Mosquito bites in babies: What to do?

M was born in the spring, when the warmth and the first mosquitoes started. As a good first-time mother, the first thing I thought was: 'My God! We live in the population with the most tiger mosquitoes per square meter in all of Spain! How can I avoid being bitten? What if they bite what we do? '

To give you an idea, our town was the first place where this type of mosquito was detected (in 2004). It didn't take long for 'these little friends' to come and bother. Two months later, the first one stung him and left a good rash on his leg for several days. As first-time parents we were scared and we went to his pediatrician to explain some things to us.

The first thing he did was explain to us what was happening to our skin when we were bitten by a mosquito and when should we go to the doctor:

'In the case of mosquitoes the female always bites it needs human blood to lay eggs (like very science fiction, right?). The poison that inoculates us causes histamine to be released and causes vasodilation, itching, and reddening of the area. Normally the symptoms remain in a little tolerable discomfort and the ideal would be to apply some type of very mild painkiller (for babies) so it does not scratch and can make a small infection.

If the area is it swells and hurts, it gets too red, hard and hot then it would be a major infection and we should watch. If you join these symptoms: fever, muscle pain and vomiting we should urgently go to the doctor.’

 Once explained, what happens? He indicated which were the best solutions, for a baby, who has suffered a sting without infection or allergy (normal sting). Think that In the case of babies, children and pregnant women, it is better not to apply aggressive drugs or products (type corticosteroids, ammonia, etc.) if it is not really necessary and is controlled by a medical professional.. Therefore for them the best is:

  • Apply cold: If cold is applied to a reddened and bulky area, we cause vasoconstriction and we get the area to deflate and it hurts a little less.
  • Soothing, refreshing and restorative creams without drugs in the composition: And here we have a lot of formats: gel, roll-on, spray, etc ...

You already know that I like to talk about what I have tried and to be honest with you, it is the aim of the blog, right? Well in this case I have been able to test InsectDHU of Mama Natura thanks to Madresphere And we really liked it! I really tell you, we are doing great.

OUR EXPERIENCEInsectDHU- Picadura mosquito 4

M is two years old and in all this time we have not put any product on him because the bites did not seem to bother him. But this year he does tell us that they are bothering him and some night he has been mobile because they bite him a lot. During the day we try to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, but we live in an area with many gardens and pools and it is impossible! I'm just saying that yesterday I had about 8 bites 🙁

But before trying it on your skin I decided to use it on mine to see if it was effective. Who better than me to notice if the effects were real or not?

Saturday afternoon I was swinging the little girl in her 'roda' and 3 mosquitoes bit me at the same time and I thought this is mine! The first thing I did was follow the instructions on the product:

  • Clean bites with fresh water
  • Remove the stinger (in this case no)
  • Apply the gel, spray or roll-on over the bite to relieve pain, itching and reduce inflammation.
  • Avoid scratching since it could infect the bite. By alleviating everything we said in the previous point, you no longer want to scratch.

Works! I promise you. It took a few minutes, it is not immediate, but before long I had forgotten that the bites existed and the next day there was no trace of them (just a few small red, flat dots in each bite). It also has a very natural and soft smell that disappears after a while (I hate strong chemical odors that get into your nose and never leave you)

As we found it very soft with my skin and SR's. Father we decided to use it on M. As you can see in the photo, M has atopic skin and just a few days ago the mosquitoes fed on the arm where he had an outbreak. The poor thing spent two nights waking 4 times on average. So Mr. Father, who is dedicated to the world of plants, was well informed about its characteristics and we decided to put it on. It gradually calmed him down and, as it can be applied several times a day, the discomfort gradually disappeared.

We found it very soft and gentle with M's skin and it did not affect the atopic skin areas at all. Yes you can use from 0 months obviously it has to have a composition very soft.


Its composition is based on various plants with important properties against insect bites:

  • Marsh ledum: used to relieve symptoms of stings
  • Echinacea angustifolia: for superficial wounds
  • Urtica urens: relieve itching
  • Citronella oil
  • Eucalyptus oil: antiseptic properties
  • Witch hazel water: anti-inflammatory properties, which calm and regenerate the skin.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some components. for example, andEucalyptus is prohibited in children under 4 years: ingested by the nursing mother, by himself or in pure essential oil. But I would like to clear up possible confusion:
InsectDHU (or any product in which you see the indication of use in minors 'From 0 months') has the minimum doses (very low) of each component so that it does not just affect the least.
In fact I would like to make a VERY IMPORTANT indication from Mr. Father: Essential oils are concentrated, so they have a lot of concentration in a small amount and that can generate irritations, reactions, toxicity and allergies. No person (babies, children, or adults) should use essential oils on their skin that are not prepared for use (in babies, prepared for use in babies) In the preparations the active matter is diluted among other components , which means that it is adapted to its use (as in this case) We always talk about doses.
Just because it is said that in this product eucalyptus can be applied to children does not mean that you can take essential oil and use it with your baby. It means that in this preparation it is in the recommended and gentle dose for use.


You have different formats according to your needs.

  • InsectDHU Roll-On 10 ml: This one is great for us to carry in our little girl's backpack and always have it at hand.
  • InsectDHU Gel 25 g: This has worked very well for larger bites. By applying you make a little massage and calm a lot. To have it at home
  • InsectDHU Spray 20 ml: Refreshing action. It is perhaps the one we have least used.

And apparently, this product Not only does it work for mosquitoes, it can also be used on bee, wasp, spider, and flea bites. jellyfish or stinging plants.

Finally, remember that the best prevention is: DO NOT REPRODUCE!


  • Avoid containers that accumulate stagnant water (buckets, ashtrays, plugs, pot dishes, fountains, etc.) so there will be no breeding grounds and reproduction is prevented.
  • Maintain adequate chlorine levels in ponds, pools and ponds throughout the year, not just in the summer.
  • Protect the wells with mosquito nets so they do not lay eggs.
  • Monitor drip irrigation, not leaving water points in pots and dishes. Always remove excess water from watering plants. The wife of a professional tells you 🙂
  • Renew the water in the animal's troughs.
  • Pour water once a week in drains to avoid stagnation.

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