Knowing baby gnome and his host family

 ‘I want a host family to give me bear hugs'

In front of a poster where you could read this phrase, I met Dr. Amor a few days ago. We are going to call her that because she is dedicated to giving a lot of love to foster babies. A love that is like a great repair band aid.

A month ago I was participating in a talk about child safety in the car for the host families in Girona. There I met a reality that left a huge lump in my throat. After the talk I was able to eat with them so that they will tell me more details about what a host family is and what situations they usually encounter. At that moment I decided that I wanted to write a post and Dra. Amor offered to open the doors of her home to me the moment I received 'the call'.

Weeks later, that call came. It was the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with what host families are like and why they are so necessary for these little ones.

We are in a parking lot near his house. Dra. Amor is very well prepared to receive babies because four have already passed through her house. It has an ideal car to be able to take all the little ones in reverse gear! 😉 (This point could not pass).

The first thing you see in her is a huge smile and a huge desire to share. When I entered through the door of his house I realized that this space had been chosen with the reception in mind. A warm house with a play space to share between your daughters and babies.

Dr. Love does emergency and diagnostic shelters, therefore they are very young babies awaiting a study on the circumstances that have advised separating them from the family of origin. That lasts for a certain duration, but when they reach his arms they never know how long it is.

We sat on the sofa to tell me how the delivery of Baby Gnome has been. At that moment she puts it in my arms and 'I tremble'. Literally. The first thing that catches the attention of the little gnomite is his nose. A great nose for how small it is. Hence his nickname 😉

While she talks to me, I hug him and cradle him putting all my attention on making that gesture pleasurable for him. Dra. Amor tells me that she gives her foster babies a lot of affection, putting a lot of intention into it to repair that separation. But it is important to explain that she is not their mother, that one day her own family or another family will come after them to continue taking care of them and pampering them a lot.

Baby gnome has a slight quiver as Dra. Amor and I talk. She tells me how medical follow-ups are in these cases. We talk about your diet, routine check-ups, and vaccinations.

You are always looking for a welcoming family that adapts to the characteristics of the child and can best meet their particular needs, so a study is carried out a study to determine which is the ideal family for him. For example, the case of another foster mom that I met in the talk. She is a pediatric nurse and her foster child has several health problems. Who better to follow up with than she?

One of the rights contemplated in the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child   It's of live in family. Girls, boys and adolescents have the right to have their lives, their survival, their dignity protected and their integral development guaranteed. They cannot be deprived of life under any circumstances. This is essential for the development of childhood. I assure you that the day I met all those families and their little ones tears fell, not from sadness but from seeing the big heart and the enormous work they do.

Dra. Amor told me that more host families are still needed because there are many children in this type of situation.

In 2017, 13,500 children, in Spain, were waiting for a home that did not arrive. Children who are in centers waiting for arms and a love that changes their lives. I am sure that there are many families who have ever thought about it but have not taken the step because they do not know the option and do not know how to do it. So I wanted to write about it, to try to spread the word.

I leave you a link to State Association for Foster Care (ASEAF) and the web of the Generalitat so you can find out how to do the paperwork.

What is a host family?

All the children of the world have the right to receive affection, to live in an environment that allows them to develop emotionally and socially. This is provided by us, parents, grandparents, uncles, friends, etc. In Definitively, in the family we learn to play, to grow, to enjoy, to love, to live together, to respect.

There are children who do not have a family or the family cannot take care of them for various serious reasons. In this case, it is determined that the father or mother is not trained to take care of their child and the host families to take care of him for a while.
Children who are in this situation and cannot go to a foster family are sent to the children's centers, although staying with the family makes it possible for the children to stay and create healthy bonds.
Being a foster family means taking care, educating, pampering and living with the baby or child until their family situation is resolved or until it is decided what is best for them. In short, be your support for a certain time.

Types of host family

There are many host typesThese are determined based on what the minor and the biological family situation requires. There are 6 types of fostering:

  1. Emergency care and diagnosis: allows the child to live with a family while the study on the circumstances that have advised separating him from the family of origin is carried out. Aimed at children up to six years old. The duration of the foster care will be the time necessary to carry out the study of the situation of the child and the family of origin.
  2. Short-term reception: The child is taken in by a family in order to return to his family environment within two years.
  3. Long-term care: The child is fostered by a family while his home family environment overcomes problems that may require a longer recovery time. Foster care is expected to exceed two years.
  4. Weekend and holiday reception: It is a type of foster care aimed at children over nine years of age, who are admitted to residential centers and need to enjoy a family environment. The child lives with the collaborating family during weekends and school vacations. This fostering extends the period of time considered beneficial for the child.
  5. Welcome in coexistence units of educational action: It is aimed at supervised children and adolescents, with special educational needs, chronic diseases and / or conduct disorders, and groups of siblings that require more specialized care. These foster care must be able to offer a family environment in which one of the family members has a specific degree, training and experience to meet the special needs of these children and adolescents.
  6. Permanent foster care: It will be agreed if the abandonment is expected to be definitive and the application of pre-adoptive foster care is not considered more favorable for the interest of the child or adolescent or when this is not possible.

If you think you can be a host family, go to State Association for Foster Care (ASEAF) or in the Web of the Generalitat. There are still missing bear hugs for little ones.

Today's post has a lot of intention, that the information reaches the families who want, can or plan to be welcoming. If you think that you or your environment can be one of them, do not hesitate, share. A grain of sand makes a mountain.


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