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On Saturday I had the super luxury of listening live to Julio Basulto and I really want to tell you everything he said to us, I know that many of you are waiting for him.

The first thing to tell you is that, in addition to reading him, you have to see him live. You have guaranteed laughter 😉 And now we are going to explain what he told us!

 How many of you think that your children eat little or almost no breakfast all day?

According to Julio, 'When a child eats a lot of breakfast, it is usually because that child plays a lot of sports and is very hungry. ' His body asks for food. Therefore, a child who does a lot of sport tends to eat a lot of breakfast and we correlate  erroneously that breakfast is what gives you sports performance. But in reality it is the other way around: 'The child who does a lot of physical exercise tends to eat more breakfast.'

AND Intellectual performance? Almost everyone thinks that breakfast is very important, right? It is what they have told us from a very young age and so we pass it on to our children. According to Julio this belief is much more common in people with a high socioeconomic and cultural level. They worry more about their children having breakfast, they have more time. Be that as it may, a mother with a higher socio-cultural level usually has breakfast with her child and helps her do her homework. By helping you do homework there is a clear relationship between breakfast and school performance. But, it is not breakfast, it is a causal relationship. 

How is childhood obesity in our country? Well, more or less like this. Abusing junk foods increases the risk of childhood obesity. But it is not necessary for my son to be fat to have health problems from eating junk food. Type 2 diabetes has also been seen to grow in childhood.

As we can see there is also a percentage of 'thinness' in this cheese. You will see that it is only 0.7% in boys and 0.9% in girls. How many parents have you heard that their children are too thin? To many more! So do not worry about thinness and yes about what kind of food we give our children.

Julio 14 Julio Basulto 16

AND What happens to our children's breakfasts then?  

You have to eat breakfast based on two things: Hunger and satiety. In the case of the child, these indicators are erratic and unpredictable. Like blinking. We cannot think about how or how many times we blink, we do it naturally. The same goes for children's appetite, unlike the adult that is modified with sugar. There is an abysmal difference between the amount of food that children eat and what we eat as adults. They put a plate on us and we automatically finish everything. And the more they put in front of us, the more we eat. Instead, children, they eat only what they need. People say that 'a child who eats half of what he has served himself, is a completely normal child ' The child still retains the feeling of satiety and when he is no longer hungry, he simply stops eating.

Según la OMS el valor nutricional del azúcar es 0. Nada.
According to the WHO, the nutritional value of sugar is 0. Nothing.

Surely you have heard the phrase: "Sugar is necessary for the brain." But this is not entirely true. Our brain needs glucose, and not SUCROSE, which is what contains sugar. Our body needs glucose and it is so important to it that it is able to get it out of any resource. It is very rare that our body leaves us without it. This means that no need to take sugar. We are able to manufacture glucose from other substrates called 'food'.

And with all this information we have, we fall! We fall into the temptation of sugar, us and our children. But they don't make it easy for us. Think in your supermarket Where is the fruit or fresh food? Usually at the bottom (or in the center) and to access it you have to go through aisles full of shelves where all we see is' pastries, sugar, ready-made products, cookies, chips, chocolates and (something that makes me very nervous) a lot of sugary products for babies and children with packagings of millions of colors, little drawings so that the children cannot resist '. M has spent a season wanting to take all the cans of cookies, sugary yogurts, bollycaos and other things that he has not tried and does not know if he likes them just for the packages!

And is that The 90% of children's products that we find in supermarkets are completely inadvisable for them. 

And that's when most families ask themselves:

What do I give my son for breakfast?

According to Julio Basulto, the most important thing is:


When you go to the pediatrician with your 12-month-old baby, the pediatrician usually asks you things like: Where does your son sleep? Does he already walk? Does he eat everything? Does he eat alone? But they never usually ask.

  • Do you smoke in front of your children? (These figures have chilled me).


  • Do your children travel in the car seat with the harness or belt properly fastened? What am I going to tell you about this! Obviously it is one of the most important things to take care of our children's lives! And at this point, Julio, with your permission, I would like to add that if they travel backwards until they are 4 years old, the better! (I leave a link for more information here)


  • Do you leave your medications or cleaning products in a place that is within your reach?

