Comparison: Bugaboo Ant vs Babyzen Yoyo +

Comparativa Babyzen Yoyo+ Bugaboo Ant

The other day we presented the Bugaboo Ant, the new ultra-compact Bugaboo that enters the market stomping. Since the pioneer, and king, of the ultracompacts has always been the Babyzen Yoyo +; the comparison of Bugaboo Ant vs Babyzen Yoyo + You could not wait.

We have measured, tested, folded, deployed ... and here we bring you our analysis.

Bugaboo Ant vs Babyzen Yoyo+

Chassis and color combinations

When we buy any of these two strollers, Both come in two boxes: one with the chassis and the other with the style pack to give it the brushstroke of color.

The Babyzen Yoyo + Is available in 2 chassis colors, black or white, and in 9 color combinations, all of them at same price, € 399. The Bugaboo Ant instead, it is in aluminum or black chassis and we can combine it in 5 different ways; differentiating 3 from the Core range from € 499 and 2 from the Premium range from € 519: something more expensive and in recycled material fabrics.

In the price section, the difference of € 100 more for the Bugaboo Ant could make more than one opt for Babyzen Yoyo +

In terms of appearance, with the Yoyo + chassis comes the black chair cover, and the color pack brings the hood and the mat of the color we choose. The Bugaboo Ant instead has more customizable options: hood, chair cover, wheel rims and side panels.

Differences at first sight

A clear difference would be the Extensible hood of the Ant, which covers a little more than Yoyo +, although within the optional accessories, at Yoyo + we can put an umbrella and Ant no. Also comment that the hood of Yoyo + has a serial window to be able to see the baby; while Bugaboo has only added it in Premium textile combinations.

The Babyzen Yoyo + basket holds about 5 kg of weight, Meanwhile he Bugaboo Ant has two baskets: one of 5 kg and one of 3 kg, the latter accessible even folded. At the load capacity level, the Bugaboo Ant supports more total volume and better accessibility.

The handlebars are also different: Babyzen opts for foam and a curvilinear shape, while Bugaboo surprises us with plastic -Unlike the rest of his strollers with leather handlebars- and a much more straight way, favoring a more natural driving, especially for those who are wider back. In addition, a point that we will analyze in depth will be the height of both.

We take action!

We have taken the measures and weights that manufacturers give us and we have taken them; and there are certain differences that you can see in the following table.

Tabla de medidas comparativa Babyzen Yoyo+ vs Bugaboo Ant

Although Bugaboo Ant once folded has very clean lines, Babyzen Yoyo + continues to occupy less; further, between them there is a difference of 1.4 kg, with Yoyo + being the clear winner at this point. As criticism, seeing that this is recurring in most brands, we would appreciate if the manufacturers of strollers occasionally calibrated their measuring devices.

Bugaboo Ant y Babyzen Yoyo+ plegado compacto

Now, if we must carry it folded, although the Yoyo + strap allows us to carry it on the shoulder during short journeys, The Bugaboo Ant has the trolley position that makes its transport very comfortable without having to carry weight. The latter, together with the outer basket that is still accessible even when folded or in a trolley position, makes it possible to use it as a small suitcase with a 3 kg capacity on "airport" trips.

Who will win in comfort?

Tabla de medidas comparativa Babyzen Yoyo+ vs Bugaboo Ant

As to ergonomics, we have measured the height of the backrests, the depth of the seats, the distance from the seat to the ground ... And we have been able to verify that, Although at first glance the Bugaboo Ant seems "little thing", we were surprised that it is very close in centimeters. Some of the things Yoyo + usually sin in is the height of their backrest, which is quite low and older children get their heads out. In the Bugaboo Ant they have solved it with a 12.5 cm higher backrest, That is not little! And we highlight that it is also adjustable in height, as we discussed in the previous post.

Alturas respaldos Bugaboo Ant Babyzen Yoyo+

As for the spaciousness of the seat, the Yoyo + visually looks wider due to that side fabric reinforcement that the Ant lacks. We believe that the back will be somewhat more collected on the Babyzen flagship.

Where we find something else of crumb is at the angles of inclination; so we are going to get fully into it, and for that, we must mention that a Clear difference from Yoyo + is that the Bugaboo Ant chair is reversible.

