. We are in the same. Be safe. Investing 500 eur in a chair that is in reverse gear is safe to put the child in front and use the shield is to throw money. It is also a chair that the child will be small before 4 years, probably exhausts it in height before 3 years unless your child is short in stature. It is short in backrest. You have cheaper chairs like the Axkid Minikid that cost 360 eur and are counter-geared until 5/6 years. It is a group 1/2 to Countermarch you take better advantage of the money and make the purchase of the seat more profitable, in addition to taking your child safer.

    1. Diana, we took the little girl in reverse gear. I can't say marks because I don't want anyone to use that information saying that I have written this to discredit. I'm just telling you that any rear-facing chair is very safe.

  2. And up to what measures can a baby go in reverse gear? It is that I have observed that my daughter, when putting the chair in reverse, enters by the hair and it costs me a lot to sit her, I do not know if the same thing happens with all the chairs. For a 85cm and 11'5kg baby, which chair do you recommend?

  3. The safest chairs are backwards. On the web page at you will find a lot of information about it !!

  4. Hello, there are terms that I do not understand very well, and in summary, which chairs do you recommend? I am about to buy one for a 2 year old. I would like (even if privately) based on your experience to know which one to buy.
    First of all, Thanks.
    Greetings from Nuevo León, Mexico.

    1. Alicia, if you have access to chairs from American manufacturers, you can buy a convertible chair (they can be placed facing back and front facing first) from Britax, Evenflo, Safety First, Graco, etc., there are many… Search for convertible child restraint system.

  5. What's up They charge from brands. And that they take into account for the ranking factors such as the ease of removing the covers or I explain that they are the materials of the same before security (I read a post in which it was seen that there were more merely aesthetic or politically correct factors) that those of security on the global valuation gives gives in those list two that you name).
    It happens like when you are looking for antivirus, the one that advertises the most in a magazine is the best.
    I take the little one in reverse gear, the older one not because he already leaves, but he also informed me a lot before catching chairs.
    Very good is post.

  6. Wow, I didn't know all this! I find it amazing that precisely such dangerous chairs are sold as the best. This should be read by more people to buy being well informed, I share on FB.

    1. Thank you very much mom in Bulgaria! I am that I do not leave my astonishment. I have been working for many months to find all these articles (and some more that I still have to study before bringing them to light). I have been talking to many professionals on the subject and I assure you that they have told me and taught me things that are to pull my hair 🙁 Thanks for sharing!

  7. For Puput, I recommend TodoNenes, in Villaviciosa de Odón. They have several people who spend a lot of time explaining to you and several models of chairs in reverse gear. He also made a face of horror when I told him the shield chair that I had bought for my first daughter (This time I went to buy for the second ACM).

  8. Hi
    I'm very upset
    My husband was learning a lot about this when we bought the cibex with the cushion
    We had an accident with the car and the boy did not have a scratch or move, and we had neck injuries

    This the truth is that it leaves me fatal

    1. Hello Maria,

      I am very happy with what you tell me. Unfortunately I know of cases that have not had the same fate. In this post I have simply tried to transmit serious studies that I think it is necessary that we all know, that we not only have the information on one side. All cards must be on the table. Greetings!

  9. Hello, I find the information very interesting. I bought him a cybex pq it seemed to me the safest ... in the case of frontal collisions you have left me very out of place since it precisely gave me the feeling that a 5-point harness could cause more cervical damage, even internal decapitation as you say, given that the shoulders and back are more supported and it is the head that receives all the force of inertia ... It is clear that the best thing is to reverse gear ... but they are priced at these !!! 🙁

    1. Hello Veronica,
      Yes, the 5-point harness is dangerous if the child is in favor of the march. At the moment it is safer for them to travel in reverse gear until they are 3-4 years old to avoid very serious neck injuries. As for the prices, there are some simple chairs that are not too bad. I am confident that if there is more demand the prices will drop 😉
      If you want more information you can visit

  10. We have to change the chair for the little one, he has 3 for 4 years.
    Now that they are bigger I see it more awkward to go into reverse gear ..
    without looking for controversies

    I have a concord (with cushion) that we took when he was born and it is not released, when I took him out of group 0, I saw him very small and I took him a group 0-1, which is the one that still carries the limit by height. But because the little one doesn't like anything, there's no way to put the cushion on him, and for him to go with the belt, I pass. so that's why I'm looking at one,
    I was looking at group 2-3 or even 1-2-3. But I was looking for him to rest, when I leave work at night I pick him up from my parents' house and most of the days he falls asleep .. and his head is going forward.

    do you know of any that reclines and that is from 3 years?

    1. Hi Nuria, the subject that falls off your head in groups 2-3, is quite normal, since they are very similar to adult chairs and the angle is usually the same as the back of the car (adults also our head falls off). The theme is to avoid the "underwater effect" and prevent the belt of the car on the belly from rising from the hip to the abdominal area. The hip is a strong bone capable of absorbing impact, while just above it, in the abdominal area it is not. If you recline a group 2-3 a lot, you have a tendency to buckle up and it is not entirely recommended. Likewise, groups 2-3 with "clamps" (the misnamed "ISOFIX", which in groups 2-3 do not exist), some models usually allow the chair to be pulled slightly forward and reclined slightly. Ask at your trusted store. It is a bit of a mess, but I hope I have cleared you up a bit. Also, you can have a little more information in this post . A greeting! 🙂

      1. A lot of thanks for this post! What valuable information! How is it possible that in order to know the problems that these chairs have, such research must be done?

        In line with what Nuria said because of the inconvenience that when going to sleep if my son's head goes forward ... The same as what I am going to say does not serve as a solution or is even dangerous, but here I go ... I saw on the Internet a padded band that It is placed on the child's forehead and fastened behind the head of the chair with a ribbon.

        I bought it and I still haven't had a chance to use it ... what do you think?

        1. Hello MaryLuz,
          And all the work that needs to be done, you don't know!
          I have never seen anything about what you are saying. Do you have a photo? It is that without seeing it I cannot tell you how it is.

          Greetings and thank you very much for your intervention 😉

  11. Well really what happens with the lists of RACE, OCU and others, is that they value other points in addition to security. For example, accessibility to the child, cleaning the chair, if it is removable…. characteristics that do not intervene at all in safety in the event of an accident.
    No, all approved seats are just as safe. And no, a chair that covers several weight groups is recommended.
    It is better to invest in a good group 0 + / 1 (that there are very very good ones) in reverse, or have a group 0+ and then buy a good group 1 in reverse, and you will be covered up to something beyond 4 years depending how kids grow.
    Although it is true that they are expensive for some parents and moms.

    1. Strongly agree that things that do not have to do with safety against an impact are analyzed. And yes, of course the best is a group 0/1 and then move on to a group 2/3. It is a worthwhile investment. As for what you say about the price, I am hopeful that when demand goes up, prices will go down.

  12. Hello, congratulations on this post, I have a question, I have a chair in reverse gear »the best» they say ... hehe my little one is a year old I have no intention of putting it in the direction of travel but it has the shield belt this although it has its own anchorage does not go with the car belt, my question is, is it dangerous then? I live in Huelva when it comes to changing chairs or advice, do you know someone who can help me? Thank you

    1. Hello Rocio,

      In Huelva I just don't know any place. I have not understood very well what the anchorage is, but I can tell you that while your child is traveling in reverse gear he is safe. Keep it in this sense until you can (the limit is set by the head), preferably, up to 4 years. If you want give me more data and I'll give you a cable 😉

  13. A month ago we bought the chair with a cushion, although we have it in reverse gear, because we wanted the cushion for specific cases in which he only goes with his father and when he is older.
    But flipo, because we read everything readable and at that time the underwater effects, cervical damage, that they remove the straps themselves, more chairs that break in the tests and are worth more than € 150 ... we found them horrors and now it turns out that these are also bad….
    As you say, answers and clarity are needed now, because chairs that will not comply should not be approved, or do they allow an airbag that does not swell to be approved and put in a car? I am indignant

  14. Hello,
    I have a question, are you talking about the use of chairs with shield for what ages? I take my daughter in reverse gear because they say it is the safest because her head is the heaviest, and they still do not have enough strength in the neck to compensate for the force in the event of an accident. But I read that from the age of 4, that the neck and the rest of the structures are already more developed, it is already traveling in favor of the march, and that's when they recommend using the chairs with shield. So is it a lie? Or is it correct that they be used with a shield from the age of 4 when they already travel head-on?

