Anniversary raffle! Do you like rock? We raffle a Bugaboo Diesel Rock!


Because we are going Rock & roll! And for all the joys you have given us these 12 months! You already know that Mom's Laboratory team (Inma, Santi and myself) We love that you read us, that you share all the information that we send you after analyzing your dedication and that you help us grow! 😉 

The day I wrote the first word in this space I did not think it would go that far and thanks to the super professionals! that support me every day, to those of you who are back there reading and commenting, Here we are! More and more eager to explain interesting things to you. And, with this raffle too, I want to introduce you (although many of you already know it) to For the Baby, that will help us in some tests and reviews with your little one 😉

But before we get to work with the draw I want to tell you a little bit about the characteristics of the Bugaboo Bee Rock. Bugaboo Bee Rock

It is not usual to see strollers with these changes in their upholstery We have verified it! These days that we went out with him everyone said to us 'What a cool stroller!' And it is that this third and last edition of Bugaboo In collaboration with Diesel  Does not leave anyone indifferent! Because motherhood can also be daring and cheeky! 😉


Bugaboo strollers have always stood out for their aesthetics. Whoever owns a Bugaboo knows that 'Your Bugaboo fits you well'. So if you like to go to the last, be daring, transgressor, you will love this edition and all its details! You will find studs on the hood, embroidery that imitates rock sheets on the carrycot and a very #bebrave on the back of the seat.

In addition to the design, in this case, the pram meets the advantages of the Bee:

  • It can be used from birth. In this case we raffle the chair without carrycot (use from 6 months of the baby).

  • Soft top it is extensible (it really protects very well from the sun)
  • Five point harness very easy to put on and adjust (I have long recognized that I am delighted with the system that Bugaboo uses on harnesses! It is so easy to use)
  • It has a height adjustable synthetic leather handlebar.

  • Light and compact

  • It is mainly a pram who likes the city.
  • Four wheels with independent suspension. In this case they have the Diesel signature

  • Black chassis.

  • If you want more information, I leave you your website.


What do I have to do to participate?

It is very simple:

1.- Be followers on Facebook of the Mom's lab Y For baby (be a follower of both). This step is important because the winner will be communicated this way.

2.- Leave a comment in this post from the blog telling me "'Rocker' moments of motherhood". Those fresh, spontaneous, sugar cane, destroyer, intense moments, etc. Whatever you want!

3.- Fill in the form Easypromos what do you have in this link so you can count all participants. It will also give you the option of Share this post.  This way you help us to continue growing and to be able to give you a lot of information. Little M and I will thank you very much, the blog is maintained with your comments and love :)

What is the term and procedure of the Draw?bugaboo rock

The draw starts right now, June 13, 2016 Y ends on July 5, 2016 at 11:59 p.m..

We will publish the name of the winner in this same edited post. It is important that you are fans of Mom's and Baby's laboratory to be up to date with everything.

You can only participate once per person. Duplicate comments will be automatically deleted.

Contest valid only for the peninsula. 

The model to be delivered is the same as the photo, color included. Does not include carrycot. It cannot be exchanged for another model.



EDITED 7. 07. 2016

I want to thank all of you who participated in the Bugaboo Bee Diesel Rock stroller giveaway. I would love for you all to win one (who knows in the future (:), but in this case it has been impossible. For this reason, at the Mama's Laboratory we are going to work hard to overcome many more things as thanks to the support you give us every week on social media, blog and everything else. In this case there could only have been one winner And it is…



The lucky one should contact me at the following e-mail:

You have 5 days from today (until July 12, 2016) to send me an email. Otherwise I will have to pass to the substitutes (in case the winner does not appear, their names will be made public the same day 12)

In this link you will find the validity of the draw made by easypromos



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  1. Wowwww is amazing! I want to walk with this cart! Well, my most rocky moments have been and are, every time I give the kids a tit at any time anywhere ... 2 and 4 years old they have and the faces that I get to see are from movies! You see ... I'm going rock and roll hahaha

    1. My heaviest, strongest, most authentic and most personal moment was when I told people not to come to the hospital to see us after giving birth…. They were ojiplaticos !!!!!

      1. I love the draw !!!! ??. Hopefully get lucky.
        My best moment is when I had the contractions so strong, and my girl asked me to eat, I with pain and at the same time eating. I was very hungry or she was hungry. Hahaha.

      2. I love it!! I don't have any rock moments in particular, rather every day, having a baby is already quite heavy !!!! Haha

        1. My rockiest moment is always. Having a 2 year old is not stopping and discovering new things. And now 1 month of having my second child, much less, full energy. I would love to win that car, it would be great and everyone has told me very well about it. And I am very unhappy with the one I have my son; It has not worked well for me. Have luck and premiere car for my new little one.

    2. My biggest moment is when every morning my 27-month-old daughter decides that the clothes I have prepared for her do not like her and she has to choose it from her closet. We start soon!

    3. There, with these little ones, many rock moments are lived, hehehe, my most resentful rock moment was this Saturday when, after leaving a Japanese buffet, my oldest son (7 years old) asks me, are you pregnant? And I say no, and then why do you have so much belly ??? hehehe, and I say because I ate a lot of sushi, the funniest thing is that we are looking for our third child, it seems that I had a presentiment, I would love to take him in this magnificent bugaboo bee rock?

    4. What a draw! The most rocky moment of my 3-year-old son was when a few days ago we were in the field and he gave him a pee. "Mama drowns snail with pee Isaac" and I "noo darling .. They are used to the rain .. Don't worry.» hahaha what a laugh I spent. Thank you!!

    5. Rocker moments? When we go to the park and I get into the swings !! I ride the slide with him, in the swing, in the castle of activities, the sand ... all the moms look at me as if I were crazy, but my boy loves to do that and laughs out loud, everything else does not I care, rock and roll biva? !!!

    6. Oh God! I have been crazy since I saw it I fell in love with it, I have the cameleon but I would buy this one without a doubt in the near future. As a friend said to you if you hit with your leather suck mom! hahaha I participate thanks for the giveaway! to continue like this!

    7. Rock moments with my two children !!! Every day we are always… And when I saw this car I said it has to be mine! Long live rock and rooll

    8. Ufff to me the most Rock Momenot although I think he became punk was to open the door of the house with a tit in the air

    9. What a good draw !!! It makes me want to cheer up right now to go for the second little one !!! ?? ❤️❤️My favorite rocker moment is when guitars are playing and my 2-year-old daughter is looking for me to dance with me !!! ?? He has been listening to them from the belly, is what he has ... ??

    10. At the moment without a doubt the rockiest moments have been childbirth, heavy butt !!! And when I see my baby every morning with a smile from ear to ear looking at me with his huge eyes. Although in this edition of the bee I would be very very rocky ... let's see if there is luck xd

    11. I would love to release this cart with Aratz and retire the #bogaboo frog of fifth hand (they are indescribable and the best there is) and continue with the rock moments that daily life with children gives you. Now I am on the hormones of good vibes and the activity of the final phase of pregnancy, so I am left with this state of dancing rock!
      #he laboratory of # for the baby

    12. My 'Rockers' moments of motherhood have been and will be going to summer music festivals with all the babysitters there have been and for having, we have gone from screaming at concerts to running after a monster!

  2. Oops these months are very intense, but the best thing was the week back to work that I threw up every day just before leaving, and everyone to change our clothes!

  3. The sugar cane moment was the 1 monumental shit that came up to the nape of his neck and we were in a shopping center and we couldn't stop laughing. I would never forget it !!!

  4. A rock moment, was the gift we gave to Dad that included a T-shirt with the logo "keep calm and listen Metallica", to match that of our 3-month-old baby. They have worn it together until the little one is no longer worth it, but the surprised face he put on opening the package was unforgettable! And the photo of rigor with the horns tsmbien, haha!

  5. 'Rocker' moments of motherhood are moments like this morning, my girl in bed waiting for her malite ibuprofen, and mom in the bathroom with the morning vomits, and running from the bathroom to the room and vice versa to meet my two biscuits hehehe

  6. The most Rocker moment ... It is when on April 25 they told me that she was pregnant again and that Claudia would be an older sister ... We did not believe it after so much searching with Claudia and they told us na de na in 2 as na of 16 weeks I am .
    What a beautiful draw.
    Congratulations on your 1 year old ????
    I follow you to the 2 pages and share

  7. Sugar cane moment where there are… hahaha we were in a shopping center, in a perfume shop. Suddenly I look towards the door and I see my 3-year-old boy with his pants down peeing in the middle of the hall of the shopping center as if such a thing …… everyone was laughing, and I land swallow !! hahahahahahahaha I hope it touches us! we will go for our second child right away. thanks for the giveaway.

  8. This giveaway is wonderful !! I hope I'm lucky for my little rocker ?? For me all the adventures have just started, they have just made their first year and each day surprises me with something new. I am in love from the moment I carried him inside but do not see how that love grows day by day. The best adventure that a rock mommy can live?

  9. The Rock N Roll moment was the first diaper-free day of my little earthquake! I lost count of the times we ran to pee and ended up urinating on the way !! Luckily we got along well even though it is still very small And we are both looking forward to that stroller!

  10. Rocker moment? When my 2-year-old daughter started to greet all the mannequins in the kiabi, and one who was without anything started sucking on her tit as if she were sucking.

  11. My rockiest moment was when they told me I was pregnant again and my 2-year-old son Jose was made an older brother.

  12. The rock moments are more or less from 8 in the afternoon when the 4 of us have to take a shower, have dinner and leave the kids to sleep around 9:30 at night. It is quite a rock challenge!

    1. My most rocker moment arises daily when my 2 and a half month old son has given up making the comb or pulling horns with those of God, and the comb almost always coincides with some woman from the town saying things to make him laugh and the by chance they come out with a comb.

  13. Our biggest moment is when my 15-month-old baby cries at dawn and all the dogs in the neighborhood start to bark. What a scandal hahaha

  14. The rockiest moment was when after 5 years looking for our mini-rocker and many ways… .. it arrived !!!! In about 3 weeks our little Enzo will be with us I can tell you that he is the most desired baby in history. Even now after all the pregnancy we get excited just thinking that it is HERE !!!!!!

  15. It is about to be born and it already gives me many nighttime rock moments. When he is 38 weeks old, he moves abruptly as if he were at a concert. Surely in Bugaboo Rock you will feel very comfortable

    1. Moments with her are still to come, but it was very rocky when we taught my parents the 4d echo of the baby, and they took time to confess that they did not see anything hahaha, loving a photo that they did not know where to take

  16. My biggest moment was when I found out about the pregnancy, in the morning I had enrolled in medicine, so my little one already has first grade

  17. Congratulations first this year! And there are many more! The moment for my most Rocker was when I was alone with my son at home, for the first time I thought .. and if he cries what will I do, because he will cry, and if I do it wrong .. it was a revolution of thoughts that seemed so unreal that he was Already with me that I did not believe it! For me it was a moment!

  18. Our rock moment, is anyone in which some music is heard and our little one begins to move, even with the mixer!

  19. Our biggest moments are at lunchtime. A 9-month-old baby getting fine fine and two cats fighting over the piece of food that falls to the ground.

  20. My most sugar cane moment… one day of shopping, I was all crazy looking for my baby and my mom, pee, mom, pee, mom, pee. don't see how warm we went ??

  21. My day to day is pure R&R !!!! Hahaha from 7.30 to 10 ... non stop !!! Eating is very heavy, hahaha, changing the diaper… I don't even count hahaha and she's 21 months old !!!!! And the thing is that the music is put by him because he freaks out? Would we be the cane with this chair ??

  22. My rock moments ???? are all next to my baby we have a great time when mom puts the soft ones to silversmith is sugarcane sugarcane my candy !! also she loves that you take off her diaper and take advantage to piss !! no she is ready or nothing !! I could not stay with a single rock moment because my motherhood is being a sweet punishment ?? ❤️❤️

  23. What a nice draw! Hopefully luck ...
    My most rocky moment of the day is the rock time as we call it, it is usually from 21 to 22! It is quite a race, to do everything fast, dinners, baths, bottles, stories and to sleep! At that time I think that under all the calories of the day ???

  24. What a nice draw! Hopefully luck ...
    My most rocky moment of the day is the rock time as we call it, it is usually from 21 to 22! It is quite a race, to do everything fast, dinners, baths, bottles, stories and to sleep! At that time I think that under all the calories of the day ???

  25. Our most sugar cane moment, come on, my moment because my husband works at night, is when my baby from 12 months, more or less, cries at night ... all for me, my little ball!

  26. My most rock and roll moment ?? The day I went to the gynecologist pregnant with my boy and with almost 6 months they tell me that she is a girl ... Congratulations on that first year!

