25 professionals who have helped me during pregnancy and motherhood

8 days after celebrating my first blog anniversary I start to think and a lot has happened. Among them, a lot of professionals who have helped me a lot in my discovery as a mother.

I remember the moment when, after celebrating that I was pregnant, I thought about:

And now what do I have to buy, prepare, search for? What is a maxicosi? What are the differences between stroller or stroller? Do I need to buy a carrycot? What does sterilizer mean? Aaaaaaaah! I have no idea! 

I want to share with you the names of some professionals because I know that it is difficult to find quality information without cheating or cardboard. We are going to break it down into points

(IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is not a sponsored post. All these professionals have contributed something important to my motherhood without paying me anything to say it)


One of the most important things for parents is the safety of their child. Today most of our trips are made by car, so it is very important that we talk about what happens to the little ones in the car.

What is the safest way to travel with a baby in the car? What is a 0+ group? Which chair is suitable for my baby according to his age, height, weight? Which chair will best suit my car?

To solve some of these questions before the birth of M I resorted to:

a contramarcha 1

Little by little, the reverse movement is getting stronger and going further. We can find:

  • Facebook group: Counter-march saves lives where you can solve some of your doubts, ask and see the concerns of other mothers regarding this topic.
  • Specialized stores: It is very important, as I told you in this post, that they advise you well at the time of purchase. For this, more and more stores are joining the proposal to advise and test the chairs with the baby and in the car itself. Some of these stores are. Nordic Baby, Todonenes, Baby Experience, Born to be, Safely,  Bam Bam, Babyboom Factory, Kekos (if anyone knows more stores that are ACM friendly and that do tests that tell me and I add it)


Another topic that brings us upside down is the feeding of our baby. During pregnancy we have a thousand and one doubts about breastfeeding, about the best time to introduce solids, etc. Luckily we have some great and very close professionals who help us guide a little on these issues:


  •  LACTAPP: We can't talk about breastfeeding without naming Lactapp and its creators Alba Padró and María Berruezo.  In addition to being beautiful people, they are impressive professionals. I assure you that any questions you have will be answered. They are always there Always! Do not think about it for a moment and check your application or its website.

Lactancia Lactapp profesionales

  • ALBA BREASTFEEDING: You want to know more about breastfeeding, its benefits, general or specific information go to your website.
  • E- LACTANCIA.ORG: This web It will help you whenever you have questions about medication, anesthesia, problem foods or any questions about compatibility with breastfeeding.


  • JULIO BASULTO: Do you want to know everything about 'real' and open food? Your man is Julio Basulto. One of the things I like most about him is that he speaks clearly andJulio Basulto 23_profesionales without fears. Thanks to his work I have understood many things such as the importance of respect in infant feeding, the importance of not buying unnecessary 'groceries', what things can negatively affect our babies / children / adolescents and adults. Also if you follow him in his social networks You can find out about all the talks, workshops and raffles it carries out.
  • CARLOS CASABONA: Pediatrician expert in child nutrition and health. I recommend that you take a look at his Web Y their social networks to keep up to date with what is important for our children.


  • Scientific debate on the reality of children's dreams. If you want to understand or want very detailed and rigorous information about your baby's dream.
  • Ibone Olza. To know in depth many aspects of your pregnancy, childbirth and the health of your baby.
  • Diary of a pediatrician mom. Amalia shares with us her vision of motherhood from 'the mother' and 'the pediatrician'.
  • Lucia my pediatrician Pediatrics blog, tips for mothers and fathers and current pediatric news.
  • Maternity continuum In it you can find doubts related to breastfeeding, motherhood and upbringing.
  • Shivering This blog is an educational, nurturing and pedagogical inspiration like Montessori. But you will also find DIY, trips, recipes and activities.
  • A mother like you You will find posts about maternity, DIY, baby shopping, recipes and a lot of useful things for everyday life
  • Mammaproof It is a great guide to discover the city where you live with your family. Restaurants, hotels, bars, game spaces, shops, etc.
  • For baby The vision of the mother of three children who tells us her inspirations, her motherhood and many useful things for the day to day with your children.
  • Cinnamon Bag Recipes, family life, fashion, toys, decoration and a lot of other things that will inspire you.
  • Family road safety Supporting the reverse movement, Jesus talks about car safety with our little ones.
  • A different motherhood Here you will find a lot of information about baby-led weaning and a lot more about infant feeding
  • Have the kids ride the counter-gear (please) It is impossible not to name this facebook group when we talk about car safety. Visit it without fail
  • Madresphere Here you will find all the maternity bloggers together and with a lot of energy. Madresfera is like our great mother 😉
  • Realkiddys A little while ago I met this blog, because they started a little while ago, but it has entered my heart directly. I love his vision of early childhood education
  • Mom also knows In this blog you will find a mother's reflections on education, respectful, supportive and optimistic upbringing.

Here you have material for several days or months 😉

I recommend that you save this as a header post. It will help you when you have to do the shopping for your baby, when you have doubts about breastfeeding, for the moment you start to introduce food or whenever you feel like reading a little bit about parenting and others from excellent professionals.

Enjoy your motherhood very much, inform yourself with professionals and make the last decision based on your common sense (it is the best)!

A hug!


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  1. You do not know the illusion that it has made me include you in this list. Helping someone with my content is the ultimate achievement as a blogger.
    Congratulations on the anniversary.
    A hug

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