Wob NIDUS - New brand, new stroller

Several weeks ago you asked me about Mr. D's new stroller 😉

I have been answering you, but as I see it is causing curiosity and I love to talk about the brands that take the baby into account when creating their products. I think he deserves a post!

What is WOB?

It sure doesn't sound normal to you yet! Wob is a new brand in the market that is eager to be seen. Why? Because its main objective is:


There is a reason why its abbreviations mean: 'Watch over baby'.

If you are in the reverse movement you will know that the first product that was launched on the market was a chair that is installed in the opposite direction to the gear, called ONE. This chair is characterized by having the same safety advantages as any other rear-facing chair, it has PLUS TEST, and also with a more affordable price: € 199! (Current bid). A great way to make the reverse movement reach all families.

WOB NIDUS - Japanese Philosophy

The new baby stroller from WOB is designed to offer maximum comfort to babies in extreme conditions limited by space, which is why they have inspired one of the countries with enormous architectural limits: Japan.

In Japan, houses are tiny, elevators are small, stairs are impossible, and public transport is always crowded. And to the problem of space, another one is added: orography. It is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area with a high seismic component. In fact, in Japan there are around 1500 earthquakes a year.

So on the one hand they have a very limited living area as they are flanked by volcanoes, forcing them to build high, and on the other hand their buildings are constantly subjected to earthquakes, having become the culture that best handles anti-vibration technology, not with robust constructions (that would not resist the intensity and frequency of earthquakes) but doing just the opposite: flexible constructions.

As for the baby, the Japanese consider that if the child is happy during its first years, tomorrow it will be a balanced adult. This happiness is not subject to a baby who laughs a lot and cries a little, but to the fact that they have respected its stages of development. This applied to a stroller is reduced to interfere as little as possible in its sleep and wake cycles, so that if the baby is asleep, they minimize those factors that may wake or bother him. One of the most affecting rest is precisely the vibration.

All these particular conditions have led them to develop light and compact pushchairs to be able to move with agility and at the same time flexible to reduce the impact of vibration on the baby. In short, contrary to what we are used to seeing in Spain (bulky, robust and consequently heavy carts), the NIDUS is designed to optimally cover the comfort and rest needs of the baby, with the smallest possible size and weight .

After using it for a while, I am going to tell you about those aspects that, for me, are remarkable about this stroller:

  • Cushioning: The vibration is reduced fundamentally thanks to the flexibility of the chassis itself and the support system that the baby carries on his back (mattress in the case of the carrycot and mat in the one of the chair).
  • Carrycot: We could not prove it because it was released a month ago and Mr. D is already a big man;) But I can tell you what I saw in the presentation:

The carrycot of the NIDUS It is equipped with a special mattress made with a material called DRYFEEL and divided into two phases: The first phase consists of a breathable and compact block that stabilizes movement and the second phase is based on mini-cubes divided in turn into 4 other mini -cubes that eliminate the sensation of pressure on the baby.

This system allows to convert something as uncomfortable as rattle into a pleasant sensation for the little one.

The structure of the carrycot and chair is the same, so they share a hood. It has several height adjustable positions, which we are going to use mainly for two things: reduce the intensity of the heat that rises from the asphalt in summer (placing it in the highest position) and reduce the vibrations of complicated urban terrain (paving stones) placing it in the lowest position. In this way, height regulation also helps to minimize two factors that affect baby's rest:  excess vibration and excess heat.

  • Hammock / Chair: In my opinion it has an exact measurement so that a super bulky stroller is not visible, but the little one does not lose comfort. It also has several regulation positions, being fully stretched in the last one so you can sleep. The hammock is tiltable so that when the child falls asleep he does not notice any movement when accommodating him. In this way, you can lower your head while your feet go up, changing the inclination smoothly and without affecting the position of the spine.
  • Orientation on both sides: The chair can be oriented towards the stroller and towards the outside.
  • Pad:  The chair has a fairly padded mat that makes the child not in contact with the chair itself. It is soft, pleasant and reduces vibrations. It comes made with a winter and a summer fabric so you do not need to purchase separate mats.
  • Harness: My perception is that the harness has an ideal height. As you can see in the photo it is at the level of the abdomen and is more collected. When M was a baby, as she was so young, we had a hard time finding a stroller with a harness that would not allow her to slide down and her lumbar curved. I guess that's why we look so hard now. Of course, the regulation from one position to another can be improved because it takes some time to do so. So when you do, count on it taking a while.
  • Soft top: It has a hood with three positions.
  • Hood Material: The material of the hood is rigid so that the solar rays do not penetrate in any way.
  • Ventilated hood: We are not in summer yet and we already go with the hood ventilated most of the time. It is hot in these lands! The opening is wide and very easy to open and close.
  • Fabrics:  The outer hammock and carrycot fabrics are waterproof, so that the cold or humidity affects the least possible. However, the interior fabrics with which they are in contact are breathable and soft, thus avoiding heat concentration or suffocation. Sudden changes in temperature considerably affect the baby's rest and that is why the team that has developed the NIDUS has taken special care to avoid them.
  • Creased:  As you can see in this video it is impressive! I really get to do it with one hand. At this time Mr. D was asleep and I could not do it with him in my arms, but I assure you that more than once I have. We have a car with a large trunk, so I close it like this and I don't need to remove the chair, but there is the possibility of making it even more compact by removing the chair and wheels (Very easily)
  • Basket: The basket is very wide and as you can see in the photo a lot of things fit and to prevent them from falling, it has elastics that hold them.

  • Manageability: Here is a demonstration of how easy it is to handle. Even a girl like M can push it with almost no resistance!
  • Light: Microlight! There are few strollers of this type weighing only 8 kg. You lift it like nothing. We who spend the day getting the stroller in and out of the car are very grateful!
  • Esthetic: You know that I don't usually talk about these things, but in this case I was pleasantly surprised. Both the textiles and the chassis have seemed well finished. Being a structurally simple stroller it is very beautiful!
  • Measurements:

Open: - 55 width x 70 length x 114 height

Folded: - 82 long x 20 high x 55 wide

Ultra compact folding: (with wheels attached to the basket) - 82 long x 10 high x 45 wide

  • Affordable price: The NIDUS is a two-piece stroller of, what we could call, the comfort range and its price is 649,00 €.  It does not allow the installation of a Maxi-cosi to the chassis because in a country like Japan where the baby is cared for so much, they avoid by all means putting them in little ergonomic and forced positions. The maxi-cosi is fantastic in a vehicle (you know that worries me a lot) but the posture that, for safety, the baby needs to adopt in the car, interferes with his need for movement and comfort outside of it. So no Japanese car comes with adapters for the car seat. True to this philosophy, the WOB team does not give this option either, and I cannot agree more with the consistency of that decision.

And this is more or less all I can tell you. Given my circumstances, it has turned out to be the ideal car. What do you think? Did you like it

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  1. I recognize that with the girl the comfort of the baby took it for granted and I did not stop to think about whether the cart we chose could be uncomfortable. But with the boy I woke up and we changed a lot of ideas!

  2. After a while how are you still with the car? Happy ?? It is one of the options that I consider for my little one but I do not find opinions !!! Thank you

    1. Hi Lau! Yes! We are delighted. Mr. D is now 16 months old and we carried him in his Nidus. We have not changed to a light car, because this already is! I use the car a lot because we live in an urbanization, so you can imagine the number of times I go up and under the stroller in the trunk. As light as it is I have no need to switch to an umbrella stroller. In this, Mr. D is much more comfortable.

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