Lifecake, the ideal app to sort all the photos of your kids

It's been a month since every time I take out the camera to take a PHOTO of that moment in which the little girl is doing something super unique (and unrepeatable), the mobile tells me: 'Impossible to take photos' How angry it makes me! Aggggg! The moment is gone! But I never find the time to download the 2,300 photos that I carry.

Two days ago I had to empty it by force because I need it for a job and, I assure you, the mobile could float as light as it felt.

Every time I get to that moment I say to myself: It can't be! This can't happen to you again!… And a month later I'm the same. No, I promise you I'm not exaggerating in the least. I have an obsession with photographing moments and since M was born, I don't even tell you!

Doesn't it happen to you that mobile phones sweat since your son was born? 😉 Well, I have found an ideal, ideal, ideal application !: Canon Lifecake.

In this space I like to share with you things that make motherhood easier for us and although this application may seem less important to you, you will tell me when your child reaches 2 years old, you want to look for a specific memory and you cannot find it because you have 30 folders mixed in time, places and situations.

What can this app do for you?

  • Store photos: We all use mobile phones to capture those special moments that make us happy or that we simply want to remember for some reason. The problem is that in the end you end up having thousands of photos and a saturated mobile (and more when your first child is born). Thanks to this app you can store photos: in different albums, create a profile to store the photos of each child and even put dates. That way you can keep track of its evolution over time.
  • Upload only the photos you like best: Many times we want to take a photo of a special moment and we do 10 at once to make sure that one of them has turned out well. You don't have to save all 10 at Lifecake. Choose the one you like the most and place it in the album you want.


  • Share with your family or friends: When the first child is born, you take a photo, you go to WhatsApp and group by group you send it. You ended up sending that funny photo: 20 times minimum. In the end it is no longer so funny 😉 In this case you no longer have to leave your fingertips pressing 'send' because you can share your albums with whoever you want simply by entering their email or phone.


  • Edit: If you go directly to a photo you can edit certain aspects: Title, date, rotate photo, lifecake (which is the album) or delete.


  • Presentation: There is an option in 'memories' that makes a presentation of the photos chronologically that makes you 'drool' a little 😉
  • Capacity: This is what has amazed me the most: 10gb of storage! It's outrageous and you can't imagine how happy it makes me. (Well, then if you want you also have the option to increase capacity with an annual payment)
  • You can create your photo album and print it: I am one of the old ones who like to touch photos, but I have only been able to take one in these two years, because the photos are not organized! Now, I'm already creating one of these vacations from Lifecake because you hardly have to do anything, it just does it!


Where can I download it?

Lifecake is an application free (no ads important!) that you can find for iOS and Android at mobile, tablet and computer. 

Is it useful or not? I had already told you 🙂 I met her a couple of weeks ago and as I always say: Useful things are shared!

New service to print photos in different formats

They have just launched an online store within the application in which there are many products available that you can customize with the images that you like the most of your little ones, from an HDBook (album) to mobile covers, calendars and all kinds of great things .
We have made the magnets, some photos on paper and the super album and it's great! They have been very fast and the quality is better than I expected 😉

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