Reclining positions

Already in the post of the unboxing of Bugaboo Ant that you can read here, we saw that the chair can be put looking at the parents or facing the world. Depending on the position of the chair, it could recline in different ways.

Looking facing dads, we have 3 positions: 105º, 125º and 175º, practically 180º. However, facing the world, the positions are reduced to 2: 105º and 125º.

In order to perform a real analysis, we will take into account that the Babyzen Yoyo + with the 0+ birth pack, the baby is positioned facing the parents at 180º, in a single position: point in favor for Bugaboo, which faces 3 parents. However, facing the world, Yoyo + has a minimum position of 119º and a maximum position of 145º, so that its most reclined position is superior to that of Ant, which only reaches 125º: point in favor for Babyzen.

The Bugaboo Ant has more reclining positions facing parents but the Babyzen Yoyo + has a higher angle of inclination facing the world

Babyzen Yoyo + and her footrest

The ground clearance from the seat is the same in both strollers, although at first glance it seems that the Ant is lower. What it is Different is the distance from the seat to the footrest that has the chassis in the front. Bugaboo ant has a distance of 30 cm, while Yoyo + is around 23 cm. Not only is the distance shorter but also, in the case of Yoyo we can add the new optional footrest that gives it 11 cm more.

Fixed vs adjustable handlebar

If we talk about handlebars, the first feeling that Bugaboo's ultracompact gives us is that of a very high handlebar. To our surprise, Babyzen takes him at his highest part (remember that it has a rounded shape) about 2 cm. However, when we drive a stroller we do not place our hands in the central position, so in perspective, the Bugaboo Ant handlebar would be equally high. Now, the Dutch firm has made The handlebar of the Ant is adjustable in height and can be placed in a lower position even.

Bugaboo introduces a two-position handlebar; one of them equaling Babyzen's chair, but the next one is even lower. We assume that the design will be to blame and that the type of folding so compact will not allow a higher handlebar. At least, short people will have a somewhat more comfortable position.

As for perception, Babyzen Yoyo + handlebar we see something more robust; on the move, the Bugaboo Ant does not reduce us. Straight lines allow maneuvering the stroller to be somewhat more comfortable compared to the Yoyo + handlebar roundness; and although the plastic does not seem of great quality, we prefer it compared to foam.

Diferencias manillares Bugaboo Ant Babyzen Yoyo+

In terms of textiles, both brands have made things much easier for us: they are machine washable both.

Suspension and maneuverability: thorough analysis

As for the size of wheels and the suspension, the Yoyo + has 4 wheels of equal diameter with front and rear suspension; while the Ant has different diameters between front and rear wheels; and its suspension is front and center.

That the front wheels are smaller theoretically increase the maneuverability; In addition, Bugaboo has added a central tread that decreases wheel friction depending on the type of terrain.

We have gone one step further, We have tested both strollers with weight and we have made a test with sensors to determine the vibration that the baby or child receives in the seat.

Gráfica comparativa vibraciones Babyzen Yoyo+ Bugaboo Ant

In this experiment we tested both strollers on urban land going up and down a curb. As you can see in the graph, we cannot rule that there is a significant difference between the two in dynamic behavior. On the other hand, there are differences in the rise of curbs, since in our measurements, a 30% less force was needed to come up with the Bugaboo Ant. This is explained by the design of the stroller and where the handlebar points, in the case from Ant, directly to the front wheels with a telescopic system and with fewer joints than the Yoyo. Too There is another geometric advantage of the Bugaboo because of the greater distance between the rear wheels (support point) with respect to the end of the handlebar (lever).

To complete this comparison of Bugaboo Ant with Babyzen Yoyo, Several members of Mom's Lab team decided to try both strollers.

As for dynamic behavior, there is unanimity; Bugaboo Ant responds very well to even sharp turns, without lifting the wheels off the ground; instead, The narrow shaft of Yoyo +'s rear wheels causes it to lose some stability in the face of sudden maneuvers. Also the driving is slightly softer in the first.

