Do you know products like the Grintuss? Come with us to know the Aboca laboratories

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to pay a visit to the Aboca laboratories in Tuscany. You already know my fondness for seeing laboratories, test centers and places where research is done 😉

And I can assure you that this company investigates and works a lot and with super interesting things! But I am telling you little by little that I don't want to leave anything behind. grintuss-pediatric

I have to say that when they told me about them, the name did not sound familiar to me, but I started walking around their website and I found a product that was familiar: Grintuss! Surely many of you have heard of it or have even tried it. Last year we had one, by pediatric recommendation, crowning M's bed thanks to a coughing attack that did not leave us alone. But then I tell you about their products, we are going to frame this place before anything else.


Knowing Aboca

The Aboca laboratories, founded in 1978 by Valentino Mercati, are leaders in therapeutic innovation that, based on natural molecular complexes, develop and manufacture effective and safe products for the health of the whole family. Yes, they work with nature, but not as an end, if not as a means for the health and care of people.

The tour of the Aboca company does not begin in their offices, nor in their production line, nor in a room talking about how wonderful they are, no, no. The Aboca tour begins in the fields, which (as a good woman of plant connoisseur) I loved!




The fields of Aboca 

It would make no sense for a company like them, focused on health, to work with pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful products. In Aboca, its 1200 hectares of land and crops follow the provisions of the European regulation on Organic Agriculture (REG. EC 834/2007), respect natural resources, the environment and biodiversity. We had an expert, just for us, explain to us the techniques they used to preserve the structure and micro-organic balance of the land, thus avoiding the use of fertilizers. He also explained to us how they use the biological fight to combat pests (The biological fight consists of introducing or favoring the presence of predators of unwanted insects) In this way they avoid using pesticides so that the final product reaches the consumer totally clean.



Aboca laboratories

Once we had visited the fields, they opened the doors of their house to see all the production areas. We were able to see the entire process from when the plant walks through the door until the product comes out packed.

The collection of the plant is carried out during the balsamic period (period of highest quality of the plant). Once the agricultural phase ends, the transformation begins:aboca-1

  • drying by dehydration (to fix the qualities of the plant),
  • extraction of the active principles of the phytocomplex,
  • concentration process through evaporation so that it does not degrade,
  • lyophilization that allows the concentration of the active principles without deteriorating the structure and components of the substance itself.
  • Once the product is semi-finished it can be transformed into: herbal teas in sachets / fluids, syrups, drops / Capsules / Ointments, gel / Spray, micro-enemas / granulation, tablets and granular sachets.
  • All of these pharmaceutical forms serve 62 different health needs. (Here the complete list of the Spanish website)

Where can you find Aboca products?

Aboca is present in Italy, Spain, France, Poland, the United States, Belgium, Ecuador, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Taiwan and Romania. And you can find their products in 5000 member pharmacies in Spain, because Aboca laboratories work hand in hand with doctors, pharmacists and health experts (For more info here). In our case, as I have told you before, it was through our pediatrician that we learned about the benefits of Grintuss.

Their products

So that you know a little more I leave you a link to the list of products that you can find in the pharmacies of your city. My recommendation is that you always consult with your doctor or pharmacist to help you and find the product that you really need. As they have a national code, you can rest assured if they do not have what you are looking for because they can make the request and have it that same day at the pharmacy.

I recommend that you take a look at their website to find out what products can help you and that you consult with your pharmacist. As they told us, they have a Spanish product code, so if they don't, they can ask for it and have it the same day at the pharmacy.

Thank you Madresfera for the opportunity to visit these interesting laboratories and for letting me put a face to Sara, Lucía and Sheila. By the way, I also leave his posts here in case you want to know his vision about Aboca:





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