Can I include the car seat in the car insurance? What should I do if I suffer damage?

You have been asking me for a long time what to do if your car seat has been damaged, either in an accident or in transport (in this case, the airline company). We will answer in parts.


Having someone in the family who is dedicated to the world of insurance allows you to investigate all this information 🙂 From a mother's doubt I found out some things that I think may be interesting.

1.- What should we do so that our insurance includes the car seat in the event of an accident?

  • Choosing an insurance company that offers good coverage. Each company is a world, we know it. Some offer you more and others are more basic. In some cases they work similar but in others they don't. Therefore, if you are thinking of taking out insurance and you have children who travel in chairs, it is important that you ask what coverage they have. If you have already hired it, pick up the phone at this time and call your agent to inform you. Do not wait for a problem to report its existence, it will be too late.

EDIT 03/19/2018


  • All risk coverage. In this case, they inform us from our insurance company that the chair will be covered in any type of accident. That is, it is covered in any of these cases: If the fault is ours or if it is the fault of an opposite. What is necessary, if you have your car at all risk, is that you call your agent and tell him that he has to include all the extras that are not manufactured in the car, in this case the safety seat. They will ask you for the purchase invoice, make and model of the chair to have it in case there is a problem.
  • Third party coverage. In this mode it is not necessary that you include the chair in your insurance because if you had an accident it could only be replaced (or repaired) in the event that the fault was the opposite (never if the accident is your fault). In this case it works like motorcycle helmets, for example. If you have a motorcycle accident, it is your opponent's fault and the helmet has been hit and loses its safety properties, the other company bears the costs, but if the accident is your fault, not. To do this, you must always keep the invoice so that when doing damage procedures you can present it to the expert.
  • Save the purchase invoice. This is the most important point. They will always ask you for the purchase invoice, both to include it in the insurance and if you have any problem. Without an invoice they will not be able to give you a solution.

This is our case. It is the plan that we found most interesting of all that had been explained to us in other companies. If someone has had to do different procedures or works in a company that has other procedures, it will help us to expand information and keep up to date with news.

After the publication of this post, many doubts have arisen. Among them, which insurers cover car seats. To give some guidance I have called the most common companies to see what they were doing. This is the list of those that cover and those that do not. Commenting with other moms in a company that initially said yes to them has not been covered. For this reason and as it is something (from what it seems) quite new for insurance companies. WE RECOMMEND that you always confirm it with your agent and that they give you the confirmation in writing. 


If anyone knows of other companies that do cover, leave us a comment below. Thank you very much! 🙂

2.- What to do if an airline (or transport company) damages our chair? 

How I already told you in this post  At the end of July we had a problem with the chair when we were traveling to Mallorca with Norwegian. Before traveling we called to inform us of the conditions that they had when traveling with a stroller and car seat. We found it interesting and we decided to bring our chair because we knew that car rental companies would not find any in reverse (let's see if they get to work on it because I'm sure they would gather many fans). When we arrived at the check-in counter, the girl gave us all the options in the world, including transporting the chair ourselves to the boarding gate. Fantastic! This way we make sure that nobody throws it, hits it or crushes it.

We put it ourselves in the luggage area of the plane. Very nice. We were very happy. The problem came when we landed. When we got off the plane we saw how they were starting to load our chair into the cart that carries all the suitcases. We quickly told the stewardess that we did not mind carrying her ourselves and that it was what we had agreed with the girl at check-in (just like we did when we entered) She flatly refused and said that this was transport from the plane, that we did not bother. It wasn't a nuisance, it was a necessity, we didn't want the chair to get bumps. There was no way, they led us to the tape. And at that very moment we saw how they loaded the chair in one corner of the truck with half a body inside and another outside.

When it came out through the special luggage belt, you can imagine the result. It had fallen out of the truck (as you would expect) and the anti-tip leg had come off and hit, the isofixes were crushed, the interior was full of scratches and the textiles were removed.