The perception of the team makes us score slightly above Bugaboo Ant in terms of pleasant driving

Lightweight compact folding chairs

As for the time it takes to fold one or the other, after repeating the folds several times timed; we were able to get an average of 4.8 seconds for folding in 4 steps of Yoyo + (handlebar down, white button, red lever and fold) and 10 seconds for folding in 6 steps of the Ant (bend hood clamps, lower backrest height, bend backrest, remove chassis lock to join wheels, join wheels and lower handlebars).

The rapid folding and unfolding of the Babyzen Yoyo + remains unmatched in the market


Tabla Accesorios no incluidos Babyzen Yoyo+ Bugaboo Ant

If we get fully into the subject of accessories, we have made it very clear in the table. Babyzen adds rain plastic while Bugaboo considers its use to be exceptional and if you want it, you will have one of much better quality for € 39.95. As for optional accessories, let me mention the Yoyo footrest + and what in we can both use scooter.

One of the questions that will be around you right now is if we have a carrycot for the Ant. While Babyzen has his birth pack with a mini-pazo; Bugaboo makes it very clear that this stroller is for babies from 6 months; since its support is not designed for newborns. Now, as you can see in the previous table, Inside the accessories not included is the nest bag of Bugaboo Bee; Therefore, we believe that, for occasional use, such as a trip to which we do not want or can take our stroller with a carrycot, we can use this type of bag with the baby facing the parents fully reclined.

Do we have a winner?

In conclusion, after this comparison between the Babyzen Yoyo + and the Bugaboo Ant, without taking into account the price difference between both models; of 5 people, 3 have opted for Babyzen Yoyo + and 2 for Bugaboo Ant.

The «Yoyo + team» speaks of ease of folding and unfolding, of better aesthetics and superior recline of the seat facing outwards

The «Ant team» puts maneuverability and dynamic behavior ahead, reversible chair and more ergonomic position when the child is awake

We have two ultra-compact high-end strollers that will adapt according to the needs of each family. Even comparing them as the same stroller range, we believe that they are really intended for somewhat different criteria and priorities. Given that both are strollers that are sold as lightweight strollers for traveling, the Babyzen Yoyo + would even be the perfect stroller for small floors without a lift; while the Bugaboo Ant is like a perfect suitcase for the airport that also becomes a baby carriage.

The Babyzen Yoyo + is an ultralight stroller that has a very compact folding; while the Bugaboo Ant is a very compact and comfortable suitcase that becomes an ultralight stroller.


If you are looking for the one that folds faster, that occupies little and weighs less: Babyzen Yoyo +.

If you are looking for a clean fold, that you can transport without having to carry weight on your shoulder: Bugaboo Ant.

Is it important for you to use it from birth because you live in a building without an elevator? Babyzen Yoyo

Are you looking for a stroller for your baby of more than 6 months and want me to look towards you? Bugaboo Ant.

Answering these more functional questions, you simply have to decide the most aesthetic part.

You are looking for simplicity and variety of colors: Babyzen Yoyo; you are looking for elegance and clean lines: Bugaboo Ant.

Our baby tester is clear: she likes both, as long as dad and mom are close to her 🙂

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  1. The height of the backrest is somewhat tricky, for children older than 2 years although the Ant is quite taller they simply do not fit, because the hood is flush with the backrest and can not be raised ... In the Yo-Yo if they enter, because although the backrest is more short capita is much higher ... This has made us unable to buy wl ant anque we loved, just our girl did not enter

    1. You're right. What a priori would be an advantage, higher support and extensible hood; in the case of bigger kids it becomes a disadvantage. Although the impression that the backrest of the Yoyo + leaves the head more "in the air", that space of separation with the hood allows to put children taller. In the case of the Ant, when going flush with the backrest, it limits the height and makes them more "fitted" or not directly fit.

      Thank you very much for your contribution, surely it will be of great value for parents who are still undecided. Greetings!

  2. Interesting post, help when deciding. I think I will stay with the yo-yo because of the problem that you comment that when they grow up they don't fit in the ant, since you never know how old they will use the chair. Thanks for the post and the comments.

    1. We are glad that you liked the post and that it can help you decide between a stroller or another. Both are very good in qualities and maneuverability; so you will make the right decision for sure. Thank you for your comment and greetings!

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