    Greetings and thank you

    1. Hello Yolanda,
      It is correct that going into reverse gear up to 4 years is safer. Once you have passed that age, in principle the child already weighs more than 18 kilos and does not need the shield. Appropriate for that age is a group 2-3 chair. For more information you can read this article that I wrote a few days ago where I talk about how to take children at that age:
      . A greeting!

  15. Hello!! You saved me!! Just yesterday we were looking at these chairs, letting ourselves be carried away by the results obtained from the RAC, OCU ... And of course I don't plan to buy them !! What also outrages me is that when you go to ask the stores they inform you that those are the safest .... very bad!

    I have seen in a comment that you know good childcare stores where they inform you correctly of the chairs… would you be so kind as to tell me if you know of any in Barcelona?

    Thank you very much again!!!

  16. Thank you very much for the post. As many people I was decided on a Cybex chair and I almost bought it, but I had a lot of doubts and I discarded it. Pir please could you tell me stores in Madrid? Again thanks .

  17. Thank you very much for this article. I am looking for a new chair for my son and I had already decided on one with this system leading me by the last report of RACC. Thank you infinite indeed.

    Now I stay at zero and I start the study again, would you recommend a particular chair? If you have any place to advise me in Las Palmas, I appreciate it in my soul.

    In my case I am not looking for a reverse gear, because it will be impossible for me to take him since he gets dizzy if he does not see the road. I want to find one that is in favor of the march, but the best one that I find. Let's see if you can give me a cable ... It is almost 3 years old. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello Madremaya, think again about the issue of the direction of travel. Dizziness usually has causes other than it, take a look at this post . At this age, the safest seats are in the opposite direction of travel. If not, you would have two options, a group 1 (or 1,2,3) with a harness in which the danger is in the whiplash or a group 2-3 with much less support, since it uses the car's three-point belt . In this second case, you must make sure that you are correctly seated and the belt is tight. You can find more information about this group at . I repeat, the first and almost unique recommendation, that they go in the opposite direction of the march. Hope that helps, best regards!

    2. Good. I read to you and it's like seeing me reflected a month ago. Informing, re-informing and re-informing myself even now with the chair bought for "if anything" I have opted as group 2.3. For the takata maxi plus. The "isofix" is designed to avoid the submarine effect and is equipped with the airpad (Japanese absorption system), which you mention about reclining a group 2.3. It is quite complicated (I have not found anything and look what I looked for) to correct this I have bought a cushion to support the neck and the head and it is very comfortable. That if he has already turned 4 years old and he needed the change. See how yours goes. In the first place maximum security ACM in second (with a lot of distance) harness in favor ... Sinel harness still fits him I see nonsense that you change it to a 2.3. Since they are with the belt of the car. Cheers and hope I helped. You can also extend the ACM to 6.7 years with which chair depends

  18. Jolin you leave me stone we just bought the cybex and now I'm scared my husband was bent on it that it was the best, and now I don't know what to do…

  19. Hi,
    I have simply hallucinated as much of you. Anyway, we were about to decide on a chair with a cushion ... because of studies, statistics ... we were frustrated, deceived and very concerned about everything you said.
    We are not convinced by the cushion option ... but the 'market' leaves almost no other options.

    Thank you so much for this information.
    We are from Madrid, if you could send us stores to give the umpteenth return to the subject, we would greatly appreciate it.

  20. Very good post !! They also recommended one of these chairs to us 🙁 By any chance, wouldn't you know of a store in Mallorca where you could advise me properly?
    Cheers! And thanks!

    1. Hello Vanemai, I am sorry, I do not know in Mallorca, but a store specialized in "non-gear" will surely be able to better advise you. If you can't find any, I'll look it up and email it to you, good night

  21. Hi,
    We must be very careful with the analyzes that are extracted from some reports, because we can scare many parents.

    I have read the entire report and as stated:
    -the models tested are from 2012 or earlier therefore they are not of the latest generation
    -there is no conclusive data that they are better or worse and on top of that the sampling is very small
    -the sensors of the dummies are not prepared for this type of study
    -in the expulsion tests both systems obtained the same result

    Therefore many more studies are needed to draw conclusive data. Brands have to carry out tests and regulations that go far beyond what we can imagine.

    Another thing I would like to clarify is that the seat is also fixed to the car with isofix and that the shield is used only when it acts as group 1, since then the seat belt is used (group 2 and 3).

    Anyway, thanks for your post, you have to be careful with what commercial actions to discredit other products.

    1. Hi Moises, thanks for the critical sense that stimulates us to pedagogical action. Answering your doubts, in the first place, the post does not intend to compare systems, but to reveal a dangerous contradiction. The safety seats sold as "safer" present us with reasonable doubts about the evaluation criteria, and I express this in this post.
      There are several reasons, not just one, and any of the ones presented make the methodology for evaluating the best chair ineffective and dangerous.
      Not all are demonstrated with the same intensity for different reasons.
      I am not closed to listen to other sources and what they can give me.
      Regarding research in laboratories, the big problem is to correlate the data of a dummie with that of real baby children, as you say, they find it difficult to find totally accurate values, but the recommendation they give is that when not knowing it, caution should be used. . I spoke to an engineer who is dedicated to making car seats to ask him about this. He told me that in the past they did tests with deceased children, but that now it is prohibited (thank goodness), and dummies do not have abdominal sensors, so the tests are not being measured correctly (that's why the confusion with the pressure bars in a matter of two years). The ideal, he told me, would be to reproduce the virtual situation (accident) (I think it is underway, has started or will start). If the tests are not done with the complete rigor that is required, biofidelity is being limited in the correct measurement of the lesividad.
      In the article presented, I try to highlight this problem, which is revealed in more recent research and which allows us to set the tolerance limit at these 1.2 bars. Regarding the vertical fastening that is presented in the second article, I think there are not too many doubts.
      Finally, regarding the ability of the neck to move with a cushion on the thorax, it is also obvious and, although there are registered cases in this regard, hopefully one day they will gain a voice. At the moment I put myself in the part of those who believe that we must be careful with these devices. I expose enough data, not all that I know, I hope later to break down the subject more and that each one generates his own criteria. And I do not close, at all, to listen to what studies and what articles the institutions and brands can bring me. Establishing a correct dialogue is the most interesting in these cases. Thanks for your contribution

    1. Hello Cristina, for me, the important thing is that they work professionally on the concept of safety in the car, from technical and non-commercial concepts. I will answer you directly to your email shortly 🙂

  22. This is known by many of those sellers who sell them, Race itself was denounced for it and removed the links that appeared on its page to buy certain chairs located in the first positions of the ranking, which "coincidentally" are from a manufacturer with a business relationship direct with the Race. In some countries, the sale of this type of chair is even prohibited. The data on deaths of minors makes this very clear, our country multiplies x 50 and more the number of anal deaths with respect to countries where they go out of gear up to 4 and over.

    1. Hello David, RACE itself contradicts itself by clearly advising chairs in the opposite direction to the march as long as possible and mis-rating them by criteria that are not strictly safety. Let's keep the good part, chairs in the opposite direction of the march until possible (4-5 years). I did not know the details of what you are saying, thank you for your contribution. A greeting!