  27. Just removed the diaper (by the bicha's own decision), she was talking to some acquaintances and she started to pee in a tree (she is very independent) and ... what was not pee too! Hahahaha I was dying of laughter! Since then I carry bags in my bag ever!

  28. The moment was for me when we gave the news to my mother telling her the day of the lottery of the child that the child had touched us but he really believed it… .hehehe assimilated it days after he was going to be a grandmother.

  29. My rockiest moment is when he was born we went to eat at a restaurant all arranged and as soon as I got there and got out of the car I made all the milk in my clothes and hair and to top it all, she got lost ... and as a new mother, just released, she had no clothes of change… we had to do crafts… hahaha wants that bee3 !!!

  30. Our most rocky moment, although it would be more appropriate to call it "heavy", was the rush of adrenaline when we heard his heartbeat for the first time. That "boom boom boom boom" coming out of a little 3mm button that, even though the years go by, you close your eyes and you can remember exactly what it sounded like. There is no melody, which makes hair stand on end like that sound does.

  31. Pole moment ??? Since this little guy arrived all day, he has become a cane, rocker, electric !!! Smile from the side, quick view around and there is going to roll it! That if! To load the battery, we need a seat to rest well stretched out during the mid-afternoon stroll.

  32. Hello Gorgeous:

    I love this cart! Is this raffle the best I have had the opportunity to participate in?

    In my day to day there are many 'Rockers' moments of motherhood, my little prince is in charge of providing them to me in first person, dressed in his cane clothes and jumping and dancing to the heaviest possible rhythm, with his grumbles revealing his most punk character and a million situations in which we are involved daily.

    Good luck to all the participants!

    A hug,

  33. My fat is still in the gut, but rock moments will come from the real ones! Because I am a rock lover and I plan to give everything listening to music with the little one !!!

  34. The rockiest moment of motherhood for us was yesterday when we saw our little girl's face for the first time !!!
    Ideal this giveaway the day after she was born? !!!
    Congratulations on your first year, we love our blog!

  35. I have two wonderful little ones each with their personality and their bee. Sure that if we had the third party would come !!

  36. Most poignant moment almost every day in the park when the benches of the children's compound are filled with mothers, aunts, grandmothers, cousins and other family and friends eating pipes and throwing the shells on the sand where babies and children play having a pile of bins. I wonder if they throw them in the living room on their houses.

  37. Rock moments ... when my child messes with me in the middle of any place and people look at you saying. .. bad mother..

    Strolling through any mall with the challenge out?

  38. Congratulations first! Make it the first of many anniversaries !!
    Without a doubt my most rocker moment was undoubtedly the first time that my son stayed in his new room, how a real rock star had to destroy it ???? as is, clothes on the floor, furniture moved and the other way around, all that was missing was a little group hidden in the crib hehehehehehe

  39. All the moments are rockers with Dorian because his name is that of our favorite music group !!!!

  40. Without a doubt the strongest moment I remember was when I gave birth to my son.
    I had never felt a greater pain in my life, but it was feeling her little body on top of mine and I forgot all the past. It was incredible.

  41. Super rocker moment !! Slow down every day and realize that you have a mini whirlwind at home, that you don't have time to turn around and you're already messing with it !!! And he is only 30 months old? !!!! Hahahaha And so every day?

  42. The most rocky moments are starring my little 16-month-old and his daddy (rocker to the core) in the shower ... in the car ... listening and dancing to his high decibel music !! We enjoy his discoveries every day. Piece of draw. Let's see if we have luck.

  43. Rock moment is when you are picking up the house and your son is behind you, messing with you, when your head hurts and it is just at that moment that the rock vein enters and plays the battery .. But for rock moment there is nothing like the diaper operation ! Hehe
    Good luck to all and hopefully it will touch me

  44. My most rocker moment is when 9 o'clock comes at night and the 12-month-old starts crying wanting to fall asleep and the 4-year-old sister accompanies him and the dog k starts to bark with nerves, that moment is for me the most rocker of the day, crazy? !!!

  45. I sign up and stay !! My most Rock moment was when I tried to pee after giving birth with the episotomy points! Juuuur like scotch hehehehehe and start storing milk with a tragon every hour pufff q work

  46. The most poignant moment of my baby was when I noticed his first kick ... they published the news that they were dismissing the health minister !!!!! a crack !!!!!

  47. My biggest moment was to go to the cinema one day before giving birth to a super boring and long movie which a little more do I give birth there?

  48. My rockiest moment of the day is to let my son eat dessert only in a tenth of a second, there is more dessert in which in the container itself you know that it will only come out with a kilo of wipes and an express bath, but you also know that there will be no stain because before he reaches the bathroom he will want to hug you and kiss you, even though all day long you insist on not deigning to even look at you but the yogurt-infused moment brings out the most tender side of my boy and the most rocker of mine hahaha

  49. My rockiest moments are undoubtedly the concerts that my daughter gives me from 1 month to 3 in the morning !! Night after night is he capable of making your hair stand on end and some panda bear circles? My girl is the most beautiful thing in the world or she has a very heavy crying !!! ????

  50. First of all thank you for offering such spectacular raffles! That means you care about your followers.
    I more than talk about rock motherhood, I must say that I am hours or days away from discovering the crazy and wonderful world of motherhood. But if I say, that only with the 9 months of pregnancy so magical and so good that I have gone through it is worth everything that is going to happen from here on out. If I touched the chair, it would be the cane, since the cart I have for my baby rocker Martina is the bugaboo chameleon.
    My dancer inside the gut is already a follower of U2 because of how she moves, so in Bee rock she would be a total destroyer !!!
    I said, I hope I can put the icing on these crazy days that I have been the lucky one of the draw! A huge greeting with a huge gut !!!!

  51. Rock moment, when I put a rock and my little lying down starts to move arms and legs super excited !!!

  52. My baby is a cane and rocker from the first weeks in my belly! And so he demonstrated his strength at birth. Before knowing that she was pregnant, she was riding in her dad's na harley and listening to good music, that is why now already born every time she is near the motorcycle and her father gives gas, he can only laugh and throw his arms towards her . And what he showed at birth is because the delivery was complicated, he ran out of oxygen and no heartbeat ("hypopsy"), I think his name is, but at that moment he already brought out his wild side and against all odds he is here with us to be the heaviest of all.

  53. Our most rocky moment is yet to come, it will be to see you when you are born that I already have a tremendous desire.

  54. The strongest rocker moment was a few days ago when he heard his heart beat. That is rock from the hard!

  55. First of all, congratulations on this first year! And that you keep growing !!
    My most "sugar cane" moment was that we were having a drink on a small terrace and that's what a colored man would do ... and there is when the little girl acts! Can't think of anything else to touch it and look at the hand or if it was put on !! Mother miaaa that veeguenzaa pass poor boy thank goodness that I take it super well and started laughing but go with the baby! Little things !!
    Haber if we are lucky I love the stroller !!
    Many luck to everyone!

  56. More rocker moment when the stick gives you the two lines that mean Yes, and you think that from now on Rock and Roll 🙂

  57. My fat man's destroyer moment is when he gets up at dawn cooler than a rose and more sugar cane than a rocker, so here is a mother destroyer who joins the party. And in the morning mama with a panda face. But those moments with my fat man give me life. He is my monster. I enjoy 100 × 100 every moment at your side, even if it is at 4 in the morning! ?

  58. Rock moments? With a little one at the gates of two years old… .MILLIONS !!!!! some not as cool as tantrums anywhere for some whim and others very cool like jumping in bed (suuuhhhh, do not tell anyone) to the music and throw some "bombs" in the pool !!!! !!

    And what we have left…. ?

  59. I love the Rocker roll!
    In fact I have a great baby and kids store… !!!
    Our most "rocker" moment is since my two sprouts open their eyes ... especially the second one ... they say that the second ones are more mischievous and at least in my case it is like that!
    At one year old and a little short of half a palette, he has twice gone to the emergency room for hitting the ground headfirst or for not looking and "crashing" with all the XD street lamps.
    I love your blog!
    I am not very lucky myself in these things ... hahaha I will continue reading you and I encourage you to continue many more years.
    Happy Anniversary!

  60. My rockiest moment was when Adri knocked on the door at 34 weeks and even so we were in the hospital for a week waiting as he was a champion everything went perfect and with 1,800 we went home a week it was quite an adventure.

  61. My rocker moment has undoubtedly been the fact of the 16 weeks, my baby would not stop dancing in my belly hahahaha, I would go from one side to the other of the belly and would turn my head upside down. Come on it was impossible to see the sex. It was a fun time for us ????

  62. My biggest moment was at parties. My daughter riding in all the cacharretes…. And already at night, when hearing her cry in her room, go…. And being that the party the foam in version vomited ... What horror ... Alone, the father working, pieces of dinner even on the wall as a cave painting ....

  63. My heaviest moment was when I found out that I was pregnant because it took us sooooooo many years to get it !!!

  64. My rock moment is any since they touch target at 8 in the morning, and they are just like the dog and the cat !!! but then they do not live without each other ... What a piece of the draw !!!!

  65. Since my trunk was born, as I call it… .. everything was heavy, from my horrendous caesarean, through the milk spills, through the first bath, the first smile, the first EVERYTHING.
    Now we are in the heavy phase of afternoon, Irene is all the time like a repetition clock, accompanied by its high volume, shrieks, laughter, smiles and stubbornness.
    Anyway!!!! You know how heavy this is

  66. Although I have not yet experienced those rocky moments of motherhood, I am sure that with this pole-shaped cart they will get along much better!
    Kisses and thank you very much for the draw!

  67. The heaviest moment ... It would be that that bee called me and so my girl is mimicked with her character !!!! hahahaha
    I hope I am lucky for once, well rather a second time, the first is my little Irene

  68. I love this Bee !!!
    Our favorite moment of the day is to leave him in the nursery… While he says goodbye saying goodbye and crying at the same time.

  69. Hold on to one that falls out of the chair, the bottle of water that has just pushed the other, throw a couple of dishes in the attempt and continue asking for the menu as if nothing

  70. Sugar cane moment, when I wanted to change my offspring with maximum enthusiasm, when not even 24 hours had passed since the caesarean section, I prepare my bed, because of not stooping, my little girl squirms, releases a pedet loaded with mecomio, the result ... bed, all black nightgown, and I could not laugh, what hurt my scar, hahahaha

  71. The biggest moment was when I announced that we were expecting the sixth child. The face that people put on is total heavy !!

  72. Without a doubt, the moment to eat now that she begins to do it by herself! It seems that what he has in front are some drumsticks ... and how he plays the drums !!!

  73. What a past draw !!!!!!! I'm crazy! What better than that cart to walk around the city and be a mommy and drink rockers! I would go crazy according to my cool bud: DDDD

  74. My most rocky moment was when I baptized her, she was born poor in August and the baptism was in October and with a wave of calof. I remember how I made bibis termos leche ... but I forgot them in a hurry and in church he only knew how to cry, he didn't want the dress, he didn't want the arms ... she so small and defenseless wanted her bibi and her good mother forgot, she only had chamomile and that did not fool her. There came a time when goodness told me here that it is allowed to feed the little girl, yes father but I forgot the bibi …… I look at myself with a face that because the saints were there to forgive me !!!! The family was able to finish my first time, my princess appears in all the photos crying like crazy. For the next one it will be the first thing that I catch if I can't breastfeed him… .. it was a great acoustic rocker that we got involved in the church hehehehe

  75. Piece of raffle !! Rock moments when my 4-year-old son spends the day clowning in front of his 6-month-old brother to make him laugh, my house is a continuous show hehehe

  76. My heaviest moment was when I am in February, when I was 24 years old we told all our friends at a barbecue that we were going to be parents for the third time, sisi for the third time !! I do jump! I jump! And happier than a loss
    Long live the quarters!

  77. Rock moment today watching our little boy dancing on my tummy! It still has a lot of space and makes the most of it !!! What a cool cart I have never seen anything like it in my city, what a pass, hopefully it will touch us !!

  78. The most "rocky" moments are when they are silent and you are afraid to go looking for them thinking about what you are going to find!

  79. Rock moment: I found my 15-month-old baby using too much canvas on the white wall with his 3-year-old sister acting as an accomplice. Come on, the screams of ⚡️ACDC⚡️ stayed in the mantilla !!!

  80. OMG what a giveaway !!! My rocker moment was a while ago imagining my little girl and me with that super stroller, both shopping in Barcelona wearing it !!!! I love it!!!! Congratulations on that year!

  81. rock moments at 5 in the morning watching singing games and little me, me sleeping on the sofa and my super-excited daughter?

