Buying a safety seat on the internet is not a good idea!

Today I would like to talk about something that seems like it is not being valued too much and I think it is a mistake.

A few days ago, I was talking to a mom from daycare who was looking for a car seat for her almost 14-month-old baby. He told me that he had been looking at a lot of models on the internet and that he had finally thought about buying a Römer because it was a very good brand and it was very cheap online.

My questions were:

'Is the little one comfortable? Is it very vertical or is it at the correct angle? Is it well installed on the sidewalk of the car? In which seat are you going to place it? '

His answer was: 'I don't know, when it arrives we will either look at it or go to some store to explain it to us'childhood-667605_960_720

And this is where all the alarms go off. SAFETY IS NOT A FASHION, IT IS NOT A TOY. We cannot buy a car seat without trying it out first.

I am going to ask you a question and I want you to answer honestly. Would you buy a car online without seeing it, touching it or trying it before?

The vast majority do not, right? Although they will leave you "something" cheaper. Because you need to test it, know if it fits your driving mode, if it works correctly, if there is space, etc. Well the same goes for safety seats. Its function is nothing more and nothing less than to ensure the life of your child.

Why should we not buy the car seat online?

When you raise this issue, it is always said that prices on the internet are tighter, really? How much 'fit' can you find? In general, little. A 5% or a 10% and take it home? If we talk about buying diapers, pants, a towel or a swimsuit, your first spoon, a bottle, etc., perhaps you can compensate us, but in the case of the chair, no!

That 5%-10% that you save belongs to the work done by the stores involved in security and the advisers of SRI (safety chairs). That small margin It helps that parents receive a professionalized counseling service (research, testing, facilities and training) and that everyone is kept informed about what is most important to our children. Thanks to these margins, today, parents have more discretion (I remind you that four days ago babies continued to travel in a carrycot simply because it was approved).

What we see on the internet is an image, brand, design, if it has a 'Minnie' or a 'SpongeBob' drawn or if it is pink. But we cannot touch it, we cannot seat our son, nor can we install it in the car.

To buy a safety seat we must take into account things like:

  • Back up as long as possible (minimum until 4 years old)
  • Space: We know that not all cars are the same size nor do the occupants need the same space. It is true that there are seats that occupy more than others and some could force you to have to cancel the passenger seat. If you go to a good SRI consultant, he will help you try different models and it may (because sometimes it is not possible) that you can find a better solution.
  • The angle: This point is one of the most important points to keep in mind when buying an SRI. A chair that has a very reclined angle causes more cervical traction load on the baby in the event of an impact. That's why brands tend to make you recline as little as possible to pass approvals comfortably. The problem we find, then, is that each car has a different angle on its bench and when installing the chair, it is excessively vertical. Consequence: The child falls off his head when he is very young and later because he falls asleep. Thanks to the saddle tests you can find which is the model that best fits your car.cybex pallas
  • Correct installation: A 'very safe' chair with inadequate installation is of no use.
  • Child's adjustment to the chair: Not all children are created equal. There are taller, bigger, slimmer, smaller, longer children, etc. Ideally, sit the child in the chairs chosen to see which one is the best for him and holds him best. A few months ago I was talking about chairs with shield and now the photo that I put next to you serves as an example. This is a child of more than 9 kg, therefore he can sit in this chair. The problem is that if this family had a frontal impact the cushion would press on this child's chest and his head would move forward causing a very serious, even fatal injury to the cervicals.
  • Large family: What if I have two or three children? How do I organize the car? Which combination is the most recommended? An SRI consultant can help you find the best combination for this, and only by trying them, the 'tetris' is resolved. Internet not.
  • Several cars in the family: There are families that organize themselves so that Dad takes the little boy to school every day, but the car they take on long trips is Mom's because it is more comfortable and safer. For this they do not need to buy two chairs but, as we have said before, not all cars have the same angle on the sidewalk. So the ideal is to test the chair in both cars.
  • Support legs / Low Tether: How many of you parents know what I'm saying when I talk about this? If you have two children, it is likely that you will. But if it is the first and they tell you that you have to adjust the leg of the chair or that you have to tighten the low tether well, most likely you will install it and live with the doubt of whether you have done it correctly. For example; family cars often have drawers on the back floor. If we install the support leg on these empty drawers, that leg loses all its functions. An SRI consultant will help you find the correct solution.