  23. Thanks for this post !!
    We had one, the best option that we could offer our little one in the day (we have a mini cooper and two girls in a row, we did not fit two acm and we chose the bmw 1/2 with shield, which three years ago did not know what that is known today) and luckily, although I was not sure, we never had an accident, as soon as we got to this information that you tell us, we changed seats. We still have the mini, but then they could sit on their own and we could just fasten them from behind (with a newborn baby it was not possible).
    We were very lucky
    Now my oldest daughter is going against the march again (we turned her around with four and she perfectly understood the reason, not a complaint). Now we are going to have a third baby and we have bought a new car so that the three of them continue to go as long as possible. Thanks for spreading to all! And congratulations on the blog, I did not know it and we are compis of Madresfera :)))

    1. Hello Tigriteando Thanks! 😉
      The first thing I have to tell you is that I'm glad that you haven't had any scares 😉 I know some people who have also switched into reverse gear with an older child and they tell me the same thing, that they haven't even complained and that they have perfectly understood that it is because of your safety. If we explain things to children, they understand them (although sometimes it costs more or less).
      I did read you, I really like your blog. Thank you very much for stopping by here 😉 Kisses

  24. It is clear that these chairs are not the most recommended.The best ones up to 4 years old or 18 kilos without a doubt are the chairs that are going to reverse gear.
    It is proven and proven that it is so.
    That is why in other countries there are other deeper tests that recommend them.
    And more and more professionals in the sector sell them in their establishments.

  25. Hello ! I am a mother of a 13 month old baby. As an inexperienced mother leaving group 0, I studied all the classifications of chairs available in the market. The classifications of the organisms that seem to study the chairs in the claims and later classify them (RACE, Euroncap) around 4 items. I was very disappointed to see that only one of the items that scores is security. And it scores the same as if the upholstery has harmful elements or not ... Truly incredible. I am also a nurse and I am very concerned about safety on board.
    The most incredible thing is that in various childcare stores, they did not even want to show me the Chairs against the counter. They were only interested in selling the stocks of their warehouses in the 1-2-3 chair in favor of the march. What's more, some clerk told me that these were not for sale, they only advised me the chairs in the direction of travel and that I was not going to ask for it for myself. I finally bought a 0-1 Dual Fix Romer saddle in reverse, not at a good price, but I am very happy with the saddle. I hope that more models of chairs will come out in reverse so that there is more price competition.

    1. Oh What you tell me is fatal NOe. I can not believe it. They also tried to sell me a group 123 with a cushion in a lot of places. Luckily, there is more and more awareness, even countries where they have discarded their sale. Thanks for your input 😉

  26. Congratulations on the entry. This information is very valuable.
    Taking advantage of the anonymity that this space offers me ... As a reader of the entry, owner of a childcare store (I will not say which one) and committed to maximum security, I would be disappointed to know that hidden and behind these words were some brand, distributor or store that wants to spread terror for their benefit.
    For me and I imagine that for all readers this would have much more value if attention were not diverted to other websites that seek to channel the concerned parent to buy a specific brand or car seat.
    My advice is to continue with the rigor that you carry in the information and avoid mentioning brands or other websites.
    I disagree on some things that I have read but if something is clear to me it is that the basis of safety in the car is to take our little ones AGAINST THE WAY.
    Thanks for recommending it.

    1. Good Morning,
      In that you can be calm. Below you will see that in some comments that ask me what chair to buy or where to buy it, I already explain that I cannot give brand names or places because I do not want it to be confused.
      In some cases I have sent private contacts from all the different stores that I think do a good job in different parts of Spain. But never in public so as not to confuse things.
      Thanks for your input 😉

  27. Wow… .. And I carrying my son in one of these chairs… Although he is already without the cushion. I have been frozen….
    And above biieeeen face. € 300 cost us ...
    They play with security at the cost of money saying what is safest.

  28. Good morning, millions of thanks for this information. I have a question. My son is 5 years old but weighs 15.5. What would be safest for him? a greeting

    1. Hi Yolanda, The safest for him up to 18 kg (minimum) is to travel in reverse gear. Any brand in any establishment, that's the least of it. The most important thing is that you travel in reverse gear. Here I leave you several entries about it. Let's see if this is how I solve your doubts:

  29. Hello, obviously there are cases that you know that through this system they have suffered serious injuries. I know that with the harness system the same, apart from I know of many children who, when playing with the harnesses, take them off and they are useless.
    On the reverse gear ... unfortunately not all cars accept them or parents want, there are huge children who need more space than others and therefore take away space for the driver, which in this case that the driver is uncomfortable and tight is just as dangerous.
    Conclusion? All systems have drawbacks, accidents and deaths but the difference is the experiences of each one. In your case, if you had been informed just as badly about the harness, maybe you would have taken the cushion, right? It depends on who you come across, one or the other will be bought.

    1. Hello Monica. First of all, it's true, all systems have drawbacks, but not all have the same impact. In some cases we talk about comfort for the baby, in others about comfort for the parents and in others about safety and risk. They seem to me different levels of decision and my priority is clear to me. When we talk about safety in a broader sense, whether we like it or not, we have to widen our sights and talk about probability and injury, since getting onto the road at 90 km / h and having an accident, it is difficult to get out unscathed. The human body is not prepared for it. So, the passive security elements try to minimize the damage and this is where we are. The most likely and harmful is the frontal impact and many professionals have already talked about it (including RACE itself) and we will comment on it shortly. The least damage in this scenario and the best way to protect the baby / child / adult is to go in the opposite direction of travel so that the chair absorbs the force generated by the body through the back, less vulnerable than the neck or abdomen. From here, we can find cases for everything, but some are less likely than others. If Spain faces Malta in soccer, Spain is more likely to win, right? Everything can happen, but if you had to bet money, where would you bet it ?. Well, in child safety seats, we do not bet with money, what is at stake is something else and that each one is responsible for the risk that he assumes. Thanks for your contribution, greetings!

  30. The point is that the most reliable test is the plus test, and it is not mentioned here, in which only the chairs that place it only as a counter frame up to 4 years pass the test, so it does not matter the shield or 5-point harness , one will go off and the second will be left quadriplegic by whiplash, the only way is against the march until 4 years.

  31. Hi. Very good days. Thank you very much for your post, it is important that parents are informed of this and you have done it in a very clear way. My son is almost 8 years old and I want to buy him a chair from group 2-3. Could you tell me about a trustworthy store where they advise me well, because I'm looking at the rankings but I'm not convinced. Thank you so much for everything. Regards. Belen

  32. Hello, your study is very interesting, I am another mother who has been horrified and I fell into the cushion trap and I find out right now with your article, my boy is 2 and a half years old but he is very big, he weighs 17'500 and he passes of the meter of height, we have the cibex sirona and for more than a year it has been traveling in favor of the march, because it did not fit in reverse gear…. Now I have been horrified to read you about the cushion and I want to change seats, the problem is, it is so great, that traveling against the counter is impossible in any chair ... what do you recommend doing, I want to change the chair NOW !!! We are from Huelva, if you recommend any trusted site I would greatly appreciate it, or in Seville that is »near» thank you very much first of all

    1. Hello Encarni, there are chairs in the opposite direction of the march approved up to 25kg of different brands. The space they occupy depends on their commitment to safety and the risk that one wants to assume regarding their child. It is true, it may be more or less comfortable, but each of us has to decide what is most important and to what extent. I will recommend you, at this age and without a doubt, a high backrest chair with a high backrest to hold it as long as possible. Regarding the recommendation, I will send it to you by email, a greeting

      1. Thank you very much, I await your recommendation with open hands, if possible, you recommend me both in reverse and in favor if there is any recommended, not for me, but for him, who has not accepted what point and to go in reverse ... Greetings and thank you

  33. I have doubts regarding the article. On the one hand, very good, I congratulate you.
    I am clear that ACM is the safest and this is indicated and recommended.