How was it possible that in less than 15 minutes they had given him that beating? A car seat that has suffered such blows, even if it is whole and looks 'good', no longer meets all the safety properties it has. Therefore it is time to make a complaint and see how to solve the problem:

  • Make a claim at the airport customer service. Normally in the same space where the baggage claim is, you will find a counter that puts complaints, customer service or whatever. You have to go there and explain the situation
  • Fill the form. They will give you a form to fill out where you have to be very precise and put all the observed damages, name, address, brand, model of the chair and telephone.
  • Contact with the company. In our case, Norwegian does not have an apartment in Spain, so they never contacted us. They told us that we had to enter their website and make the claim there as well. Everything and with that, also do the one at the airport, do not leave without having a signed and sealed sheet.
  • Prepare the documents. On the company's website we could see that we had to write an email with all the data and the invoice for the chair. To be more forward-looking and so that there was no doubt that the chair was in poor condition after transport, we decided to write (almost like an appraisal) of the damage it had. So we attached the invoice (with date and place of purchase), a 3-page document with all the damages and their photos, the flight tickets, the letter they had made us at the airport, our addresses, telephone number and names.
  • Wait. They replied that they had received it and nothing more. After 3 weeks no one told us anything, so we wrote another email and also in the private one of their social networks (they serve many things, for this too). They quickly replied that the waiting time to tell us something was 8 weeks. A long time when you have a chair that you cannot use. In this I have to say that they have been quite slow because it is an urgent matter. We don't have a lot of chairs for these cases. But finally they kept their word, after 8 weeks they told us that in a period of 3 more weeks they would make the entry.
  • Final outcome: After 2 and a half months, the Norwegian airline has paid us the full total of the chair. The time may have been excessive but finally, the airline company, the treatment and solution received has been satisfactory.


Maybe things cost and the wait is long but keep in mind that the safety seat for your children's car has to be in perfect condition so that it does its job well.

Anyone who has gone through a similar process? Can you tell us about your experience? 

Now we will begin the search process for your new chair! But things change. M is a bit bigger, it will continue to travel in reverse but we will see what options we have. This weekend we get going and so I'll tell you soon 😉

We continue!


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  1. I have an insurance company and I have my car with all risks, or damages that they say, I called my insurance broker and he told me that the seat is a mobile element, that mobile elements cannot be insured, is it true? What can you tell me? Where can I check if it is true or in another company if they can assure me? Thank you very much

  2. Hi
    I have the car insured with Mapfre, fully comprehensive. My insurance agent tells me that said insurance covers the car and the extras that it has, but related to the car. It claims that the dealerships do not sell you the chairs so they are not considered extras. Only in the event of an accident due to the fault of an opponent, would the amount be claimed from the opposite company for the civil liability of the other vehicle. On the other hand, in case of theft, home insurance covers me up to 200 euros of what I carry in the car, because they consider it theft outside the home.
    He finally tells me that the chair cannot be secured. And that these would be my chances.

    In the post you say that in all risk insurance the chair is covered in all cases. And then you can see that Mapfre is one of the insurances that meets these conditions. Why don't they tell me the same thing?

    Thank you

    1. Hello Leti, if you look at the photo you will see that Mapfre is among those that do not fit. In any case, this is indicative because we are encountering cases of families that some companies cover them and the same one does not cover another family. The case of Mapfre is an example. If you go through my Facebook you will see the photo that a mother left us of her policy with Mapfre. At the end of this policy, in the accessories section you can see the name of your chair and its value, which means that it does cover it, why is this case yes and another not? Well, we still don't know and we are trying to talk to the companies so they understand that it is something important.
      It seems that it is a very new topic for them and they still cannot agree.

      1. Good. I already imagined something like that. Anyway ... to keep fighting. Anyway, thank you very much for your work in the fight. And if there is something that the rest of us can do so that SRIs are recognized once and for all for what they are, tell us how. I will fight with my company again and leave some kind of claim.

        Thanks again

  3. Hello, I have the car insured with the mutual and they tell me that it does not enter the policy because it is a removable element. Thanks and a hug.

  4. Well then, I called the companies that in this post it says that Yes they cover… .and in all they have told me a NO BROKEN or at all risk. …What I can do….???

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