Problems with Cabify and its chairs for traveling with babies

As you already know this weekend Mr. D and I have been in the Madrid childcare fair. We went there because on Friday it seemed that there was a very 'interesting' plan for security talks (we will shortly post a post on them).

Those who know Madrid know that the distances are gigantic and that if you go to the Fair, more! Well, after spending all day between news and talks I had to go by taxi to the place where we would sleep that night. There was no possibility of traveling by metro or train. Only taxi. Since the previous afternoon I toured the streets of Madrid asking all the taxi drivers that I found if they had a seat and the answers were always no, I decided to book a CABIFY        Error!

What was my experience?

I have decided to write this post to help other families who are in the same situation. From what I have seen and heard these days Cabify is not too clear with the service it offers.

I am going to contradict you first what my experience was and then I explain what they publish on their website of this service.

At 10 in the morning I made the reservation for the taxi, since if not it is impossible to find it for the moment. I specified that I was traveling from IFEMA to Cobeña at 8.15pm and that I needed a group 0 and a car in which you could put the stroller (which is quite large).

What was my surprise? That the driver appeared with a 1/2/3 seat

At that time I informed him that I could not get in the car because my son is 4 months old and that chair is not suitable for him.

His immediate response was: 'This chair is for babies from a very young age. If you can'

I insisted that that chair was not suitable and after thinking about it he said: 'What if we put the carrycot on the seat?' 

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Neither the carrycot of my stroller is approved for such use nor, even if it were, I would put my son in it to travel in the car. 

Finally I told him that it was possible to leave, that the service had to be canceled and that I would be approached with a car and a chair in good condition. So the driver told me that the service could not be canceled by him, I had to do it assuming a cost of € 10 

How? Why? Then he tried to contact Cabify to see how we could do it differently. After 20 minutes, cabify did not answer and I had to cancel and pay € 10 for a service that I could not use because it was not adequate. 

The next day, we had to travel to Atocha from Cobeña, so I was in the same situation. So I went back to using cabify, but this time I wrote in the message that I needed a maxi-cosi (instead of a group 0) in case they understood it better this way. Apparently, said so the driver understood it and the one who came to pick us up did carry a group 0. Peeeeeeeerooooo very deficient and would even say that it was dangerous. Here it is:

  • It was in terrible condition.
  • It is quite likely that it was more than 10 years old (with which it is expired)
  • The harness did not hold Mr. D well with what was slipping away and he had, as you can see, the beginning of it well above the shoulders.
  • The padding of this chair was non-existent. Simply plastic coated with the case.

The chair had to be installed by me. Obviously and after the experience in both cases, I did not want to be installed for fear that they would not do it well.

I went all the way (the 28 minutes) clinging to the chair as if there was no tomorrow, with terrible fear. That chair was not in good condition, but he had no other way to travel to Atocha.

What does cabify report on its website ?:

If you read carefully your website you will see that they tell us:

  • At Cabify we have Child Retention Systems according to the size and weight of the minor (groups 0, 1, 2 or 3). Request it by writing to your driver when requesting your Cabify. (Make sure much, much, much when you make the reservation. And I would say more: call the driver directly if not until they arrive you will not know if it is the chair you need. Anyway by phone, the first driver assured me Yes, the chair she was carrying was suitable for 4-month-old babies. A pro-marching chair! At the fair there were colleagues who lived through the same situation. Among them Lucia de Planning to be parents. post)
  • Remember that the first chair is FREE, and that each additional child restraint system you request will have an additional cost that varies depending on the country. This cost will be added to your travel invoice once it has been made and verified by our team. (What they do not inform you is that they charge € 5 per group 0. This information only appears in the application in the prices section. They do not inform you when you make the reservation either)
  • In case of requesting a retention system in the immediate requests of ASAP, Cabify cannot guarantee that the vehicle has a chair or, if it does, that it is from the requested Group.
  • To request more than one retention system, the request must be made with a minimum of 6 hours in advance, with a maximum of 3 seats available per trip.
  • Finally, don't forget that Group 0 or Group 0 + seats have to be placed in the opposite direction to the direction of travel. (It is necessary that you do not give this information only to parents. It is necessary that drivers have a minimum understanding of child restraint systems)


  • I will never use Cabify again.
  • If you cannot get into his car, the cancellation will cost you € 10 (unless you do it an hour in advance. Which in our case was not possible)
  • If Cabify is advertised, hype and dish, as an App that gives 'a service to travel safely with children' cAs they say in this article from the Country, It is necessary to update the retention systems since they are old, in terrible condition and, in some cases, expired. It is INSUFFICIENT and DANGEROUS
  • If you order a Cabify Baby make sure you have ordered it well since it is very very very likely that they will only come with a group 1/2/3 chair
  • Cabify drivers do not have the slightest training in baby seats. This is intolerable since they can give false information to families, as in our case when it was intended to put a 4-month-old baby in a pro-driving seat or in a carrycot (not approved)
  • We are light years away from getting children to ride a taxi safely. The only solution is to bring your own retention system 🙁

Have you used Cabify Baby? What is your experience Have you found any driver with Reverse Gear Retention Systems? What condition was the seat the driver was wearing?

Your experience will be very useful for other parents 😉

Thank you!

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  1. I have not gotten to use it but Teletaxi is also supposed to have SRI, what I do not know (I am telling you I did not use it) is if they have group 0 or 1/2/3. I use Teletaxi to take a relative to the medical check-ups since he is in a wheelchair and they have special cars.
    I am very sorry for the experience you have had, that the stress of traveling with a baby has been added to the stress of these situations.

  2. We traveled by plane last June and we needed to go from home to the airport and I contacted cabify to find out if we could make the journey with a 10-month-old baby but in our own chair since we needed to take it with us for our trip; The answer was a resounding no since they did not ensure the baby's safety in a chair that was not theirs. We could carry both chairs, the baby sitting in his and ours in the trunk. As if their chairs were safer and in better condition than ours !!! Obviously I refused and we had to choose another way to get to the airport, so I am not surprised by everything you tell !!

  3. Ayyyy, look I told you. It already makes me laugh when everyone recommends Cabify to me to travel with babies. In my case it happened to me in June, with the 4-month-old baby. The driver perfectly received the message where he specified group 0 or maxi cosi for baby of this age (I have the photos in the complaint post) and he did not care. It also happened to me in Madrid. So now I only trust the routes that I can do on foot, by subway, train or bus. I do not plan to try more.

  4. I must be the only one that Cabify has given good service to.
    I had to take the dwarf to the Hospital for a check-up, and he couldn't bring the car.
    I called one, leave clarinet that was a group 0 at reverse gear for a three-month-old baby, and yes. That came to me. A group 0 of Jane belted.
    Talking with the driver, it became clear to me that it is not usual to find this for you, that there are very few groups 0 in cabify, that I was lucky to find a driver with children, who used his.
    I am with you in that it is shameful to have so many problems to travel by car with a baby.
    I must add, that I tried before to go by taxi in uber and the car of san fernando if they assured me a group 0 to reverse gear, but nanay.

  5. I use it, but I carry the maxicosi and I install it, so I make sure it goes well. It is. Reads that drivers don't have. The idea of how to install it, they have even asked me to teach them.

  6. I have taken Cabify three times asking for a child seat, and on three occasions the driver did not know how to place it. I will not try a fourth.

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