The importance of traveling backwards: 'HAD AN INTERNAL DECAPITATION'

Today I woke up to news as sad as this. A girl in Oregon has suffered an accident that has left her with a very serious injury. In this post I copy the news simply because I wanted to share it with you translating the text from English and because the photos were too hard for me.


Tanya Bender (Grandmother) shared a urgent warning on Facebook about targeting restraint systems in pro-gear too early.

Her granddaughter, Aniyah, suffered a car accident at the age of 2 while traveling in favor of the march causing an internal injury to the C1. This injury has left him "partially paralyzed" even at age 4. "In most states, the minimum requirement to change is at 2 years," Bender wrote in the group, Keeping Littles Safe In Carseats. Aniyah was 2 years old when she was in a car accident. His seat was properly installed in the car seat according to the instructions and the current legislation. However, Bender added: "If she had traveled in counter-gear, she would have suffered no injury at all«.

Tanya Bender Bender told Love What Matters more details about the terrible car accident that left her granddaughter with these life-long injuries in hopes of alerting other parents to this life-threatening situation. "Aniyah turned 2 on February 28 and the accident happened on May 22," he recalled.

“We put the car seat in forward gear as indicated in the instructions and put the harness on. We left home and, about 8 kilometers down the road, the car hit a brick pillar (…), and the car overturned. '

Due to force, Aniyah had an internal beheading on C1. He had several breaks between C1 and C7 and also suffered a complete break in his C5, the nerve root that controls his arm. After 12 hours at the local hospital, he moved to the Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon. He underwent 8-hour surgery to fuse his entire neck. They spent the next two weeks there in the hospital. "When we got home, we had to teach him how to sit, walk, how to use his hand and lower his arm again."

Tanya Bender: 'Two years have passed in May of this year and you can finally, with constant therapy, use your lower arm, but you will never be able to use it fully. Due to her full neck injury, she will never be able to jump on trampolines, horseback riding, sports that require her to be very active or fall. It is too dangerous and could injure your neck again. According to his doctors at Doernbechers, it is very rare that he will survive Aniyah's injury. Tanya Bender Bender told Love What Matters that she wishes she could "get on" with her life, but that she wants to "save others from this tragedy."

Why am I informing you of this story?

As you know in this space we insist over and over again on the importance of our children traveling in reverse gear. I find many families who still do not have that information or who listen to it without paying too much attention because there are 'rankings' such as that of RACE, which rate seats in favor of the march as more satisfactory than the seats in reverse gear. A terrible confusion has also been created with the new I-size regulation, by which many parents think that it is only important to take their children in reverse gear until 15 months. That with that is enough.

As you can see, it is not. Aniyah was 2 years old. The I-size is not the measure of what is security or not, since the regulations do not prevent these cases. The mandatory 15 months of this regulation are still very insufficient.

From here we ask you please, that the children travel backstop up to (minimum) 4 years.

If you want more visual information, I leave you with these two videos:

I leave the link to the news in case you want to read it and see the original photos of the accident.

TO countermarch saves lives!

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