  82. Rock moment: open the door for the courier to pick up a package without realizing he had a tit out. ??????

  83. "Moments 'Rockers' of motherhood" hahaha ... nothing like the waves of my jamonetes at dawn!

  84. The most rocky moments with my girl were in pregnancy, and what a pregnancy she gave me, I spent it in the bathroom but to top it off the last two months I did not stop thinking that I was going to break my ribs, she liked having my head day and night on my ribs and stretch !!

  85. Rocky moments of motherhood when my baby starts to listen to music and kicks that you don't see !!!!

  86. That your daughter has a little one and then your son, I have to stay with both of them that is rock moments

  87. Our most Rokero moment was when we found out that another baby was coming, after three already very old (21,16 and 11) since then every day they are real cane workers. Congratulations on the anniversary.

  88. We have many moments rocieros but the friendliest was when teaching him to put 1 with his finger always towards the rooms ImI and he was screaming ahhhh, so sharp that his father says that when he is older he will accompany him with the bass because he is the future divo of the Rock.

  89. Our biggest moment was the first night in the hospital ... lost newbies ... and when we changed the diaper our little one pee on his own face ... and gave us a fit of laughter that we could not stop ... I think he thought then: what Dads have touched me? !!

  90. My most rosemary moment is to put international rock music to my baby and make him happier than watching cartoons
    Or more rockers are my dark circles for the wonderful sleeplessness that I go through my baby, I look pretty hardcore

  91. My rockiest moment was when my Rodri started dancing when one of metallica's song was playing. I have some super funny video out there with everyone. Let's see if we teach the little girl luck too

  92. My rocker moment as mommy is when my 4-month-old girl puts on music and I pose the spirit of dance and madness haha and she starts screaming and moving, and the one she likes the most is rock music, so this car would suit her perfect.

  93. Pole moments in motherhood there are many but lately the poorest poles I have, not to say crazy, it is the bath time of my older girl while the baby cries, one day I die of stress hahahaha

  94. My husband and I are heavys, and since I had my baby in the gut I have always played heavy music, now he sees my dad and me and tries to imitate us by moving his head and trying to put the horns with his little fingers, it is super funny!! LOL…

  95. Rock moment when fiiiiin the expected 2 lines appeared in the pregnancy test! And from now on ... rock moments with the super seat!
    Thanks for the draw!

  96. The most rocky moment without a doubt, rocking the baby in her arms humming the «final countdow» waiting for her to fall asleep to drink a fresh alcoholic pitcher before having to take the teti out again 😉

  97. Life with my bichin is rock and roll ?? but the moments of laughter and dancing are very cool !!!

  98. I love it! As rocker as my own pregnancy! From a pregnancy that could not be to a miracle, going through the worst months and ending now on the beach almost giving birth! Life is like that rock, strong and variable but always with a wonderful goal!

  99. I love bugaboo! And this model is very? My little one is only 8 months old, so I think rock moments will come when I start walking! Even for how small is some mischief has already done! A kiss and I hope to be lucky! We will cross our fingers

  100. Pole moments ?? Our entire life is full of rock 'n roll!
    Our 6-year-old bichillos and the 4.5-month-old toddler rise to the rhythm of the best!

    Thanks for the giveaway !!

  101. My rockiest moment with my third daughter, two months crying day and night, that is heavy and devastating.

  102. One of those rock moments, when your husband is traveling, and at 2 in the morning the 1-year-old baby vomits as if there were no tomorrow for the crib and the room, he loses your hair, and wakes up at 4-year-old sister who comes to see what happens ... moments to remember 🙂

  103. My heaviest moment today when we told the 4 year old girl and the 3 year old El Niño that they are going to have a little brother !!! El Niño has said he wants to see it now !! And he is not going to lend his cars !! And she is very happy but that she is going to marry her brother !!! LOL

  104. My last destroyer moment, when my mellis used their respective ice creams as brushes to redecorate the cafeteria where we were !!

  105. My "favorite" rock moments are nights ... When if we are not partying for one it is for the other !! Even the girl's doll cries in the middle of the night when she loses her xhupe !!!

  106. Rock moment, moment in which I gas late, I change my baby's diaper right after taking it off, the poop runs straight to my dress !!
    What would we do without those moments ????

  107. This bee is brutal !!! My most Rocker moment was when my 2 year old son, after seeing me breastfeed his little sister, went straight to his father and tried to latch onto his nipple !!!!! LOL

    1. If we talk about rock moments, I can tell you that I have followed Extremoduro since its inception and my daughter, who is 10 years old, has grown up listening to them, so when she started catechism at 6 years old, and they told her who Jesus Christ was, she answered that she knew the song. Jesus Christ Garcia who was not going to see the sick but healthy people ... when the catechist told me I could not stop laughing. At home we like rock !! and my 2-month-old baby tmb relaxes with music so this stroller would be great for him?

  108. Aria's dad is a super fan of Metallica, my rock moment with her already started in my belly when they sounded in the car, the kicks were already starting. And now when the three of us travel, clap your hands and jump as soon as you put Metallica or guns n roses! Come on rocker and heavy, has the little one come out?
    So my rock moment is when after a hard day, she encourages me with her palms, and her jumps and she gets danced, why is it to see her like this, and does everything happen to me?

  109. The most rocky moment would be to discover that I am pregnant and to be able to enjoy the bee in the not too distant future

  110. The most spontaneous moment was when in the middle of Holy Week and at night, we took our daughter to see her first procession ... Everyone was silent, and in the procession they carried the lit candles ... Until my 15-month-old toddler began to sing loudly "happy birthday, happy birthday .... wellnnnnn" clapping at the same time, we died of laughter

  111. Congratulations on your first year !! With my little one there is a rock moment every day, he is 5 and a half months old, today he set up a mini pool on the terrace, he has learned to splash and tries to jump,…. Mama finished, in a pool, inside and practically all the water outside…. Laughter for grandparents ...

  112. My most rocky moments are in the morning before going to school. The last one was just before leaving home, finding the 1 year old boy covered in soap that he had thrown himself on! And also the oldest had an excursion! Take rock and roll!

  113. Pole moment is bath time, which is a revolution with the three dwarfs (9years, 3years and 11 months), I just got wet, the father and the bath turned into a pool ???
    Thanks for the raffle, it is an authentic past, to see if I am lucky and this summer we boast of bugaboo bee rock star.

  114. Pfff !! Well now the one that I remember most recently ... When we go to the park and it gives him to sit at the end of the slide and he goes to bed and begins to do like the one who sleeps, as if he snores hahahaha and causes a jam in the pileup hahahaha and she to sleep?

  115. My most rocky moments are at all hours I have an 8-year-old boy who is in a replica phase all day and my 21-month-old baby who does not stop all day because it is an earthquake hehe. Thanks x this raffle I love it !!!

  116. My rockiest moment was the first time Luca pee on me. I noticed something warm on the leg and ... prize! After those there have been several but I was already warned!
    Congratulations on the blog!

  117. The biggest moment of mine was with 10 days in his first photo session His first pee on top of potato

  118. My biggest moment was knowing that I was pregnant with my puppy and the most rocker to see him for the first time of course!
    Congratulations girls giveaway !! ????????

  119. Rock moments like when you look bad because your girls under 5 years old run or laugh playing ... and make you want to take off the horns ... or when after ironing you turn around and they have thrown the mountain of clothes ... scream like a real heavy metal..or the older one appears full of lice..and you would like to shake your mane in the wind to expel some possible unwanted tenant….

  120. I can't choose a single moment, every day motherhood is a real Rock & Roll ... All moms are rockers !!! Thanks for this piece is raffle! Muuak

  121. My most rocker moment was the other day that we premiered the Ramones bag that with this Bugaboo would be great, if we are lucky

  122. My rock moment is to see the face of happiness of my 4-year-old when his sister kicks him inside.

  123. My most rock / heavy moment was when my "blond" threw up on me sitting on my uncles' sofa, staining the new sofa, all my clothes (interior and exterior), all of his and my hair. I went white ... Luckily they understood perfectly. By the way a super giveaway !!

  124. My child is a very sucker and that has caused me different difficult situations, the most annoying has been to vomit in my mouth pretending to be superman, that marked me.
    Congratulations on this great blog.

  125. 8 months pregnant at the concerts in the main square of my city !!! How my little girl was moving !!

  126. Congratulations!! A great year that has served us well.
    Well, rock time is when my 8-month-old decides that she wants a tit and she starts to undress me, literally, wherever we are and accompanied by their corresponding screams. But to say that I love it !! ?

  127. My most rocker moment is on Sundays, when my little one wakes us up with a slap! And is that the colechar is a wonder until your son gives you the best slaps of your life!

  128. Most pregnant the pregnancy I had, lived in it toilet, I could not move from there, I had a terrible time. The delivery was better what I went through was a hunger, I told the doctors to bring me an omelette sandwich, the most beautiful thing was that in the impulsive they cut a lock of hair before leaving, I loved it.Thanks for the draw, greetings

  129. My rockiest moment as a mom was when after a thousand and one problems at the beginning of breastfeeding, everything was finally behind us and we both started enjoying it both over five months !! Now with 15 months, everything is happiness! Hopefully we can enjoy that Bugaboo rocker and congratulations on this year and that many more come !! ?????

  130. My heaviest moment ... every day when my little one messes with me, many times for nonsense, jijiji I hope that the least expected day we remember as an anecdote and they have already passed

  131. Thanks for the first draw! Hopefully get lucky!
    The hottest moments are when you wake up after falling asleep on the sofa in an oversight and your son has painted your face with a red marker! I'm going to be an artist!
    Luck! Now 24 weeks pregnant again!

  132. Thank God I have had many cane moments with my girl, who has many good falls, the most recent being two and a half years old, she was looking at the buses very concentrated, and I was sweeping when I told her, Victoria pick up your toys, and she without flinching, then I said "nothing like if I spoke to the wall" at that time of turning and he said to me, mom, when you finish talking to the wall, if you want, you can talk to me !! Haha sometimes I don't want to laugh but it is inevitable ...

  133. My rockiest moment will be when I see the positive after months and months of searching and I can take my baby on the bugaboo

  134. The rock moment would be if the Bee touched me ... if necessary, I would plant the Rolling shirt for him ...?
    Draw ... hopefully it will touch me ☺️
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity ...

  135. My rockiest moment was when my twins had only 2 little tables and I took them to a concert of "Heredeiros da crus" outdoors. With the noise there and they like two little girls. We returned home at 2 in the morning and they like nothing. It was very big

  136. My most 'Rocker' moment of motherhood ”was when I started singing at the top of my lungs with my 4-year-old daughter and my 15-month-old son AC / DC in the maternity ward of the hypermarket… We love rock… I'm still 2 Do you love me?

  137. Is this giveaway fantastic?
    The most rocky moment of motherhood I think they are all. At least since my little one wakes up, he does not stop for a second is very restless and I like that he has every point of fantasy and funny. I love it every time he gets up drinks water and says mommy and I watered my heart to be happy one more day. She is two years old and together with her two month old sister they are the best thing that has happened to me.

  138. The rockiest moment was when I found out that I was pregnant with my second child, the first came after a long time looking for her and after two IVFs.
    Thank you!

  139. My rockiest moment, when My 3-year-old daughter rips off my lipstick and appears "painted" with them hahaha we love this car we want it <3

  140. I love it !!!! Our rock and roll moment is when he bundles up to chatter pointing at everything he sees and we don't understand it at all !! what kind of witchcraft is this !!! xD

  141. The poorest or heaviest moment was an illusive April 18, I had two weeks left for delivery and I had small pains until I took a shower and I was half dead when I went to take a shower of the pains that were clear to me. I leave without imagining that it was that day. Well, or can I think of anything else to do with my husband in the car from Torrelavega Cantabria to Bilbao? The worst trip of my life was dreary of everything. The worst thing that when I arrived after an hour they gave me that I was dilated, I did not have it on the highway because I did not break waters hahahahakak

  142. My rockiest moment was when I saw his face for the first time after a very hard delivery !! ???

  143. Let's see if we are lucky!
    The most rocky laments are each fall he has with his rag tongue, in which we do not stop laughing.

  144. Uuuuf there are many moments but undoubtedly the most rocker is the one I live now ... pregnant for 39 weeks and 2 days with a child already 2 years and 1 month, in the midst of an existential crisis, entering this cool summer with my elephant legs ... No I know if it would touch me but of course it is beautiful and super original and we would be dead!

  145. My biggest moment was when I saw that my 6-hour-old daughter was pouting and whining because she knew that we would immediately get her out of the crib in the hospital…. and still just as terrible !!!!! Every day is smarter !!!!!