    My children are in chairs with a cushion. At the time there were practically no options to go, my parents-in-law took care and after reviewing several aspects, they decided on the Cylas Pallas 2, and after checking in several studies and others, the choice seemed correct.
    Personally, I am terrified of the swing of the child who is anchored with straps, first because of the movements in his air, and second because of the possibility that the child pulls out his arms or that the strap breaks by chance.

    Yesterday I read the article and I was alarmed, so much so that the first thing I did when picking up the children was to do my own home tests. I tried to force each child out of the cushioned car. Impossible. The seat has padded protection just above the shoulders, wrapping what is the head, so it cannot be thrown upwards because it "collides" directly with these cushions. Cushions that by the way the chair in the image does not offer.

    I leave a video of the RACE, that although you have said that it is purchased or such, maybe it can also help to form your own criteria.

    As you can see, the child is "quite boxed", a little difficult to get out.

    I do not know how much the car stands in cm or with what force because I am not on the subject. I also don't know what force is needed to get the child out of the seat. I have also checked with YouTube accident videos and imagine (horrible by the way) my children in the chair and in there and try to imagine the movement of the chair.

    Let's say that I still have many doubts regarding everything.

    1. Hi Silvia, thanks for your contribution. Your doubts help us to continue working. The first thing is to answer your question about the possibility that they can leave. The test you did is very good. Home tests are very good 😉 The theme is that even if you stretch with all your strength you will never be able to reproduce the force with which the child is shot in an accident. In a frontal collision, the body is thrown at the same speed as the car was driving. If you circulate at 90 km / h the body is thrown at that speed. Imagine what force that exerts! About what you tell me about the cushions, it is true that they have a padding, but if the child's head is like a stone that is thrown at a speed of say 50km / h (to say a city speed), imagine the force that It does on the padding and you will see how it is difficult enough that the padding is enough to not impact the plastic underneath.
      They have done this test and I am going to search carefully to see if I can find it and put it here. About the video that you have let me tell you that one of the doubts that is generated in this regard in the RACE tests is that they use cars anchored to the ground. When you have an accident in real life, your car is not anchored to the ground, therefore the car hits the front and then rises from the back, which generates a catapult with the consequence that the child can be shot. This is the point that RACE is not considering. I hope it solves your doubts a little 🙂

  34. Great study and invaluable information. I feel exactly the same as you for a long time. Hopefully it reaches the widest possible audience and we are able to raise awareness of the importance of back travel. Thank you!

  35. Good morning!! First of all thank you very much for all the information.
    I'm stunned… my son has only used cybex seats, in a car he has pallas 2 with isofix and front cushion. I already had a mania for the chair because we took it in a small ford ka car and the chair at each roundabout goes from one side to the other even having isofix. in the other car we carry the cybex that serves from 0-4 years in reverse gear. also has harness and cushion. I have not used the nunka cushion because it does not convince me and it has the harness.
    My son weighs 18 kilos and is three and a half years old. What chair do you recommend? I have to change them but now…. I live in barcelona

    thank you very much for your help
    a hug

  36. I haven't read all the comments. Say you want a real case of the effects of the shield you just have to see the story of neither son. Enter the Facebook page Gabriel and the legend of the green wave. Thanks for spreading the word and trying to raise awareness of the parents. a greeting

    1. Hello Elena,
      The first thing to tell you is that I'm so sorry. I knew the story. I read it when I started the research and I have to say that I was very excited. I read your facebook and I even made a comment from my personal profile.
      Thanks for commenting on this article. It is very important that we pay attention to these things every day because they lead us to evolve at once.
      What you are doing with your dissemination of the case is very brave. Millions of families will thank you. A very big hug.

  37. ??? Oh my God, we bought the Cybex chair a couple of months ago and I've always wondered about these things, but both the tests and the store had told me it was the safest thing! It had also been recommended to me by several people and it seems safe ... ?? And now what do I do? I do not think it is decent to resell it to buy another ... and on top of what they are worth !?

  38. Good post, although all this topic that has been repeating itself so much lately continues to generate several doubts.

    I continually see articles where front-of-gear saddles are criticized, especially saddles with shields, which are the highest-scoring players in the rankings. By extension, the rankings are attacked, discrediting them so that we do not believe a single word of what they say. It is assumed that "they are bought, manipulated and that when they qualify they take into account to the same extent, the safety of the chair and the upholstery used in its preparation", as I read in a comment on this post.

    On the RACE page you can see the percentages of the factors that are taken into account when rating a chair: 50% safety, 40% handling, and 10% ergonomics. Therefore, with a simple visit to the web page, we realize that this statement is false. RACE does not take all factors into account to the same extent.

    I personally believe that this is all a campaign to sell certain brands and models of chairs that did not fare very well in the rankings. Is that why they are so interested in us not creating them? In the end, all these posts end up recommending the same stores and the same models.
    The same goes for "studies". If you investigate a bit who is part of the GRSP, a brand of children's chairs ends up coming out (what a coincidence?). The most curious thing is that RACE is criticized for having a relationship with certain brands, but we believe these studies without question. What a contradiction, no?

    I think that there are people who are benefiting a lot from all this "alarm" that they have created about a certain type of chairs with the excuse of "raising awareness". Worst of all, they let "accusations" to organizations and brands make them parents themselves and mothers.

    No chair is reliable at 100%. There is no chair to prevent injury to the 100%. Even the rear-facing chairs, which are sold to us as "miraculous", have certain deficiencies, but of course, they are not interested in us knowing.

    1. Hello Bego, thank you for your comments and it is good that you have doubts and that you are critical of them, it is the same stimulus that makes me try to investigate a little more. On the doubts generated by the direction of travel, reaffirm yourself, RACE itself and all brands, are categorical in this regard "A chair in reverse reduces by up to 75% the risk of serious injury" ( Cybex itself is also categorical "A rear-facing child safety seat significantly reduces the risk of injury during a head-on collision, compared to a conventional forward-facing seat (...)" . In fact, here begins the great contradiction of RACE itself. They are facts. If we all agree on this point, why do the highest rated chairs not meet this requirement in group 1? If the RACE claims that it is the best with this strong number, the winning seats should be in the opposite direction to the march, right? In order not to see "ghosts" of manipulation, and stick to the data, I think it is a poorly done test for the reasons stated in the post (and other more technical ones that have been ignored by complexes) and therefore erroneous results are obtained. The legitimacy of non-profit organizations such as UNECE or the American Pediatric Institute gives me greater credibility than a private company such as RACE or ADAC and more, if we see the nature of each study, the methodology and, above all, its objectives. However, any commercial relationship between "courts" and "judges", at the very least, is aesthetically reprehensible, no matter where it comes from.
      On comments and opinions, as long as they comply with the standards of civility, ethics and aesthetics, all are published. Regarding the content of personal opinions, of course, we may or may not agree. I have tried to give the data for everyone to judge whether or not it is alarming. It seems to me. That they have benefited or harmed collaterals, neither comes nor comes, as long as they do not manipulate my words. Thanks again 😉

      1. Thank you for answering. As you, Cybex and RACE say, we all agree that a counter-reverse seat reduces the risk of injury in a FRONTAL COLLISION. But we return to the same thing, what happens if the collision is not frontal and is lateral or by scope? Unfortunately, not all rear-facing seats offer good protection in these cases, and these accidents also occur.

