Minikid 2.0: Features and comparison with Minikid 1

How do you know this Friday we were at the presentation of the new Axkid Minikid 2.0 in Limobebe. Not only that, but we could analyze it in Baby Experience and we installed it in the car.

At the presentation event, David de Baby Experience He explained the technical part of the need for children to travel in reverse gear as long as possible. We from Mom's lab we contribute the vision of Laia, pediatric physical therapist in the physiological part of the baby. I was able to explain my experience and what I could verify by comparing the new Minikid and the previous one.

Many bloggers from the sector came to help disseminate this important message: Traveling in reverse gear is 5 times safer. 

Many of them already knew the message and always share it with their followers. Others were surprised to see, with the experiences prepared by David, that it is totally true and verifiable that traveling in reverse gear is the safest for our children.

But I know that what you are waiting for is knowing how the new chair is and how it differs from the previous one. Well, let's go there with the characteristics and the comparison!



  • Can it be used from birth?

Axkid's new child restraint chair is in reverse from 0kg to 25kg. This has created a bit of controversy since many of you ask me if it is true that it can be used from birth. And the answer is no.  It is true that the new Minikid 2.0 can start to be used before the previous one, but not from birth. The right time to start using this device is when the baby can already sit on it and has also reached (approximately) 70/72 cm in height.   

Why do we look at height? Because the weight will always meet it, since by approval the chair indicates 0Kg, but we need the baby's head to reach the head of the chair and the harness comes out a little below the shoulder. As you can see in the photo, Mr. D can just start using it.

In the case of the previous Minikid the height difference with the head / harness is much higher. With what we should wait approximately until the year and a half to be able to use it (pink brand shoulder / head and green brand belts)

  • Different heads

As I was saying this means that the new Axkid Minikid 2.0 can be used earlier, For this reason, Axkid has improved the head. This change is designed to protect the smallest babies.

As you can see the new head is a little longer (approximately 3 cm) and wider (approximately 7 cm). Thanks to this, the head, one of the most vulnerable parts of the baby, is more protected. It is easy to see that there is more absorption material in the head of the new Minikid (right). In addition, its V shape makes the head always well wrapped, as you will have seen in the first photo of Mr. D. Being so small, his head is very well collected.

  • New ASIP side protection system

The new Axkid Minikid also incorporates a new ASIP side protection system. This new system is placed on the side closest to the door. If the chair is installed in the central square, it is not necessary (as is our case). ASIP is interesting in that it serves as the first absorption material when faced with a side impact, but it is not essential.

  • Differences in the support leg:

In the installation with David, from Baby Experience, we could see that the leg comes out from lower than the previous one, which makes it easier to install in the central seats. It also differs from the previous one in that it is fixed by pressing a single button.

The lower tie-down straps automatically tighten making installation a little more streamlined. Although, anyway, I continue to insist on the need for a specialist store to carry out this installation. We must make sure that everything is correctly placed since a saddle traveling in a wrongly installed reverse gear is NOT safe.

  • Height:

The height has not changed. They are two equal in cm of the backrest

Height measurement: 59cm

  • Angle:

Angle: Minikid: 31.1º // Minikid 2.0: 38º

The angle of departure is already greater and this is favorable for the smallest babies. It also has 5 recline positions that help us when installing and getting the right angle. Be careful, many of you ask me if these reclining are used for the moment when the baby falls asleep. No, it is not like a stroller in which we carry the baby in one position and when he sleeps we change it. The reclines of the Axkid Minikid are used to install a chair with a perfect angle so that the little trip is totally safe (if your head does not fall if you fall asleep)

  • Width:

The new Minikid 2.0 is slightly more compact than the previous one. Its side protection has changed a bit in its shape, it is narrower and more collected towards the baby. This also helps us to install it in more compact cars or with less space.

  • Textile:

One of the things that have improved a lot (a lot) is textiles. M has been riding an Axkid Rekid for about two years and the chest pads are very dirty. To wash them I have to completely remove the chair. Which makes me very lazy and also will not allow us to use the chair for a few days. In the new Minikid 2.0 the covers are easily removed which speeds up the whole process much more. 

Also has 7 colors to choose the one you like the most. For those who always say that the rear seats are not funny 😉

  • Installation:

It is installed without a base and with a belt in the same way as the previous one. I leave you a reference photo

  • Baby reducer:

The new Minikid 2.0 Includes a reducing pad for babies (not newborns)

So far the comparison between the two Minikid that you can find right now in the market. As for our installation, David has left it to us that it does not move a millimeter. The seats installed with a belt are just as safe and one of the things that amazes me most about the Axkid Minikid (if you install it in a specialized store) is that it is nailed. I'll try to make you a video on Facebook and instagram for you to see for yourself.

Before saying goodbye I would like to add two more things:

  • A video that Sheila made of Mother word in Baby Experience where the importance of our children traveling in reverse gear is very clear:

And if you want to read more opinions of other moms who have known the new Minikid 2.0, I leave you the posts of Lucia de Planning to be parents and Sara from Moms and Babies

We continue!

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  1. Hello, I am looking at the RACE report and although it does not analyze this chair in particular, it gives a very bad score to three other chairs of the brand, with high shock coefficients, why do you prefer this brand to others that allow reverse gear?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Eva! The RACE is not a reliable source for many points that you can see in one of the posts where I talk about them 😉

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