Draw! A Britax-Römer chair can be yours

Christmas is coming and to celebrate it WE HAVE A DRAW! 

And, as one of the most important things in 'mom's laboratory' is child safety, we want to give that away: Safety

In this case we have the opportunity to raffle, together with Baby Experience A Römer group 2-3 chair! Because we also have to think about the safety of older brothers 😉

Those of you who regularly read the blog already know all the articles and videos that we have shared about the need for children to travel in reverse gear as long as possible (4/6 years). But since I know that there are always new visitors, I am going to share two videos that I think are very clear:

Let's go to the draw! 😉


This raffle is in collaboration with Baby Experience Why with them? Because they are security experts.

Have I ever told you how I got the correct information to put M into reverse gear, right? Until today I had not said what store it was. Well, you already have the answer. It was in Baby Experience that we were perfectly advised almost four years ago, when the reverse movement was still starting in Spain.

So today I am very excited to be able to do this draw with them 😉



The model KIDFIX II XP SICT is a car seat is approved for group 2-3 (15kg to 36kg). Below you have a brief description of what I found interesting to point out:

  • Has XP-PAD What is this? It is a kind of 'sponge' that according to the brand diverts up to 30% of the energy that the neck receives in the event of an accident. This figure is a value achieved with a dummy in a laboratory, that is, the XP-PAD surely helps to divert this energy, but it is not clear to us if the figure is so exact without being in a laboratory context.
  • SecureGuard: It is a fourth belt anchor point (as you can see in the video) that Britax-Römer developed based on misuse due to the child's postures. Many times children throw 'the butt' forward and the belt does not go where it should. This fourth point helps us limit the child's position and thus better control the load transmission and the possibility of underwater effect.

  • SICT technology which are two deformable and retractable lateral elements. The idea of this is to bring the point of impact closer to the door absorbing energy in the event of a side impact. Our opinion regarding the SICT is that it is not entirely necessary. It is not that it does not add security but it raises some questions regarding the interaction with the side curtain airbags. Our recommendation is that in case of having side airbags do not adjust the SICT towards the door (Better that it be hooked to the chair without unfolding).
  • Installs in any car with a pair of clamp connectors: eye! it is not the same as an ISOFIX. The element that restrains the child and the seat remains the seat belt. What they call ISOFIT is an element of comfort so that the chair does not dance while there is no occupant. As for whether it provides more security or not, there are studies that affirm that in the event of a lateral impact it has better results. At the moment it seems to us a comfortable system.
  • V-shaped backrest that adapts to the growing child. Helps your child's shoulders stay in place without the feeling of being 'compressed' by the chair.
  • Fully adjustable with height adjustable headrest and belt guide
  • Headrest that helps the child's head always be in the right place, even when sleeping. This head is also V-shaped and accompanies the movement of the child very well in the event of an accident.

In summary: A quality chair from a renowned manufacturer that has a good engineering* behind. It is a good group 2-3 that, as I pointed out earlier, has very interesting points to avoid the bad uses that are usually given in this type of chair for older children. But even with this type of aid (the secureguard) it is important that parents are very aware when adjusting their children in the chair. Always make sure that the belts go to the right place: The belt must always be in contact with the child's body, well supported by the clavicle and pelvis. In the event of impact, any pressure on soft tissue (neck and abdominal organs) could cause very serious injury to the child.


What do I have to do to participate?

It's very simple 😉

1.- Be followers on Instagram from Mom's lab Y Baby experience (It is essential to follow us on instagram since it will be through that channel that we will notify the winner)

2.- Leave a comment under the instagram photo explaining us “Where did you find out about everything related to child safety in the car? Y label  two friends to participate in the raffle 

3.- Share the photo on your Instagram profile with the #Labexperience baby

If your profile is private and you are winners, I will ask you for the screenshot to check the previous 2 steps. Only people who meet all the requirements will participate


What is the term and procedure of the Draw?

The draw starts right now, 18 December 2017 Y ends December 31, 2017 at 11:59 p.m..

We will post the winner's name on Instagram from January 2.

If after 5 business days the winner does not contact us, the raffle will be invalidated and will be repeated with the same participants.. Hence the importance of following us on social networks.

You can only participate once per person. Duplicate comments will be automatically deleted.

Contest valid for all of Spain (including islands)

The model to be delivered is the same as the photo, color included. It cannot be exchanged for another model.


And in case you want to try if you are lucky, Lucía de Planning to be Parents has also launched a draw with Baby Experience A stroller MacLaren Quest (link to his post)! And here I leave your link to instagram to participate 😉

We continue!


* We applaud the great developments in Britax-Römer engineering. Bravo! But, I have a request, it is that I would like that same engineering to be used more in the direction of chairs such as MAX-WAY, that the  TRIFIX i-SIZE  simply due to the fact that the first one is a rear-facing chair 😉

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