  146. I love the draw !!! I still have my chick in the oven, but we already have rock moments! As when he doesn't stop kicking and moving when we both play music at home !!

  147. I love Bee !!!
    My moment ...
    When they told me in November that I would never be a mother… .and two months later I started to vomit like a crazy woman because of my pregnancy !!!

  148. There is a moment that is not, is the most extreme experience that I have ever lived ... being a mom. Good luck and I love the chair.

  149. He asks me, and I have a daughter who couldn't be more of a rocker. I'll just tell you that when she doesn't want to get up, we play music for her and she jumps out of bed. So I point and cross my fingers!
    Thanks for the giveaway: *

  150. bufff rock moments muchoossss but without a doubt the most intense is having two daughters that take 14 months and not knowing a few times a day where to go ... If the one who cries nonstop and you do not know what happens to him because of the baby he is or the one that you don't listen to and you don't know specifically in which part of the house it is and think about the one that may be messing ...

  151. My rock moment is when my 13-month-old boy is screaming and scampering around the house and suddenly he stops, he looks at me and starts running towards me with his arms averted he says ayyyyyyy! and gives me a hug that makes me melt myself!

  152. Whowww !! This car is absolutely perfect! From the moment I felt the first pass of my Leo I knew that this child was running full blast! I spent the pregnancy putting music on my belly and I can say that there are songs that he remembers and with which we dance and do skin to skin! It's something amazing! My little Leo is almost 18 months old and it is my whole life! And of course he loves music and he's a dancer, he dances in the car, at home, on the street… Until Sunday was the first day we got in a car at the fair and he was riding in a car and waving and dancing !!! Good luck to all and thank you for this piece of raffle !! ⭐

  153. a very rocky moment was in my pregnancy listening to a little Extremoduro in the car my baby began to move a lot, I think he liked the music, now I put it on and he dances and everything, he is a dancer!

  154. The only sugar cane moment, for me very cold that I have had, was the first kick he gave me, but I have no doubt that it will not be the last!

  155. I have had many rock moments since I have four children! And for me any moment is good! A kiss, a hug, a look! But I remember him saying that he was going to give birth to my fourth children who, as I already knew what was waiting for me, decided to put up with everything at home! And he didn't even give me time to lie down on the stretcher that was already coming out!

  156. Ugh… how difficult and to choose a moment !! I would say that at 4 in the morning when the two little ones start to cry !!

  157. I think that the rockiest moments have been since the pregnancy, I have always put rock, AC / DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Extremoduro, Marea, Platero and You, Ska-p (especially Ska-p), anyway, who has heard of bull, and of course now also, in fact every day we eat listening to rock, no television, always listening to rock, get used to good music since childhood!

  158. What a cool draw !!! ????
    Every day with my child is a rock day, he is a scoundrel and now that he knows how to crawl, rare the day that he does not mess it up.

  159. It looks very comfortable apart from that it has to be light. My little girl could use it very well. Luck!!!!

  160. My rock moment is when I go to the supermarket and when I am about to leave he sees the kinder eggs.
    Before I would take her and we would go out but now with the little one I lack hands

  161. I said that on the first day no visit would come, just the grandparents, go check on some haha

  162. I love the car !!!! My biggest moment when I start with contractions and he asked me with my oldest son to do a school job, because he knew that otherwise he would not be able to take it ... I was saying to my husband my son will never value this !! Ha ha ha at least they made it stand out

  163. But the coolest chair, I love it and it hits me a lot! Rock moments are all, I would not know how to choose, since he peels her, the girl has to eat and I give her the tit because I have no reason to hide (I have had many punks moment) to throw myself with her on the swings and enjoy myself more, live the nenis and a lot of rock & roll¡¡¡¡¡ 😉

  164. My rock moments are in the morning, I have returned to recover part of my adolescence, but I wear national rock from the 90s (Extremoduro, Marea ..) I do not work during the day. It is my new coffee!

  165. My rockiest moment was when I saw my son born, after three days of pain, forces, suckers and vaginal marriage, my life was finally born with 4,500gr, filling me with the purest love. Love at first sight !!, kisses and luck to all.

  166. Hi! My rockiest moment was the first time I stayed with my little girl alone at home, she kept crying because of the bloody colic and I almost tears of helplessness for not knowing what to do. A kiss

  167. When we go in the car and my little boy cries it seems like a heavi metal song of how scandalous it is .. And then I go and turn on the radio at full volume and not even big and I'm dancing .. Like crazy ...

  168. Congratulations on the year !!! Now to continue adding.
    Rock moments? I stay when she goes with her Ramones sweatshirt, all thug with 14 months that she has!

  169. It is nice to see how the different brands of products for babies and moms remember and respect the different feelings and ways of seeing and understanding motherhood. Both brands and blogspot bring us products to the most powerful and hip moms and that's great. rock & roll. Thank you!!!!

  170. The bee is very cool hopefully we can touch and we can enjoy more concerts but this time with the girls. The last one I went to was very pregnant and I enjoyed it just the same. Have if there is luck and it touches us.

  171. My rock moment is not just one, I have many throughout the week with the two dwarfs ??! But one day, in the pool showering the three-year-old, with the three-month-old dwarf in her arms (we are almost with the sponge in the mouth) a heat of dying in the locker room, and when drying my dwarf can think of nothing else but to go see the "friend" with whom he swims and start to give him "little touches" pointing his finger at his "Butt" ... oh my god it's hot, and I couldn't take it because I had the other one on top and although I said "why are you going to pupa it" the aunt didn't stop "who is mom, what is it ???" "earth swallow me" attack / nervous laugh ?? ???

  172. The poorest moment when I take a bath and put my crested hair on
    More rocker style, I love to make the crests with the bath foam?

  173. What a pass of stroller !!!! I love it for Arlet and it fits my style.

    I am 30 weeks old and my rock moment was when 1 day apart they told me that my daughter would be a girl and the next day a boy. He was 16 weeks old and I thought ... Either he has a very short dick or he has a clitoris like a truck.
    Poor dear!!!!

  174. My most rocky moment when my baby, who is now 10 months old, moved so much in my belly that it was noticeable from the inside and that made it was and is very present in me, it is the best thing I have in life, it seems incredible as such a person small can do this in the lives of human beings, I love the new bugaboo bee rocker and more if my daughter Giselle wears it as a ring to her finger says a lot about her personality ???? I love her

  175. My two kids in the car, and I with the radio at 50,000…. I hope I have this moment with that piece of car

  176. Well, I am going to tell you about my 'Rocker' Moment of parenthood, yes we have rock moments too !! and those start when mommy comes out and I stay with my 2 beasts !!

  177. My 'Rocker' Moments with only 11 months calling my brother-in-law's dog, CHESTER and very clear… ..

  178. Well, we have had many rock moments and with a lot of roll, it is now 32 months and we are waiting for another baby. Lately he has some very rock-and-roll anger, it shows that he is developing a personality with a lot of rock and roll hehehe.

  179. My rocker moment is X at night, when after suckling, you sleep him in his arms for a while and when he leaves him in his crib uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he starts crying like crazy and you look at the time and think »buuuf there is little left for the next shot…. "Nights without sleep

  180. Rock moments are each and every moment with our children! The best ones are to share music festivals with them and see how from the first months of life they feel as trapped by music as mom and dad !!!!!

    Leading by example is the best so we choose to culturalize our little ones to the maximum so that little by little they find the pleasure of «consuming culture» for themselves !!! Hey ho let's go !!!!!

  181. Our rock moment has been when we have made a guitar as a craft for the nursery and we have danced rock & roll !!

  182. Rock moments is when your son repeats everything he hears, and beware if a taco has ever escaped you because he will drop it where you least expect it, like in a funeral, land swallow me !!

  183. My most rocker moment of motherhood is at night, when my tummy swells and I stay as if I've danced rock'n roll all day ;-)

  184. M rocker moment was when I said to the matron listen look at me and I notice that it comes out, and it says it can't be if you haven't had labor pains and you looked and my girl had the head out

  185. My most rocker moment is when we play Coldplay and my little one moves like a man possessed !!

  186. My heaviest moment to date is every time I say NO I want nobody in the hospital and when they come to see me, instead of chocolates they bring me a good Serrano ham !!! I leave accounts in August and in Coruña they no longer do the toxeoplasmosis test… .so here without ham and washing lettuce with bleach !!

  187. Our last rock moment was when we had to get the teti in a Communion inside the Church because it was more than 38º outside !!! LOL

  188. My son is 5 months old and everyone says that he is like a little hooligan, he grabs your hair and slaps you that you don't see ... bath time is a fight because he has already learned to splash around and leaves everything soaking wet.
    En face Eva LG

  189. I have had many rock moments since I had my mellis but the first night at home we were super overwhelmed with an impressive wind and my children did not stop crying, so they spent three days with the whole camp set up in the living room, until my husband had the wonderful idea to put them in your room, since then everything fine. We thought we were never going to spend the first night.

  190. Hi. Congratulations on the birthday.
    My most rocky moment has been, when my 3-year-old dwarf started guitarizing a queen on a sideboard…. People were dying of laughter.

  191. I am in full rock moment My girl is 20 days old and has gas, I gig every night and I have another two-year-old baby that she wakes up, this is rock and roll. This bugaboo totally hits me !!!!

  192. Yesterday, for example, I found my little one dancing like crazy. And I ask where the panties are? And he said I have fallen from dancing so much! ??? They are the most!

  193. Our rock moment is from when we get up to bedtime at night! And more when he gets in the car and starts dancing !! There is no song that you don't like

  194. Since I have become a grandmother my grandson has filled my days with dancing and smiles !! He is a dancer !! I love this car !! It is perfect!!

  195. I love it! Rock moments… pfff too many… it's what having a heavy daddy has! It is putting megadeth and not being able to stop shaking your head hahahaha

  196. I love the bee, it has me in love. Let's see if we are lucky.
    A rociero moment with my little ones is when the oldest, 22 months old does not want to go in the donkey, I let her go alone and she wants to be the one who takes the cart with her 7-month-old brother up

  197. My most rocky moments are when we put extreme music at home to the fullest and the dwarf dances it which is pleasant !! This cart is perfection !!

  198. My heaviest moment was being able to exhibit a pot belly on the beach if complexes, even the day before running and everything ???

  199. She is still very small, but my most rocker moment is every time she says mama so clearly! Do I melt? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  200. My rock moment is when my little one gets up ready to prepare breakfast for mom and dad and wants us while we stay in bed. He is only 30 months old.

  201. My rockiest moment was when my son-in-law called me to tell me my daughter was in labor, I started to get ready and he said that he already has her in his arms uhmmm

  202. My most 'rocker' moment was undoubtedly the day I went to the doctor for a simple cold and they told me that I am 11 weeks pregnant and that she is a girl ... That is 'rock & roll'

  203. My name rocker that day that in the rush I forgot to put the lactation discs and I came to the pediatrician with all the wet shirt

  204. I have had many rock moments in the 10 months my little girl has, but without a doubt the one I remember without stopping to laugh was: New Year, January 1, the whole family dressed as handsome men eating in a restaurant, I did not stop going to the bathroom I had to throw up something because I had to fall ill last night, and one of those times when I come back, my father tells me ... I think he pooped, it smells bad (he had it sitting on his legs) when he lifts it up to give it to me ... came to the head, dress, shoes, bodie, tights ... and dad's shirt and pants that looked like a Picasso! ? I could not stop laughing, the whole restaurant looked at us as right there we took absolutely all the clothes from the little one and we tied it up like a mummy in a blanket !!! UP HAD NOT HAVE PUT ANOTHER MOVE !!! First-time mother stuff ???? Thank goodness we were at dessert because we had to run away?

  205. My heaviest moment was when after a long search and I knew I was waiting for my little one. From then on, all the moments are being heavys and wonderful at the same time ... and for heavy my belly ...

  206. My rockiest moment is to continue giving him the tit with 1 year that you have to listen to the comments of the people. .. anyway!

  207. My little one has rock moments all day. It's a rocker baby !! Put music from any rock group and start dancing, with your arm up ... your favorite group the Rolling 🙂

  208. My heaviest moment was when I found out that I was pregnant with my fifth child, (who is now two months old) I sent a statement to family and friends congratulating ourselves. … To rockanrolearrr hahaha?

  209. One of the rockiest moments is when I listen to my 3 year old boy singing Lenny Kravitz songs!

  210. My heaviest moment was when the gynecologist made a mistake with another record and told us that we were expecting twins !!!

