Cristina Pedroche: her new intervention out of place, highly dangerous and unconstructive

A few days ago I have been reading several things about Cristina Pedroche and, really, I don't feel like saying anything about everything she has said about motherhood. It is your decision to do what you want with your children and your husband. But today I have not been able to avoid it. What she has said is no longer a matter of opinion, it no longer affects only her and her family; It is an important problem and it affects the safety of all who travel by car (I hope nobody follows suit)

And what did he say now?

Well, I leave you with textual words:

«... I am quite small at the wheel. Mind you, I have some hobbies. For example, never turn on the flasher because I am very angry at the sound that intermitente pedrocheof 'tic, tac, tic, tac' they do when they are connected. Why do they sound? It stresses me.

«… I like cars the bigger the better. Size matters ... in everything (laughs). I want to feel that I am the one who manages the bill. And who does not like to separate ... Because if I say that I will turn right and you are there ... »

“When there is someone who is messing with you on the road, it is usually a girl. It is seen that they doubt, that they go more slowly ... It is the 90% of the cases. That is what I see. Maybe it's because sometimes it's about mothers who go with the baby in the car ... »


After reading these words in the Mark, I have not been able to avoid jumping to the keys because it has touched me in something very personal and that scares me a lot: Road safety.

When I was 18 I bought a moped, a Scoopy 50. I was inexperienced, but respected all traffic rules. On April 23, 2002 at 9:00 a driver decided to turn left, while I was at a point where he did not see me (stalemate) and he did WITHOUT INTERMITTENT. Judging by the rush with which he did it (as soon as he slowed down) it seemed that he was passing the street where he wanted to turn. At that moment I hit his side and literally threw me into the other lane in which luckily, at that time, no car was driving. I hit the ground and then crawled a few meters until I stopped another stroke against the curb. At that moment a thousand things crossed my mind.

Suddenly I had a lot of people on top asking me if I was okay. Surely if you had been the driver of the car, after reading your interview, I imagine that your words at that time could have been: 'Woman you had to be'. But no, a man touched me. It seems that we can all do it right or wrong regardless of our sex.

Es más estresante esto que el tic-tac-tic-tac de un intermitente
This is more stressful than the tic-tac-tic-tac of an intermittent

They didn't want to take my helmet off, my whole body hurt and I didn't feel my right leg. I was very nervous when the ambulance arrived. Luckily, they told me in the hospital that it could have been worse. Only (and notice the irony) I had broken ankle, had multiple blows on the hip, back and shoulders and luckily I was wearing an integral helmet, if I hadn't broken my jaw and nose (you see how important it is to be clear about security). I was recovering a lot of time and could not continue with my studies in that course. All thanks to someone who suddenly decided to turn on a street without flashing. That said the judge.

But I see that for you, security is a joke. It is stressful. Well, Cristina, when you have children, love them more or less than your partner, love them as you please, but please, their safety respects them better than yours and that of others.

In case you don't know why the stressful flashers, I leave you a video of the DGT last year.

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  1. Each time hbl rises the bread .. and the bad thing is that every time he talks more ... the ticking of the flasher stresses, but it stresses me to know that on the road, and yes, much more if I go with my baby in the car, there are more people stressed for the same reason as her.

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