Why do we change our Klippan Kiss chair and wear an Axkid Rekid?

A few days ago I went up to Facebook a photo of M in her new chair and many of you asked me privately why we had changed the Klippan kiss by a Axkid Rekid. 

Well, today I want to explain what happened.

If you follow the blog you will already know that this summer vacation we travel with our Klippan Kiss to Mallorca. On the plane we were initially told that at any time we could take it to the cabin and pick it up on arrival. The first part was fulfilled, the second was not and this is where they destroyed our chair (I leave you photos below). After several claims we got them to listen to us and they paid us the price of the Kiss to be able to buy a new one (If you want more information about what happened and how we made the claim I leave you the links here Y here)

How do we choose the new chair?

I had some clear things:

1- That M continued to travel as long as possible in reverse gear. Being small in size and weight, we know that there are options to travel in reverse gear up to 6 years of age.

2 - M is no longer newborn, like when we chose the kiss, so We could leave group 0 + / 1 and go to group 1/2. You already know that I am not in favor of choosing chairs that cover many groups (for example 1/2/3) since the adjustment with the child is not very correct when they are younger (group1) and it usually becomes small when they are older ( Group number 3)

2- That the space in the car was adequate for your chair and the second baby on the way. We have a spacious car.

3- That it could install with belt and isofix (I have to say this was a whim)

With these three premises we launch into the search and testing in store. We're going to Baby Experience  because we know the store and we know that the commitment to child safety is very high, they have a lot of information, tea spend the time you need to explain everything to you and they do all the tests of chairs that are necessary to find the one that fits with your car and the baby. 

David measuring the angle of the chair once installed to confirm that it is appropriate.

As soon as we arrived we commented to David (who was the one who advised us) the points that I have described before, that M had always traveled in a kiss and, therefore, that we had the Triofix in mind. And we already shut up and let us advise 🙂

We tried the Triofix (up to 18 kg in reverse gear) and the Axkid Minikid (up to 25 kg in reverse gear). They both fit well with our car, allowed us space in the rear and did not cancel the copilot seator. Too perfectly fit M, head, width and harness. She told us that she was comfortable (she is almost 3 years old and that speaking to you is an important reference: D) So either of the two chairs was valid, but the Triofix fell short because at 18 kg we would have to turn the favor of the march.


It's not really a problem because M (who is tiny in height like us) I would have endured calmly until the age of 5 in the Triofix in reverse gear It is a good time to give them the turn, but the Axkid Minikid gave us a little more margin and our choice at the moment is to hold it as long as possible in the opposite direction to the march. If we could, we adults would too 😉

That was when they told me in secret that Klippan is working on a new model that will be called Century and that it will be able to go into reverse gear up to 25 kg, but that it will not be on the market until the second half of 2017

Ohh what a pity we didn't get there on time! But you know the ones who have change for those dates 😉

And why instead of an Axkid Minikid do we get out of there with an Axkid Rekid? 

I know, right now you are thinking why instead of the Minikid we take the Rekid.

As I was saying before, one of the things I had in mind is that the chair have isofix. I thought of it simply for a matter of practicality. I find it very comfortable to install the chair just with the click of the isofix. But I have to admit that in this case I could have saved myself:

  •  It is true that in our car we have space but although I am small (1.63 cm) and I enter the passenger seat if we make a long trip I get very tired and end up traveling behind. The Minikid allowed us a little more space than the Rekid has been 'eaten' by the isofix. 
  •  Actually the isofix is not fixing the ease of installation because anchoring the low theters takes time (It is easy but we are no longer talking about a single click)
  •  From the 18 kg the isofix can no longer support the weight and the chair must be installed with a belt yes or yes.
  •  When the little one is born I do not know which of the two will go in the center seat, which does not have isofix. It will depend on the space the chair occupies and the angle (the central seat of our car makes a kind of climb that changes the angle a little). So it is possible that a few months that isofix will no longer serve me.

So while I'm very happy that M travels super happy, comfortable and with tons of legroom in her Axkid Rekid it could have saved me the isofix because security is the same on both. So I will take advantage of the isofix while I can and then we will go to the belt without problem!

One of the things that gave me a fantastic feeling is that both the Minikid and the Rekid are super fixed to the seat. We tried to move them from the sides and there was no way, they are like stones! I love that! 😉

So this is the answer why we couldn't go back to the Kiss: Simply because M has grown and needed a 'bigger' chair, or an older sister as she says 😉

By the way, for those who ever ask me if I am talking about car seats because brands give them to me, you can verify that they are not. That the safety of my daughter is very important and I prefer to choose her by the traditional way: doing the tests 😉

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  1. Thanks for the post, we have to buy the chair now and we did not know which one to decide on. Of great help!!

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