  211. I would be delighted if he touched me !!!
    The journey of my little rocker has just started, he has almost 5 months and every day he does something new, he is a reveler and he loves to be seeing everything, he just wants to keep an eye on him and telling him things he has us in love.
    Let's see if we are lucky and we touch the chair!

  212. Congratulations! I just discovered you, but I'm definitely staying !! My little one 5 months ago for the week and one of her rock and roll moments when she started laughing out loud with two months !!!

  213. Our rockiest moment is hanging the speaker in the stroller and dancing with the three oldest and the fourth in the car! (since it has four children already, it is for few!)

  214. Rock moment? My two little ones and I walking along the beach and listening to rock and gol (radio station) thank you very much for the raffle

  215. The rockiest moment is every day after your bath and bottle. You get a high, no hsy who stop it, thanks for the draw

  216. Rock moment when we put heavy music at home and the little one starts dancing like crazy lol

  217. My son is very intense, so from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed I live moments of heavys

  218. Our biggest moment is every afternoon, the dances we have together My son Leo (3 months old) and I with The Beatles and Coldplay !! This boy is doing a lot of walking with how small he is jijjjj

  219. Elia gives rock'n roll to our lives every day !!! And what awaits us in a few days is wonderful when her sister arrives! So we will have rock of pure hehehe but we love it !!! And we love this bugaboo edition !!! Regards

  220. My moment is when I put Fito and Fitipaldis while pregnant and kept kicking me, and rocker butt comes out !! The chair I see is amazing!

  221. My most intense moments are when we have been at home all day without going out and the little one cannot take it anymore, I put the music on full blast so that he can dance and wear off that intense energy that he has. I love the chair, it's beautiful !!

  222. Lately he has been hitting us with some very rocky vomiters in the form of a fountain and at the most unexpected moment xD

  223. My rockiest moment is when I have to go up the four floors to go home with the car that is dead, the child, the shopping and the child's backpack. It's a kaos! The bugaboo Bee would be great since it is small and weighs very little. Luck!! ?

  224. I've always been super rock was! You only have to know the name of my princess to corroborate it! Her name is Gaia (to those who know Wizard of Oz, they will know what I'm talking about hehehehehe)
    Another of my rockiest moments during pregnancy was when being 8 and a half months pregnant I planted myself at a concert that Estopa gave in Malaga in December last year !!!
    And well, to comment that my girl only knows rock lullabies, stands still in her belly she listened to a guitar and started to stick cans, so imagine now! Ha ha ha ha ha ha
    In short, to curl the curl I only have left that the gordi and I can walk our rock bodies with this piece of stroller!

  225. The most annoying moment was when he made a poop propelled a meter and a half away (measured with a meter and everything), he came to the table and stained my camera backpack: 0

  226. My rocker moment is the long sleepless nights as if I had been partying all night and still had not come home hahaha….

  227. My heavy moment is when I was in labor, that day there was a lot of noise in the delivery room. My midwife had just checked me and told me that when I felt a lot of pressure to let me know, I told my boy to look out to see that he was "cooking around" and "plaff!", A broken bag all over his face and running to call to the matron, the little hair already appeared to his surprise, who had just left.

  228. My most rocker moments were the long sleepless nights and the infinite tiredness that we felt in the mornings, I woke up fatal but only when I saw his face did all the ills pass me by

  229. Wow, little stroller! I have several very cool rock moments! One of them is every time I try to eat solid! Yes, solid! At 16 months it is costing me ... Well, rock moments! ?

  230. The heaviest, most rocker moment was without a doubt the delivery. What dolooooooorrrr !!!!
    I wanted an epidural at all costs, but for "many" reasons beyond my control (a very hippy midwife touched me) the delivery was completely natural and ... he was very rocker 🙁

    I hope my next rock moment is walking this beautiful Bugaboo Bee Diesel. That will surely be a happier moment!

  231. My most rocker moment was when I first felt the kicks of my little baby ... and luckily I continue to enjoy these beautiful rock and roll moments every day 😉

  232. My most rocker or heavy moment (rather) was recently, in one of those silly last minute hours of my little one, who gave me to put the heaviest music that I like since I was a teenager at full speed, dancing with the two (small1 -4years- and small2 -3 months at that time-) as if he was giving everything in a concert, venting ;-).

  233. My super Rocker and Heavy moment was one day changing his diaper on a terrace of a bar. I put him on the table and just when I take off his diaper he spills a poop trickle on the table next to it ... he put the food and drink losses of poop jjaaajajja
    Was it expensive to change his diaper that day there?

  234. My rockiest moment was when I found out that I was pregnant ... From there I knew that it was going to change my life and that's how it has been! Unforgettable!

  235. What a draw !!!
    I live rock moments every day with my two churumbeles jjjj, they have been listening to music from the belly.
    Thank you for the draw.
    A greeting.

  236. I love it! Very handsome, we would look great! My most rocker moment with my daughter was a week ago when we were bathing together because she started with a fever and suddenly, poof! The bath changed color my poor little girl had a sore gut….

  237. I sign up, you cool cart! My last rock moment with Luis has been a while ago that I have planted a kiss on his face and he has thrown his butt on me ... that happens to me as heavy hahaha

  238. The most rocky moments are every day with my 4-year-old son, it is quite awkward but above all the time of the shower, which is a non-stop bathroom looks like a pool and on top I have to put the little girl 3 months away because she hates not seeing us

  239. Our life started to be rock & roll from the moment we found out that a mini person was forming inside me! And after that moment all the following, feel it, your first kicks and flutter!
    But like that moment that you have it on for the first time, that is really cool and special! And after that, see his mischief, new discoveries, and how he moves the skeleton to the rhythm of AC / DC with his aunt the rocker!

    CONGRATULATIONS for this first year of Blog, which is fantastic! And thanks for every raffle you do! ????

  240. I love this bee !!! Rock moments I have some other. Concert of acdc with tummy and natural delivery without epidural singing !!! And the one I like the most is the one every morning when my skinny guy wakes up, that's where the good rock and roll begins!

  241. My heaviest moment of motherhood was the day I was going to do the first Christmas photo report for my two little ones after the baby was born.
    Everything was calm and almost ready to go out the door, my older boy was humming happily sitting on the floor with his sister while I finished my makeup ... When suddenly, I go to grab the lipstick and it was gone! Fearing the worst, I turn my head and discover my eldest son with red lips like Marilyn Monroe putting on the face of the 9-month-old baby like a true Picasso. "We are getting handsome, he told me"
    I did everything I could to clean both of their faces, in addition to changing clothes at full speed, and when we got to the studio I almost died!
    The photographer thought that the girl was sick because in all the photos she came out with a red face and also did not stop crying!
    So to avoid discovering the cake, I touched the girl and said, hiding ... "Oops, this girl has a fever, she is very hot!" Finally, I managed to get an appointment for another day, what a rush. I swear at that moment I wanted to be swallowed up by the earth. And thank goodness that the elder did not reveal his feat ... Rock and Roll in its purest form !!! Ouuu yeaaah.

    Congratulations on this wonderful year !!!

  242. I love !!! Thank you very much for the draw !!! ??? Well, choosing a single sugar cane moment is difficult because for 3 years since my oldest daughter has had every day they are the most and since 20 days ago that I have become twin with my second princess there is not a single minute that is not rock and roll in my house !!!

  243. In all the houses, especially with children, there is a lot of good rock and roll. In mine there is no lack and it never is missing. Thank you very much for doing this giveaway !!

  244. Motherhood has brought us many rock moments full of adrenaline? but without a doubt, with this car it would be the daddy, a biker that paternity has left him without a motorcycle, hehe, the one who "would rock and roll" with the little one walking at full speed both together free and feeling a little rebellious !!!

  245. One of the most rocky moments was when we were still playing David Bowie music while he was still in the gut and he wouldn't stop moving!

  246. Hello, I would love to walk with this cart
    My heaviest moment was the day I was born, to see that little thing in my arms and think that it had formed inside me, it was a very beautiful and heavy moment at the same time

  247. My rockiest moment was just after delivery when my daughter was shown to me and I started crying; the medical team said in unison "Oooohhh, mommy was so excited". And I shouted «that you do not host, that she is ugly of cohones. I don't take that bug. NO. NO!!!".
    It should be noted that the girl was born with two spans of black hair on her head and on top, Songoku seemed.

  248. My rocker moment in every sense of the word has been at bedtime; Since I was little I used to play children's music and nothing; the day I put rock on them they automatically complained asleep within 5 minutes; Now the older one with 3 shakes her head and starts to dance while the little one with 1 moves her arms, claps and yawns?

  249. The most rocky moment of my baby is when his mother is breastfeeding him and he starts to slap his hands as if he was dancing, I think he makes a total party when he gets his shot haha hopefully and be lucky because I need the seat thank you very much

  250. My baby has not been born yet, but I tell you my most rocker moment with him and that is that when I put music on I put my helmets to my guts so that he listens to the music and you can't imagine how much he must be dancing hehehe when I'm born I don't even want to imagine the march that your mother will have 😀 I hope you're lucky and you can enjoy this Bugaboo Bee Diesel Rock so you can enjoy dancing in it 🙂

  251. Rock moments when I put the music at home and my little girl writhes in her crib dancing when she still doesn't even know how to rock rock with our little ones !!!!

  252. The heaviest moment ?. Well my girl is still little but I remember being pregnant, when I was kicking and my partner put his hand to notice she always stopped, and my partner was screaming a lot hehe. One night she was super active and I tell her look put your hand and the girl swims, she stood ... in one of those she put her hand and released such a kick that my boyfriend gave such a jump in bed that I'm still watching him jump lol. It was amazing piece patadon !!! Cristiano Ronaldo would love her hahaha

  253. My rock moment is when at about four in the morning he gets up as if it were eleven and you almost just went to bed and he looks for you to play and you end up giving everything as if you were partying with 18 years at the best concert of your lifetime

  254. My rockiest moment is when we put music at home and we all dance, my 30-month-old baby tries to teach the rhythm to his 2-month-old brother.

  255. My daughter is counter-nature. Instead of playing with her things, what she likes the most is cleaning the house, hanging clothes, making the bed and running after the dog to comb her hair and feed her. Or else, look at books and paint the face of all the photos that appear in #heavytotal magazines. (And he is only 18 months old). We will see when he is older if he also collaborates.
    Kisses to all <3

  256. It is super cool !!! It looks very light and comfortable. And it is a car that you can take advantage of. From k to 3 years old! I want it

  257. Ohhhhh I love it !!!!! Our rock moments are all because we do not stop at all to take our 9 month old baby anywhere that is why we love this chair because it can handle everything !!!!!

  258. I love this car !! My most rocky moment, when the 4 of us go in the car, singing and dancing like crazy, any catchy song that they put on the radio

  259. My rockiest moment was tonight, at 3:15 in the morning, with the boy sick with chickenpox and 39 with fever. I don't know if it was a rock moment or heavy metal!

  260. How cool !! The heaviest moment ... it would be this piece of car that will take me to take my 5-month-old peke! I love it!

  261. My roauero moment began in childbirth where 12 with oxytocin and a nurse with the music turned to full blast in the next room and my daughter was born with a march because she did not stop screaming in 3 months haha. Aora dances all the music that a roker listens to

  262. When we put a video on YouTube on the TV in the living room and I dance with my 2 little ones and my older son gives us all "rock hair" even if it is rather a punk crest of a lifetime, haha

  263. Good! The most rocky moment of motherhood is for me, on Saturday mornings, when we dance rock around the house while the children play and I put what I can (we love rock at home, all four;)) and we we had a great time rock and weekend!

  264. The most Rocker moment of motherhood is when you finally think that you are going to have a relaxing moment, you sit down and… ..mamaaaaaaa…

  265. My rock moment is when my daughter is crying and my son is screaming at the same time ... I think they both do a good duet !!! Any day I give him a bass and a battery and that they dedicate themselves to that !! Hahahahaha the little girl with only two months is ready for any concert !!! Never sleeps!!!!

  266. Well for me the most rocker moment when I see my daughter watching tutorials on the toy youtube. And after a few months I hear her say hello little friends !!!!! And start explaining just like the girl in the tutorial !!!!

  267. Ayyy, I love this cart, hopefully, and I will touch it for my second baby, well on the way? I had a bee plus and the experience has been fantastic and my girl loved to walk and sleep in the undoubtedly the best cart in the world

  268. Congratulations on the first year! I love this bee rock! Let's see if we have luck. Well, our rock moments are when at night I put her in bed and she starts crying, but you look at her and she laughs and so she even falls asleep… what a joke !! Good luck to everyone!