Although it seems to us that it is a moment, only a distraction like looking at the mobile phone, going to look for something in a room. etc. It may be long enough to put your baby at risk.


  • Do you never leave him alone in the bathtub and if you have to let him go for a minute, do you put something on him that can protect him?

Think that a child can drown in only 10 cm of water. Less water than what we usually put when we bathe him.

A - LOVE: 

The most important thing for our children to feel loved and in a home with love and tranquility. The good atmosphere at home is much more important than any nutritional issue. And this is not 'spirituality', it is not 'attachment parenting', it is not 'people's word of mouth'. This is supported by science, yes, here you have it:

julio basulto 10 julio basulto 11

Is there a relationship between how you get along with your partner and how your child eats? These studies found that yes. Than a less warm and more hostile partner relationship leads children to have a worse diet and a higher risk of eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia)

Julio basulto twitter


Surely the phrases sound familiar to you:

'The child has to stay at the table until the food runs out'

'Children should not choose what they want to eat'

'The child must be' taught 'to eat. Get him on the sidewalk '

Well, if we want our child to have a healthy relationship with food, we must RESPECT HIM. And these phrases don't sound too respectful.

The accompaniment of adults during the feeding of babies / children must be respectful, without pressure or coercion, taking into account their tastes and their feeling of hunger. Forcing children to eat is counterproductive and you get the opposite effect. Here is a clear example of what not to do, what it means to NOT RESPECT A CHILD:

If we respect hunger, tastes or their feeling of satiety, why don't we do it with children? Just because they are children does not mean that we should not respect them.

Children's calorie needs:

Julio basulto bebé


A caloric analysis has been done to find out how many calories a child needs a day. As you can see in the table, the oscillations are important. A 3-month-old child may need 327 cal. at 728 cal. The difference is double. This means that there are normal three-month-old children who need twice as many calories as others.

And how will we know? Listening to the boy.

If your son is one of those who eats half but is healthy, jump, laugh, dance and play, don't worry, he doesn't need more.



'One thing is food and another thing is edible substances'

An edible thing falls within that 90% of edible products aimed at children. Things rich in sugar, rich in fats, rich in salt or in all three.

So, What do we give him for breakfast? 

Well, it seems that the trick is not in what we give it, but in what we should not give it. And here you have some very clear slides that Julio gave us:

               Julio Basulto 12Julio Basulto 19Julio Basulto 17 Julio Basulto 18


  • Let's prioritize the safety of our children.
  • Let's create a good home environment
  • Respect for the child
  • It is not about forcing you to eat healthy it is about eliminating INSANE foods from home.
  • Let's lead by example
  • Let's give less sermons

Eating breakfast takes time, it takes planning. We plan everything: vacations, weekends, work, etc. Food should also be planned. Eating right starts at the supermarket. All you don't buy is eat well.

And for all those who are pregnant or breastfeeding here I leave your next talk:

Eat for 2 or take care of yourself for 2? 

Don't miss it! 😉

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  1. Good morning, I think there is a gazapillo in the post. You comment that children's appetites are wrong and unpredictable. I guess what you wanted to say is erratic and unpredictable.
    For the rest, thank you for giving us a summary of Basulto's talk that we were unable to attend.

    1. Aaaaaiiiiiix! Yesiiiiii! The concealer changed my word and I didn't notice
      Thank you so much for being so attentive! You don't know how happy your notes make me 😉

      Yes now! If not the message changes a little hehehehe

      A hug Irantzu!

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your much-needed post, I think, however, that it could help a lot of families to give you some alternatives. Fortunately I have a son who has always eaten a thousand wonders, and we have always tried to give him healthy food (because we have looked for it before, obviously) and because we want to instill it in him.

