His first steps and Attipas

I am sure that many of you already know the brand Attipas true? That kind of sock with silicone as the sole. Now? Yes!

We used them since M was very little. For the days that they did motor skills in nursery school, they asked us for a comfortable shoe, that would not hinder his first steps and that would help him to crawl. There we discovered them and we loved them.

As you know I am a strong defender of that the kids walk barefoot. If you go through this post that our pediatric physical therapist wroteLaia, you will understand why. 

Why do we choose Attipas?

You know that I love childcare products that they have a very careful development. I like that brands are advised by professionals in the corresponding sector. In the case of Attipas I discovered that launched after 7 years (which are said to be fast) of cooperative research and development in conjunction with the University of Seoul Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Development. They were based on biomechanical knowledge of brain development discovering that the child needs to feel his foot free in order to start taking his first steps.

Characteristics that make Attipas a benchmark

  • They are comfortable: They help the little one distribute the pressure of the foot evenly without causing drastic changes in the ankle joints. Hold the heel loosely, preventing the formation of flat feet. It is very important that the baby feels his foot free in order to find his way of walking.
  • They are breathable and easy to wash: The materials used allow the foot to breathe completely. Also, if they get stained a lot by crawling or because the children have a great time playing the park, you just have to put them in the washing machine and that's it!
  • Wide toe: When choosing the first shoes for our baby, we must think about FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT. In this chaos the toe allows the little one to move the toes in the same way that he can move the fingers. When they walk with Attipas they feel no pressure on any part of the foot.
  • The materials they are totally safe because they have passed the necessary toxicity tests.
  • Security: They do not slip and are very resistant.
  • They weigh nothing and are so flexible like the foot itself. They can crawl, kneel, don't limit their movement at all.

Our Attipas experience

It is important that we allow our little explorers' feet to grow and strengthen by promoting healthy development.. This serves us so much for babies like children up to 3 years old. But we know that there are situations in which you must go shoes.

This summer, when Mr. D was 12 months (approx) he was still wearing it barefoot. It was a sum of lack of time, ultra-tiny foot and that I like to go barefoot. We were in M's doctor's office and a nurse told me 'It's about time you put shoes on for the street, right?'  I have to say that, although the lady sounded a little edge, she was right. Mr. D was already walking with ease (he was very early in this to start getting up on his little legs), we went out on the street and he no longer wanted a car and, of course, the floor is not clean. So at that moment the Attipas re-entered our lives.

I only tell you that we have 4 pairs of Attipas 😉 So we are washing and exchanging them. It's so funny when your sister combines them together. He has come out onto the street with one with blue stripes and another green with dots 😉

Yes Yes! We have draw

If you liked everything I've told you so far, I imagine that hearing that a couple of attipas can be yours makes you jump with joy, right? It makes me very happy to be able to offer this raffle.

Let's draw two pairs! One for facebook and one for instagram 😉 For this you must follow the following steps:

1.Follow @attipas_espana Y Mom's lab on Instagram or follow Attipas spain already Mom's lab on Facebook. The channel that you like the most 😉

2. In the Facebook or instagram post you must tag two friends who also want to enjoy these respectful sneakers (I like to call them that hehe)

3. This point is not mandatory but if, in addition, you share the draw in stories with the hashtag #Labmamattipas tagging Attipas Spain and me, you will have one more participation!

  • The draw starts today November 8, 2018 and ends on November 14 at 11:59 p.m.
  • The winners will choose the desired model within their Web  (as long as there is availability in stock)
  • We will announce the winning family in this post, edited and on our social networks.
  • Shipping will be made to the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.
  • We will choose the winner randomly among all the participants registered on instagram and facebook.
  • If after 7 days of the result of the draw we do not have news of the lucky one, we will draw the product again.

Good luck to you!

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