  269. Well, it was when my oldest son, who just turned 2 years old, at 3 weeks old made an explosive poop during the diaper change that splashed curtains, wall, door, the father, me and himself. And just when we were late for my mother-in-law's cumy. The worst thing is that I was wearing the only decent thing I was worth and I had to change and go with a few pints….

  270. I love it since I saw it in a shop window decorated super rocker I would love it if it touched me and Bruno sure that he loves it

  271. My rocker moment I have not yet lived, I have just been a mom and I am sure that my little one will make me live more than one !!! Good luck to all!

  272. I love this car !!! Rock moments of motherhood hahahaha is when my baby looks at me with those little eyes of pillín that he has and to die of LOVE !!
    Thanks x the draw

  273. My rockiest moment is when unknown people when they see that my daughter does not have holes in her ears, say in surprise "come on, if you don't have any!" and I respond with total naturalness «already, it is that he was born without them».

  274. My rock moment is every morning when I wake up with my two little ones, 27 and 4 months old. The eldest has the bugaboo diesel channel and the youngest, if it were bee rock, would it be the most complete rock family?

  275. My rockiest moment was when, at just 5 months old, being in the hospital they took off the cast due to a hip problem and he spent the day laughing, screaming and singing (as babies do of course). I think I will never forget!
    By the way, what a great draw! Luck

  276. 'Rocker' moments of motherhood: when the baby does not want to eat. At home she messes around brown. We mobilized the grandmother who lives for miles to come and give her a picnic! Ainsss my baby how capricious haha

  277. Well, I don't have any "rocker" moments but I have to say that it is quite heavy to have 2 different ages a 5-year-old brother and in no time a sister, yes mother and daughter giving tit?
    Let's see if I am lucky, luck to all.

  278. I love this model !! My rockiest moment is when I am alone with the kids and they cry and the duo joins the dog (Kratos, a French bulldog). The little ones have the oldest 3 years old this month and the youngest 3 months.

  279. Rock moments all the time with two at home, we are a patchwork family and every day is an adventure. Baby laughter and superheroes populate my life !! What more can I ask for ... thanks for the draw !!

  280. I love the caroo wooo !!!! My most rocker moment was the day we took my baby's photo session with 8 days and he pooped inside the basket they had for the photos haha he was still asleep peacefully jiji

  281. Rock moment. My older girl singing with a microphone and guitar when she was 2 years old and the 4-month-old girl laughing with her. I love the complicity that they have.

  282. I need that car. is superior to me !! Jii ay so many rock moments ... For example when my son tells me to collect the toys ... How do I tell you! What a lorito is done.

  283. I love it! ! This car is made for me ha ha ha. Many rock moments with my two little ones. One of 4 years and the other of 15 months. With the first one, when I went into labor between contraction and contraction, I ate a sandwich in case they didn't give me anything in the hospital because I was very hungry. There. ..with the pain of dying and everything and me hahaha And when the dwarf was born, then give her tit while drying her brother after the bath ... or when I catch her biting the potatoes with skin and the greengrocer's tomatoes ... ..with her life is very heavy. Haha

  284. A cane moment is when you shit up the nape of the neck, the cape falls off all the and you do not even know where to grab it….

  285. The most rocky moment, really good punk, was the kicks he gave me in the gut in the concert of the lendhakaris who are seen to love them!

  286. Rock moment in motherhood! ?? I would not know where to start hahahaha all motherhood is a very rock, sometimes heavier than others but without a doubt since the churumbel appears everything turns everything upside down and as in rock it is just a matter of knowing how to dance to get away! !! Hahahaha I hope I win since I have a cam and as you say I love and hate it in equal parts hahaha

  287. The most rocker moment with my 3-month-old baby listens to music and does not stop moving his body, he is such a small rocker and he already carries it in his veins like his dad hehe I need this cart since I do not have any and put the star of rock

  288. rock and heavy is when the kid finally falls asleep and suddenly the other calls you with a cry from mamaaaaaa arrrrggggg !!!! I love the design is it cool Chuli chulisimo?

  289. I love it!!!???? rock moment when we go to a store and when I realize everything that is within reach at the ground!

  290. Our rockiest moment is the bathroom, without a doubt! My two bugs in the bath splashing, all the bathroom splashed, foam everywhere and laughs !! The thing does not end there, then it's time to run to put the cream, diaper, pajamas ... quite an adventure !! hahaha but I do not change these moments for anything in the world, they fill me with life!

  291. Rock moment is to see the positive in that pregnancy test, to see how your tripita is growing and to know that two hearts beat in the same body, feel those first kicks, prepare everything there was and for having for the big day, feel the pain of contractions and notice that fear of the unknown ... and suddenly ... booom !! You know the great love of your life. That is a rock moment where there are and that you will NEVER ... forget. From there you just have to learn to dance rock and roll. Thanks my little Martina.

  292. Our most "heavy" moment is when the rock star of the house has a bath. He likes water so much that with only six months to live he gives us a huge scream accompanied by a wave of arms and legs, a show of total lokura and a desire to rock and roll in the water every time he senses bath time.

  293. My life is rocker in general. My daughters listen to rock since I carried them in my belly. And the truth, it is amazing to notice them kicking the rhythm of Extremoduro. And listen to them in the car when we go to the nursery to sing the songs with half a tongue.

  294. Rock moments with my baby happen throughout the day! Now with 23 months he has given up singing, he is a singer, he says everything singing, hahahaha and I burst out laughing with him ... he has me crazy!

  295. The rockiest moment was the first time he started to laugh out loud ... and every time he does.

  296. I hope it touches me mi. My rocker moment is to see my father in a wheelchair playing the imaginary battery and my 15-month-old son imitating him moving his head to the rhythm of ...

  297. I love it!! I hope it touches me, we have had many moments but I remember one especially when I went to the preparatory gymnastics for childbirth, all hallucinated with my paunch moving from side to side, little ball went into spin mode, quite a show

  298. My rockiest moment is when I eat something sweet, my baby moves a lot! We have little left to see his face!

  299. I love this design !!
    Our rockiest moment has been, without a doubt, the birth of our children.

  300. What a cool cart! Super contest, let's see if I'm lucky !!!!
    Our most rocker moment has been when to sleep the children, we did not know lullabies, and then we sang David Bowie, Katy Perry, U2, REM, Depeche Mode, even the Bieber ... and so the children came out, who do not know who are the gamers 😉

  301. I have two months left to be a mom…. So at the moment my most rocky moments are the infernal nausea of the first months, the ardor and those niceties that make me rock moments that remain to come… ..

  302. Very cool stroller! For me the most rocker moment is to see how smiling he is! A dancer who doesn't even stop sleeping! And all the moments since I arrived almost 14 months ago because every day is a new discovery! Happy Anniversary!!

  303. Rocker moment ... When the little girl was in the bike seat with her sunglasses and feeling that she was in her own harley, she reached out her little arm, then her forefinger and so, pointing and looking with her head half raised, she greeted those who we crossed, super funny. 🙂

  304. One of my rock moments with my son was when I left him for a moment without a diaper in the playpen and when he came back with a clean diaper to put it on, he had pooped and decided to prove that it was ... there was poop everywhere, there was no way to remove it the smell of m .. of the hair.

  305. The most poignant and rocky moments with my little ones are many, but I love it when the big one (2 years old) starts to sing loudly and in her language it is mythical songs !! I think ... we will go to concert together in no time !! Haha

  306. My most rocky moment when they ask me how long I plan to breastfeed and I say until I want a child and as if it is until I come of age. People can't look at me worse! Thanks for the giveaway.

  307. Daily rock moments! When he sings, dances, laughs, when he rides his motorcycle at home, in the park ..! Being a mom is having a rock spirit!

  308. Hello!! My heaviest moment was when I met the two-year-old who is full of cream, but even in the holes in my nose, oh and then I went to the sofa, and it was too full, girls, watch out for creams !! ???

  309. Tenia 38años y una ilusión infinita de ser madre,al ver que no me quedaba en estado acudi a la ginecologa y me hice analiticas y una salpincografia,resulto que solo tenia una trompa permeable y añadiendo mi edad me daban solo un 5%de probabilidad de quedarme embarazada.Sin venirme abajo lo seguimos intentando y sorprendentemente me quede y rompi a llorar como una madalena descargando asi la tensión acumulada por tanto tiempo buscándola.Volvi a que me visitara la misma ginecologa y aluciono y me felicito.El embarazo fue lo más bonito y mejor que me ha pasado en esta vida,vivi cada momento,cada etapa de cada trimestre feliz porque me esta por fin pasando a mi,los vomitos,el ardor,oir los latidos de mi beb,sentir en mi cuerpo sus patadas,fue algo especial y unico y ya ni decir cuando nacio mi preciosa Valeria,rubia y con unos ojos enormes azules mirándome,lo recuerdo todo como si fuera hoy.Gracias hija,que mañana cumpliras10meses.Pero lo más rockero aun si cabe es que vuelvo a estar embarazada aun de muy poquito solo 9semanas que afronto esta nueva etapa con las mismas ganad y ilusión porque quiero que tenga un hermanito y esta vez me quede de super super sorpresa para todos.

  310. I love it !! Matching with my little rocker who is ready to give the note as soon as she does not see her surroundings.
    Already from the restless belly and dances, and so on! Rock moments where there are….

  311. Rock moment ??? when he asks you for a tit at 4 in the morning with all his desire !!! hahahaha

  312. I love the cart !!! It is perfect for my little girl. The most rocky moments are the struggles we have at lunchtime, we both lost, he is almost 7 months old and there is nothing like his teti! Do you have to be patient?

  313. My best rock and roll moment, when I finally took my girl out, with my own hands, and put it on her !! Brutal!!

  314. Congratulations on this great year!
    I love the draw could not be a better gift.
    My most rocker moment was a night that had such heavy contractions that I decided to put music to the fullest to see if he felt identified and at the moment stopped.

  315. Amazing the blog and the cart, it has so much personality !!
    My rockiest moment is when no son decides to get comfortable and take off his pants, whether it's in the supermarket, park or just on the street. Then the chase begins to put them on!

  316. thank you very much and happy anniversary !!!

    Every day I have heavys moments since my second child was born, but even so I do not change my life for anything.

  317. Motherhood is a rock moment all of it. But for a good rocker moment, when this morning my 9-month-old baby stood up by himself, while trying to reach inside his big brother's toy chest. And the eldest and I, having breakfast at the table, go out whistling at the same time, me to avoid the capon, my son to save his toys.

  318. ❤️❤️❤️ That the cart doesn't even fit my hair ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    ?? For heavy of the good my two little witches who are two ☀️☀️but they give cane of the good ????

  319. Our most rocky moment when we go in the car with the music on full blast so that the child does not cry and fall asleep. Rocker has come out

  320. Hello piece of raffle, I love it.

    Well I do not speak as a mother but as the best gift they gave me at the age of 21 and being (no longer) the little cousin xD

    Rocker moment of my cousin Eloy, of course my soul came to me, it was so small, so soft ... I took it and it snuggled in my chest, as if it were his own mommy, that moment came to my soul, and as a result of there one after another, because I have 7-year-old cousins, two 5-year-olds, one 2-year-old and one little table.


    put a baby in your life! xD !!

  321. My favorite rock moment is when I see my little girl with her dad listening to Bruce Springsteen as he takes a bottle

  322. My rock moment is when I go in the car with my 2 little devils and my little devil with music on full blast and everyone to dance

  323. In my house there are a lot of rock moments, from the minute music plays at home in the car. But my special rock moment is when we add rock music to my baby that we are waiting for and it seems that calm comes to his house !!! For me, that moment is special.

  324. I had many heavy moments with my children, but I always remember my 3-year-old girl, when a gentleman told her that he was on the bus in his wheelchair ... Because he had bought his black chair, with the beautiful things that was it pink ?? And because with the older he was, he still went in baby carriages ????
    Ayyy mamma mia ... what an awkward moment, I was trying to silence her, change the subject, but no, erre que erre ... ufffff.
    Children are like that, unpredictable, authentic, natural .... very rocky moments, heavy I have lived with them !!!!

  325. Hello! We had a lot of rock moments but one very heavy and the one I will never forget, was when he was born, when the family and the house came, thanks to the birth of my little angel he became a home, so warm that I couldn't give him a drink because everyone wanted to welcome the newest member of the family.
    And of course, then, the heavy were tb the nights where the new member wanted to play.
    It was heavy but nice, it will stay in my heart forever.

  326. My rocker moment of motherhood is undoubtedly when my 2-year-old babe listens to any type of music and wags her hips while her 6-month-old brother laughs out loud is a spectacular moment !! I am dying of love for my children and the seat would be great for my baby because of how light it is and how to carry my baby and his little sister on a skate?

