Ideal childcare items when you have two children

A few days ago I asked you what articles childcarethey have saved your bimaternity. Someone replied that her husband, but no, a husband is not a childcare item 😉

In this post I would like to mention all the things that you commented and those that have helped me.

When Mr. D was born, M was 3 years old. You can imagine: 'In the midst of precocious adolescence.' They call it 'the threenagers' out there Luckily she has always liked to do everything alone and she eats alone, she dresses alone (outfits are sometimes a poem, but who dictates the fashion rules?), She bathes alone (unless we have to rub our hair well because it has brought all the earth from the park)… in short, it has made it very easy for us! Everything and with that he still needs big doses of attention and his brother also. So I really appreciate the childcare items that make things easier for Mr. Father and me.

In the first pregnancy they usually give you many things that are greatly appreciated, but with the second you are able to make the wave to the one who gave it to you and to the one who invented it. Here are some examples.

Childcare articles for bimaternity

  • Baby carrier or scarf: Essential! For me (and as I have verified on Facebook and instagram, for many of you too), the baby carrier is essential to survive in bimaternity (and in trimaternity I imagine that more). One of the things you need the most when you have two children is your hands 😉 You don't know how, but you always keep them busy. Let's put ourselves in a situation: 'The children wake up. 'I'm hungry mom' says the oldest. 'Buaaaaaa, Buaaaaa' says the minor (translation: I want to eat and be caught right now and I do not plan to sit in the hammock or in the high chair because I am hungryeeee) Mr. Father, today you had to go to work very soon! I have yet to make breakfast! How do you manage it without dying in the attempt? While the older one gets dressed, you put the little one in the backpack, prepare breakfast and everyone is happy! Another situation that is easily solved is when you go to and from school. It is much lighter to move with the backpack than with the stroller.

When they are so small, backpacks are used with adapters for newborns. In many occasions they are bulky and depending on the time of year they can produce a lot of heat (As is the case of Ergobaby) But the backpacks from 5 months (approx) are great because it makes the 'put-take off' much easier. And when you have two children, streamlining processes is necessary.

  • Lightweight stroller: This is another star in bimaternity. Usually the strollers that we usually buy when the child is a newborn are quite heavy. With the first one, perhaps it is not something that bothers you so much, you raise and lower the stroller without problem because you do not have another screaming to get him out of the chair. With M we stretch the rides much more with the 'big' stroller but with Mr. D we have changed it just this weekend. He perfectly supports his head and sits without problems with what can already go in a light stroller, also the one we have reclines completely in case he falls asleep (this condition seems very important to me when they are so young) I also recommend that look for a chair that can be oriented in both directions. When they are so small it is recommended that they are oriented towards you while you walk so you have it controlled at all times.

  • Bathtub with legs: Another of the bimaternity must-haves. With M we bathed her first and changed her in her room. Now with Mr. D this is impossible because when M hears that we are going to bathe the little one, he has a terrible desire to bathe too, so if I am not there or not, Father is a mess because you do not want to leave the eldest unattended alone in the tub. The best way to keep everyone under control and bathing at the same time is. put a bathtub in the bathroom. It fits us a little, a little squeezed, but enter. For small bathrooms another option is the Stokke Flexibath, because it folds up and being small it fits in the bathtub next to the older brother 😉
Shnuggle bathtub
  • Bath seat: This is one of those things that with M I thought was a big bullshit and with Mr. D I am delighted with its existence! With the older one it seemed an unnecessary element because I had both hands to hold it without problem in the bathtub. It is more the majority of times I bathed with her, so it was very easy. Now the three of us do not fit in the bathtub and also how do I do if I have to remove one or the other. The best way is to put them together, one in the toilet seat and the other free! You don't know how excited M was on the first day we put the little boy in the seat and they could play together. I think it has been the most fun and loving time they have had alone since they were born. M was completely happy and Mr. D was kicking with joy! What it cost me to get Mr. D out of the tub.
Babymoov aquaseat bath seat

For me these are the four childcare articles that have helped me the most, so if you are on your way to bimaternity, take a look at them 😉

Do you think there is a product missing that could also be useful?

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