More than 100,000 parents look for an answer

How do you know a few days ago I wrote this post and it has had a lot of repercussion. News that I am more than delighted because it means that many parents now have very valuable information. Since then I have not stopped receiving e-mails asking more, asking for advice or thanking me for the information.

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Photo: Spiegel Online

First of all thanks to the professionals, bloggers, parents, shops and others who have shared this information. Total There are approximately 133,000 parents waiting for an answer about everything we've talked about in the past few days:

THE 'DOUBLE SAFETY' of the SHIELDED chairs (or 'cushion' that sounds more 'friendly'). 

I think we deserve a response from the professional sector (manufacturers, distributors and specialized media) that reassures us. I think the time has come to POSITION.

When you have data as important as these, can not be forgotten as if nothing happened.  We are not talking about 'fashions' WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN!

There are clear and contrasted studies that They speak of the 'doubt' that these retention systems generate. And they are not 'anyone' but come from organisms as important as:

  • the UNECE (The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe),
  • EuroNCAP (car safety program supported by various European governments and organizations related to the automotive sector around the world)
  • various countries like AUSTRALIA, CANADA, USA (after several reports of real accidents)
  • forensic doctors how Dr. Joe Burton (who studied 1,000 cases of deceased children)


So I think there are several groups that could shed light on all this:

  • BRANDS: I understand that your interest is to defend your position, as you did with all
    crash-test-dummy-family padres
    Photo: Taringa!

    legal and technical force Dorel, in the demands he received for the Cosco case (link here). But we need them to provide us with real, technical data, not simply a 'meets the homologation standards'. We all know that carrycots also meet homologation standards and are not safe for traveling in the car (video) We need to know! Silence is not an answer.So my question to brands is:

Why was this information not readily available to us? What technical data can you provide that shows the opposite of the results of the EuroNCAP laboratories? (Real please) 

  • BLOGGUERS, SPECIALIZED MEDIA AND DISCLOSURES: Thank you so much to Madresphere, A mother like you, For baby, Cinnamon bag, Pissed Mothers, Mom in bulgaria, Shivering and more blogs that you have spread the information. Thanks to all of you who are helping to spread the information, together we have reached these parents who will demand answers and more rigor. I have thrown
    Dummys sillas escudo padres
    Photo: Edmunds

    less to the media, especially specialized ones. I can understand business ties and cross interests but silence shouldn't be an option. Failure to position yourself, from my point of view, is to think that "it is not of interest" or "I do not want to get into that garden." In the first case, cI believe that parents who trust and read these media do so because they seek information about what is important to their child. Deciding for them that these studies (of organisms with such renown) are not of interest, seems IRRESPONSIBLE to me. In the second case, “This garden” is the one that, as a mother, tells me if a medium is concerned about my baby or my wallet. So my question is: 

What do we have to wait for the Spanish media to echo these studies? Who decides what is important to a parent? The marks?

  • DISTRIBUTORS, STORES, WEB PAGES and PRESCRIBERS: Selling is fine, but When it comes to selling security, I like that the professional I go to knows all the information. In this way it allows me to decide for myself without 'manipulations'. Professional responsibility should not be limited to "selling" or serving the product, but also to advise me. If they do not have the information to position themselves, they should investigate or ask anyone they consider, but silence indicates to me a lack of concern for their professional obligation. Some stores have publicly demonstrated on Facebook and on the blog with comments (Genoveva Baby, D'BEBÉ'S, Babyboom, RiveKidsBaby Experience, Petits ideals, What does my baby need?, Nordic Baby, Safely  (Excuse me, I know I am leaving a few more but it has been shared so many times and I have received messages from several places and I do not remember the names well. A thousand apologies), Family road safety, Backwards and some retention system consultants who have participated in the discussions. THANKS FOR YOUR COMMITMENT! It is very difficult to enter a childcare store and find professionals who master the information. I think it is important that stores go one step further, work with a very sensitive audience: BABIES. TOYes, I want to ask stores:

Is training offered to staff in one or more topics in the world of childcare? Who trains, supplies or provides the information that you must offer to parents? Just the brands? 

  • PRESCRIBERS ESTABLISHING AND DISCLOSING RANKINGS OR COMPARISONS:  Your responsibility is associated with your power to influence the purchase decision, (we are talking about security). Technically, it is very difficult to correlate laboratory data with reality. A dummy (test dolls that anthropomorphically simulate humans) is not a human being and there may be nuances that make them not behave exactly the same. Common sense tells us that a chair where a dummy 'gets fired' from it in a frontal impact, should never win a safety test. If there are doubts, they should be exposed until they are resolved so that we can continue to trust that what the tests say correlates with our demand for safety.

Why are the test trains anchored to the ground? 

In closing, the objective of this blog is not a campaign against anyone, I do not get any benefit, or 'gift' for it. This blog is free of advertising or commercial interests. But as you will understand, if I have tried to be rigorous and inform parents of things that may be interesting to them, I had to give access to documentation as important as this.

If there is nothing new about it, we will continue with other topics more appropriate to the objective of the blog. We will only be adding information about the cushions / shields as the current demand. 

Now is the time for industry professionals to RESPOND to ALL interested parents.

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Photo. The Chronicle Herald

  We continue! 

If you think this information is important, don't forget to SHARE! 😉

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  1. I took the shock of my life and luckily it was only to think what could have happened in the event of an accident, believing that I had bought one of the safest car seats on the market at the time. My son is 8 years old now. we are phenomenal But I couldn't help but think and get angry, with me for believing Chinese tales and for them for publishing perfect videos of studied blows, and with many other people who have been cheating on us….

    And this I learned unfortunately, through a child and his family. And perhaps thanks to that I can save those who if one day they tell me their intention to buy I will always tell them to look for information ACM will be better.

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