        Since ADAC and RACE tests and measures all the chairs on the market under the same criteria (which can be seen on the web), it is not possible to give a higher score to a chair just because it has better results in the frontal collision. There are many more things to consider when considering a chair as the safest. For example, if a chair is difficult to install, there is an increased risk that a parent may not install it correctly, so you would have a good chance of disengaging during an impact, with even more serious consequences.

        Furthermore, RACE publishes analysis sheets for each of the chairs it analyzes, detailing the pros and cons of each one. All this can be seen on the web. If a saddle backstop is not rated best by RACE, by reading each individual report you can see exactly what is wrong. So I don't see any contradiction from RACE itself.

        I believe that these tests and rankings made by consumer organizations are necessary so that people can have data, see the results and assess each chair. As necessary as the different studies of various organizations. From there each one draws his own conclusions. That is why this trend of recommending people to buy in any store "any rear-facing chair" seems so risky, because that recommendation is only based on the greater protection of these chairs in the event of a frontal impact, without taking into account many other things.


        1. Hello again Bego, as you know, in the reach and frontal-side accidents, there is always one of the two vehicles involved in a frontal accident and the other receives the side or rear impact. So just for frequency, we should already give the front with respect to the side, a 64,39%% of the weight and not a simple 50%. But if we look at the lesivity, the mortality in particular, the weight is even more disproportionate, a 79,15%% on the front by a 20,85% on the side (you can consult it in In these data, they have been generous in considering that in the collision or frontal impact, the victim belongs equally in any of the vehicles, when it is known that this is not usually the case.
          The rest of the variables, without being superfluous, do not hide at all a null (I repeat once more) measurement of abdominal pressure. Is it more important if a chair is more difficult to install than to destroy the abdomen or the hip? Let everyone think about it, my position is quite clear. Regarding data correlation, the video of an impact made with the Euroncap protocol you can clearly see the car rising from behind. In this RACE video, it doesn't seem so to me . But perhaps other variables that are analyzed are more important.
          Yes, I do not doubt that it is important that a chair is installed correctly or that the belt goes through the place that it has to pass or that it is stable ... but in no case ignore the other aspects. Or maybe you don't consider them relevant? In reports, I don't see any failing in the abdomen. Are they all perfect? The scandal is not in what they do well, but in what the tests are, to be good, "improvable" in very relevant points. Of course it is good that there are organizations that help us parents. But that, help us. The recommendation of the chairs in the opposite direction of the march, I repeat once again, is made by the RACE itself without conditioning "only in the event of frontal impact", because it is aware (I hope) of the data provided at the beginning. I hope to clear some doubts with these data. Thanks for the discussion, it helps a lot to continue investigating and contributing data. a greeting

  39. Thank you very much for this informative work. Really, where the bloggers go, we do not go to conscientious stores. As we go one by one, you are an amplifier and this time of the correct, conscious and responsible message ... and very BRAVE. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

  40. Great article, it is really appreciated, I have several small ones but the oldest is almost 5 years old, weighs more than 18 kl and has to change chairs, I know that it is not your style to recommend brands, but I do not know which is the best. I have found out about group 2-3 chairs and it is assumed that the isofix anchorage system at that age is recommended only if the chair does not have its own belts and therefore you will occupy the car seat, since that anchorage only supports up to 18 kl, do you know something about it ??. I'm really confused and don't know where I can find information on which is the safest chair for that stage.
    Thank you very much, your writings are really a great contribution

  41. Thanks for the info. When I had to choose a chair for my daughter and through a friend the reverse gear page and all its information came to me, I did not hesitate for a second!

  42. It's amazing where we got to!
    Now it turns out that all the engineers and design managers of THE BEST brands, who spend 8 hours a day crashing chairs in their laboratories, know less than the "4 bloggers" of the reverse gear. I am writing to anyone but the author of the post, who will have received her corresponding gift as is usually done in this blog scene. Everything is for a fee and this pseudo study too. But does anyone really believe that Recaro, cybex, Joie or any other brand with shield chairs in their catalog wants to kill our children? Brands with 100 years of history as recaro making seats and it turns out not, that the 4 blocks with "studios" know more ...

    It makes me laugh softly seeing people who give more value to these bloggers than to serious studies. Let it be clear that the only serious European study to crash chairs is that of ADAC, Germany. In Spain there are no real studies. In the last one he has won an English chair against a German Recaro, I say this to avoid patriotism.

    The only problem here is that the brands in reverse gear are campaigning based on moral blackmail, and the stores that for years have begged to be able to sell Cybex or Recaro and have not been able, now see a way out with these chairs and brands. wrapped in a security halo they sell them to us as the best, but they are only the best in the event of a frontal impact. In the rest of the rear or side shocks they are greatly surpassed by the shield saddles.

    Anyway, I think they will erase this as they usually do in these blogs, with someone reading it I am satisfied.

    I repeat: neither the brands, nor the laboratories, nor those who make the laws want the worst for your children, this is all a sales campaign using tracking weapons.

    1. Well, it's not my style to delete comments. Just like accepting gifts either. You can talk to the brand you want that you will see that none has given me anything in all that I have blog (irony ON mode: I wish I had saved a lot of money at the time)
      And as for what you comment on the bloggers, if you read the post you will see that it is not "a blogger who speaks" they are very serious tests and studies of professionals who have been working on this for many years. I'm only doing speaker, and that's just the job we bloggers do.
      As for the scarce technical data you provide, you speak of the side impacts. I want to give you some information that I think may be interesting:
      As you may know, in reach and frontal-side accidents, there is always one of the two vehicles involved with a frontal accident and the other receives the lateral or rear impact. So just for frequency, we should already give the front with respect to the side, a 64,39%% of the weight and not a simple 50%. But if we look at the lesivity, the mortality in particular, the weight is even more disproportionate, a 79,15%% on the front by a 20,85% on the side (you can consult it in In these data, they have been generous in considering that in the collision or frontal impact, the victim belongs equally in any of the vehicles, when it is known that this is not usually the case.
      The rest of the variables, without being superfluous, do not hide at all a null (I repeat once more) measurement of abdominal pressure. Is it more important if a chair is more difficult to install than to destroy the abdomen or the hip? Let everyone think about it, my position is quite clear. Regarding data correlation, the video of an impact made with the Euroncap protocol you can clearly see the car rising from behind. In this RACE video, it doesn't seem so to me . But perhaps other variables that are analyzed are more important.
      Are they all perfect? The scandal is not in what they do well, but in what the evidence is not evaluating. It is good that there are organizations that help us parents. But that, help us. The recommendation of the chairs in the opposite direction of the march, I repeat once again, is made by the RACE itself without conditioning "only in the event of frontal impact", because it is aware (I hope) of the data provided at the beginning.
      And sorry for insisting once again I do not work for any brand, I am not interested in gifts and there is no one behind this post other than a mother indignant at this whole situation (as I have already done in a statement this morning:

  43. Hi, thanks for the article. A doubt has arisen in me. I have a shield chair but it is not fastened with the car belt, it is fastened with two lateral belts from the cushion to the chair. Is the effect the same as if it is attached to the car belt?
    Greetings and thank you.

  44. OMG! I didn't even know they were for sale, but it's creepy, right now I share it. Luckily we have the 5 points although I always doubt whether to put the little one in reverse gear as lately (he is almost three years old) or looking forward as he is since I am too used to it and those in the chair did not recommend it from x weight ..: - /
    In Japan there is another type of chair that seems terrible to me ... 5 points but you can put them in "bed" mode, that is, horizontally completely and sideways, like looking right or left and driving like this ... I don't even want to think what can happen at a certain time ..
    Thank you very much for the article!!!

