A web journalist is fired after an abortion and with the intention of becoming a mother again

So, as you read it!

This type of thing drives me out of my boxes and makes me jump to the keyboard to support this journalist, at least, to spread her case.

It is clear that conciliation does not exist, they deceive us and, in this case, they no longer give you time to even get pregnant.

Magazine Dmedicina.com The Unidad Editorial group fired Mónica Álvarez, coordinator of digital publishing content, in mid-March.

After several health complications in a previous pregnancy in which her doctor recommended rest, in January the journalist suffered an unwanted abortion.

«During a routine check-up, the doctors told me that the fetus had stopped and that had to be intervened«

At that time, Mónica Álvarez had to start a medical leave until full recovery, after the curettage did not go well and they had to operate on her a second time. According to various media outlets, despite being on leave, the company did not stop sending him messages almost daily. Even during your stay in the hospital.

«They wrote me whatsapp continuously to ask me about work and when did i plan to join«

After seven weeks of sick leave and pressure, Mónica decided to get back to work, communicating everything that had happened to her.

When she got up she began to notice that something had changed, it was not the same environment as always and the questions about whether she wanted to be a mother again did not take long in coming. The journalist did not hide her desire to be a mother again at any time, although she knew she had to wait for her full recovery.

Nine days after his return to the company, he was informed by human resources that he would not continue with his position, I was fired. In the dismissal letter, he was accused of having committed a 'very serious' offense by not performing his duties at work. Monica says that "she had always enjoyed the trust of the company and that they had made it indefinite a while ago."


Mónica Álvarez has been brave and will go to all the necessary trials to show that the dismissal she has suffered is null. She feels that she has been fired for wanting to be a mother and the company has played dirty doing it before she was pregnant again.


For the lawyer of the journalist "East it is a null dismissal. We understand that the company violates article 15 of the Spanish Constitution because threatens the moral and physical integrity of the worker by preventing her from being a mother.


Imagen de la campaña de CNT en el Día de la madre contra el despido de la periodista Mónica Álvarez. / despidoporaborto.
Image of the CNT campaign on Mother's Day against the dismissal of journalist Mónica Álvarez. / termination for abortion.


The newspaper Diagonal (where you can read the news in full), has insisted to the director of Dmedicina.com so that his verisón of the facts will count.

His words have been: that the information circulating on social networks about the journalist's dismissal "is not true and she must be preparing it."

When asked what reasons existed for firing this worker, Fernández assures that he did not know her very much: “I don't know anything. When I entered the management, this process was already open and I agreed because they said it did not meet objectives. However, the worker had already passed her six-month trial, I had an indefinite contract and states that she has emails where the company congratulated her for your work… Everything before you get pregnant.

In addition, the person in charge of the publication, which addresses pregnancy and care reports on its website, confirms to this medium that she did nothing to prevent the dismissal: «I had no contact with the journalist, I barely crossed two words». Although it was precisely she who was interested in his state of health and told him not to worry because "you are still young to have children," according to Monica.

Diagonal newspaper, 05/06/2016

I invite you to read more details in Digital Newspaper. Let's share another case to give more visibility to this problem, which makes so many women wonder if they can really be mothers and others have to juggle to keep their job and enjoy their motherhood.

Good luck in your future pregnancy Monica!


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