10 tips to entertain your child in the car

The need to campaign for a long time has been brewing with a theme that makes all the parents stand on end.


As you well know is a topic that we have addressed several times in this blog. Some examples of the most visited:

For this reason, and since M was born for me, it is a very important topic. I want to join the campaign. 'NOT A LITTLE MORE IN DANGER' (#iunpequemasenhazard) *** Because the safest way to travel is in reverse gear!

As I have already spoken on many occasions about the benefits and safety of bringing our children into reverse gear, today I want to do my bit in this campaign in a practical way, explaining 10 tips to entertain your child in the car.

On many occasions we hear opinions about children traveling with their backs to the march such as:

  • "My son protests when I feel him in reverse gear." Baby Experience He made a video a few days ago where you will see the very clear answer (Here you have the link)
  • 'He gets bored because he doesn't know what to do and, besides, he doesn't see anything' Are you sure? Look at this video  of a girl who must be around 18-20 months. Do you see her as boring?

Well, to help you a little and that you see that traveling 'in reverse gear' is not as horrible as you have been told, there it goes!


  •  Travel with them behind: I know, it is not always possible, but if some days you travel the whole family, whoever does not drive, can sit behind talking, playing, drawing, sleeping or whatever the little boy wants. Those with siblings have an advantage! They sure love to play with their little brother 😉
  • The best children's songs 'ever': That children love to dance and sing is known worldwide. Let's take advantage! I am going to leave you a list of the most catchy and cool songs for the little ones in the house.
  1. Baby einstein: I swear to you that when M cried in the car, we played Baby Einstein's music and it fell in 3 seconds. Will they have powers?
  2. – Sing games: Yes, I know, that is not what you like most in the world. But he sure does 😉
  3. Gaby, Fofo, Miliki: We can always use our myths 😉 Or your favorite drawings.
  4. - And if all of them don't work try the music that you like Of course! There is nothing in the world that they like more than singing with us. You have already seen the girl Elvis sang with her father. I am going to leave you some of the recommendations that I like and they make M move the skeleton (This way you know more free music, hehehehe) Coldplay,  Paolo Nutini, The newbeats,  The kooks, etc.
  • Childish games: Maybe this section is for slightly older children. M still doesn't play like that, but it's something we have in mind to do as he grows up. For example:
  1. I see I see
  2. Count cars. A while ago a mother told me that her 4-year-old daughter is still traveling in reverse gear and that when she sees the cars through the rear window she says, 'Mama, we are being chased by 3 blue, 2 red, 1 white cars, etc.'
  3.  Simon says: 'Simon says to touch your nose', 'Simon says to stick your tongue out', 'to touch your hair' Noooooo! We didn't say Simon says 😉
  4. Riddles It is a very educational game for children.
  5. Make up stories. This is one of my favorite games. My friends can tell you that before having children it was a game that I used to propose at parties en
  • Books: AM at the moment likes the books of 'What are they doing?'. In fact this is the one we have and she loves it. He looks at all the actions that the characters do and assembles their stories. The game lasts sooooo long. He has another one that he also likes a lot, but that there is no human way to put him in the car, it would be a danger

Libro gigante

  • The famous Tablet: I am sure that many of you have already used it. Perhaps it is not the main solution to all ills, but if you take a long trip you can share some drawings with the little one. A few days ago a mother told me that she had taken a long trip and at times she wanted to use the tablet. For this he bought an organizer similar to the one in the photo. Whenever you think of buying an item like this you should touch it and try it first with your Ipad, Tablet or reproductive device. Leaving it a little loose could pose serious danger. Never put hard objects in your pockets that are not securely attached. When I say well subjects, it is well subjects! If you have a frontal impact, those hard objects will become projectiles that can cause very serious impacts.

organizador tablet

  • Cartoon:  M is not yet in the time of dibus or they are not striking yet, but I have already made a compilation of new discoveries for when the time comes. From what other Frozen moms, Pocoyo, Pepa Pig and company tell me, they are super fashionable! We would say that they are the 'influencers' in the animated world. But you know that I like to scratch and discover new things so that we never run out of inspiration. Why i wrote this post with new buses, in case you get bored of them.
  • Food is not worth it !: I know it was about putting things to distract them, not discarding them. But I needed to talk about it. A few months ago I was riding M in the car and I was having a tremendous tantrum because I wanted to continue in the park. At that moment a mother came from school and said: 'Give him a cookie, so he will pass the tantrum while you get home ' Nooooo! Better not give your children food while you drive. Imagine what would happen if you choked or had an impact and had a piece of food in your mouth. Also, food is not fun, it is not clueless. Food is food and that's it.
  • To draw: I just heard all of you 'Yes, woman, and have the whole car painted!' No, don't worry, there are alternatives. For the record, I discovered them after M painted his entire arms. As an example I am going to put a contraption that makes them very funny and is harmless. It is called Aquadoodle and in this case it is from the Hello Kitty (I do not know if there is any other model, but I imagine it is). It is a blackboard with a kind of 'marker' that does not work with ink if not with water. You fill it in and when the tip touches the board it moistens it and that makes the drawings stand out. When it dries they disappear and start again.

aquadoodle hello kitty

  • Sleep:  I know, this point does not depend on you, but somehow we can promote it. To visit the family, many times, we have to make two and a half hour trips. If we believe that you will not feel like getting into the car because you prefer to play, dance, cartwheel or any other more 'cool' activity, what we do is travel in the hours that you usually sleep. In the morning after a while after breakfast, nap time or at night, and she arrives home asleep! As a rule, there is always an exception, the movement of the car tends to put them to sleep. Find what is his moment
  • And if none of this works you will always have it let him investigate with the paper. Here the photo of the crime. M had a great time and I, although I heard a little noise, I didn't even realize it.

a contramarcha


Photo taken after parking the car and removing the child from the chair. It is clear that it is a car of working parents and that the time they have is spent with the little ones. Total chaos! 😉

It is indisputable that he had a pipe. That position is because as soon as you get out of the seat, you jump into the driver's seat to drive.

Do you know what is the first thing it does? Put on the belt 😉



And you, how do you entertain yourselves in the car?

Share and support #niunpequemasenpeligro


*** Launch of #niunpequemasenhazard campaign. 05/19/2016

Here I also leave you a lot of articles that will give light to all your doubts, for all of you who ask me for material to share:

  • COUNTERRUN: All the information you are looking for on why it is safer for children to travel in the opposite direction of travel.

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