The 'supposed dangers' of the group 0/0 + or 'huevito'. How should we use it.

A few days ago I was talking to a family about the safety seat for their newborn son. They told me they wanted to buy a 'little egg' or group 0/0 + because if the child fell asleep in the car they did not have to wake him up for a walk or go to the market. By simply attaching the device to the stroller chassis, they could walk for as long as they wanted until the little one woke up. And my eyes widened and I thought about the need to talk about it.

In case you did not know, the article that takes the palm in bad uses is GROUP 0/0 + (also known, or rather, well known as "maxicosi", although it is the name of one of the manufacturers).

What is a GROUP 0/0 +?

The groups are approvals that are made of the safety seats:

  • GROUP 0 are the devices approved from 0 to 10 kg (carrycot or 'egg')
  • GROUP 0+ are the devices approved from 0 to 13 kg (only the 'eggs')

A few months ago, an article about parents who took their sleeping son in Group 0 to kindergarten ran online. In order not to disturb the child's sleep, they left him sleeping without removing him from the "safety chair" (which is what he really is). When the caregiver came to see him (after a long period of time. Surely more than three hours) the boy had died.

This has generated many alarms and fears. Many parents have 'demonized' this retention system so necessary for the first months of life. To calm fears, I inform you that:

The child did not die from being in Group 0, the child died from spending more time than recommended on that device. So EYE! GROUP 0 IS NOT DANGEROUS. THE PROBLEM IS NOT KNOWING WHAT IS ITS CORRECT USE.


What is its correct use? 

The CORRECT use of Group 0/0 + it is like car safety system for children from 0 to (10 kg) 13 kg (Although there are few children weighing 13 kg who fit in this type of safety seats. We will talk about this in a future entry). This is the safest way to travel with babies because it allows them to go into reverse gear. Some families mistakenly believe that the baby should travel in a carrycot during its first months. No, carrycots are not safe, a Group 0 or Group 0 + / 1 is more suitable.
INCORRECT or less appropriate use of Group 0/0 + it is as a 'chair' for a stroller. At this moment is when you ask yourself: Why is it not an appropriate use if they sell it to me in my childcare store with the stroller under the name of "Trio" or "Three pieces"?

Here are the reasons:

1.- The newborn should rest in a flat, aligned position. If we place him in these chairs his posture is similar to that of a "C", flexing his neck forward and closing his mouth. This does not allow you to breathe smoothly and can cause apneas (stop breathing for a few seconds) and less oxygen reaches the blood. There are two Pediatrics studies where you can find out:

  • Pediatrics 1: In this study we can see how oxygen saturation, after 90/120 minutes, in term babies lowers from 97% to 94% (it seems little but it is a big difference), and in premature babies, up to 90%. In addition, in the latter, apneas and bradycardias occur
  • Pediatrics 2: In this study we see how when comparing the consequences of having them in different positions, it was shown that in the cradle the saturation was 97.9%, in the carrycot 96.3% and in the seat 95.7%.
  • Finally, they conclude that these devices should only be used as a child restraint system and not as a stroller, as they can be for journeys of less than two hours; if this is not possible because we are on a longer trip, stops must be made.

2.- Group 0 are intended to be used as a restraint system (safety seat), reason why usually they are made with fireproof materials. These materials are not very breathable, so the baby sweats a lot, and if it is summer it is not recommended to have them sitting for more than 2 hours. IMPORTANT: Never leave your baby alone in the car!

3.- The semi-sitting position also favors the weight of the body to fall on the abdomen, causing an alteration in digestion. There are some models that have three positions, these would be the most recommended if you need to use them for the ride. They normally have a fully lying position. But, BEWARE !, during the car ride you should not put him in the lying position because, if you have a frontal impact, the baby could be thrown from the top.

4.- When used as a stroller and restraint system at the same time it can happen that in the continuous "remover", sometimes, it is not well attached to the car for a poorly adjusted belt, for lack of time, nerves or carelessness. So that this does not happen to us, group 0 should be 'always' hooked to the car and the rides must be carried in the carrycot.
5.- Uses for indoors. There are families that tend to use it as a hammock, saying that its curve allows rocking. If you want to use it as a hammock, keep in mind, again, that the baby cannot be more than 90 or 120 min, that it is not breathable and that, when you put it back in the car, it must be perfectly adjusted. So, Isn't it better to have a hammock designed for that use?

Surely on more than one occasion you have heard:

A safety seat, either group 0 or more advanced groups are safety seats, not for sleeping

"Group 0 is that chair that is prepared to be used also in the car ..."

“I have a wonderful threesome that allows me to move my baby from the car to the street without moving him from his chair. That way you won't wake me up »

» For reflux, it is best to always sleep in the maxicosi »

«When I get home from shopping, I leave my baby in his car seat while I cook, I put the shopping away, I dust… until he wakes up»

NOOOOOO !! The GROUP 0/0 + is essential for safety in the car, but for strolling the carrycot is better where they can sleep stretched, move freely and breathe perfectly. In short, babies sleep and walk more comfortably in a carrycot, in a baby carrier or in the arms of mom and dad before a Group 0/0 +.

My final recommendation is that you value group 0 separately, that you give it the same or more importance than the stroller and that you inform yourself beyond whether the brand name sounds reliable or not. What matters about this device is not that it goes with the stroller, but that it is as safe as possible for the baby 😉

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  1. Hi! First of all, congratulations on the web and for the work to spread the importance of traveling in reverse gear!
    About this entry I have a question about the position in C, reading it seems that the position in C is not correct, although it is recommended in the use of baby carriers. I suppose the difference is that in the baby carrier you can control the position of the head upwards to avoid apneas.

    A greeting!!!

    1. Exactly! That's why. In the scarf or backpack, the baby's head is supported on your chest or held by your hands and this does not sink into the chest. Greetings and thanks for your comment 😉

  2. Thank you very much for this tremendous report and at the same time very clear…. It should be disseminated so that errors are avoided due to sheer ignorance of the subject ...

  3. Hello, I think it is a very interesting article and so far the best, congratulations!
    We have a question, our baby has not yet been born and we are wondering whether to take a Cuckoo 0+ or a chair 0-1, there are people who tell you that a 0 or 0+ is essential, that it is crazy to put it on another and others that is to buy something that you are going to park in a very short time and that a 0-1 chair is just as valid and you save buying a 0 or 0+, then another, then another ... and that the pekes are just as good.
    What do you advise us ?, We are almost more lost than in the beginning and very doubtful of what to do, it is clear that the safety of our peke and its comfort comes first.
    Thank you very much,

    A greeting.

  4. Hi.

    I am a newbie and I am starting to see everything I need for the day the baby arrives.

    I started with the stroller since I thought it would be the easiest but I see that it was not.

    First you could explain the difference between the baby carrier and the maxicosi group 0 because many people call it the same thing.

    Besides, one of the questions that comes to mind the most is:

    It turns out that I and my husband are not small and they have already told us that the girl is going to be big, I want to use the carrycot for as long as the size of the girl allows me, but it gives me something that is too small for her before time, That is why I had thought that if the girl is 3 months old or older, she is able to hold her head ... why not use the maxicosi, (egg, baby carrier, group 0 chair) to walk before putting her in a stroller that It is going to be huge and it is also more or less sitting.

    I know that I am most likely wrong but I need someone to tell me.

    Thank you

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