Carlos González interview

A few weeks ago I was in Baby Experience to see Carlos González's lecture and I had the great opportunity to interview him 😉

The conference was about the dream, but I couldn't help but ask him about other topics in the interview, among them if he knew about the counter-movement. Here you have the video and all his answers.

And here I leave you some of the curiosities that I took from the talk:

If you are expecting a little one, you will realize that one of the things he likes to do the most is SLEEP! There are studies that have shown that, sleep not only fulfills a regulatory and restorative function, It also plays a very important role in the affective development of the baby. During that dream originate:

  • changes in bodily functions
  • activities of great importance for physical and mental balance
  • hormonal changes
  • regeneration of mental processes
  • long-term memory learning and consolidation
  • reprogramming information
  • the unlearning process of useless matter
  • brain maturation and restoration


  • Dream NREM (NoRem) or slow sleep consisting of four phases ranging from light to deep sleep, no eye movement, slow breathing and no activity motorboat
  • REM sleep or active sleep would be what we call waking state, where the baby's muscle tone is relaxed, his breathing is regular and there is rapid movement of the eyes.

Did you know that babies never stay still while sleeping?

You may hear him make guttural noises, see how he moves his arms and legs and even see him wake up to go back to sleep a few seconds later.

The newborn baby sleeps, as a rule, between 16 and 18 hours a day. Although this is the most common type of sleep in infants, you shouldn't worry if it wakes up every two hours or five hours pass and you sleep peacefully. Each baby has a different dream, so it is difficult to follow a table. There is no exact equation that gives us the result of hours a baby sleeps. The most important thing is that over time you will know what their sleep pattern is and how to adapt to it so as not to be permanently exhausted.

Many parents are concerned about how the baby will sleep and many times we hear the typical expressions: "I hope he sleeps well!" "Sleep now that you won't be wary afterwards!" It is true that few children sleep at a stretch, need to eat every so often, keep observing the world and need cuddles from mom and dad, since they depend on adults and have to make sure they are close.

Can we then say that it is normal for them to wake up at night?

For the baby It is completely normal! ... but some parents consider that they do not. Then what do we do?

There are no magic tricks or absolute truths that parents can be advised to put their baby to sleep, the most important thing is to learn to listen to their needs. He doesn't need to learn to sleep, you know! You just have to be patient and your cycles will be complemented by those of mom and dad.

I found this video where surely you can find even more information on the subject.

Or if you want to read a very interesting document on the subject, you can also enter María Berrozpe Martínez's website. 

And here I leave you some of the recommendations they give us from Baby Experience to achieve a pleasant environment: 

Some basic recommendations can help create an ideal space and moment for your baby to rest comfortably:

  • Keep the house temperature between 21º and 24º during the day and lower it to 18º or 22º during the night.
  • During the night the house should be kept calm.
  • The humidity in your room should be between 40% and 50%.
  • Pajamas that are comfortable and allow movement.
  • Company light, which can also serve to monitor you at night without having to turn on another more powerful light that can wake you up.
  • Respect safety rules that will make you feel calmer and therefore do not have to constantly enter the room, being able to wake you up with noise.Do you know the safety regulations established by the European Community in relation to products from the environment of children's sleep?
  • Nice fabrics.

We continue!

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