Bugaboo Fox - A week of testing and our opinion

Bugaboo Fox

Thanks to Baby and Slime Baby Experience we have been a week of testing with the Bugaboo Fox to explain the news, the advantages and if something can be improved. And, if you look closely at this video, some little thing can be reviewed.

As you can see I was not alone. In this adventure they accompanied me, Lucia de Planning to be Parents and Annabel from The baby ship. The three of us analyzed it from top to bottom and each explained its point of view. In general the three agree that many of the changes are great, but we continue after the perfect stroller and who better than Bugaboo to launch that challenge 😉

I will explain a little in detail what are the characteristics that make this new model special.

Comfortable for the baby, very intuitive, robust, lightweight and 'compact'.

'Comfortable, intuitive, robust, light and compact' They announce it, But is all that true?

In a week we could see that it is very comfortable for the baby. Its large carrycot and super wide chair make the baby rest in perfect position. But not only is COMFORTABLE for the baby, for parents things like:

  • The basket is more accessible. Being a little higher the basket is completely clear (See video, part supermarket)
  • It is higher, so you don't have to bend down so much to get the baby out of the carrycot. The backs appreciate it.
  • All the parts that can be operated (the protection bar buttons, the buttons to remove the chair or carrycot from the chassis, the hood, etc.) they do it easily, without having to press anything, just by clicking (see video, part protection bar)
  • More extensible hood.
  • Flawless maneuverability. One of the things that surprised us most was the ease with which you can handle the Bugaboo Fox Because of its weight? Why the tread? Why the cushioning? When they ask me what struck me the most Bugaboo Fox I say: 'You don't push it, you just go with it'
  • New folding lock. This part, personally, I love it! One of the things that makes it more difficult to put the stroller in the car is that when you have everything folded, you lift it and it opens like a book. If you look at the video, no matter how much I shake it, it doesn't open!
  • The basket holds 10 kg weight and also, it has small holes in case liquid spills (so it does not become a pool, it is appreciated!)

As for the characteristic of INTUITIVE, it is true that we hardly needed a brief explanation to be able to handle it with ease. The folds are very easy. The brake is as simple as stepping on a small lever and seeing if the button is red is braked, if it is green, it is running!

You are also qualified as STRONG and it is. This quality is a bit confusing. They refer to the fact that it is 'strong' or 'corpulent' Both, on the one hand it is a very sturdy stroller (characteristic similar to Buffalo) and large (more or less like the Cameleon). For the comments you made, in the video of Facebook  Last week, you think this should have changed, it still seems very big. Yes, that's right, it is a big ride car because it belongs to what is usually called 'comfort range'. The smaller strollers are known as the 'compact range', which would be the case of Bee. So if you are looking for an ultra-compact stroller, this would not be the most suitable.

And finally, LIGHT. Although its weight is 9,800kg - 10kg (In all the chips you will see 9,800kg but add some more with textiles and basket) the feeling is quite light, both when walking and when lifting it. Of course, compact, compact is not. It has many types of folding and it is true that it has one that is very 'compact' but is not the most agile. It is about separating the carrycot from the chassis, folding the latter to the maximum and using new tabs that have been incorporated into the carrycot to reduce its size to a minimum. It is a great idea and at first I thought it would be great for people with little space in the car, but I do not recommend that folding for day to day. I think that this novelty is very useful to store it when you no longer use it, but not to get in and out of the car daily, it took me 12 minutes to recompose the folding of the carrycot! (Look at the last seconds of the video and you will understand what I say)



Once I have explained my experience with its good things and its bad things, I leave you the technical characteristics so that you know it more thoroughly.


  • Super maneuverability, is its best feature. The damping and wheels make it very easy.

  • Made of aluminum used in aeronautics so it is light and resistant.
  • The tires can be customized in different colors.

  • Basket with pockets and can load up to 10 kg. It has small holes that eliminate liquids that can tip over.

  • New braking system. It is activated and deactivated simply by stepping on, without forcing. Once activated, a red message is displayed.

  • Front and center axle cushioning, this helps the chair to remain motionless on any terrain causing the child's body to absorb less impact.

  • Extendable handlebar


  • Change foam and velcro to place the textiles using rails.
  • The 3D mattress has neither feet nor head (same as the base of the carrycot)
  • The base of the carrycot is made of the same material as the surfboards (resistant and lightweight material)
  • They have installed on each side of the handle two buttons that have to be operated at the same time to be able to remove it. It is a change that brings extra security and comfort.

  • The hood is longer.
  • The reinforcement of the carrycot is outside. This is the characteristics that I commented that for storage it is fantastic, but for day to day it is not practical.

Here you have a video where they make it very easy:


  • More padded seat, for the comfort of the baby, especially in the back.
  • Interesting novelty: Higher backup
  • Very practical novelty: The harness is regulated from the outside, it is not necessary to disassemble it in order to raise or lower the upper belts.

  • The footrest is very easy to clean since the textile does not reach the end (At this point I would introduce a change: make it extensible)

  • New piece in the back of the chair that supports the child's back with the flexibility necessary to make it comfortable.


As with all his family partners, the new Bugaboo, can also be customized in multiple ways.



Have you ever thought about the waste involved in manufacturing a stroller and disposing of it?

Thanks to the Fox pieces being independent, their production is more sustainable. The chassis has 14 different parts, so if a part is broken and a change must be made in the after-sales service, it is no longer necessary to change the entire chassis, now only the necessary part can be replaced. This also makes the chassis fully recyclable since we can separate all the parts to make the necessary recycling process.


This is a very interesting point in favor!

You can also go to see the Lucia's opinion of Planning to be parents. Now you have a master's degree in Bugaboo Fox 😉

Have you seen it live? What do you think of these new features? What else would you add?

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