Comparative strollers - Part 1: Maneuverability

Some time ago I warned you of the beginning of a comparison that we are carrying out with the whole team of Mama's Laboratory.

Do you remember the video?

Yes! Well, today we bring you a little more information!

We comment several important points when choosing the stroller in these articles (Choose stroller part 1 Y Choose stroller part 2) But today we have already started to work to start the comparison between the models I expose below:

  • Babyhome Emotion
  • Inglesina Trip
  • Maclaren techno XT
  • Maclaren Quest
  • UppaBaby Luxe
  • Chicco Liteway
  • Cybex Onyx

one-. What have we measured?

What we wanted to measure in this case it is what force the user must do (parents, grandparents, etc.) to get the movement of the stroller. We have measured this force in kilos to give it a numerical value and to create a comparative list.

The first data we have analyzed has been drag force. When traveling on the street, the person who directs the stroller must overcome, during the march, the weight of the stroller plus that of the child, the contents of the basket, etc. What we have experienced is that it drastically influences the design of the chair when pushing or how much total weight the person pushing is exerting.

A clear example would be two equal strollers: one with wheels and one with skis. In this way we would understand this experiment perfectly. It would cost much more to push the one who carries skis on the asphalt because there would be a lot of friction. Well Thanks to this test we have tried to discern the slight differences that exist between the types of rolling systems carried by the strollers analyzed.  A stroller with a similar weight can cost to push it about four times more than another, depending on how well the entire steering and wheel guidance system is designed.

For example; the Babyhome Emotion stroller weighs practically the same as Easywalker mini, however when pushing it we have observed that the user has to use three times more force to push the latter (1 kg the easywalker yo, 3 kg the Emotion)

2.- But we can't just be with that. What happens when we also want to know how much force must be done to turn? 

We have called this 'maneuverability' and the We have limited in two factors:

  • How much does it cost to push (Straight drag force measured with a dynamometer)
  • How is the geometry of the stroller arranged to favor us in that turn

In this new second factor  it affects:

  • the distance from where we maneuver (distance from the handlebar to the axis of rotation or rear wheels in this case)
  • where is the center of mass of the whole located relative to the center of rotation (rear wheels)

Two strollers can weigh the same, same thrust force in a straight line but it costs more to turn in one than in another. For this we have considered a perfect turn that pivots on a wheel. Intuitively we can know that the closer to the rear wheels the center of mass is located and the more distance there is from the handlebars to the wheels, the easier it will be to turn.

3.- How have we found the results?

We have applied the equation of the momentum of a force together with the balance of forces and moments to find the result that we will indicate shortly.

This equation has been:

(Distance between handlebars and rear wheels) x (Force applied to the handlebars) = (Distance from center of mass-rear wheels) x (Force of drag assumed in center of mass)

And in this way we have found the force applied to the handlebar, MANIOBRABILITY.

4.- Final result of the comparison

Here we leave the list in order of the maneuverability comparison:

Rear axle weight Front axle weight Battle Handlebar distance rear axle Turning force cdm
Babyhome Emotion 13,54 9,01 515 270 mm 0.225 kg 205.8 mm
Chicco Liteway 14,56
505 265mm 0.478 kg 190.2 mm
Uppababy G-Luxe 13,56 8,76 475 270 mm 0.518 kg 186.4 mm
Maclaren Quest 13,8 7,72 575 186 mm 0.660 kg 206.3 mm
Inglesina Trip 13.2 8.82 455 225 mm 0.731 kg 182.2 mm
Maclaren Techno XT 12.92 9.58 480 214 mm 0.827 kg 204.4 mm
Cybex Onyx 14.64 8,3 500 255 mm 0.943 kg 180.9 mm


In the analysis we can conclude that with these parameters the strollers that have better maneuverability are:

1st place: Babyhome Emotion

2nd place: Chicco Liteway

3rd place: Uppababy G-Luxe

At the moment we can only talk about one variable, in this case the maneuverability. This does not mean that these are the best strollers, they are simply the ones that have good maneuverability. We must still study more factors to define which one has given us the best overall results. That is why we will continue investigating other points such as: materials, durability, folding, comfort for the child, etc.

In the next post we will add another analysis until we can define with all the variables 'which stroller gets better results in general'

We continue!

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  1. Hi!!! I am in full search of stroller and this comparison comes to me with pearls! So far we are delighted with our Bugaboo… but I have fallen in love with the Babyhome Emotion chair !! I was not considering buying a second seat for now ... but I am beginning to need it. Still, I don't want to get carried away by this crush ... jiji. Looking for opinions have made me doubt with the maclaren quest ... For when the second part ?? For now I stay with my Emotion!

    1. The second part is in the oven 😉 Prontito!
      I also have to tell you that Babyhome emotion is a good choice. We still have to keep analyzing to finish, but it's no wonder you're delighted with that stroller; 9

    1. Hello Rodrigo! Do you miss something? What would you like us to add? Shortly, new comparisons will be released with other strollers on the market. We would like to know that you are interested in taking it into account in future posts and thus improve.


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