How to turn your first baby's room into a room to share with your new brother?

In today's post I would like to tell you about our new headache: How to get a room to share between brothers of different ages?

As you all know (by now), we have a new little one on the way, so M will have to share a room with her brother in a little while.

At first, the little one will sleep with us. Which, apparently, M will also do during the same time since he has been sleeping in our bed for more than a night for a few months. But we want them to sleep together in their new room after 12 months.

Why did I start thinking about this if there are still 12 months left? Well, first, because I am very far-sighted and second because I knew Furniture Ros in Baby Experience the day of its inauguration and this weekend I have been getting to know the factory more closely. Since Friday I am in love with one of their beautiful and super practical bunks 😉

Why should we choose a shared room?

Space is not a thing that abounds in the flats / houses of our times. Like many families, we have to divide the space as best we can, so at the moment we believe that the most viable option is for the two to sleep together and share space for a few years.

But it is not only a matter of space, also of coexistence. For both Father and me, it seems like a nice and pleasant idea that they stay together for a few years so that they can keep each other company, learn to share the space and get to know each other much more. And make mischief at night! Who hasn't messed it up more than one night with one of their brothers? How many of you have enjoyed sleeping with your brothers in the same bed more than one night? I shared a room with my little sister for many years and today I remember it very fondly. I remember when I took her hand to make her fall asleep, when I was afraid and approached her to 'protect me', when we woke up during the night and explained our things.

It seems to me that sharing that stage of life is very sweet 😉

How to divide the space?

One of the things we were most concerned about is how to divide the space into a shared place.

During these first years it will be easier since the one that will have the most presence will be M, which is the most autonomous and will move through the space without problem to look for her clothes, toys, etc. But we must not forget that little D will also need to keep his little things (which are few in number). So both the closet and the games space must be as wide as possible.

As for the beds. If we manage to make a hole to go for the bunks we like during these months (before the baby is born), the idea is that M sleep in the low bed until his brother moves into the room. At that time she will go to the loft bed.

And aren't you afraid that it might fall? 

One of the things I asked is if they can sleep upstairs when they are 5/6 years old. It's a very limit age, true, but one of the things I like about Ros furniture is that they adapt to your needs. In this case they told me that they make a special barrier that is higher than the ones on the market. And I assure you that seeing it is quite difficult for it to fall.

And as I liked that bunk so much I will tell you a little more about Ros furniture because I find it very interesting that you know them because, in addition to being a family business with a very sincere and transparent policy, they care a lot about their customers. To the point that its motto is: «We manufacture solutions to needs» 

Who is behind Muebles Ros?

The Ros Group was born in 1933, the year in which Josep Ros Puigpinós opened a craft carpentry and joinery workshop in Artesa de Segre. Since then until today they have innovated a lot to become one of the most modern and dynamic children's and youth furniture groups on the market. Its varied catalogs of children's and youth bedroom furniture are designed to solve any problem of space. One of the values that most caught my attention is that his creations arise from a strong awareness of research and development, and consist of great technological complexity. Ultimately, its objective is to carry out a personalized project for each client and for each space.

What catalog lines work?

In my case I'm going to skip the mini catalog , since I already have everything necessary for the first months of the little one (crib, mini-crib, etc.) But I recommend that you take a look at those if you need solutions for that step. Here I leave you the link, they have very cute things.


The catalog that best suits us is the youth catalog. If you need a solution for your little ones that are a little older, I recommend that you look at it calmly because there are really cool things! In this link you can find a lot of solutions.

  • Beds with storage:


  • Trundle beds

  • Bunk beds with higher guardrails

  • Cabinets that go outside to take advantage of all the depth

  • And many more solutions that can be customized

So shortly we will begin to see all the possibilities that we have to renew our room, I'll tell you!

In case there is any doubt, you already know that this post is not sponsored. I wanted to share this information with you, simply because I liked it and I think it can be useful to you 😉



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  1. I sincerely recommend that you look at the Tetris system and its Rubbik system. It is the option that we have chosen and it does not have a ladder that crosses the bed, it is a side cabinet that is visually very cool, you have extra storage and the bottom bed is flush and the top one is very low.

  2. Another very good option for sharing rooms is to use double folding beds. It is a perfect alternative for bedrooms that are not very large and that you have to share some brothers.


  3. I just entered this website by chance due to a comment I saw in another, and it spoke of the challenge of being a mother and a runner. Now I see that you wait for the second? that good! Congratulations, I'm still waiting for the first one, so I don't have much opinion about it. I just came to say that, congratulations ^^

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