  327. Our rocker moment ... at home you listen to rock ... and a lot of heavy, the most rocker moment has been to see our baby dance to heavy metal heads, imitating his father. Stop the music and ask… »ma… ma» (more, more).
    Imagine your father's little face. ?

  328. My heaviest moment is when my 7-month-old baby wakes up, I go crazy with him to play and then at night at midnight with all the sleep he wants me to play with him,

  329. Many rock moments in these 20 months with my baby, but walking with this seat would be the most !!! ???? hopefully get lucky!!

    1. My most "heavy" moment every time we tell someone that after the twins the kid has come. Our house is running for a while now.

  330. Rocky moments to mogollón with my 2 pekes, but with this chair they would double, hehe !!!

  331. My most rocker moment is when the music plays and we don't stop dancing and laughing both !! Total rocker !!!!

  332. My most rocker moment was when they could give it to me as a newborn, what more unforgettable moment? Every day with each of your smiles and laughter does that incredible feeling come back to me?

  333. My most rocky moment of the day is when my child wakes up in the morning and calls me to take him and give me a «pa» and a big unconditional hug. How beautiful and how heavy it is to be a mom !!!

  334. Happy Anniversary!
    Every day we have rock moments at home my son loves music and he doesn't stop dancing! Hahaha

  335. Life itself is quite rocky when you have two beautiful 5 and almost 3 years old and another in your growing belly, the best when we get lazy and tickle while we dress up on the bed!

  336. A thousand rock moments but the most recent when my daughter sitting on the teona next to me took advantage of my carelessness to grab my shirt and lower my cleavage and get hooked on the tit…. I wanted a shot !!!!

  337. Moment is when my two children, 3 months and 3 years old, agree that they want me to hold them at the same time and when I hold one the other cries and so in a loop ……

  338. Thousands rock moments! But the one that melts me is when I get home from work and he throws his arms around me with a huge smile, he sticks his head between my neck and my shoulder and says to me: mommy ... I eat it!

  339. Piece of draw !!!! I think that rock moments we all have more or less at the time of the shower, dinner, sleep… .ufffff, but hey, long live motherhood !!! 😀

  340. Our rockiest moment I think was one of the thousand nights that we spent without sleeping and suddenly found ourselves laughing out loud, like children of the situation and of the things that we got to say when despair arrived.
    That moment was priceless !!!

  341. My rockiest moment is when my miniyo takes off his pacifier and approaches me so we can kiss each other, and then he is so happy to put it back on!

  342. Ohhhhhhh !!! I love it!!
    Mother my!! Rock moments With my three musketeers, everything is moments.
    From when they wake up to going to sleep.
    Simple things, like the middle one approaches the little one, and makes him laugh, and the middle one says, look mommy, he obeys me, he laughs !! Hahaha.

  343. My rock moment is when my son starts to make the sound of the town bells with the forks to eat… .it is a great melody

  344. One of the rock moments of my little one is that of the silly tantrums that, now 7 months old, rides and I don't know why.

  345. The sugar cane moment of getting in the car and your son asking to listen to ACDC and Bon Jovi. With the crutch: more altao mamaaa! Say that the dwarf is 2 years old alone. Thanks for not having to listen to the games! Let's see if the baby likes it too !!!

  346. The rock moment of the day is waking up. It is pure energy, it does not stop moving arms and legs and smiling like crazy when I go to the crib. She also loves U2 go babies and I put it on to calm her down and fall asleep.

  347. Congratulations on this year !! and that they are much more !! My rock moment is when I wake up in the morning with the little girl calling me with a huge smile from the cradle ... luck waking up in such a good mood 🙂

  348. I love the seat !!! A few months ago we had a puppy in the house and the whole day is full of games between my girl and the puppy, both rocking leaves us exhausted haha the seat would be perfect to walk them both?

  349. My most rocker moment is at night ... the baby is asking for a tit, the 4-year-old hugging her to sleep and the 9-year-old who is sleepy if she can also get into bed with others.

  350. So cool !!! My rockiest moment is when we go swimming and we wear AC DC in our water mp3!

  351. Our rock moment is when I make my little crests in the bathroom with her hair full of soap, she laughs !!!

  352. The rockiest moment was last Friday, when we passed in front of a rock concert (they are the parties of my city) and my 10-month-old boy started dancing like crazy haha we already know what kind of music he will like

  353. Incredible the rocky vogue! Oooohhhhh yeeeaaaaa !!!
    I think that my most rocky moments are when I breastfeed the little one on the sofa in the living room and the oldest takes the moment to climb onto my back (I seriously think he thinks I am a horse) while in the background we have the 'friendly and relaxing' 'SpongeBob, enlivening us the afternoon with his' sweet and harmonious' voice !!!!

  354. My rocker moment has been every night for 28 months getting up 6-8 times because my baby woke up? And now in August the little brother arrives !! Haber if he sleeps something better ... Hee hee if he has not continue with rock!

  355. Rock moments: when they are just out of the shower, with their pajamas on and we read stories…. The best time of the day by far

    Thanks for the draw

  356. My best moment was when I left the hospital and I told everyone that I was going to have my son in my arms all the time. They were looking at me like I was crazy.

  357. Hello, I have a 7-month-old baby, and he himself is a good rocker, for me one of the funniest and rockiest moments with him was discovering that his favorite babysitter is a version of «Mustang Sally» from The Comitments, that I sing in my cover group. One of those days that despair of anyone who had no way to sleep, it occurred to me to start singing the song and it was broken in 3 minutes, it turns out that babysitters do not like it ... it will be having attended so many rehearsals during pregnancy, it will the spree as the most!

  358. My most rocker moment without a doubt, childbirth. I started with strong contractions at 8 in the afternoon and at 9:35 pm my little one was already born. How we ran from home to the hospital, the faces of the staff and that of the dad, and mine, how fast and intense it was. You will never forget it! What a precious moment!
    Good luck to all!

  359. Let's see if it's our turn for the third @ earthquake ?? rock moment, when you just put one of the little ones to sleep, you go to bed and just at that moment that Morpheus takes you to his domains…. The baby cries and you know that it touches his chest… .. Not even a night of concerts and partying exceeds those nights that you do not sleep two hours and the next day you have to be at the foot of the pipes because they are sorry hehe I do not want to think when they are 3 ??

  360. I love bugaboo! And for the 2nd it will be great! My Rock moments are many with a little one of 20 months all day talking and up and down! But I love those in which we go in the car singing and giving everything as if there was no tomorrow….

  361. I love the gift I hope you are lucky !!!! It would be for my 2 girl, who will be born next month! My most rocker moment is when I go with my 4-year-old daughter in the car with the music on full blast and the 2 of us singing! It's mom and daughter moment and I love it !!! ! Alone the two and the music !!!

  362. My most rocky moment, going 8 months pregnant to see the Acdc concert ... / to see if we were lucky and we walked with this cool stroller!

  363. The most rocker moment was recently when at 3 months he was wearing his ACDC shirt and when he fell asleep he made the rock gesture with his hand. I have it photographed hehe. Is the most!!! I hope I'm lucky that my baby can wear that piece of chair! Live the rock and roll!!!

  364. I love the draw, many rock moments with my 18 month old boy but the last one of the last week. Playing on the beach, on the shore exactly suddenly he looks up and sees a girl walking in top-les he gets up determined goes to his father running and shouting "dad / mom big boobs" in addition to pointing to her father He would look at him, I would apologize to him and his father didn't even raise his head. What a shame at that time but now it seems very hevvi to us, nobody had ever told him anything like that, he knows where all the parts of the body are but we did not expect that at any time, then he has not done it again, it is seen that the The first time he was shocked to see tits that were not his mommy's.

  365. My rock moment was when I spent the night before I had my childbirth crocheting, hahahahahaha, I ended up with the stock of wool and cloth from my house ……

  366. Congratulations on this first year and for many more! My rockiest moment is to consider leaving the house. Let's go somewhere. Let's go. My daughter doesn't have a turbo. She doesn't know how to stand still for a minute. It doesn't matter in a hospital, the city hall, the supermarket, the park, etc. And she is delighted with the stroller she says to me: Mom, that's mine! ?????

  367. There is nothing more rocker than my child's kennels in the car. So I need this super car to go for a ride on the bus because it is already 16 months old and in its backpack it weighs its own heijijiji to see if we are lucky.

  368. My rockiest moment will come on June 30. When I finish the school year (I am a teacher) and I can dedicate 100 × 100 to my girl. I do not know if on the second day I will be there to pull my hair out or throw myself over a bridge ... at his 19 months he knows 1000 and one. But I'm looking forward to that day and enjoy both of the summer, how can we?

  369. My rockiest moment is when I told my husband that I was pregnant again, what a face he had and now we have two beautiful princesses

  370. Ugh for me, the heaviest moment was when the little teeth came out from the bottom teeth and decided that there was no better biter than the breast tit. Let's see if we are lucky and it's our turn! Go babycarmen has to be super cool in that super seat!

  371. My rock and roll moment of the day is when my little boy plays his piano and then sings ?? is the most!!!
    I hope we are lucky and finally we touch. The chair is divine

  372. Well, I still haven't had my baby but he will be a rocker like his dad, for sure! Good things stick together !!

  373. no rocker moment ... heavy metal bath time, dinner, sleep, especially if you are without a nap !!!
    and sugar cane ... turn around in a store and find them trying on sunglasses and looking at each other with the gesture of "I'm a rocker and cool" putting horns on my hands, sticking out my tongue ... I couldn't resist taking a photo before the typical "guys, I don't know touch if you don't buy »

  374. My rock rock was when My 4 year old daughter held her 4 hour sister in her arms !!! A whole life I have left to spend with my daughters and see our rocker moments every day !!!

  375. The heaviest thing that has happened to me was one day my coworkers came to meet my son and he threw up like a fountain !! My God, what a moment ...

  376. My rockiest moment of the day is when I have to breastfeed the baby at midnight, but with pleasure

  377. The rockiest moment was when I saw my mother's face after telling her that she was going to be a grandmother for the first time, memorable!

  378. Great moment when my daughter starts talking to us and she doesn't understand na de naa?

  379. Heavy moments all in my day to day especially when I found out that it was going to be again mommy and my boy was only 14 months hahaha although I think it is heavier the day to day hahahaha

  380. My rock moment is that when the baby falls asleep once again wakes up because his sister passes by having some unimaginable noise

  381. Blessed rock moments ... in almost a year that my child has ... there would be many that I could count ... but I stay with the sleepless nights, crying, bottles, diapers and revelry !!
    More than a rocker, I would say very heavy ... hehehehe!

  382. My rockiest moment was the moment I first saw him in the delivery room, my girlfriend's face was the rockiest thing I've ever seen in my life

  383. The most rocky moment was when the little boy, before he knew how to walk, tried to dance

  384. My most rocker moment with my baby is every time you leave her alone with her 5-month-old sister and when you come back you find her with her pacifier and trying to remove her clothes because she says it's her !!!
    En face I'm Dannielle Martin

  385. My rockiest moment is when I start dancing with my children every day to get a little exercise. Love the car to walk my little dresser this summer.

  386. Hello, first of all thank you very much for this wonderful gift! The truth is that the experience of being a mother is already very rocky !! Jijii you already start x not sleeping much considering that my daughter Kenya does not stop kicking me and sometimes she has a party set up by herself! Jijij the truth is that I would need it since we are a little pokito regulin economically, but as always babies come with a bread in this case with a cart would be great. Regards.

  387. Any night you want the baby to eat fast to sleep and just give it up because of vomiting and pooping and there is no need to sleep, it can be a rock moment serum.

  388. A loquilla of the bugas like me cannot miss this opportunity !! Jiji. Rock moments, sugar cane, destroyer with 3 kids ... I live them daily. Summer vacation, boring, excruciating heat, sibling fights, destroying each other's toys, crying, climbing on furniture and getting a thousand reasons why don't let off steam ……. ride when the heat drops !!!!! Nights without sleep, worries, Chaldeans, giving everything for your little ones because in the end everything compensates and continuing to want a baby, is there something more rocky than that? It is clear that the march is going !!! Hahaha

  389. "Motherhood 'Rock' Moments" One of the funniest rockers I lived with while pregnant was during a rock concert in a maternity class. We danced to the rhythm of the Gun's'Roses and I noticed how the little girl moved inside me to the rhythm of the music! And that's how it turned out: he's a salt shaker and he can't stop still!

  390. Well I'm pregnant a little and the tripita is forming and when I go in the car I listen to rock music! So that from the time the little one is formed, they listen to good music !! And this cart would be spectacular to dress up rockers and go for a walk around the city!