  45. Interesting analysis, but I have some doubts. First of all I want to clarify that I have a chair with a shield and I have not had any problems with it.
    At the outset it is stated that even after the introduction of child seats, there are still cases of trauma in children in the event of an accident. I do not think it is correct to make this statement without clarifying that, according to studies, the vast majority of these cases occur because children travel without any restraint or because they are not properly anchored to chairs (belts too wide). And then there are accidents that, even with the best chair in the world, cause occupants to suffer serious damage. It is important to put things in the correct perspective because otherwise it seems that the risk we are talking about is the cause of all the injuries suffered by the little ones.

    There is talk of internal decapitation, but it is not clear to me why this would be an exclusive risk in shield chairs. In fact I had read the exact opposite. Chairs with belts block the entire body, except the neck. In other words, in the event of a frontal collision, the neck has the 100% of the stress caused by the blow. On the contrary, in chairs with a frontal shield, the upper part of the child's body moves forward, in a circular motion. That is to say that with equal force, this is a law of physics, each point receives less stress.

    You indicate that the child could be thrown upwards but I do not understand how this is possible since the legs are at a 90 ° angle. It is simply impossible, like in some attractions in the amusement parks, that you leave the seat with this type of retention.

    It should also be noted that the body, with these chairs, is protected from objects that may be moving at high speeds in the car and that, not having regulation, you cannot put the belt too wide, thus eliminating a risk factor.

    In short, there may be cases in which a seat with belts is safer, but in others it is the reverse.

    I would be delighted to receive your response to my objections.

    1. Hi Renato,
      It's great that the chair is working properly. Have you had any impact? If so, it would be great if you could contribute your experience.
      Regarding your doubts, I leave you the post I wrote yesterday where I clarify some things:
      I agree with you that you have to install the chairs correctly and retain the children as indicated by the manufacturer. If these measures are not complied with, obviously the accident can be fatal without being an SRI problem. But in the studies that I provide the chairs were correctly installed and the dummies well retained.
      It is also true that there are accidents that, unfortunately, have a fatal end. Worse, we are not talking about these types of accidents, we are talking about studies carried out 'simulating' accidents in which those injuries could be avoided.
      As for what you say about the vertical whiplash on the shield chairs, it is true that at the time they were created for that. It was a very good idea, but there is data indicating that although they decrease the load, it is still higher than recommended.
      - the chairs with harness facing the march: cervical loads in dummy Q3 0 280 kg. it is above the 122 kg recommended by the Plus Test.
      - Front-facing saddle with shield: cervical loads in this case are 200 kg. Although they are lower, they are still above 122 kg.
      - Chairs in reverse gear: The loads exceed 50 kg. It is well below 122 kg, it is clear that it is safer.
      As for the movement you describe, it is ideal, but not all children are the ideal size. For some children, the cushion does not fit exactly in the area where if they receive an impact, their body goes forward without problem. Some younger children will wear the cushion at chest height, almost below the chin (as was the case with my daughter when I tried it on). If that child suffers a frontal impact, his body is retained by the cushion and the only thing that moves forward is the neck and head, producing an unnatural movement that can cause a fracture of the vertebra and therefore internal decapitation.
      The issue of the child being shot, is something that I also thought about a lot. There was something that did not fit, but finally speaking with an engineer who knows the sector in depth, he told me about the vertical vector that ADAC was not taking into account. I explain it in the post, it has to do with the fact that the test train is anchored and in the frontal impact it does not allow the car to have the natural movement of a real impact. In the EuroNCAP test, yes, it rises from behind and as the body becomes a soft mass when it is hit (to say the least), spaces are generated in which that lever makes it shoot out. But if you want more data, look again at the EuroNCAP study. Technically explains everything.
      a greeting

  46. I find it a great article and many stores should advise their customers and be clear and even more when it comes to security. There is a concept that the most expensive is the best and in some products it is not. I share your post on my blog.

    1. Hello Daniel, this article talks about real studies, which you can find on the internet. Studies carried out by professionals from EuroNCAP and recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. There are also other studies carried out in Sweden by independent bodies. Nothing that is being presented here is fictional. It is simply giving voice to something that generates many doubts and that is contradictory. A greeting.

      1. Hello, I am being amazed with the information. I think it's great that someone has informed the moms that we are going crazy looking for the best chair for our children. My son is going to be 4 years old, and weighs 18 kg, that's why I'm looking for a chair from group 2-3. I would like you to tell me which one is the best for you. I have been recommended takata. But I don't know if it will be better to break it with the fourth anchor point. I await your private response, because I know that you do not want to put marks on the blog. Thank you.

  47. What real studies that can be found on the Internet talk about this topic? As much as I search on Google, nothing appears.

    1. Hi Daniel, that is exactly why I have been talking to professionals for so long. It is very difficult to find data if it is not doing a deep job. In this post I have been able to highlight some. There are more but they are in English, maybe that's why you are having trouble finding it. If you do Study-Impact-Shield combinations on google you can find some. But you will only stay on the surface, that's why I am going over it a thousand times and doing this research, to get to the bottom of the matter.

  48. I only have one doubt ... assuming all this is true ... I have a new isofix anchor chair with a 5-point harness that I will install as soon as my son weighs enough ... it says that the correct way is in the direction of travel. .as far as I know from 9kg they are all like this right?

    1. Hello Paula,
      There are not several types of saddles: pro-gear, reverse gear and there are also some that can go both ways. Each manufacturer has its models. If the one you have says that it is installed in favor of the march, it is so. Although it is not necessary to turn the children in favor of the march always when they reach 9kg. a greeting

  49. Hello, thank you very much for all this information, I have to buy a chair for my daughter, I know you do not want to give marks but I would love for you to recommend me for a 10-month-old baby, some type of chair, thank you very much

    1. Hi Susana, if you want, tell me privately your daughter's details; Weight, height, age and car where the chair is going to be installed and we will do a study to find you the most suitable chairs.

  50. Congratulations on your research. I also have a chair with an abdominal cushion and luckily we have not had any impact. What you have not contemplated is what happens when El Niño takes off the harness and takes out his arms? There the 5-point harness loses all effectiveness, right?


    1. Yes, we agree on that. There are some accessories called 'Houdini' (or something like that, I do not have this product very controlled. I will look for information) that is just so that they cannot remove the arms from the harness. On the other hand, what the manufacturers say is that if the baby / child is well restrained (sometimes it seems that it is too much, but it must be done) he should not be able to remove his arms. But that would be the subject for another post. I sign up for a next article 😉

  51. I liked a lot, you just have to think about adults, how are our belts, and how they should be used, always well placed on the hip bones, and the upper one on the shoulder, and they have to be taut, so that in the event of an accident, our body moves as little as possible, and the pressure is exerted in resistant areas. In children, they are always well restrained, whether they like it or not, that is why the closures are so comfortable, to be able to adjust each time they are used.

  52. We were about to buy this type of saddle followed by the race report, but after seeing the page after countermarking, we decided on one that goes in the opposite direction to the gear. We bought a group 1-2-3 and the twins are very comfortable. In addition, the ones we buy leave a lot of space for the feet and legs so they can hold a long time in that position. They cannot recline as much as those that go in the direction of travel, but I prefer safety to comfort. Any of the marks indicated on the page, are safe and pass the controls that subject the chairs to any type of impact.

  53. Please can someone tell me what steps I must follow to make a claim, since I have this type of chair.
    Thank you

  54. HELLO! I am at the moment of deciding for which chair to buy. What I am clear about is that I want her to work, but when I go to find out they offer me two, and one of them has a safety cushion, but also a harness. I don't know if I can put marks here, but I would like to know the opinion about it. I do not know if this of the cushions is in the direction of travel or only in reverse.

    The two chairs turn and can go both ways, although I only want the turn for ease of seating because the car in question is 3-door.

