AESVI, a face lift for the RACE?

You know that a month ago I was in Madrid for the Puericultura Fair 2017. It is the first year I go and I did it mainly because on Friday they spent almost all day talking about children's safety in the car. How do you know, if nothing prevents me, I can't miss a good safety day! (or so I thought).

'Puericultura Madrid will focus on Child Safety and innovation products'

It was reading this and moving to Madrid (which is quite far away). I wanted to see how he RACE and AESVI ‘they were still working on the safety of our children'as many times they tell us. I am going to tell you details about what happened on the day dedicated to child safety. The first thing I have to say is:

Nothing new, unfortunately.

  • Talks doomed to failure due to lack of support from the professional sector. Yes, what you have in mind is what happened, we were four cats! When I read that Puericultura Madrid would talk about the subject, I thought that the talks about Child Safety in the car would be full. With the current times, of changes, of wanting improvements for the safety of our children, I thought that the topic would be deepened, that the professionals of the sector would be at the stage of the stage eager for knowledge and information. No, nothing is further from reality.

This was the scenario at 2:10 p.m. when, supposedly, was the talk 'Evaluation of chair safety' by Antonio Lucas, RACE. No one, there was no one.

I spent 20 minutes waiting for someone to appear to talk and I had no luck. Yes, Antonio Lucas RACE spokesman spoke 10 minutes (if he arrived) in the talk about what is the  AESVI and then disappeared.

And the question is why does this happen? Why are not all the professionals in the sector sitting receiving information? Because there is no credibility, because everything that is done from the commercial part has its price. Because when there is no transparency or coherence, people delegitimate and stop believing.

  •  Lack of credibility. Since some of the talks were not made, I decided to go for a walk between the news stands, chat with professionals from the sector and fellow bloggers. Among many other topics, we talked about how he perceived the issue of security and most came to the conclusion that no one believes in his words. They have been heard so many times to say that going backwards is safer until (minimum) 4 years and then publish Tests where these chairs are suspended and win chairs in favor of the march that no longer believe them or consider them transparent Logic! Because what coherence does this have? None.
  • A talk about Counter-retention systems gathers much more public. Have you attended a talk about countermarking retention systems? Do you know the information groups about these systems? Have you noticed the strength of the movement against the counter? Do you know why? Because it was born from the desire that our children travel safely. It is born from people who believe in it and from love. People who have the conviction that it is the right thing (because science proves it) Maybe all this may sound a bit naive, but it is the reality. The movement to countermarch is born from the need that parents feel to explain the truth to them. It is born from the need for their children to travel protected. This is what makes it a strong movement. There are no logos or brands or desire for 'fame' behind all this. There are mothers and fathers who spend their time researching and disseminating the information. Nobody pays them and nobody forces them to do it. There would be no money to pay for the selfless work they are all doing. This far exceeds any movement made commercially. That said, I want to comment on how much it bothered me to hear the phrase from a speaker: 'Be careful what you read online about child safety because it is not endorsed by an agency Who writes it? Who is that person?' Well then, could we say the same thing backwards? How reliable is that body that tells me confusing things? What do we believe 'The test' or what they say after the test? Because it does not correlate. Therefore, I am glad that today the conversations about security systems in the opposite direction move more people than this other type of talks (not even having the support of Puericultura Madrid).
  •  Lack of information. In this type of talk one expects to receive so much information that it will not fit in the head. But it was not the case. What I found were excuses, name changes and more of the same. Even the video they put at the beginning of the talk was the same as always (2016) A video that is almost two years old. When will the message change? When will they realize that this is no longer useful? When are they going to get that boy from behind that shield?


Throughout the talk they told us about how well they do their work, how well they will continue to do it and how great it is. AESVI, the new one Spanish Alliance for Child Road Safety. I expected to meet 'accident investigation', 'seller training', 'progress in safety systems' and 'evaluation of chair safety'. Well no, I was punished with a 'look how well we do it'

  • What is it AESVI (can you go to the link if you want information)? Something did take me home; a story that will start to give much to talk: 'AESVI will be the new wikipedia of child safety in the car' And who says this? Do we have to believe them? Well, you can judge yourself. AESVI is formed by:

Lots of logos! For now, among them I see a company that sells security for our children, not approved! Let's see if you find them? (This is the trivial of Mom's Laboratory, I have to see if you read me. Here is the answer: LINK) Bravo! All right! Yes, you will tell me that it is not necessary to approve it because it is an accessory. Already, but this accessory What do you hold? Child restraint systems! Therefore it modifies its operation. I do not know about you, but an accessory that modifies the operation of the safety seat for my children I would like it to be, at least, approved.

We can also find companies of which still we wait for an answer and another company that issued us a somewhat confusing answerWhat do you think?

That said, and I'm sure I leave things, I would love to see the Fair Childcare Madrid next year have people like:

And on the way out I go and meet him Cabify case Come on, there is still much to do.


We continue! 😉




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