The 'crisis' of the three months what do I do?

Aiiiiix! We have reached the crisis of three months. The worst? He is four months old and we are still the same.

What is 'a crisis' when we talk about breastfeeding?

From the birth of the baby there are several changes in lactation that are often called 'crises'. These changes occur because milk production varies according to the baby's demand (How much more demand do we produce more).

There are various crises: 15/20 days after birth, 6 weeks, three months, a year, 2 years. In this post we will focus on the crisis of the three months because it is the one that we live most intensely with M and now with Mr. D. In fact, the little boy has completed 4 months and we are still in crisis.

What does the crisis of the three months consist of?

From 30/70 hours after the baby is born, the so-called 'milk rise' occurs. For a few months the mother will have the sensation of full breasts. They are usually hard, when the baby suckles milk immediately comes out and it is normal to have to use lactation discs to avoid staining the clothes.

For the baby this moment is like an open bar that is always available. Whenever they suck, milk is available! This is wonderful for them because they have to make less effort to get the food. Of course, thank goodness that newborns tend to be punctual in their schedules (2 hours between taking and taking approx) because otherwise the sensation of engorgement in the chest would be horrible.

But, here comes the dreaded moment, what happens when time progresses and the breast begins to understand the shots of your baby? (or something like that) What is the crisis of three months!

Here several things come together.

  • On one hand, the baby seems less interested in suckling. He is easily distracted and in a few minutes he already decides that he does not want to eat more
  • It seems to be completely past the tit. Before, she suckled every 2 hours and now she may take a little longer. Aren't you hungry?
  • The shots are a mess, he looks everywhere, he seems to be hooked on the chest, but he lets go and laughs looking at the painting behind you, he hooks again, pulls your hair and finally lets go start playing with a piece of paper.
  • Possibly this month you gain a little less weight.
  • You notice that your breasts are more deflated and softer than a month ago.
  • It seems that he does less poop But what if we were told to look at how many times he pooped to understand how much he ate and so be calm?

What theeeeeeeeeee do I doooooooooooooo?

First things Keep calm! The crisis of the three months is more a crisis for us than for them.

  • The first thing that happens is that your baby is already a suckling master. What used to cost him ten minutes, now he has achieved in 4 minutes (it is an approximation). So if you notice that your shots are shorter, it's normal and great! That means everything is fine 😉
  • At this stage, it also happens that your eyesight becomes sharp and your ears begin to accurately pick up sounds. Can you imagine what that means? A new world! A thousand things to watch, listen to and enjoy. Your baby is waking up more and more every day and wants to enjoy this world. So the tit is 'in the background'. The best thing you can do right now, if you think you are really hungry or haven't eaten in a long time, is to find a quiet place, with dim light and little noise. Quiet, because surely that day, at night you will eat more times and calmer.
  • That the shots are chaotic and sometimes he ends up crying, holding onto his chest, crying again until he finally grabs and sucks is normal. As I explained, the first months the baby has a free bar with little effort and now he will have to wait approximately 2 minutes until the breast 'fills up' to satisfy his hunger. It will take a while to understand this process, so possibly for a month the shots will be a little more hectic.
  • Your breast is not empty. Your breast DOES produce the milk necessary for your baby. It is NOT necessary to supplement with artificial milk. The breasts are softer because they are smart and why should they be full 24 hours if they only need to be full at certain times? Your body is wise and it saves unnecessary waste of energy. What a wonder of a wise body nature has given us! In just three months you already know how our baby works. Don't worry, and obviously, whenever your baby is placed on your breast, it will produce milk. During the following months you will notice how at the moment the breast 'launches' its milk production it becomes a little harder. It is a feeling of 'filling'
  • The stools are changing. They no longer have that immediacy of eating and pooping, now they can do many, once or none in several days. But this is totally normal.

Our experience

Why am I talking today about the crisis of the three months?

Because we have been living it intensely for a month and, like you, I have also despaired at various times. Last weekend we were at the Childcare Fair in Madrid. I think there is no more stimulating place for a baby. Ideal for this moment. Mr. D spent the whole weekend biting his fist as if there was no tomorrow, but he put it on his chest and there was always something better to look at. This caused the days to end exhausted. I was more tired of being behind him all the time than I was at the fair. On the train there and back the same. He laughed at our traveling companions and completely stopped eating. I arrived home devastated and with the feeling of having done it very badly. So I lay down next to him, tried to calm down, and watched him closely. He was happy, I don't know what he weighs at the moment, but he is not an especially small child, so what could he do? Relax, remember what happened to your sister, understand her process and read a lot about it.

This week has not been better, now he has given me to look at me and smile non-stop, use the nipple as a microphone (he hangs out talking with the nipple in his mouth), look at the painting we have in the room and talk to he etc. But I am calmer. I know it is a process.

I wanted to write this entry, knowing that there is a lot of literature on the subject and that I do not explain anything new, but it is possible that some of the moms who read to me do not have this information and it will be of much use to you. To you and your little ones.

If you want more information you can visit the pages:

  • Alba lactation:
  • Lactapp (App that I suggest 'very much' that you download, it is also free!): Http://

And you, have you also experienced the crisis of the 3 months? Are you living it? Have you lived more intensely other crises and you have not even heard of this? Tell us your story, is always a help to others.

And if it has helped you, share. Information makes us stronger!


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  1. The opposite happens to me, I have breasts to burst and I feel that he is sucking faster but I have to be chasing him with my tit until he manages to drink and cries when I bring his chest to him.

    1. Good Ruth,
      Is the crisis over? How long did it last?
      I fully believe in her and I'm about to throw in the towel, but because she is crying, crying, I feel terrible ...
      Thank you

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