  391. Many cane moments in 4 months ... He always cries when he sees politicians on TV (with everyone !!!)

  392. My son is a thing so my life is very rich as an example. I will tell you that one day he took his toy hammer and started to give it to TV ... he told me that he wanted to enter the house of mickey mouse ... at that you can only laugh

  393. rock my 5-year-old daughter 4 from the tade singing and a broom microphone, her 5-month-old sister with eyes like dishes only l need to applaud!

  394. The most rock and pounding moment was the first time we bathed the little girl. The first time we heard the cry so powerful!

  395. What better moment more rocker than a girl who dances everything you put on her, even the noise of the mixer !!!!!

  396. My rock moment, every time he kills me with bullets and it has not yet come out, but I am afraid he will be a careful rocker !!

  397. Our most rocky moment is after spending some time sleeping the little one at night, the mom falls asleep and just at that precise moment he stands up in the crib, holding onto the bars and singing! I would kill him by mouth !!!

  398. Hi, I'm 22 weeks pregnant with my first baby. My most rocker moment are the kicks or movements that I am feeling that magical and unique moment. Let's see if we are lucky

  399. The heaviest moment I have lived with my son was in the pediatrician's waiting room ... he is panicked, he screamed a lot and everyone thought he was giving him something !!!

  400. Ummm ... Rock moments with 2 kids and another about to come (what happens is that I have left a squat and don't want to ...), well, many! For example, when today the little girl told me that she wanted to get back into the belly to play with her little sister ... If Muhammad does not go to the mountain ...?

  401. Our daily rock moment is when we comb the 2-year-old earthquake and he asks us to do the spikes in his hair.

  402. Our rockiest moment was when we found out that we were going to be daddies, hevíiiiisimo, and that we were looking for it. It was just the day back from a 1 month vacation in Thailand, there was no better place to make our future son!

  403. The most rocky moment is when my baby, Juan, almost 4 months old, makes those huge, liquid poops and it's where we play it, so as not to get dirty, because it's a number. It is where he would have to have the ACDC soundtrack or something like that because he is very heavy, more than a rocker.

  404. The most rocky moment is when in the middle of the night you decide that it is a good time to sing and play…. Jiji

  405. When our baby was a newborn, he cried and cried at sunset. The only way to calm him was to put him in the backpack or scarf, and we would play music and dance and sing with him. By the time he was a month and a half old, he had heard too much of our favorite music !! So the music is in your veins! And our dark circles also had a very cool ozzy osborne point !! (As you look ... Hehe)

  406. My most rocker moment was preparing my eldest daughter's end-of-year dance. In her school the moms prepared the choreography and the theme was the 80s, so I not only had to jump with Abril inside, shake and brush my hair, paint myself as never but I also have to make the shirts with studs for everyone, I really enjoyed it and at the moment it is a quiet baby so much rock I think it does not affect him haha

  407. My heaviest moment is when the first few days you are adapting and establishing breastfeeding, that you are all day with the little one hooked and visitors do not stop arriving… above they say: are you like this all day?
    Although my favorite moments is when we are exhausted and the little one does not stop laughing and smiling at us, then everything is worth it again 🙂

  408. The rock moment I have now in my tummy, my baby likes the march and does not stop moving, we will see when the nightly rock concerts that she will give us are born 😉 And she will be the coolest walking with the BUgaboo Diesel Rock

  409. My son gives me "rock moments" at lunch or dinner. He has learned to scream and it is to eat and form the taco !!

  410. Rock moments, heavys ... with small children there are many. But the best ones are undoubtedly the ones that make us smile. I love playing some songs at full volume, at first they look at me with the face of "my mother is crazy" but later they join my madness and they start singing at full volume too. I love the bugaboo bee but this special edition is great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  411. Rock is what you hear in my house when my 18 and 1 month old children cry in unison ... and I sing them back!

  412. Our rockiest moment is when Daniela and I start dancing "Let`s twist again" while we laugh and spin without stopping

  413. I would love to release this cart with Aratz and retire the #bogaboo frog of fifth hand (they are indestructible and the best there is) and continue with the rock moments that daily life with children gives you. Now I am on the hormones of good vibes and the activity of the final phase of pregnancy, so I am left with this state of dancing rock!
    #he laboratory of # for the baby

  414. My baby Tomas has not yet been born, a week is missing and he already gives me the rock moments, especially at night between what he moves and how little I sleep ... He comes looking forward to it! ?

  415. one of the most rocky moments is every time I'm mopping the floor and I play rock and roll and my little one gets excited and starts jumping on the couch! he loves this music !!

  416. Rocky moment of motherhood? When you find your daughter on the dining room table and find out how she managed to climb ... you get a feeling of excitement, because she is smart, and scared, so she will know that you don't know what she knows ... What will be next ?

  417. My rock and roll moment begins now in the last month of pregnancy !!! Batteries butt and give a little rock and roll to the little witch that comes ... that she has given me enough until this money!

  418. My rockiest moment is when my princess listens to her voice and starts to taste and make sounds, it seems like a real rock concert!

  419. The most rocky moment of my baby is when he gets up from his nap ... I often show !!!

  420. My rockiest moment was when I was breastfeeding my baby and the delivery man came with a huge package .. he came out with the baby on his chest and put the package at home .. he almost put my clothes in the closet hahaha

  421. My most rocker moment was the birth of my baby, without a doubt, a moment when we enjoyed it to the maximum, full of emotion to the maximum.

  422. The most rocker moment with my little one is when he gets up in the morning with very charged batteries!

  423. What a saddle! I love it!! I was just looking to buy one for my baby and this has made me fall in love. Hopefully it is for Pilar. My rock moment is when changing his diapers. I don't know what the changer has, but when you put it on it goes crazy with happiness and it doesn't stop moving. Good luck for all of you!

  424. My most rocker moment with the little one was during a dance session with a baby carrier, all the moms / dads dancing with the little ones on top! very funny!

  425. Hello! I'm not a mom yet in a few months, but I hope to have many rock moments with the baby. One of them watch him play on dad's drums!

  426. The most rocky moment during my pregnancy was when I put on the Dire Straits and I noticed how my baby moved inside the tummy, now that he is born he does the same thing: he who listens to rock is excited and not standing still!

  427. Let's see if we have luck. The most rocky moment is in the hammock…. Move your feet like you're dancing rock

  428. For me the heaviest moment is when we took the car for the first time, we had rehearsed at home more than once, but when we left the house and put it in the car ... it was impossible to put it back on again. It stayed closed and there was no possible way to open it…. so we had to go to the midwife (which was the first ride) with the carrycot in tow and return to where we bought the car to be shown how to open it

  429. I participate for my granddaughter, and she loves to dance, be it rock or whatever she plays. The most rocker moment I would say is when he walks through the door smiling from ear to ear 🙂

  430. The most rocky moment of my motherhood is when all of them get together at home, children and grandchildren and they enjoy running, playing and laughing big time 🙂

  431. My heaviest moment was when I found out that I was pregnant again just two months after my girl was born ...

  432. our rock moment is when the little one listens to Fito and dances like crazy !!!! he started doing it with a little less than 1 year, and it is to laugh when you see him

  433. The heaviest moments are the faces of the mother when I put the headphones with heavy music on her belly so that she learns what good music is 🙂

  434. The rockiest moment will be when he is born, since there are only a few days left. It's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  435. The rockiest moment was the first time we heard the heart of our little Ariadne, now she is one month old. That sound is more poignant and exciting than any concert you can go to. It was what I liked most about the ultrasounds!

  436. My rock moments have been many but the best ones aside from the cane that has given me without sleeping, eating, without paying any attention… ..the best ones without a doubt that we dismantle at the top of our lungs to play dancing and throw ourselves on the floor in the living room I don't think I've ever gotten so much

  437. Our rockiest moment was at my 5 year old boy's festival, I couldn't feel more proud to see him dance in the way that made him so safe and happy…. I tell you this because we have only been living in Spain for a year and we never imagined that it would go so well with our new life. If I win this cart it would be for my little girl 🙂

  438. My little ones are rockers at bedtime hahahaha they set up their parties alone !!!! The 6-year-old great takes his 9-month-old sister and they dance all the time hahaha!
    I die of love with them
    And I would die of love walking with this car ???

  439. We have rock moments every night! They always said, the second will sleep well, you will see, because we have surpassed his sister! What lungs, pure rock!

  440. My heaviest moment is when in the morning I talk to my little one and he starts to move in my belly saying good morning !! ???

  441. My rockiest moment was when I was going to give birth to my second daughter and with the contractions I was preparing and dressing my other son so that the grandparents could take him away, and the grandmother all nervous telling me to leave the child and go to hospital that in the end was going to have the girl in the living room.

  442. The rockiest moment of my little boy's pregnancy was when, 19 weeks pregnant, the surgeon told me that I had to have an operation YES or YES, that what I had was appendicitis and not gastritis, as I had been diagnosed the previous 3 times.
    And as much as it was, it was "necrotic ulcer"

  443. Congratulations on the blog
    The car seems amazing to me!
    One of my rock moments is when my little one and I sing at the top of our lungs in the car, it doesn't matter if they are children's songs, the radio or Beyoncé ... one of her favorite songs is 'What will happen' by Raphael! Hahaha
    Those moments are super rockers and ideal and I would not change them for anything in the world ...

  444. We have rock moments every night !! Our little one is looking forward to rock and roll and we are sooooooo dreamy !!

  445. Our moments more than rockers are pop, because Alba, 10 months old, eats better when she sees videos of Bruno Mars on the tablet !! She goes from Pocoyo having Bruno!

  446. Hello everyone, thank you for the raffle and congratulations to the lucky one! The rockiest moment is when my mom and I put the headphones on his belly and he responds by kicking us and moving to the rhythm of the Rolling stones

  447. Ufff !! We share rock moments since I was in the gut !!! As he listened to AC / DC he began to kick to the delight of his daddy !! 🙂

    I love the design of the car! ?

  448. The best and heaviest moment is when I talk to my little one who is still in the belly of my mother, and she recognizes me and does not stop moving !!!

  449. I hope you are lucky to give this gift to my future Grandson !! I am sure that you will live many heavy moments in this chair if we are lucky that it touches me ??????????

  450. I can not like this cart more !!! I have seen it and it is spectacular !!! My most destructive moment is the dawn that my son does ... They leave me KO! But I adore it!

  451. The moments of dance with my baby, when I help him jump, jump and move his little body and his head to the rhythm of the music ... it makes me smile. He is only one year old but he likes music as much as I do and I always put him little quick and moving songs to make him happy and dance to them.

  452. I am still pregnant so at the moment my rock moments, although I would say heavys were the horrible weeks of nausea!

  453. My rockiest moment is getting up every morning with my child. Congratulations on the year.

  454. The biggest moment was at the supermarket, when they were going to attend to me, a boy approached me because my son thanked him and said Dad, the first time !! And even the boy was excited. It was very good.

  455. I love it and it would be great !! .. I participate: I follow you to the 2 pages on Facebook, I like it and I share it publicly !! 🙂 thanks for the giveaway !! 😉
    Rock moments in motherhood ... there are many !! .. For example when your little one likes the same music as you and starts dancing and super happy when he hears your songs ... he gives you a rush !! Or when he laughs at things that also make you laugh and you split both at the same time .. 🙂

  456. For me the best 'Rocker' Moments of motherhood are now in summer when we play splashing with the hose, on the beach with the waves ... hours and hours of laughter and games everywhere

  457. My rockiest moment with my little one is when I go to look for him at school !! What a party rides me !!!

  458. The rockiest or heaviest moment is when I am giving my granddaughter porridge and with all her mouth full she starts making farts !!!

  459. Of the most rocky moments I stay when I have to get him out of the bathroom ... we put together an incredible shoe, luckily it's minutes !!

  460. My gynecologist assured me throughout the pregnancy that the baby I was expecting was a boy and ……. a girl was born !!! It was very heavy hahaha

  461. The most rocker moment ??? The day we found out that a baby was on the way !!! I imagine that the day we see his face will be even heavier ... what do you win!
    I love the car, I hope I'm lucky !!

  462. I love bugaboo, my rocker moment with a 22-month-old girl has just learned I don't like it, she uses it for everything she doesn't like the clothes I wear or the food, she has me fried hehehe

  463. My heaviest moment was when I was a few weeks pregnant and we wanted to keep it a secret as long as possible. However, I was working guiding a group of 30 people in one of the most visited monuments in Spain and passed out. This is how all the tourists, the rest of the guides, the security officers of the monument, my parents, the parents of the future dad .. and everyone found out! In the end it has had its advantages, since since then everyone cares for me more.

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