    As an alternative to the cocoa breakfast with cookies, could you suggest to the readers something that works for us: a fruit smoothie: banana, seasonal fruits, oat milk, a couple of cookies and sesame seeds. My son wakes up asking for it and he always takes it happy. There are days when he only takes that and sometimes he has toast, or some cookie.

    I am not in favor of sugar but I do not want to go crazy avoiding it at all costs, but some thing does take, but very very little compared to other children's foods (neither actimeles, yogurts, or anything like that).

    Sometimes the difficult thing is to prevent other family members from giving it to you when you are not around ... (and on top of that it seems that you are sick because you want me to eat healthy ...)

    Another interesting alternative that we have incorporated against colacao is carob flour, which is not very well known and is "similar", it tastes like cocoa and has no sugar and also likes it a lot. In colacao the biggest ingredient it has is sugar, not even cocoa ... tremendous!

    Well, I wanted to comment on this in case someone helps you or gives you an idea for breakfasts and snacks (the smoothie can also be done in the afternoon of course).

    a hug!

    1. Hello Virginia! Well, that is what many parents were looking for at the July conference and we left rather with the feeling that we must put a lot of common sense in feeding our children.
      At no time did he want to tell us a table of food to give from Monday to Sunday because what he proposes is to have healthy food at home (fruit, nuts, cereals (without sugar), bread, vegetables, etc.) and in this way that the child choose what he wants.
      Yes, he commented on the percentages of fats in a croissant, a cookie, etc. But there would be a kilometer post if I had to transcribe all his words.

      I know what you're talking about when you say the 'sugar sick' thing!
      Here we are the same 😉 It will take patience. When the little ones are older they will appreciate it and I am sure they will know how to choose. While our duty is to ration as you say.

      Thank you for the carob flour proposal! I have never tried it and I think you have piqued my curiosity. I'm going to investigate how it is 🙂

      A hug!

  3. The article is very interesting and gives me many ideas. Since the little girl was born, she bought her cereals in organic so that they had no sugar, now she drinks milk alone, she has become used to it and she likes it, but it is very difficult to control the issue if you pay attention to sugar even the most unusual foods. Someday she will eat cookies but I will not give her juices in the middle of the morning, in the afternoon we try to snack on fruit but something always escapes you and then it is true that the environment does not help. Fortunately, she usually eats at home with us and when she eats with grandparents and others, I try to relax with the subject. Thank you for all the info.

    1. Aiiiiix! You don't know what I understand you 😉 I also try to relax and breathe when we go outside. But as Julio said well, the most important thing is that at home the cabinets are full of food. A hug!

  4. My case is somewhat strange. I belong to that 0.9% with a girl more than thin. It must be said that sugar and, in general, processed foods from the supermarket do not enter my house. We eat normal food, that is, legumes, vegetables, rice, fruit, nuts, fish ... The less packages (processed) the better. My problem is that my daughter eats very little and always the least fattening. He loves fruit and it is what he eats the most, but that is precisely not very fat. I laugh when I hear people say that fruit is fattening (after eating some pork ribs with potatoes). If I put on so much weight my daughter would be healthier. He is a fan of sushi, fruit, cucumber and lettuce. Come on, like Beckham! It is so, it is impossible to make her fat! It would be great if Julio Basulto one day gave us some guidance to parents who do really need our children to get fat.

  5. Super interesting article. The number of times I have had to justify myself for not giving "excess sugar" to my 3-year-old bug. Until I do not let him have a childhood, they have told me and that I am not strict with the subject and some cookie (mainly homemade) can be eaten and some strawberry yogurt, which he loves, tbn. Or on birthdays we turn a blind eye ...
    But what has caught my attention the most is the justification for why they eat a lot of breakfast. The truth is that I was already getting scared because the bichillo eats a lot of breakfast, and now I understand why. Here the little girl has a little milk for breakfast, bread with oil, a little cheese, a tangerine and a kiwi. And of course, dps a banana for lunch and a piece of bread. I had my doubts if it was to ruin us quickly, but nooo it is because it has a lot of energy! 🙂
    Thank you very much. A great article and see if every time we see fewer children with buns and hooks to snack on tbn.

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