    Can you give me your opinion? Thank you

    1. Hello Isabel, throw the cushion in any case. (I do not know if you have read the data of the new post: Likewise, while going in the opposite direction to the march, the chair will be safer than in favor, regardless of the brand. So my recommendation is that you opt for the rear seat chair with harness that lasts longer (you will know by measuring the length of the backrest) carrying your child in that sense. . A hug 😉

  55. Hello!! Thank you very much for the information. Without questioning it, I understand that the information taken out of context is difficult to interpret, but on the other hand, what is intuited in it is very, very alarming. Who can we trust? I am not an expert, just a concerned parent. Is there an independent expert who can corroborate this? I think that this topic, whether it is dangerous or not should be raised to public opinion, and that experts really inform us. If we are putting the lives of our children in danger, it cannot wait. I see many children who go with cushions, and if they are in danger their parents must know it. If you are really convinced of what you say, I beg you to go further, and that we know the whole truth from independent experts via the press, radio or whatever. Thank you

    1. Antoni, that is what I am trying. It costs a lot to be able to go further because there are economic interests and nobody wants to get involved. It costs a lot when you send emails or doorknobs at doors and they tell you that they cannot do anything and cannot say anything because there are financial interests. I assure you that since I started with this I am working every day so that something is done about it. So far the first step has been to publish studies that already existed and that a part of the public has found out. I know that new tests are currently being done and will be out soon, with fresh news.
      I assure you that every day I look for ways and alternatives to be able to take this information as far as possible. I am not the one who is sure, it is what studies and real cases say. That I think is enough.
      On the other hand I am waiting for the response of brands and centers involved to send me studies that contradict these. Unfortunately no one says anything.
      It's a slow fight, but it won't take long to jump. I hope so every day.

  56. The report does not take into account that many children between 18 and 36 months do not sit still and often wear the harness poorly. All tests are done with a doll and the harness located in its ideal position. The advantage of the safety cushion is that it is easy to put on and it is difficult for the child to move it. Then another question arises, which is a chair with a front cushion or a badly placed harness chair more dangerous? What is indisputable are the rear-facing chairs, but there are many limitations due to the space they occupy, making it impossible to install them in many cars.
    A greeting.

    1. The problem, Josep Mª, is NOT a debate as to whether it is a better cushion / shield or harness. At no time is the harness said to be a better system. The cushion in dummys can present a million advantages over the harness, but it does not change the serious 'real' question that arises in the post.
      To answer and return to the approach (let's not change the focus):
      - Given the uncertainty that an accident poses to us by definition, the most common scenario is the accident with a frontal component. Given this, the child restraint systems in the opposite direction to the march are the ones that best meet this protection requirement without a doubt (up to 4-5 years). Whether or not they fit in the cars depends in part on our commitment and not only on the car, since in my own case, I give up part of my comfort as a co-pilot in favor of my daughter's safety.
      - Second, a well-worn harness is INDISPENSABLE, as you say, just like our own seat belt. The correct tension should not allow children to escape and, if it were the case, there are products for it. Here are some products that help prevent this:
      - Finally, the fact that a cushion is easy to install does not resolve the doubt that it generates excessive abdominal pressure, brutal even for the 1.2 bar parameters of the new regulation. In the document presented, they talked about almost 2 bars, but there are currently investigations from 2015 where the maximum allowed value is multiplied by 4, which will be presented in due course.
      - And finally, the non-inclusion of the vertical vector in the tests continues to be a serious problem in the event of a frontal impact, since it can cause ejection of the child / baby.

      I am still waiting for a response from the professional sector to clarify these serious doubts. So, it is easy to put the cushion / shield because the children / babies move, it does not seem relevant to me if the above is not resolved before.

      1. I share your doubts and as an engineer I tell you that many of the tests that are carried out on products are agreed and agreed with the brands so that their defects do not emerge.
        Internally the brands that make the chairs surely know the weak points and the limits of their chairs, but these reports must be well hidden.
        In reference to the rear seats, there are times when it is not only a matter of discomfort for the passenger or driver, it simply does not fit. I tell you from experience.

        1. Yes it's correct. As you say, I fear those pacts and they scare me when I see things like these. And yes, you don't know what it costs to scratch and find things. But there are, and very important.
          As for what you comment on that they do not fit, it is true that there are cases, such as
          two-seater or excessively small cars that do not fit In that case you have to look at alternatives, but looking at these studies, it does not seem to me that the shields are one of them. I prefer to keep them in the distance. Greetings 🙂

          1. In a 2013 Ford C-MAX, family minivan doesn't fit. (I have tried Klippan II and Axid minikid).

          2. It is not exactly a small car, I looked at it when I bought mine 😉
            In the end, the space between co-pilot and seat is "zero sum", so it will also depend on the height of the co-pilot. My sister-in-law in a Seat León has put one of these two chairs that you mention (not to specify the brand) and she gets behind with the child. Equally, I would like to insist on two aspects:
            - If, due to age or for whatever reason, we put it facing the march, we must leave at least 85cm. to avoid direct contusion of the head with the front head, the main cause of mortality in accidents in children
            - To me, before buying the chair, they did a test to see that it fit well and to see the space it occupied. For this reason, we must insist at our point of sale in testing the chairs in the opposite direction of the march before buying it. Thus, we would avoid surprises

  57. Hello, now I am learning that it is better to go against the clock. I do not understand very well why they do not report this when buying car seats. Can you tell me in which stores in Madrid can you advise me for the purchase of a counterweight chair for children of different ages and weight? I have a 2 ½ year old girl and a 2 ½ month old baby

    1. Hello Arancha! Right now I send you several stores, by email, where they will advise you superbly 😉

  58. Hi,

    First of all thank you for helping us to choose "with data". They also offer me doubts, so asking a professional from a car seat store who are committed to safety (support and disseminate about ACM) they recommended the cybex pallas M-fix 2016 compared to the 5-point harness . Not by win, but he opted for it by reducing the effort of the neck.
    Later I bombarded him with all the data that you provide here as an argument against cybex. His answer was that the study was from 2012 and the chairs have evolved. As for the matter of being fired and a famous comparative video of a rollover with several turns of the bell between a harness and a cushion, he replied that since 2013 (if I do not remember correctly) the tests to pass the chairs include one and a half turns of bell in which the dummy should not move more than 30cm.
    If what they tell me is true, I understand that the chairs with shield must have been evolving these aspects.
    All in all, I still don't know if it is better to choose a chair in which they can have abdominal injuries or one in which the cervical injury is worse, if to choose a chair in which the harness can be removed or one in which the padding the cushion is insufficient (and I do not understand, with how easy it is to make it more fluffy) ...

    Be careful to report against one system and the other, as it seems that one is safe and the other is not and it is not. Everyone has their dangers ...

    Does anyone know how to argue what kind of injuries are worse? Cervical? ABS? Pecs? ...

    My daughter is 3 and a half years old and weighs 12KG. Which chair is better? Should I buy an ACM for a few months (or a year) of use and then switch to a 2-3?

