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A few days ago I was in the I Countermarch Day in Spain, But you already know that it is a fight that we have been developing for many years. Some even more. Those of you who read to me know that this topic is the one that worries me the most and in which I spend more hours looking for studies, information and proven tests. So there I went to continue looking for information and meet Tommy Pettersson The father of Plus Test! But let me explain why, a few days ago, I asked you for Facebook and instagram how your children traveled in the car.

I just wanted to see how the panorama was among my followers and I have to tell you that you have made me very (sooooo) happy! In the 700 comments (between facebook and instagram) the 98% travel in reverse gear in chairs such as Klippan, Axkid, Besafe, Wob, etc. I also wanted to show people that they don't know about the reverse movement, that we are many! That we take our children looking back without problem and that, in addition, some are 6 years old and continue to travel like this, without problem! Thanks to all of you who commented Gracias Thank you, thank you!

How do children travel in the car in Spain?

At the Tomy Petterson event, he told us that in Sweden parents were not required to take their children in reverse gear. However, there is already a social conscience that has accompanied them since the 60s and everyone knows that it is the safest way to take their children. He told us that if you walk down the street and ask any parent about how he carries his children in the car, the answer is easy and unanimous: A COUNTERRIDE. They do not hesitate because the message is always the same, they know that carrying their children in that position is much safer. Its rates of serious injury or infant mortality are the lowest in the world. That convinces, right?

So, Why in Spain we do not do the same? 

This is a question that you ask me many times, conscious parents and those who do not quite believe in this movement. The questions are usually:

  • Why if they are not safe chairs are they approved?

Here the answer that unifies everything is that We live under very lax homologation laws. To approve a restraint system in Spain, the only requirement is that the child is fully restrained in the device, that is, that he / she not be fired in the event of an impact. Therefore we are not talking about security measures. I would like you to click on this post to understand a little bit more where the problem is.

  • Why, if the plus test is so reliable, do we not do the same in Spain?

The plus test, for those who don't understand it, It is a voluntary test that was created in Sweden when entering the European regulations. The tests are carried out by the VTI- Swedish National Road and Transport Safety, the Transport Research Institute and the NTF -National Society of Road Safety.  Sweden saw all the awareness work they had done jeopardized and they decided to create much more demanding voluntary testing. These tests force manufacturers to design chairs that respect the child's most vulnerable area: the neck. Basically they focus on checking the efforts that a baby's neck must bear in the most frequent impact (the front). Therefore the only chairs that pass the Plus test are chairs that are installed in reverse gear. Any chair that bears this seal is a secure restraint system.

Why in Spain we do not have this type of test is a question that I cannot answer, but someday we will collect it. Today we continue reading tests of the Race in which they win seats with serious safety concerns. We will continue to disseminate and try to raise awareness among people who read us and their contacts (Here I put the wedge Share is power! Let's continue sharing!)

  • Why does the DGT or RACE not prevent such chairs from being sold?

Well, I could ask this question live to the DGT representatives who attended the event. They told us that on their website and their recommendations we can always read that reverse gear is safer. Partly it is true, but it is not enough. We all know that it is a very serious topic and that it needs more dissemination. Groups like reverse gear saves lives, pages like Have the kids ride the reverse gear (please) and families like that of Gabriel the Viking  They have spent many years trying to make something change, and they are succeeding! But there is still a way to go.

The event that created Axkid, the maternity bloggers and the people who are there and every day you share something about reverse gear also make the message come, but do not tell me that you have not found the question: 'And why do you keep selling chairs that are not entirely safe if the information you give me is correct?' Surely they look at you with an incredulous face and tell you that this is nothing but a fad. It has happened to me. Obviously the DGT cannot change the law, it is not in their power to prevent anything. So on the day of the event, I suggested that they lead a campaign directed at the ministry to change the law, so that there are no more tests that have neither head nor foot. Don't tell me it wouldn't go much further. For me it is what is missing: unify messages!

Yes, I can answer the question: Why do I keep seeing more chairs in family cars for the march than against it? Because the message is not unified! And the parents are in trouble. What would happen to you if in a RACE test you see that the best chair is one with a shield, that there are reverse seats that suspend, that you are looking for information in the DGT and the first thing that comes out is East PDF (tell me if you see that they emphasize reverse gear) and that you find unofficial pages and groups that tell you about reverse gear? And if you go to the store and the person who treats you does not have much idea about safety seats, what would happen to you? That you would end up making a mess and you would not know who to pay attention to! That is why not all Spanish children travel in reverse gear! We do not have a unique message and in the end we parents have to become engineers as you can read in the post of 'Child restraint'

I do not want to extend much more, just to thank Axkid and the Swedish embassy for the effort made in organizing another event in which the message was clear: security travels on its back.

Why will my child travel safer in the reverse gear?

As I have already written a lot on this subject, I will not repeat myself, but I would like you to spread the word to your contacts via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter or directly in person, at school or in the cafeteria. For this I leave you a compilation of all the posts that I think you should take into account:

Nooooo! Don't worry, I don't forget the DRAW 😉

What do we raffle?

A chair Axkid Minikid

In case there is someone who does not know this chair, the most important thing is that it is a chair for traveling in reverse gear 😉

The Axkid Minikid car seat is a compact seat, it takes up very little space for installation and can be installed in most cars, big or small.

It is equipped with a system of fastening straps that automatically tighten, making installation easier. You only have to fasten both restraining straps and slightly balance the chair laterally, until it is properly installed (supervision by a specialist is very important)

Height adjustable front base allows reclining the back of the chair in five different positions for comfort, and the support leg guarantees a safe installation in a wide variety of cars (take care that this leg does not fall on a storage drawer).

Have a automatically adjusting headrest and adapts to the height of the child's head by tightening the harness. And it has some wide side wings for greater protection in the event of a side impact.

Approved from 0 to 25 kg, looking in reverse gear with the car's 3-point seat belt. It cannot be used from birth. You can use it from approximately 6 months. The ideal is to test it with the child in the reference store. It has the certification Plus Test (Swedish VTI certificate, which carries out exhaustive safety tests on rear-facing saddles).

What do I have to do to participate?

It is very simple 😉

1.- Be followers from Mom's Lab, The baby ship, Planning to be parents  Y Happy Papis (Those who do not have instagram can search the publication on our facebook and follow us from there: Mom's lab)

2.- Invite two friends to participate in the raffle How? you just have to tag them in a comment under the draw image on facebook or instagram putting @ in front of the name

What is the term and procedure of the Draw?

The draw starts right now 29 October 2018 Y ends on November 8, 2018 at 11:59 p.m..

We will publish the name of the winner in this same edited post and in RRSS. If after 7 days the winner does not contact us, the draw will be invalidated and will be repeated with the same participants. Hence the importance of following us.

The model to be delivered is the same as the photo, color included.


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