And these are just some of the important points, then there are more things that belong to the rhythm, the wills and wishes of each family that the internet cannot listen to but an advisor does.

And finally I would like to add that there are pages that sell on the internet calling themselves in their slogan 'SAFETY EXPERTS' that generate a lot of content but when it comes to selling they do not care if the child drops his head, he travels with a shield or go in favor of the march and also star in scenes as embarrassing as this:

silla coche bebé

Since it doesn't read very well, I'll leave you the link where can you find the text. Going down is intervention 17. The text reads as follows:

If you're going to put something solid underneath, that's fine.

If by chance you have not yet bought it, you can tell me the price they offer you in store (per pm) and I can try to improve it with freight included

Without physical stores and SRI consultants, internet sales would cease to exist because no one could physically test or see the chairs. So let us not despise your work for a small discount. At the time, several consultants and stores helped me, and today I am super satisfied with the final purchase.


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  1. Where are chairs against the counter until 4 years old? I have not seen anyone, are you sure they sell them? And at what price? Anyway, verbiage without giving solutions, it seems to me

    1. Hello Mar, I think that you have not received all the information. I don't know if you live in Spain or in another country.
      I tell you that you can find all the vast majority of chair models in reverse gear at:
      And if you want to meet a group where they advise and talk about everything related to car seats in reverse gear you have:

      In all my posts (or in the vast majority) you will see at the end references to websites where they show you the type of chairs.

      a greeting

    2. Hello, Mar. I have an ACM chair until I am four years old. My son travels there every day on a short ride to his nursery school and back because it doesn't matter how short the ride is in case of an accident.
      There is more and more information, you have a lot in the links that Cristina has left you, you just have to find it.
      a greeting

    3. My son travels in reverse gear and will not only go until he is 4 years old but until he reaches 25 kg, which I calculate will be over 5 and a half years.
      I didn't know them either and it sounded Chinese to me but after getting a little bit of information I don't doubt it! In reverse gear always and the maximum time !!! Go ahead and it was a look at the page of reverse gear that indicate ok it's worth it! A greeting !!

  2. Well, mine travels in an acm chair from the day he left the hospital and is 36 months old. Once you know that it exists, you have to search and find out because, like the girlfriends, having them… do it! Hehehe Cristina great entry.

  3. Here's another one that has a countermarch chair until 4 years old, and this summer I buy another one that lasts even longer. Wordiness without giving solutions? Misinformation on your part rather.

  4. Thanks to all your pages and information I have decided to take a chair here even though I have mental gaps that I did not know how to answer in any store. in one they have been so hateful that he said to me that the chairs up to such large ones did not exist and I told him of course that they exist and I came away with that they are not commercialized yet… so look at you, that they have advised me better on the internet q in a sad but true store and yesterday they told me q why I bought a group 1-2 chair that nobody did that and I told him why I want to travel as long as possible acm and he saw me as if I was an alien, sad and I said to these I don't leave them my money hahahaha and that the price is the same I do not save anything. also to finish off tb me. said that I had to fix and install the chair that they were not responsible for anything that the manual gave me such ... you talk about these people who advise you but I have not been lucky enough to .give.with them. I am choosing to take the axkid minikid because it allows me to take the baby enough time acm and for the price everything must be said. She is 19 months old and weighs 13kg and measures 84cm. I don't know if it will be the best option. I measured it in the.reqid q was the one they had in store and the.girl.I. installed it in a seat that they have in store but it is the maximum that I have achieved nor did put it. I have the problem of the drawer in the back.and what he said to me was put a wooden dowel ... and it seems quite seedy to me, not that security would give me that. I think the best thing would be to put her in the middle seat but I don't know how it would be ...

  5. As a contribution: on Amazon the Minikid is about 60 euros more expensive than in a physical store. They say "free shipping." Just missing!!!

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