    1. Hi Alex,
      I don't understand your doubts. At this age, you have several models of chairs in the opposite direction to the march that reach up to 25kg. And that due to the weight of your daughter, you could last two years minimum.
      It is not a matter of "war of commercial arguments". My role and my intention is not to convince anyone, but to inform and for this I provide the original documentation, so that everyone can read the source and who writes it. They are independent studies. So, it seems to me that arguing with a store without going into the technical part, we are not talking on the same level, with all my respects. Judge for yourself. I find these same arguments continuously to defend the brands or organizations involved and are never based on independent studies. From there, I answer you in parts:
      1.- The UNECE study is not obsolete, it started 3 years ago and it is still being investigated along the same lines (mainly abdominal pressure). The latest research speaks of limiting abdominal pressure to 1.3 bar to standardize under the new R129 standard. The famous cushions far exceed this value (As you will see on page 21 of the study), with which, they will not even be able to be approved under the new regulations in the second phase. That's fairly recent, the sensors were developed in 2015 from first investigations in 2012.
      2.- If the store's commercial told you that they had evolved, can he tell you what evolution they have made in terms of abdominal pressure? Are there any studies that corroborate these innovations or are they just commercial arguments? If a brand, a store or whoever presents it to me (reliable, obvious source), we will find it fantastic and we will inform about it. At the moment, nothing, on the contrary, the latest information speaks of approving only one bar of pressure in the second phase of R129.
      3.- As for being fired. It is true that a video of round the clock circulates through the network, but you will see that in this post I have not made any reference (at all) to said test or video. At all times in the study on which I have based the subject of ejection has been a study with tests of FRONTAL IMPACTS, only. I explain again what is the problem with these chairs and the ejection in frontal impact: The risk (and that is what they have evaluated) is that when you have a frontal impact the car first impacts and then the rear rises (as you will see in this video: As it will have spoiled to check the rear has risen ENOUGH. That force is what makes children jump out of the chair. You see that, again, I am NOT talking about bell turns.
      4.- Regarding your doubt as to whether abdominal or cervical injuries are better, the answer is NEITHER TWO. It's not about choosing between cushions or a five-point harness. The point is, pro-child seats for children under the age of 4 can cause very serious, even fatal, injuries. BECAUSE it is much safer to take it BACKWARD. Here I am going to leave you a video in which you will see it very clearly:
      5.- Cervical injuries can be fatal, but abdominal injuries too. A 9-kg baby (some 9-month-old babies already weigh that) has barely developed ossification of its ribs. If we press that area with the force that we carry in an impact, I assure you that the result is not a small injury without more (that without entering the debate of the blow against the cushion or against any part of the car). If you want to see what type of injuries can come with a harness or a cushion, here is a document that talks about how a brand came to withdraw its product (chair with cushion) for very serious injuries:
      I also leave you a video where you will see that the harness option facing the march is not a very suitable option for children under 4 years old:
      As for what you say about your daughter:
      Obviously, I would tell you that it is in reverse until 4 years old (long, depending on its weight and height) and then the group 2-3, m, but I understand that it is still a short time. So I recommend that you go to a (really) security specialist store that can advise you with your daughter in front of you. It is very difficult to hit the spot online without seeing the kids. As you have already seen in the post I wrote a few months ago, I am NOT in favor of buying or advising online:
      a greeting

  59. Hello, the truth is that I already had a seat with a front cushion, based on a study by RACE, and I have "reset" again regarding the option of the chair to choose.
    Could you tell me if there is a store in Zaragoza or Huesca to go and that they adequately inform me about the chairs, including those in counter-gear, of course. At the moment I have a maxicosi (group 0). My baby is 6 months old now.
    The problem I have is that my car does not have isofix and until the end of next year, at least, I will not change my car, so I would like a chair with Isofix in case I buy a new car but it is also worth using with a belt which is what I have now.
    Thank you very much for your website and for your article. You give us life !! never better said

    1. Thank you very much for your words! 😉
      Fantastic! Well, I write privately the options you have for your area. Greetings 😉

  60. My goodness I am very confused with all this. Could you tell me where I can go to get advice because my husband tells me something else and I do not know what to think and what specialists say to me. I am from madrid

    1. Hello Sara, I am sending you a private one with the name of several stores so that you can choose which one you want to go to for advice. A cheap

  61. Hello, now I am learning that it is fatal for our children to go with a cushion. Could you tell me where I can find good professionals who advise me well in the Madrid area?

    1. Hello Victoria, I am sending you a private one with the name of several stores so that you can choose which one you want to go to for advice. A cheap

  62. Good!!!
    With all this the truth that I am making trouble.
    I have a 0/1 cybex seat with a cushion and I wanted to buy another one for my husband's car, which has a 0+ but does not give me peace of mind.
    I have a 3-month-old baby, weighing 7kg and 69cm, I wanted to buy a group 123 chair but I still can't because I don't reach 9kg and I don't know how the new regulations are going because of their height, I don't know if it might be better for me , I don't know, I would like one that can go both in reverse gear and in favor of the march.
    If you can recommend a trusted store you know, I am from Malaga.
    Thank you

  63. Hello!! I don't know if I already answered this because there are many comments, but where can you tell me about this topic to buy a chair in the south of Madrid? Or say I have to go to Madrid as I am going. In a little while I will have to change the egg for the chair and I want to be sure of the one I am going to buy. I wanted one that already included me until the end but that they inform me why safety is the main thing. Thank you!!

    1. Hello! Tomorrow he sent you a private with various options for you to decide where to go, okay? A hug 😉

  64. Please, what chair did you finally buy? I have the famous cushion, they told us it was the best and now I am very scared, I need help now!

    1. First, don't panic 🙂 How old is your little one? If you are between 0 and 4 years old, the best option is to travel in reverse gear. As for brands, I cannot provide you with any name since I do not want to favor any brand (I do not work to advertise to anyone) and secondly because what provides more security is the direction of travel. Ideally, you should send me an email to And tell me in which area you live and so I can give you different contacts from specialized stores that will do the relevant tests to find out which is the chair that best fits your car and your little one. Greetings 😉

  65. Hello, great explanations. I have a 6-month-old child and at the moment we have a chair in which it will reverse. (group 0 +, 1). We were looking for another seat for the other car and we were thinking about group 1,2,3 but I don't see that these seats go into reverse gear. Could you recommend something (change group or chair)?

    Thanks for your information. I love that people are well informed before buying.

    1. I recommend that you go step by step. Just as you would not buy your little one a shoe of the number 25 to walk and thus he has a shoe until 3 years old. It is not too convenient to buy a chair that lasts until the end since the smallest group (the 1) that would be the first step would fit too large so it will not keep you fit. Just like the shoe of the number 25 with a year it will fit him big and he will walk badly.
      I recommend that you go to a specialized security store near your area to do the necessary tests in the car and with the little one, and thus know which is the chair that best suits your needs. If you send me an email to Saying the area where you live, I can give you the name of several stores so that you can choose the one that you like the most 😉 Greetings

  66. The truth is that you are absolutely right ... I feel that I do not know what to choose for the little one of the family that is about to arrive. I have the impression that sometimes a chair is better and then a front shield ...

    For now the chair wins for me but… anyway

  67. Hello, can someone well documented tell me if the RECARO MONZA NOVA IS chair has to carry a 9a18kg child with the front cushion? Is it mandatory or is it optional? The manufacturer puts it for group I of 9-18kg but with this debate I don't know what to do.

    1. Hi Carlos,
      First of all, whatever brand it is, at the ages corresponding to this weight (between 1 and 4 years), there is only one safe option that reduces the probability of serious injury, in the opposite direction to walking. Another option, shield or harness, does not comply. Secondly, and starting from an insecure configuration (in favor of gait), the shield subjects the child to pressure in the abdomen or chest (depending on age and height) that aggravates the injury. Only that the dummies are not designed to detect it because they homologate the reality that existed at the time, the harnesses. We hope we have clarified your query and we recommend you go to a specialized store near your town to test the chair before buying it, best regards

  68. Why not let me comment on the post?
    I already sent you an email telling you that it did not appear, so I WOULD LIKE you to post it, I understand that you put limits on the opinions, but if you do not put it for some other reason it is already censorship .. You will know ..

    1. Is there a length limit? I see comments longer than mine .. Can you tell me what the limit is, if there is one?

    2. Good morning José Antonio. Sorry for the delay in answering you and approving your comments. We have not received any emails to track; And this post is from February 2016, so given the situation we have experienced in recent months, we have not been able to be pending. Sorry again and if you need to make a specific query, you can send us an email to We will be happy to help you. Best regards.

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