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Today Realkiddys beside Madresphere They have started a storytelling campaign that I find very interesting and I really want you to know it

#Soyquiendec the best stories for my family

soy quien decide_cuentos

Have you noticed the amount of stereotypes that exist in children's stories? 

Surely you have seen countless books in which the mother is taking care of the children while dad works, in which mom sews and makes food, in which the boys are dressed as firefighters and the girls are princesses, etc.


M. begins to like books a lot and listens very carefully, that has led me to having to change many endings of the story or inventing some pieces for me because they seemed sexist or that they censured their freedom. But that has generated the problem that When his father, who also does not agree with certain roles, tells him the same book, he invents it in a different way, and sometimes his grandparents, his aunt or at school. So the same story is never the same and she realizes it. Sometimes I'm telling him a story and he says' No, mom. Not that way'. And she looks at me with a confused face waiting for me to make a similar reference to the story of dad, grandfather, aunt or teacher.

So that this does not happen we have decided that all the books that we will have within reach must be free of stereotypes. So that's why i love it this new campaign in which they explain how to choose a story free of stereotypes.  

To finish I leave you the proposal that Realkiddys launches. It will not take more than a minute and you will help everyone to know a lot of new books, because more and more books are betting on this:

Surely you have many more ideas to combat absurd stereotypes in children's literature, so do not hesitate to participate in the comments.

And remember:

Use the hashtag #soyquiendecide in your favorite networks to show:

  • those stories you have around the house full of stereotypical roles;
  • those books you have seen in the bookstore for "boys' books", "books for girls";
  • stories you know that break with female and male stereotypes;
  • stories where they are the protagonists, and are more than just princesses;
  • etc etc etc


The most recent of our discoveries is for children 4-5 years old, although M (two years old) loves it. I don't think he understands the whole message but he likes the pictures and listens carefully.

Is named 'Bear curls' And the story is about a boy-bear who wants to dress up as 'Goldilocks' and apparently Dad doesn't like the idea. Do you want to know how it ends? Here you have a link with more information in case you want to check it out.

As you can see, the drawings are also super fun and original. You sure love it as I do.

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